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Take 5: A Trip To The K In May Is One Of Kansas City’s Best Gifts / Despite The Outcome

A windy but pleasant 80-degree night with the Royals in town to face Liberty’s Scott Carroll and his Chicago White Sox added up to more than enough reasons to head to Kauffman Stadium Monday evening. Here are some thoughts from … Continue reading

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OTC: Ned Says “They” Need To Make Changes At The Plate / Gooey Petro Disses Rany For Being Too Fan-Like

“Our offensive problems aren’t mechanical. It’s mental preparation and discipline at the plate. … Until they make changes, we’re going to be in trouble.” Ned Yost, after “they” scored one run in 18 innings Thursday and Friday, Royals Radio GH: … Continue reading

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OTC: Moose’s Deuce On The KC Media Gets Some Damage Control And Perspective / & Ace Is A Beast!

“It is what it is and it’s what it’s going to be. Everybody can formulate their own opinions. That’s what’s great about this world that we live in.” Mike Moustakas, when asked by Josh Vernier to explain the reasoning for … Continue reading

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OTC: Moustakas & The Royals Have Identified The Enemy — And It’s The KC Media / The Stripping Of Danny Clinkscale To Come?

“Vargas threw the ball fantastic. He kept the ball down in the zone…” Mike Moustakas, repeatedly answering any question from the media Wednesday afternoon about his two doubles and three RBIs in the Royals 3-2 win over the Rockies with … Continue reading

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OTC: Dayton Moore Whines That Media Isn’t Positive Enough About His 19-19 Royals

“Does anybody want to talk about our bullpen? Anybody want to talk about our starting pitching? Is there anything good about this team?” Dayton Moore, concluding a discussion with members of the media Tuesday afternoon at The K where he … Continue reading

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OTC: Moose Is Still Loose In KC (And Lost As Ever) / Michael Sam Kiss Causes Petro & KK To Blush

“It’s time for the Royals to stop waiting on Mike Moustakas. Time to be realistic. Time to look more at four years and 1,614 plate appearances of what he’s done rather than scouting reports about what he might do. The … Continue reading

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OTC: Chiefs Get Their Sexy Back With 2014 Draft Picks

“Most Chiefs fans seem pleased (with the Chiefs 2014 draft) because more than 70 percent of the voters in our Chiefs draft grades poll gave them an A or B. The final results were 17 percent vote A, 54 percent … Continue reading

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