Monthly Archives: August 2012

OTC: Posnanski Reveals His Defensive Thoughts On Paterno To Costas

“I’m real proud of it. I think it’s the best work I’ve done.” Joe Posnanski, in a recent interview with Bob Costas on NBCSports GH: JoPo had been almost invisible since his Paterno biography was released last week until he … Continue reading


OTC: Kietzman Blasts Mizzou’s Chances In SEC / Time For Doddering Jack Harry To Quit

“I think there is a chance that in the next 20 years, this year is [Missouri’s] best chance to compete [for an SEC title]. I’m saying their position this year is as good as it will ever be.” Kevin Kietzman, … Continue reading


OTC: KC Star’s Kent Babb — GONE! Columnist Heading To Washington Post In October

“So, yeah, if you haven’t heard, I have accepted a sports enterprise writing position with the Washington Post. Sorry for the sports journalism jargon. Sports enterprise means longer, in-depth pieces that I often did on Sundays.” Kent Babb, @kentbabb, alerting … Continue reading


OTC: Are MLB’s Catcher Collisions The Dumbest Rule In Sports? / Tyshawn In Brooklyn

“After enough hitters were nailed in the head during the first century of baseball, the batters started wearing helmets, because everybody realized that getting drilled by pitches is not a good way to stay on the field and get paid. … Continue reading


OTC: Michael Bishop’s ’98 Cats Should Have Ruled / SEC Can Be A Nasty Neighborhood

“Hard to believe 15 years ago Michael Paul Bishop first stepped onto the field. K-State wouldn’t be the same again. Swag had a face.” D. Scott Fritchen, @DScottFritchen, Twitter GH: I sat low in the corner of the far end … Continue reading