Monthly Archives: August 2013

OTC: NFL Pays $765MM To Fugetaboutit / Where Is Jayice? / Chase Stanzi? / Bill Snyder Bronzed

“I think it’s a great victory. It’s a great victory for the law firm that’s going to get 30 or 40 percent. … It’s a nice settlement but when it’s all done, over (20) years, what’s it going to equate … Continue reading


OTC: August Is Hot When It Comes To Football Optimism For Both MU & KSU

“Our long national nightmare of a baseball-only summer is over starting next week.” Danny Parkins, 610 AM GH: You might think this an odd thing for the afternoon-drive headline host of the Royals’ flagship radio station to make during August … Continue reading


OTC: Book Calls MU’s Tutor Program “Sexually Charged” / Royals Ahead Of Schedule?

“A new book by Jeff Benedict and Armen Ketayan, ‘The System: The Glory and Scandal of Big-Time College Football,’ explores the sport’s seedier side and includes a chapter detailing Missouri’s tutoring program, specifically the case of former tailback Derrick Washington, … Continue reading


OTC: Will KSU Be Even Better W/O Klein? Will KU Be Better? Will Franklin Move MU?

“I think this kid would have beaten Collin Klein out last year. It is exciting that Jake Waters won this job! I think this kid has a chance to be something special.” Kevin Kietzman, on KSU’s first-year quarterback from Iowa … Continue reading


OTC: Dyson Says He Can Take Jamaal Charles In A 40 Yard Dash — And Bolt Too!

“I could beat Jamaal Charles in a race. I didn’t say that by any chance but you know what? I’m not afraid to race nobody. I’ll tell you that.” Jarrod Dyson, after being told the Chiefs’ GM, John Dorsey, said … Continue reading