Daily Archives: September 17, 2013

OTC: Bo Pelini’s F-Bomb Tirade At Nebraska Fans Should Be His Last / Sipple The Nipple

“It took everything in my power to not say, ‘Fuck you, fans. Fuck all of you.’ Fuck ‘em. Our crowd. What a bunch of fucking fair-weather fucking—they can all kiss my ass out the fucking door. ‘Cause the day is … Continue reading


OTC: Royals’ Jelly Bellied Fan Now Famous Due To Jumbo Gut/Tron / Passan Is Back!

“One of the most important things about a dancer is being in control of every extremity. I would consider that the fifth extremity.” Jimmy Faseler, the jelly-bellied guy shown on Fox Sports KC during Monday night’s Indians/Royals game, and the … Continue reading