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OTC: Phil Pressey Goes Undrafted / B. McRae Says Royals Done / Seinfeld On Stern

“Haith on Oriakhi as defender/rebounder: ‘All the time we tell guys, ‘Just do you.’ … He didn’t go out there and jack up a bunch of shots.’ … Haith was clearly choosing words carefully on Pressey. I thought his comments … Continue reading


OTC: Is Phil Pressey Already An NBA Bust? / Could Royals Use ARod’s Bat?

“(Phil) Pressey has come out of school a year early to make himself eligible for Thursday’s NBA draft, and like plenty of his decisions on the court, this one seems a brazen curiosity, too. Does he somehow see something few … Continue reading


My Foggy Fun Run At Grandma’s Marathon In Duluth / Part II

Part II Click here for Part I A fast, flat, course — cool weather and a 12-mph tail wind. Why not shoot for a low time? I picked up a pace wristband for a 3:20 marathon at the expo the … Continue reading


My Foggy Fun Run At Grandma’s Marathon In Duluth / Part I

The open aisle seat on the yellow school bus was one of the few remaining. I slid into it and quickly nodded to my college-aged seat mate as I plopped my bag of runner’s gear between my feet. He too … Continue reading


OTC: Trade Jamaal Charles For A Harbaugh? / Why Do Blacks Go For A White Wedding?

“(I’d trade) Jamaal Charles – because running backs you can find. You’re not finding guys like Jim Harbaugh. You’re not finding coaches like that.” Carrington Harrison, when asked what Chiefs player he would trade to acquire the San Francisco 49ers … Continue reading