Off The Couch NCAA Bracket Contest Winners Revealed (To Be Clueless)

When a seven seed beats an eight seed to win the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, few people end up being proud of their bracket. UConn’s win went completely unpredicted by the 126 contestants in our OTC contest. And no one had Kentucky winning it either.

So, that leaves a bunch of meh kind of brackets from which to crown our top three pickers – Nathan Ansley (261 pts), Shawn Bruce (249 pts) and Brian Cook (247 pts).  Through the generosity of Ronald McDonald, I have some McDonald’s gift certificates to mail to these three sorta, kinda, winners. All they have to do is send me an email at [email protected] and include their mailing address. I’ll pay for the stamps. Read on for the top ten finishers…

I finished 16th but if Wisconsin would of held on against Kentucky…yeah, well, they didn’t. I got bupkis. Here are the top ten from our contest.

Nathan Ansley 261 pts
Shawn Bruce      249 pts
Brian Cook          247 pts
Jeff Gage             246 pts
Caleb Hopkins   246 pts
Mark Marriott   237 pts
Gavin F.               236 pts
Martin Asher     236 pts
Gabe DeArmond 234 pts
Andy Higgins      233 pts

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3 Responses to Off The Couch NCAA Bracket Contest Winners Revealed (To Be Clueless)

  1. Kansas Marine says:

    You mean KK didn’t win your bracket? Last Friday he was bragging on the air about winning a bracket with his friends for “big money.”

  2. PV_Pathfinder says:

    Nathan – I’ll gladly hand over the championship belt from last year. Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

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