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OTC: After Lowly Astros Sweep Embarrassed Royals, 16-Game Gauntlet Looms Against Some Of MLB’s Best

“When I talk to you I try to look on the bright side of everything but all I can say to you is – I’m sorry.” Buster Olney, ESPN MLB analyst, as he began his weekly interview with Steven St. … Continue reading


OTC: Royals GM – “We are who we are. We’re going to have to win with this group.” Be Royal? / KSU Releases Romero, But Too Late To Recover Rep

“Five singles, no walks, 11 strikeouts. It’s amazing they even scored zero tonight…” Kurtis Seaboldt, @KSeaboldt, on the Royals line score for their 3-0 loss to the Astros Tuesday night, Twitter GH: Here we are again – late May and … Continue reading


OTC: Royals Ace Ventura Pulled In 3rd After Elbow Pain Sends Panic Throughout Franchise & Fans

“He doesn’t look right.” Ryan Lefebvre, Royals TV play-by-play voice, while watching Yordano Ventura pitch in the second inning Monday evening against the Astros and eventually leave in the third due to a problem with his right elbow, Fox Sports … Continue reading


OTC: Frank White’s Advice For Moose Could Be Career Saving / KSU’s Embarrassing Refusal To Be Fair To Their Own

“Moose is always saying the right things all the time but his actions and his words don’t always go together. It’s time for him to look his career square in the face. This is what I’ve always said, there comes … Continue reading


OTC: Moose Gets Cut Loose To Omaha On May 22nd And Kansas City Reacts Like It’s Xmas

“Royals send Mike Moustakas down to Omaha. Jimmy Paredes IF/OF to be called up. Wow.” Micheal Mahoney, @KCMikeMahoney, Twitter GH: You know it’s big news when Micheal Mahoney is tweeting about it. “There’s a Moose loose on I-29.” Chris Fickett, … Continue reading


OTC: Royals Boycott Sports Radio 810 While Still Getting Their Spoiled Butts Kicked By The AL Central

“After the Detroit game on May 3rd, according to 810, (Eric) Hosmer and (Jarrod) Dyson showed up at the 810 Zone at Harrah’s in North Kansas City. The players wanted admittance to a sold-out pay-per-view showing of the Mayweather/Maidana fight. … Continue reading


OTC: Chiefs’ New QB Aaron Murray Says Height Doesn’t Matter & OKJ’s BBQ Is “Pretty Good.” / Royals Blow 5-0 Lead

“At the end of the day it really doesn’t matter how tall you are.” Aaron Murray, former Georgia QB and the Chiefs fifth-round draft pick, in an interview Tuesday on WHB’s The Border Patrol, 810 AM GH: Murray is about … Continue reading