Off The Couch: Royals Grow Up In Postseason / Denny Matthews Enablers Unite / Chiefs Dee Ford Stuck In Reverse

“What we’ve witnessed – at least since I’ve been here – is young boys turning into men. This Kansas City Royals baseball team matured months in just one (Wild Card) game. That’s how much you’ve grown.”
Rex Hudler, 610 AM


“I’m so proud of this bunch. They’ve grown up.”
David Glass, following his Royals sweep of the Angels to advance to the best-of-seven ALCS with Baltimore, 610 AM
GH: The same could be said for David Glass. Glass played the role of MLB owner for the first decade like he the Royals were just another Walmart location. He kept costs low and lived with the fact that the other MLB teams were classier, better and more attractive. His way made money. Glass matured into a real owner when he hired Dayton Moore and made a decision to make a more substantial financial investment in his team. It has taken way too long but Moore has made Glass’ money work. It is not just the young Royals who have matured but they have also proven you can teach an old dog to compete.

“That’s just a bunch of young guys out there playing hard and having fun. I think they’re going to be hard to deal with.”
Bill Self, on what he saw watching the Royals this past weekend at The K, 810 AM

“I wouldn’t be surprised if our boys go up to Camden Yards and lay a blue turd in their nest.”
Rex Hudler, 610 AM
GH: Hudler can be maddening with his company-man broadcasting style but he does have his moments on live TV and radio. This was definitely one of those moments. Parkins and Harrison cracked up when Hudler dropped his “blue turd” line on The Drive.

“Are they still saying (Ned Yost doesn’t know how to manage)? Then they’re idiots.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Fescoe has been a staunch defender of Ned Yost throughout Yost’s ups, downs and total collapses. I understand that Fescoe has now rebuilt his radio image into Joe Cheerleader and it apparently has garnered him an audience. It’s not a very bright audience but in radio that’s not always a negative. But crediting Yost with this team’s success is pretty lazy work. This very talented Royals team came close to not making the postseason. They were almost sent home without a postseason win when Yost pulled an inexcusable move by inserting Ventura against Oakland. Yost deserves credit for somehow avoiding being fired this season. To give him much credit for anything other than that, you have to be watching with your eyes closes.

“Nothing will make Ned Yost a good manager. Process, not outcomes.”
Scott Pianowski, @scott_pianowski, writer for, when asked if the Royals postseason success has changed his mind about Ned Yost, Twitter

“A lot of that has nothing to do with coaching. A lot of that is luck. It could be health, it could be a guy getting out of a slump, it could be the other team making a mistake at the most costly time – a lot of things like that. These guys right now think that they can’t be beat.”
Bill Self, on the improved paly of the Royals in the postseason, 810 AM

“People say the atmosphere at The K is electric. No, it’s not electric. It’s atomic.”
Ned Yost, 610 AM
GH: That same passion that has fueled the incredible atmosphere at The K during this postseason run is the same passion that has refused to become complacent during the horrid decades of baseball here in Kansas City. The Royals do not appreciate the fans who have been critical and complained during these dark seasons. But it is that same hunger that is now on display at The K. The love has always been there. There is simply now a reason to let it flow. Great fan bases refuse to accept a substandard product. But when the product soars, so does the fan support. The Kansas City Royals have a great fan base.

“We don’t need no bandwagoners! If you’re a KC fan stay blue! Don’t get on our bandwagon because we’re winning! That’s all I got to say.”
Jarrod Dyson, Fox Sports KC
GH: Dyson is fun to watch run the bases (when he manages to not get picked off) but he has no business lecturing to Royals fans. These Royals need every fan they can get with the way they have treated their fan base the last 30 years. There are no “bandwagon fans.” There are just fans. Dyson apparently isn’t smart enough to understand that premise.

“Denny feels he is a reporter and it’s your job to get excited as he tells you what happened.” Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Matthews has a weekly segment with the two youngsters on 610. The segment often stumbles because of a clash of generations who do not understand each other. This week’s segment unfortunately again avoided the building controversy about Denny’s refusal to lift his play-by-play calls to match the excitement of this Royals team’s historic postseason run. Parkins makes excuses for Matthews almost every week. It is not what I expect from a graduate of Syracuse’s school of broadcasting. Those who continue to make excuses for Matthews either have not listened to his work the past week or think of Denny as untouchable. He is not. What he is quickly becoming though is unlistenable.

“He’s never going to be that over-the-top guy.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: I do not want or need Matthews to be Rex Hudler or Harry Carey or even Jack Buck. But could he at least pretend to enjoy his job? Could he lend some excitement to the plays he calls so that Hosmer, Moose, Butler and Gordon can listen to these calls as old men and relive the drama and excitement? Denny needs to do his job. So far he is just punching the clock and yawning through his shift.

buddy20blattner20-201969“I get that people want someone to be excited behind the mic but that’s who he is. If you haven’t been happy with Deny Matthews since 1969, he ain’t changing.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: I am pretty confident this Denny Matthews would never have gotten the Royals gig alongside Buddy Blattner in 1969 with these tapes. Matthews is a very professional announcer with an encyclopedia of stories and info about the game he has followed for 60 years. He is not a screamer but he never sounded as bored as he does now. If anything, he has turned his game down for the playoffs. Just like many are now doing to his radio broadcasts.

“Beating a dead horse a little bit, but Ernie Johnson might have the hardest job in sports, getting his (TBS) comatose analysts to chime in.”
Kent Babb, @kentbabb, Twitter
GH: This TBS trio has not been anything to scream about either as far as play-by-play and analyst work. Cal Ripken should be renamed Cal Rip Van Winkle. I keep hearing how revered Ron Darling is in NY as the Mets analyst but he’s also the guy who told us Moose had a great season and Aoki has a great arm. We just deserve better.

“You can listen to the ESPN Radio broadcast of the Royals game right here on 810 and hear a broadcaster who is actually happy to be there.” Nate Bukaty, 810 AM GH: Jon Sciambi is getting rave reviews for his work in the postseason. A reminder to those who are stuck listening to the Royals on the radio, ESPN and 810 are offering a lively alternative.

“I didn’t see the (Chiefs) game because I was in Royals mode the whole time.”
Brad Fanning, KCTV 5 sports reporter and anchor, 610 AM GH: Huh? The Chiefs game ended before the Angels/Royals game started. I don’t know what Fanning’s schedule was on Sunday but he may have had some work responsibilities at The K prior to the game. BUT how does a local sportscaster NOT see a Chiefs game at least on tape before his Monday afternoon gig on a local sports talk show?

“That is unbelievable! First down for the 49ers! The thing is they had stopped them and then they had 12 men on (the punt return team).”
Jim Nantz, after the Chiefs’ defense was penalized for having 12 players on the field after holding the Niners, CBS GH: Maybe the dumbest and most avoidable play of the Chiefs season and one that will haunt Andy Reid and his team come December. This is not why you pay a man $7.5 million a year.

VIDEO: Chiefs’ rookie LB Dee Ford wants nothing to do with 49ers RB Frank Gore”
@BleacherReport, Twitter
GH: This video will live with Dee Ford until he is dead and buried. Which might be very soon if you are talking about his NFL career.

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29 Responses to Off The Couch: Royals Grow Up In Postseason / Denny Matthews Enablers Unite / Chiefs Dee Ford Stuck In Reverse

  1. Jip says:

    Danny is dead wrong about Denny Matthews. He used to get a lot more pumped up than he does now. He was never a screamer but once upon a time he would raise his voice for a big home run or a big defensive play. He used to get excited. Go look up the soundbites of some of the playoff moments from the glory years.

    Denny does a great job of painting a picture so that you know exactly what is going on during the game (Physioc, pay attention) but his enthusiasm left the booth 15 years ago.

    • MT says:

      Yeah its pretty bad around here listening to our game announcers. I actually like listening to Denny because it means that I don’t have to listen to the unlistenable Physioc. I am also so done with Mitch and his act.

      • mike t. says:

        holthus and dawson are starting to get on my nerves too. mitch just too over the top too often and dawson is becoming captain obvious.

        • Harley says:

          Mike you embarrass yourself here worse than you do on kcc.
          Holtus is the play by play announcer. That’s his job.
          His is not to point out the obvious…its the announce the
          flow of thegame. Dawsons is to be the middleman…the
          intercepter….to add color and to work with the play by
          play man to enhance and add to thebroadcast Dawson has
          pro ably never been a play by play announcer…more analysis
          and more knowledge of this game than all the rest of the
          play by play andcolor announcers put together…
          and even after his 80 years….networks/announcers/directors
          still come to len for advice and consultation on how to
          broadcast a game.
          Len is in the hall of fame for both players and broadcasting.
          He is a giant in both areas. Again…as you always do at
          kcc sticking your foot in your mouth…do not embarrass
          yourself with your false comments. These people here at
          greg halls place don’t know how stupid you can be.
          The regulars at kcc do. Saveface…and be sure you know
          what you’re talking about when you make such useless
          and worthless comments.

          • The Word says:

            Mitch Holtus is the reason why I’ll never listen to the Chiefs radio broadcast for the rest of my life.

            Holtus is the stereotypical definition of hack announcer. He gets excited over one yard gains in the middle of the first quarter like they were game winning touchdowns.

            He created those stupid nicknames for players that only Cameroheads use. The Human Joystick, The Centaur, ect.

            But more importantly, he now has the Bob Gretz job of going on talk shows and trying to tell KC how great the team is when everyone knows their mediocre.

            He has NAIA talent who for some reason got a gig for the NFL.

            He’s a mix between that Mexican soccer announcer and Rob Schneider for Necessary Roughness.

            He stinks.

          • mike t. says:

            whoa Harley, back the eff off. it’s an OPINION, and I’m entitled to have one. I know what mitch’s job is and I know what a color analyst is supposed to do. len is in both halls for a reason, yes. but for the past couple of years his color commentary is more like shades of gray. and mitch, as The Word states below, goes way overboard too often anymore.

            so YOU go back to KCC and stick your foot in YOUR mouth like you regularly do because you’re such a pro at it..

    • kchoya says:

      Exactly. I don’t want Holthus or Hudler. But I do want Denny to show a modicum of emotion to help paint a better picture of what’s going on. If you’re not going to raise or lower the volume of your voice, or the pitch or tone or anything, the listener is really at loss as to what’s going on.

  2. Arte says:

    I was in Royals mode too. But I watched the Chiefs. Terrific appetizer before baseball.

  3. Kyle says:

    Ned is not a very good x’s and o’s guy, but it is quite evident that he understands the psychology of the game. This team could have folded several times this year, but somehow they did not. That starts with leadership and like or not, Ned has that quality.

    • Rufus Dawes says:

      Absolutely. Ned does a poor job at the things fan can see and second-guess (in-game stuff, interaction with media). He’s pretty good at things we don’t see (motivation and interaction with players, taking the heat off players by putting the heat on himself). The players love him because they never criticize him. That might be more important than the occasional faux-pas during a game. You wish a manager could have both, but sometimes you take what you can get.

  4. Joe Blow says:

    Greg talking shit about Ned Yost? Check.
    Greg talking shit about Denny Matthews? Check.
    Greg misunderstanding quotes from Royals people and trying to use those against the team? Check.

    Hey, it must be a new ALCS week OTC!

    • kchoya says:

      Despite reading every one of Greg’s posts (and commenting on most of them), Joe Blow still fails to understand how the Internet works.

      Joe Blow making the same tired comment every day? Check.

  5. Mike says:

    Oh dear god. What WAS Dee Ford doing?! That was awful. No wonder Gore had so many yards on the play; the Chiefs only had 10 willing players on the field.

    • Kyle says:

      Looks like he did not see that Gore had the ball and once Boldin ran by him, he thought he was supposed to cover him. Tough to adjust to the 3-4 when you have done nothing but rush the passer in your career.

    • FJH says:

      Dee Ford has owned the play

  6. brett says:

    the camaraderie of this team is something special. it’s still a long shot that we re-sign shields, but maybe not as much of a long shot as it was a week ago. shields clearly enjoys his teammates, and kc fans have shown him what kauffman stadium is capable of. there also arent many centerfielders in the game that would have made the back-to-back catches that locain did the other night.

    i dont expect shields to give us much of a hometown discount, but id like to think that the discount grew a little bit after shields’ two postseason outings at the k.

    a man can dream cant he?

    • Greg says:

      You can’t be called (or call yourself) “Big Game” if you only have played in Tampa Bay and Kansas City. Seriously. he does not have a stellar won-loss or ERA in Post Season, but he did win one of Tampa Bay’s World Series games in 2008.

  7. GMoney says:

    Nice one Joe Blow… I mean Denny. Clearly 1 of the 3 people in KC who like Denny or Ned. What a Limp D_ _ K!

  8. donkeypunch says:

    Pinch hitting for Pedro Borbon..Manny Mota…Mota…Mota

  9. FJH says:

    Since Denny is a HOF announcer, HE gets to decide when it is time to go. If the Royals get rid of him, they will piss off the older generation of fans which is significant. If they keep him, they piss off the younger generation of fans which is significant. Lose/lose. Personally, I don’t care about the calls of the game, I just want them to WIN!

  10. The Independent Rage says:

    If Ford wanted to take a few plays off, he should’ve instead hid behind the Fantasy Update graphic on the bottom of the screen. There, he could’ve slipped some Denny Matthews on the iTunes, caught a few Z’s, and no one would’ve ever been the wiser.

  11. Herb says:

    Andy Reid School of Football Mis-Management strikes again.

  12. Kerouac says:

    Dee Ford’s pantomime a guy caught revolving door brought back memories former Chiefs CB Fred ‘The Hammer’ Williamson.

    In a 1965 game vs DEN played in Kansas City, Fred found himself nigh on face to face with Bronco FB Cookie Gilchrist. Fred was unusually big for a CB mid 1960’s (he’d still be big today’s game – 6’3 210/215.) However, Gilchrist was even bigger – the biggest FB in pro football in fact, at 6’2 250, with a mean disposition and a reputation that preceded him.

    As Cookie ran right and headed toward the end zone, only thing between him & pay dirt was Fred. Momentarily that is; soon was nothing between, place Williamson had stood having been vacated courtesy a complete 360. Pirouette completed, Fred returned his original bearing, only to see that Cookie was past him, having crossed into the end zone. Discretion being better part of valor, Fred lived to ‘Hammer’ pint-sized WR’s another day.

  13. Juan Pablo says:

    I don’t understand all the Dee Ford smack. He just went into pass coverage on a run play, big deal.
    What people should be talking about is how Alex Smith choked when the game was on the line.. Alex Smith will never take KC to a super bowl , he is an ok QB but KC gave up way to much to get him and now over paying him. KC needs to trade him if they can get anything for him.

  14. Herb says:

    12 men on the field is what screwed them, not Smith. You go west on the road and your goal is to keep it close and limit your mistakes. That mistake was the difference between needing a FG to win and a TD to win.

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