Monthly Archives: January 2014

OTC: Archie Manning On Peyton’s Place In NFL Lore / Trey Songz Has KK Singing

“You said, ‘This will be five Super Bowls for me as a dad.’ That would be five Super Bowls TOTAL for me as a dad and a player. And my sons remind me of that often.” Archie Manning, in an … Continue reading


OTC: Wiggins’ Recent Play Has Pundits Sparring / Billy Butler Wants ALC Title

“I want to see Andrew Wiggins have a great game at home tonight. He’s has some great games on the road but he’s struggled at times here at home. Scoring only three points against Oklahoma State…” Greg Gurley, KU radio … Continue reading


OTC: Did Mizzou Save Their Season By Squashing Mike Anderson & The Hogs’? / Santana Dreamin

“That was one hell of a win for Mizzou in Fayetteville tonight. Can’t overstate it. Whole season looks different now. On a side note, I’d pay good money to listen to Fayetteville sports radio tomorrow.” Gabe DeArmond, @GabeDeArmond, on Mizzou … Continue reading


OTC: Will Super Bowl Empty In A NY Minute Becasue Of The Cold? / Toma At SB

“Extraordinarily pungent smell of pee on my train. Even the bums are stepping up their urine game for Super Bowl week!” Damon Amendolara, @DAonCBS, who covering the Super Bowl is broadcasting from NYC this week on radio row, Twitter “The … Continue reading


OTC: ESPN Makes Mizzou Look Lost, Confused & Negligent In Rape/Suicide Story

“No one on the (Mizzou) coaching staff … and no one in our administration nor any staff members, were to the best of our knowledge, ever told about this event while Sasha was alive. Had Sasha told any of our … Continue reading