Monthly Archives: September 2013

OTC: Chiefs Slice Up Giants “Dexter Style” 31-7 To Go 4-0

“I’m not sure which one was the better move by Dexter McCluster (on his 89-yard punt return). This one’s nice right there. This one’s not bad…Right. There! (followed by audible ohhhs and ahhhs from the studio analysts).” Dan Patrick, while … Continue reading


OTC: Chiefs Poised To Go 4-0 Over Down But Dangerous Giants / Royals’ Clock Ticking

“3-0 with room to grow is the theme around Arrowhead this week. .. The most fun thing is that Arrowhead is back!” Mitch Holthus, 810 AM GH: Holthus also said Arrowhead would be opening the parking lot to tailgaters at … Continue reading


OTC: Dayton Says He Wants Ned Yost Back For Moore / How Bad Is B12 Football?

“I think Ned and Dayton aren’t going anywhere.” Brian McRae, 810 AM “Ned has done a terrific job, and I definitely want him back. We’ll sit down and talk about it. Contractually, Ned’s up, and we’re going to work together … Continue reading


OTC: Trouble In K-State Paradise / Kietzman Calls Twitter “All Garbage & Trash”

“I thought (Daniel Sams) would be in the game a lot more but it just didn’t…I don’t know if he even made an appearance really in the second half. To leave all that talent on the sideline is, you know, … Continue reading


OTC: Royals’ Alex Gordon Flexes Golden Arm In Seattle / Derrick Thomas Tribute On NFL Network

“I don’t know if there is a really good way to describe everything that happened last night because it was so wild. You just almost can’t believe it.” Steven St. John, recalling the Royals’ wild 6-5 win in 12 innings … Continue reading