Enter Our Off The Couch NCAA Bracket Challenge & See If You Can Beat Me, Gavin, Kyle & Donkey!

The best month-long tournament ever invented by man, woman or child tipped off yesterday with Selection Sunday. What other time of year combines St. Patrick’s Day, the Madness that is March basketball, warmer spingtime temps, females finally shedding their burka-like winter garb, the sounds of robins in the yard and Jim Nantz reminding us every commercial break that The Masters is mere weeks away? If you have been pondering the meaning of life — this month is as good a reason as any to breathe and pay the cable bill.

You can add to your enjoyment of the 2014 NCAA Hoops tourney by pitting your prognostication skills up against those of fellow OTC readers. Your online invite is below.

I know we have some high-rollers who regularly read my Off The Couch blog and I am once again attempting to coerce both those individuals into providing me with something of extreme value (or at least equal worth as to what I charge for viewing this website). Email me at if you can help with prizes for the top three finishers.

You are invited to join our Off The Couch 2014 NCAA CBSSports.com Bracket Manager group! To accept this invitation and join the group, click the link below (or cut and paste the link into your browser’s address bar). You’ll be asked to enter the group password (otc2014) before you can join.


Password: otc2014

and Twitter @greghall24

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Software guy who has been writing my Off The Couch column in KC newspapers, publications and websites since 1994. Has been bounced from some of the finest media establishments this side of State Line Road. Dad first and everything else second...and there are a lot of everything elses.
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7 Responses to Enter Our Off The Couch NCAA Bracket Challenge & See If You Can Beat Me, Gavin, Kyle & Donkey!

  1. Gavin says:

    Of course I picked KU. But I can’t believe the rest of those choices I made. Yeesh. And I’m not even drunk on cheap St. Patrick’s Day beer, although those picks make me wonder.

    Thanks for running the pool again this year, Greg. Always a good time even though I never win.

    • Greg Hall says:

      G, I am usually out of the running by Friday night. After looking at my title game matchup, Virginia vs. Wisconsin, I might be done even earlier.

  2. Phaedrus says:

    I think Kyle should donate a signed, framed portrait of himself to the winner.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Kyle and Gavin? Are you serious Greg!? Why in the hell do you do this to us! We get enough of their stupid ass comments several times a day and now you gotta include them in this. Is this an April Fools joke on St. Patrick’s day? No thanks!

  4. donkeypunch says:

    My FF:
    ITT Institute
    Morehead State

  5. donkeypunch says:

    oh, and GH, last year I was out of the country for this challenge, however, you graciously still sent me a prize. This year I plan on earning said prize

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