610 To Announce Milwaukee’s Finest As Nick Wright’s Replacement Along W/ Surprises

Word out of 610 Sports from trusted sources has the Entercom sports talk station ready to announce the hiring of Josh Vernier as the afternoon-drive host to replace the recently departed Nick Wright, who is now at KILT in Houston.

Vernier will share the show with a rotating cast of cohosts in former Chiefs defensive back, Jayice Pearson, and 810’s part-time host, Jay Binkley, the lead mechanic from the popular 3 Guys in a Garage show.

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39 Responses to 610 To Announce Milwaukee’s Finest As Nick Wright’s Replacement Along W/ Surprises

  1. Hammy says:


    • Doodoo says:

      Exactly. Nick got pretty pointed in his Twitter comments today after Carter, Carm and…well…his show support staff were shown the door. The PD hires some new dweeb from his old stomping grounds, Nick’s guys get fired, and Nick took shots at management. Seems to me not everything was all jovial when Nick was there. Is Ryan Maguire a much smaller version of Pig Virus? If so, Nick should have proven his mettle and stuck around to battle the ego PD.
      Wright looks at the wrong radio influence. He looks to Rome, but he actually needs to look at Stern. Howard never ditched his main, loyal support guys when he moved jobs. That helped in his wars with ‘management’. Like Pig Virus. And now some boneheads at Sirius…like Mel. Gotta have guys loyal to the cause.
      Nick would be wise to study Howard, and not Rome.

      • xavier says:

        like your comment…it was Pig Vomit that was at WNBC…funny as hell parallel, though.

  2. dp says:

    Good for them going outside the station…Carm, Carrington and Parkins are all awful and undistinguishable from one another. Bring back Jim Rome.

    • Josh says:

      The guys on currently aren’t great but please don’t bring Rome back. Just terrible to listen to his shtick.

    • BlackJack says:

      Wasn’t Jim Rome’s act really popular back in the 90′s? If I want to hear a bunch of immature put-downs and trash-talking I’ll just read the comments on this board.

  3. donkeypunch says:

    O/U on time spent here set at 7 months

  4. Nick Wright says:

    I am not cool with this.

    • TangoAlphaLima says:

      I know anyone could be posting under this name, but I actually believe this is Nick.

      • Gavin says:

        That would mean that Nick Wright would have to admit that Greg Hall exists. I don’t think Nick is prepared to do that.

        • TangoAlphaLima says:

          Greg was in studio with Nick some months ago. I think he acknowledges his existence.

          Plus, Nick called in last week and said he was very happy with Entercom’s temporary placement of Carm/Carrington on 10-2 and Parkins for the afternoon drive. He would not be happy with an outsider taking his slot.

          • Cliffy says:

            I’m glad you said “in studio” instead of “on the air” because Greg got in about 10 words as I recall.

          • Gavin says:

            I remember. All I meant was that Wright has such enmity for Greg that if you asked Wright about him, he would probably do like Soren Petro he Petro is asked about Nick Wright and respond “Never heard of the guy.”

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  6. BK says:

    Why? What was wrong with Parkins? At least he is gaining personal connections with his audience.

    They’re bringing in a guy who started out with a podcast in his garage – love this hire. But why not just bring him on the 2-6 slot to replace Carm along with Jared Carter & Parkins? They’re also bringing on Jaycie Pearson – who is one of the least entertaining analysts I’ve ever listened to. If that’s not enough, they hired a guy from Milwauke who has zero connection with the audience (not to mention he doesn’t even have a Twitter). This is just another example of 610 not “getting it”.

    Their morning show is terrible already. Now they ruin the afternoon show. The only good KC radio anymore is the 810 morning show (Border Patrol) and the 10-2 mid-morning show (The Danny Parkins Show) on 610. Something’s gotta change.

  7. Java Man says:

    Pay Dirt is blowing up.

    • G says:

      Awesome. This is hilarious. Fomer daily caller Paydirt is now in a drivetime slot. This is like the rags to riches story of Walter White on Breakin Bad, only of sports talk radio. Dibs on writing the pilot to this soon to be AMC show. 610 is so horrid it’s amazing!

  8. Smartman says:

    What’s with the photo? I just had to call ADT to come out and shut off my gaydar. Wonder how long it will be before he and Hosmer play some pitch and catch?

    • rudolph says:

      Why is it always Smartman being able to pick out the gay guys?
      Is it because he wants to suck their “mikes”? Or is it because he wants
      them to “slide” into home? Or is it because he loves to “blow” a game?

  9. Ron says:

    Does every talk radio show host in America look like they are fresh out of college? Why don’t they find someone who has some substance and real experience? I just hope this slug didn’t go to Syracuse, too.

  10. Super Dave says:

    Nick left, he took off went south said hell with you all I am out of here, so why would he give a damn who fills the slot?

    • TangoAlphaLima says:

      Because he views all his former underlings as his proteges. It’s part of his superiority complex. He not only thinks he’s the best, he also thinks his underlings are the best too.

      Moving Parkins back with Carrington is probably the right move. I don’t think he could have handled the afternoon drive slot on his own (but then I don’t think Nick was great at it either).

  11. The Colonel says:

    After listening to Jay’s interview of Dana Holgorsen the other night, I would bet he knows more about WVU football than the most diehard Mountaineers fan. He does his homework and doesn’t “check it in” like most of the other guys on air around here. His passion for KC sports will win him a lot of fans.

  12. Juan De Guzman says:

    As long as the new guy doesn’t sound like all these other Syracuse dweebs I’ll give him a listen.

    What is it about Syracuse that no matter where a kid comes from, after 4 years in their broadcasting school they sound like they grew up on Long Island?

  13. JP says:

    So if Jay Binkley is moving over to 610, what will become of the night shift? Secondly, I heard Cory Anderson on 810 doing the Baseball Tonight show. Does that mean “Cowboy” has taken his talents to 810 and can Hamblen be far behind on the night show.

  14. nick says:

    I like the idea of a permanent 3-man show. Of course, the key to whether it works or not might depend on the the Milwaukee guy, who nobody knows anything about. The other 2 guys should provide loads of good football info.

    I’d like Rome back to get some national perspective back on the air (if Lebron and co. somehow lose Saturday night, Rome would be a must-listen next week bashing on Lebron).

    I’m hoping Bill Maas remains part of the afternoon show during the NFL. And Carman better get a part of one of the shows.

    • TangoAlphaLima says:

      Nick Wright is reporting on Twitter that Carman and Nick’s old board operator Carter have both been fired by 610.

      • nick says:

        If true, that sucks. I liked Carman on the radio. I listened to the new guys with Fesoce and, I know it’s WAY early, but my early vibe of the 2 guys isn’t particularly great.

  15. Herb says:

    Someone needs to ask Nick why he left because he sure doesn’t know how to let go.

    • Jess says:

      That is no joke. Dude is a champ at burning bridges. No….he bombs the bridge

  16. Gary Hamilton says:

    I’ll reserve my comments on the new Milwaukee guy untill he’s been a while…but the hiring of Pearson seems like a blatant attempt to hold on to the black audience Nick was able to cultivate. The problem is…Nick was and always will be more black than Pearson. And to echo some of the above comments….Pearson has NOTHING to say as an analyst. He is bland, dull, boring and offers no wit, no controversy, nothing. He offers black skin.