Boston Bound KC Runners Gather Again Before The 118th Boston Marathon Race

This photo was taken last April when some of the local runners who met for a Boston Bound KC dinner prior to running the 2013 Boston Marathon.

Boston is back, baby! The April 21st running of the Boston Marathon might be the most anticipated race in the event’s 118-year history. Last year’s bombings near the finish of the historic race created a resolve in runners all across the globe to return to Boston. A field of 36,000 – 9,000 more than last year – will depart the tiny burg of Hopkinton on Patriot’s Day and travel on foot under the midday sun toward Boston. About 250 of those folks running Boston this April call the Kansas City area home.

Last year we invited all area runners who were running the Boston Marathon to get together for a pre-Boston pasta dinner at Cascone’s in Overland Park. About 70 runners and family members showed up to make it a very memorable night. This year we have outgrown Cascone’s banquet room and will be meeting at Cinzetti’s Italian Market Restaurant in Overland Park at 91st & Metcalf. We have 120 Boston Bound KC runners and guests who have sent in their RSVP but we still need help in reaching about 60 runners for which we do not have an email address.

I have listed the names of those who have sent in their RSVP below. If you know of someone who is running Boston and they are not on this list, please forward them a link to this article with the information below.  

What: BostonBound KC Dinner for KC-area runners (and their family & friends) who have run the Boston Marathon in the past or who are running it this April
When: Sunday, April 13th, 7:00 PM
Where: Cinzetti’s Italian Market Restaurant at 91st and Metcalf (next to Whole Foods)
How to RSVP: Email me at [email protected] with how many in your party
Why: Why the hell not?


The top of Heartbreak Hill is a LOT more fun than the bottom.

One more thing! I need your Boston Marathon stories. One of the fun things about this Boston Bound Dinner is getting to know each other and how each of us got hooked on running, how you managed to BQ and anything else that you think would be fun to share with the group. Last year Bruce Gilbert brought the shoes he ran in at his first Boston Marathon back in 1969! The entry fee for Boston back then was $2 and he and two other Baker University students made the trip on a total budget of $100! Bruce will be running Boston for the sixth time in April. Here is a link to my blog on last year’s BBKC dinner and some of the stories.

Boston Bound KC runners who have emailed me their RSPV for the dinner:

Abouhalkah,   Yael
Agee,   Brett M
Beach,   Ken
Belmore, Jennifer
Bernard,   Susie
Bibens,   Sarah
Bonham,   Mike
Brodine,   Bill
Brown,   Doug
Calbi,   Dawña
Coomer,   Katie
Danner,   Donny
Dingley,   Nicole
Dippold,   Kelly A.
Eligon,   John W.
Fernandez,   Bobby
Fritson,   Tim D
Garey,   Rick B.
Garrett,   Jeremy
Gilbert,   Bruce
Greving,   Katie M
Gudenkauf,   Kimberly K.
Hack,   Dave
Hall,   Greg
Hammer,   Jeremy
Hardin,   Marc S
Heilers,   Greg
Hinkle,   Jacqueline M
Howard,   Tom F II
Jordan,   Jeramey S.
Kilgore,   Tom
Knapp,   Kevin
Kobberman,   Anne M
Kruger,   Matthew
Lavin-Zeller,   Stephanie A
Lee,   Anthony
Legato,   Theresa
Llana,   Carmen
Maher,   Jeffrey G.
Mauro,   Albert P, Jr
Mayse,   Kaylin
Mears,   Kerri
Mellen,   David G
Merryman,   Scott
Miller,   Kenny
Mills,   Theresa
Mohsen   (Hatfield), Alison M
Moran,   Ken
Mundhenke,   Gary L
Myers,   Dina
Niblo,   Mark A.
Ortbals,   Andy J
Parr,   Jason
Pixler,   Rodney
Radmanesh,   Jennifer
Rhoden,   Brad
Rhoden,   Marla K
Samuel,   Roger D
Schroer,   Anne
Schuler,   Kathleen
Scruggs,   Sam
Smith,   Chau
Snyder,   John
Sperry,   Stacey
Vansant,   Carl
Vidrine,   Drake
Vidrine,   Patty
Walline,   Tim
Webb,   Gene
Westfall,   Mark
Willson,   Scott G.

Greg Hall / [email protected] / Twitter @greghall24



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  1. Tigerpiper says:

    The story about finding a place to stay the night before was some of your best writing ever.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I will re-post that story about my vagabond night in Hopkinton before last year’s Boston Marathon later this week. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. MightyMo says:

    Great story. Having to perform internet gymnastics just to get to this page. Is there something wrong with the website?

    • Greg Hall says:

      I don’t see any website issues on this end.

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        When I hit the standard favorites link in IE, it takes me to a blank page that says “nothing to see here. try “. But if I click on the link in twitter, no problem. Just FYI. May be on my end, but can’t seem to fix it.

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    greg- having the same problems as MM. i can’t access your page from google chrome or firefox. internet explorer works though. i can only get to your blog while in chrome or firefox by clicking on your link in twitter.

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