OTC: 29 Years Later, The Royals Remind Kansas City Just How Great This CowTown Is / World Series, Baby!

“The Royals will play in the World Series. Saying or hearing or reading those words will send chills down the arms of fans across Kansas City and beyond. This is the kind of thing that always happens somewhere else. Not Kansas City, where they tailgate hard because they know that might be the best part of the day. The franchise once defined by a manager saying it can always get worse is now, somehow, America’s team and the greatest story in sports.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansascity.com G
H: Mellinger does the moment proud with his ALCS-clinching column. The little town that never could somehow did. Damn. It is good to be alive and living in one of the country’s best kept secrets, Cowtown, USA.

“’Cow Town’ has been mistaken for ‘Crown Town.’”
Joe Perez, @joe_perezkc, Twitter

“This is better than ’85.”
Art Stewart, longtime Royals scout, Kansascity.com
GH: 29 years is a lot of years to try and accurately remember what it was like back then. But I was here in 1985 at Royals Stadium for Game 2 and the deciding Game 7 of the World Series – and it was nothing like what has gone on in this city the past two weeks. What is happening today is simply beautiful, perfect and so, so, so deserved.

“I am so happy that I’ve been through a whole box of Kleenex!”
Caller Sandy, to The Drive on 610 AM

“This is bigger than baseball. Our city needed this. This is awesome.”
Phil Thomas, @PhillipKCK, Twitter
GH: My favorite part of being at The K for the ALCS clincher was walking from the stadium and through the Truman Sports Complex parking lot to my car. It was unlike any experience I can remember. Everyone within eyesight was wearing blue, smiling broadly and nobody was a stranger. The closest thing to it in my memory is running out of my bedroom on Christmas morn to open our presents. How could life be more perfect? Well, I could have run into the Viagra gal and her flowing blue robe I guess.

“I owe everything to this organization. I was drafted by them, I’ve been here my whole time. I wouldn’t want it anyway else. Everything I have I owe to the Kansas City Royals and them taking a gamble on a high school kid.”
Billy Butler, WDAF Fox 4
GH: Billy Butler has every right to be a bitter dude about how he was benched down the stretch this season. But he has been nothing less than gracious and thankful in the interviews I have witnessed. He could teach at least one of his teammates how to handle success. Read on.

“I talked to Dyson and he stuck with the line of they don’t want any bandwagon fans. He said, ‘If you’ve been against us, stay against us.’”
Nate Bukaty, on the opinionated Royals outfielder’s take on the fans, 810 AM
GH: Who has been against the Royals? And why would any team not want bandwagon fans? Who does Dyson think are buying those $50 tee-shirts? Me and @TheFakeNed sure as heck don’t have that kind of jack!

“Happy to see a few former teammates representing a great @Royals team in the World Series. Congrats boys.”
Evan Longoria, @Evan3Longoria, Twitter
GH: This is a big contrast from Longoria’s odd rip at James Shields last year. Nice to see that rift appears to be repaired.

“Everybody’s a leader on this team. They just didn’t know it.”
James Shields, when asked by Nate Bukaty about his role in changing the attitude of the Royals after his arrival from Tampa, 810 AM
GH: Shields and Raul Ibanez have been tabbed by some as the two most important pieces to the Royals second-half surge. Read on.

“This is as good a team as I have ever seen. Not just played on or played against – this is as good a team as I have ever seen.”
Raul Ibanez, in a postgame interview with Royals Radio’s Steve Stewart on 610 AM
GH: Okay. That sounds a bit over the top to me but what the heck, maybe we are watching the best team in baseball. Like Shields said, they just didn’t know it. Or show it. Or play like it for 162 games. But man do they Rock the Oct! (I think there’s a t-shirt slogan in there somewhere.)

“I know Alex Gordon and I think he enjoyed smashing into the wall as much as he did catching that ball.”
Josh Vernier, host of the Royals postgame radio show, 610 AM
GH: I do not know Alex Gordon (despite our shared Nebraska roots) and I would be surprised as hell if he enjoys running into outfield walls as much as he does making spectacular catches in the ALCS. Just a guess, Vern.

“If I were Dayton Moore and Ned Yost, I would spend some time looking at the Colorado Rockies and how they were hot and then they got cold and say, ‘Okay, what did Colorado do to have such a bad showing?’”
Soren Petro, on the fear that by the Royals sweeping the O’s and earning an extended layoff, they will come out flat in the World Series like the 2007 Colorado Rockies who were swept by the Red Sox, 810 AM
GH: Leave it to Petro to look at a record eight-straight postseason wins and find the black hole in the rainbow. That boy could spin gold into dingle berries.

“Was doing a soccer live hit on FS2 in KC when Royals won. Somehow kept it together. Royals in World Series. Never thought I’d write that.”
Grant Wahl, @GrantWahl, former Kansas City kid who writes about soccer for Sports Illustrated, Twitter
GH: The Royals probably had no idea how far reaching their fan base still is before this incredible postseason run. I mean, what other team has a SungWoo Lee in Korea live tweeting Royals updates? BYW, we have to get that crazy Korean back for the Series, right? David and Dan Glass, make this happen.

“The Royals beat the Orioles in back-to-back days without getting a hit to score a run.” Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: The Royals first inning on Wednesday was the essence of Be Royal. A five-hopper over the mound to get Escy on base and then Hosmer hits another chopper to first that looks like it will get Escy at the plate – but instead Escy kicks the ball out of the catcher’s mitt and Aoki hustles around to score while the ball rattles around the on-deck circle. And then the Royals don’t score again. Textbook.  

“That slide by Escobar.”
Tyler Dustin, @TylerPDustin, Twitter

“We had barely flushed the Detroit series out of our system and this happened. Detroit had a good team but Kansas City has a good team, too. They deserve to be going the World Series. They beat us four straight.”
Steve Pearce, Orioles first baseman, USA Today

“It’s not like something we didn’t do. It was more of what they did.”
Buck Showalter, USA Today
GH: I thought the Orioles handled this disappointment with class. And make no mistake, this was a huge disappointment to the O’s and their fans. They rolled through the AL East and expected a World Series this season. Instead, they got Yosted.  

“And the Dunce said to the ChessMaster, ‘You’ve just been Yosted. Check mate.’”
Frank Boal, @realfrankboal, Twitter

“I don’t need validation, Ryan. I’m the dumbest manager in baseball. But I’ve got the smartest coaches. I’m very comfortable with myself. I know who I am. I don’t care what people say about me.”
Ned Yost, in a postgame interview with Ryan Lefebvre, Fox Sports KC
GH: Yost is 8-0 in the postseason. He has every right to not care a flip what I or any of his critics think about him. Just win, baby.  

“He’s been his best version of Edgar throughout these playoffs.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Agree. Either Dayton Moore sat Ned down after he almost single-handedly burnt the Royals organization to the ground in the Wild-Card game and threatened to fire him if he didn’t convert to common sense or Ned’s body has been taken over by Casey Stengel in a Twilight Zone episode. Whatever it is, don’t anybody move. 

“You guys. Ned is gonna manage the AL All Star team next year. Should be a slew of Royals All Stars.”
Michael Smith, @prezmike25, Twitter
GH: Ned as the AL All-Star manager. Oh. My. Gawd! 

“It’s still hard to compute that we’re going to the World Series. We lost four or five in a row when I got here I think. It wasn’t looking good.”
Jason Frasor, Royals relief pitcher, 610 AM 

“It’s crazy my wife actually had to ask where to get a newspaper. This is great for The Star.” @Jess_Miller, Twitter
GH: The Royals are performing two miracles at once AND saving the newspaper industry!  

Salvador Perez: “We waited 29 years for this situation.”
Steve Stewart: “In case people have forgotten, you haven’t been alive for 29 years.” Salvador Perez: “That’s right.”

and @greghall24

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Software guy who has been writing my Off The Couch column in KC newspapers, publications and websites since 1994. Has been bounced from some of the finest media establishments this side of State Line Road. Dad first and everything else second...and there are a lot of everything elses.
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48 Responses to OTC: 29 Years Later, The Royals Remind Kansas City Just How Great This CowTown Is / World Series, Baby!

  1. Wait Staff says:

    Greg please put this guy on blast… I know earlier in the year Joel and Ryan talked about his Royal phoniness and how he is a fair-weather fan. Now because of his narcissism, we know his full name…


    Do a simple Google search of his name and Iowa and look what you get; articles about him being a great Detroit Tigers fan. Pathetic and shallow!



    I am a life-long Royals fan and can (I guess) understand band-wagoners who want to get in on the party, but this is beyond the pale.

    • Kyle says:

      OK we saw it yesterday. The guy is a douche. Let’s move on and not worry about idiots like him.

    • Mike McAdam says:

      The same guy sat in front of me during that 10-1 debacle against the Tigers last month.
      He was wearing a full body Tiger suit and holding up signs like “Not shaving until Tigers win the World Series”. Guess he can put the razor away for another year.

  2. brett says:

    i went from the K to the granfalloon with some buddies to celebrate. all in our mid-30’s, we were mere spectators in the sea of young hormones that is the falloon. there were a lot of tight blue t-shirted co-eds with a world series glow about them. lots of young fellows no doubt woke up to strange faces this morning.

    why couldn’t this have happened 10 yrs ago?

  3. The Independent Rage says:

    Alex Gordon reminded me of Mick Foley when he smacked into the wall, and maybe (just like that hardcore ‘rassler) Gordon does actually enjoy taking a big bump and then falling down like he’s dead? I fully expect his next stunt to involve climbing atop the waters to confront Fountain Mom, only to have that blotto broad push him down through a table on the concourse like it was the ’98 Hell in the Cell match.

    And $50 tee-shirts?!? What are we, in Vegas? I can’t afford that bread either absent knocking over a gas station or pulling a quick bank job. But it’s tempting. I could get a few of them Tees and use the rest of the score to make a run at that hot little Viagra number. That British floozy’s suddenly become the scourge of old ball and chains across the country — a phenomenon even more entertaining than Yost’s post-Wildcard restraint and a Burgess Meredith Twilight Zone episode put together.

  4. Juan Pablo says:

    I talked to Dyson and he stuck with the line of they don’t want any bandwagon fans. He said, ‘If you’ve been against us, stay against us.’”

    Dyson is a big Dick head, like a lot of these Royals. Great for KC but hard to like most of the players. Billy Butler, Perrez and Gordon are good guys that need to shut up guys like Dyson

    • sporty says:

      Wow. Juan Pablo AKA-Ku buzzkill. I think you, Juan Pablo are the least likable of all.

      • Juan Pablo says:

        Without bandwagon fans there would be 13 k at royals games and Dyson would work at UPS in the off season. Dyson/ some Royals are arrogant spoiled A holes for Telling Royal fans to stay away

    • Kyle says:

      This is actually one of the most likeable teams in pro sports. Dyson merely said what he thought. Brash, yes, but oh well. And he was 100% correct. 810 has gone out of their way to portray the Royals as a bunch of whiny arrogant babies. Um, maybe it’s 810 that is a bunch of whiny arrogant babies.

  5. FJH says:

    “Soren Petro, on the fear that by the Royals sweeping the O’s and earning an extended layoff, they will come out flat in the World Series like the 2007 Colorado Rockies who were swept by the Red Sox”

    I don’t get all of this BS about “extended layoff”. The Royals may have ONE more day of rest than the Giant’s (TBD). How is that such a big factor? It sounds like Ventura NEEDS some rest. I don’t buy it.

    • Kyle R says:

      Only five teams in history have had 5+ days off between their championship and the World Series. All five lost. That’s what Petro is probably caught up in.

      • fjh says:

        I know which stat he is referring to. I am pretty sure that the stats would also say that the Royals shouldn’t be in the World Series, but they are.

        • Kyle R says:

          Absolutely. If there was ever a year to throw out all the stats, it’s this year. Go Royals.

          • Jim says:

            Of those 5 teams that all lost, their opponents had ALL played a minimum of 6 games in their series. Giants won in 5. The “stat” doesn’t apply here.

            • KV says:

              The 2008 Phillies had a 6 day layoff in 2008 and won (granted it was a series that was delayed numerous times by rain). The 2005 White Sox had a 5 day layoff. They both beat teams that won grueling back and forth 6 or 7 game series. It’s much worse to play a team that comes in with a head of steam from winning 3 straight to advance (2007 Red Sox and 2012 Giants), which is why I’m very happy to be playing the Giants.

      • Phaedrus says:

        Where are you reading that? This article seems to refute that…


        And, God, Petro is such a f’n tool. Who gives a shit about a stat like that? Did all the losing teams have 6 letters in their team names like the Royals do?

        • Say What? says:

          The Rockies and Tigers both had long layoffs in recent memory and then got blown away in the WS.

  6. Joe Blow says:

    “I don’t need validation, Ryan. I’m the dumbest manager in baseball. But I’ve got the smartest coaches. I’m very comfortable with myself. I know who I am. I don’t care what people say about me.”
    Ned Yost, in a postgame interview with Ryan Lefebvre, Fox Sports KC

    I’m actually glad you ran this.

    You still talked a bunch of shit about Ned Yost, and couldn’t help but to post a lot more negative crap about a team going to the World Series, but that’s the nature of most Royals fans..

  7. Floyd says:

    Off the subject: Out to lunch today, two guys and nine women (ages 30 to 55) – and only three of us find the Viagra girl hot! The rest, and their husbands (or so they say) don’t see it at all.

    We were flabbergasted – a pretty blonde with a British accent. I need some validation – they are wrong, aren’t they? Or has the world gone mad?

    • Kyle says:

      Her annoyance trumps her decent looks. Worst goddamn commercials I have ever seen. How in the hell are you supposed to talk to a 6 year old about an erection while you are trying to watch a game with him?

    • b12 says:

      @floyd. I’m with Kyle. She is annoying. Annoying trumps good looks. She seems like the type to tell you that you need Viagra, then ditch you for someone that doesn’t need it.

      Charlie Sheen would be a better spokesperson. At least he would tell you “hey, even if you don’t need it…it’s still a great party favor”

      • rkcal says:

        Between Viagra chick and Rob Lowe, it’s been pretty aggravating between half innings all the way around.

  8. JimmyD says:

    I never once doubted this team.

  9. Kerouac says:

    Royals since 1985, Chiefs since 1970… not up for debate too, one will become even more an aside than they have been, the fat lady as Freddie Mercury having yet sing ‘We Are The Champions’ – or conversely, even’ if’.

    In a contest second class franchises, Chiefs become undisputed second best – afterthought in KC, Royals fluke their way glory. Other hand, Royals implode as the odds & Kerouac suggest, Humpty Dumpty’s fall may be too great local fandom bear, alarm clock sounding, dream ending & morning after appending. Not much experience disappointment this magnitude these parts, since January 1967.

    As one who has been a Chiefs fan since day one, and A(thlectics)’s till they departed, (Blues and Veneruzzo same, ditto Spurs, Kings not so much), our pox is nothing compared the Chicago Cubs, Cleveland Browns, Phoenix Suns. Enjoy the imbibe, but drink not deeply for a sip is but the desert in disguise, sometimes mirage.

  10. Dan says:

    Worst Pregame show ever on 810. All they could talk about was how big of jerks the KC players were. They may be, but that was not the time to rip them.

    • Frank says:

      The guys at 810 don’t like the players because of the 810 Zone MMA incident that led to a few players refusing to talk to them. The 810 guys with their egos think that the fans will/should find the players unlikable for the way the treat the local media. I for one, don’t give a [email protected] for the welfare of the local media. The players and coaches should interact directly with the fans through social media and live events and tell Greg Hall and the rest of the local media to [email protected] off and die. I heard Danny Clinkscale say during the MMA 810 Zone fiasco that the players needed to start talking to him and his cohorts again because they are the “conduit between the players and the fans”. Danny’s one big egotistical douchebag

      • Dan says:

        Agreed. 810 has been bashing everything about the Royals coverage to get a bigger audience for the espn radio of the game. I prefer 810 to 610 (I’m over 16 years old) but it seems 810 is butt hurt that 610 is the rights holder for the boys in blue.

  11. Herb says:

    Ned is still the dumbest manager is baseball….with the hottest team. And there’s no way Dayton had a talk with Ned. Do you really think that shit happens? If it does, just THINK how many times it had already happened during the regular season!

    • Phaedrus says:

      Read Posnanski’s article on Ned. Dayton said he also scratches his head about a bunch of Yost’s moves, but he considers strategy to be one of the least important parts of the manager’s job.

      I’d compare most manager’s moves (bunting, lineup changes, pitching changes, etc) to having a 16 in blackjack vs the dealer’s 10. In the overall scheme of things, it’s not that important and you can’t judge the quality of the decision based strictly on the results. The smart move (hitting the 16) often fails, and the dumb move (standing pat) often succeeds. And there’s far more important stuff to worry about. For example, splitting 10s will cost you much more money than staying on 16s.

      Anyways, that’s my new theory. Give Nedgar a raise!

  12. Phaedrus says:

    So are people really shedding tears about the Royals? Maybe I’m missing something, but I can’t fathom crying about a sports team doing well (or poorly).

  13. Edward says:

    As a Tigers fan, I still think about 2006 and 2012. 2006 – Tigers sweep the Athletics, take a week off, lose the WS to the Cardinals in five. 2012 – Tigers sweep the Yankees, take a week off, get swept by the Giants.

    Now, maybe the Royals will get lucky because the Giants have a long break too and that’ll cancel each other. We’ll find out.

  14. Grant says:

    How bout Mike and Mike wondering how Denny could make such a shitty no enthusiastic call…give it up gramps

    • randyraley says:

      You mean they stopped talking about the Patriots long enough to even recognize baseball? I loved their show two weeks ago after the Royals beat Oakland and the Chiefs destroyed the Pats on Monday night. The show the following day included an apology to “the great fans of Kansas City” and went on to spend the whole day on what was wrong with the Patriots. Can’t stand ESPN.

  15. nick says:

    All this stuff about 8-straight playoff wins and going to the World Series for the first time since 1985 is okay, but can we get back to that BIG, IMPORTANT, CONTROVERSIAL story of Jeremy Guthrie wearing a t-shirt that mocked the O’s?

    (Tongue firmly in cheek. Clinkscale, Parkins and Kietzman would NOT let go of that story a few days ago. It drives them nuts that Hosmer, Dyson, Moustakis and Guthrie go a little overboard with their swagger. I don’t understand it. I don’t think all the media was in love with Brett, Wilson, McCrae and crew back in the day. I find this group of Royals players to be VERY likable to watch. They play so freaking hard and unselfishly and it’s fun to watch them have fun. I could give a crap if they sometimes have juvenile fun at the expense of the media or opposing players. In fact, I wish they’d do it more.)

  16. Tigerpiper says:

    Yost will bunt Mike Trout in the first of the 0-0 AllStar game after a leadoff double by Cain. Book it.

    • Jayhawk '97 says:

      And then Moose hits a sac fly to drive in the only run of the game.

      • Fred Flintstone says:

        No, No, No. Ned will lead off with the starting pitcher, since no one will ever expect that move.

        • Frank says:

          Next year, Royals fans should make light hearted signs of ridiculous tactics yost might employ. If it works for Hunter Pence in SF it can work here

  17. BlackJack says:

    It’s bad enough having to be inundated with Viagra and Cialis commercials in the middle of the freaking day uring sporting events, but now to suffer the discomfort of having this British chick in a robe purring about “erections” repeatedly in 60-second window while my 10-yr old son sitting on my left, and my Mom to my right on the couch, is just too much..

    • nick says:

      The Viagra and Cialis ads are 100% uncalled for. Incredibly aggravating.

      I agree. If they feel like there’s too much money to pass up to say no to these advertisers, at least don’t allow certain words. I think any adult interested in the product will figure it out quickly after hearing “lack of blood flow”.

      Will these ads be allowed on Fox for the World Series? TBS is very liberal, so not shocking they’d have no problem showing them.

      • Phaedrus says:

        What guy hasn’t heard about viagra/cialis/etc by now? Do they really need to inundate us with ads still?

        I can’t get it up any longer. Guess I’m screwed (no punintended). What’s that? You say they now have drugs that can give me an erection? I didn’t know that…thanks buddy!

  18. b12 says:

    @nick. Ummm, yeah they’ll be on FOX. A postseason package was sold. Those spots aired during the NLCS on FS1 as well. It’s not about TBS being liberal; it’s about them showing what MLB sold.

  19. Bob Loblaw says:

    Plus you’re confusing the Fox network with Fox News. Obviously one is an arm of the other, but they are not one in the same.

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