OTC: 810’s Soren Petro Goes Off On Inept Royals

“The embarrassment that is this (Royals) organization – and it is an embarrassment! It’s a full-blown, top-to-bottom screwfest!”
Soren Petro, during a passionate rant Tuesday morning directed at the incompetence that is/has been/ and could very well be our Kansas City Royals, 810 AM
GH: Petro has impromptu moments on the radio that are at times mesmerizing. This was one of those moments. Petro can play company man and has often in the past when his radio station is contractually obligated to either the Chiefs or Royals. WHB is currently signed on as the Chiefs AM radio partner. The competition down the dial, 610 Sports, is home of the Royals radio broadcasts. Free of contracts to fire at will at the Royals, Petro did just that. Surprisingly, we never heard this same kind of rant about the inept Chiefs when Petro was deep inside Carl Peterson’s pocket. Read on.

“Let’s make sure and put (Chris) Getz in the lead-off spot because some other GM might go stark-raving mad and put his tighty whities on his head and run down the street and give us an ace for him. … There are 30 Chris Getzs in baseball right now to be had every year!”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Petro is not known for his humor and I don’t believe he was attempting to be all that funny here – but I was highly entertained by this visual. I am guessing far more than Dayton Moore and the Royals may have been.

“We’ve got to trade Melky Cabrera for Sean O’Sullivan or Vin Mazzaro…or some other hump that Billy Bean farted out after dinner last night and knows is worthless.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: As I stated – Petro was on a rare roll.

“Don’t waste my time! I will not vote for Alex Gordon! And I’m the biggest Alex Gordon champion in this town! I am not voting for Alex Gordon! … Some fraudulent goofest so I can clicky, click, click, click on the Internet and they can charge somebody more money for advertisement. Screw that! This team sucks!”
Soren Petro, on the Internet push to get Gordon on the AL All-Star team, 810 AM
GH: I agree with Petro on this take. How meaningful is an All-Star selection when it is tied to unlimited Internet votes from “fans?” This kind of hokeyness simply puts a spotlight on how much of an artificially manmade event MLB and professional sports are and have been. I feel better when I’m not so blatantly reminded of this fact.

“There ought to be a rule that last-place teams can’t have more than one All Star. I don’t think you should even have one! Aaron Crow’s a joke on top of it! I’d rather they left the Royals off the team! ‘Here comes the hack Royal…’ I pray to God he’s in the bullpen all night and they never talk about him.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Petro sounded like he is actually embarrassed about the Royals. I don’t get that. I root for my teams. I complain, I bitch, I moan, but rarely if ever am I embarrassed about the actions of men of which I have zero interaction. Aaron Crow deserves a spot on the team and I’m happy for him that he’s got one. I could not care less if some Yankee fan thinks he and the Royals are embarrassing.

“At what point will this organization value the product that they put on the field at the big-league level? Enough!”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: All this Royals anger – and there has been plenty on the radio, Twitter and Internet this week  — is really much ado about a team no one thought would be any good this season. Sure, Ned Yost thought his team could outperform the predicted last-place finish for which most analysts pegged the Royals. But who else among us had this team winning 85 games and competing into September? So the Royals stink with one of the worst starting rotations in a decade. If this is the case in 2013, we’ve got some problems. Until then, David Glass needs to discount the hell out of the upper deck seats and hope the farm kids ripen quickly.

“The hell with Johnny Giavotella! Who cares about Johnny Giavotella! When they call him up and he can hit big-league pitching, then I’ll care about Johnny Giavotella!”
Soren Petro, on the Royals’ second baseman of the future, 810 AM
GH: I care about all the Royals prospects we haven’t seen. They harbor hope for fans  that they can play this game. It is after they arrive at The K and dash that hope that is depressing.

“Lorenzo Cain sitting in Omaha It is a sign this organization is not serious about winning baseball games.”
Soren Petro, on the Royals center field prospect, 810 AM
GH: Can Lorenzo pitch? I would counter that the Royals willingness to trade Greinke is a far more telling sign of the franchise’s willingness to be mediocre or worse.

“You can’t polish a turd. What is Bob McClure supposed to do with Kyle Davies?”
Todd Leabo, after a caller asked why the Royals’ pitching coach’s coach isn’t being questions, 810 AM
GH: The Royals management continues to tell us the Davies is not only NOT a turd but a pitcher with rare “stuff” that would be coveted by almost every franchise if he was let go. I sure would like to see that feeding frenzy begin. Tell the GMs to not forget to wear their tidy whities on their heads.

Well, I’d rather be at home on the lake.”
Ned Yost, in a pregame interview July 4th after Bob Davis asked him if there was anywhere he’d rather be than a baseball game on the 4th of July in one of America’s great cities, Royals Radio
GH: I believe that’s where Ned was when the Royals called his unemployed ass to manage this club. If I were Dayton Moore and I heard my manager state he’d rather be home on the lake than working his 34-51 club into contention, I would be tempted to make that happen.

“Former Royals’ manager Jim Frey used to say, ‘George Brett could get good wood on an aspirin.’ ”
Denny Matthews, in a radio ad, Royals Radio
GH: My wife heard this ad while we were driving in the car over the weekend. “What does that mean?” she asked, puzzled. I explained the baseball terminology and she laughed. “I thought it meant he could get a hard-on by taking an aspirin,” she chuckled.

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22 Responses to OTC: 810’s Soren Petro Goes Off On Inept Royals

  1. Uncle Dick says:

    So that explains the Bayer delivery truck in front of your house.

  2. Greg Hall says:

    I have noticed we are now buying our aspirin in Sam’s Club-size quantities since that commercial started running this spring.

  3. ksbugeater says:

    Petro dumping on Crow is not exactly going to be popular, either. Why in KC, with so few feel-good stories, would you minimize a guy who is from Topeka (still a Royals town, more than any outside the KC metro) and starred at Mizzou? Somebody both states can rally around in this cesspool of a season… and then throw in Gordon, who grew up a Royals fan in Lincoln and might finally start living up to the hype placed on him upon his draft? Good thing Bubba Starling probably doesn’t listen to Petro.

    • Big Dub says:

      I don’t think many people will even raise an eyebrow to Soren ranting on Aaron Crow’s selection. When your only All-Star is a set up man with no Saves, just 2 wins, and blew his last opportunity with a Walk Off Balk, you have every right to be embarrassed and enraged. At least Soria’s selections were worthy based on his position and stats.

  4. Orphan of the Road says:

    When Petro is on a roll it is a rare, thing of beauty.

    Perhaps Petro is embarrassed for Gordon being thrust forward as an excuse for poor management and leadership. I’m sure Gordon does not feel he is an All-Star nor does he want this spotlight. The guy is doing a good job and trying to salvage his career. He doesn’t need this drama.

    The fans need to vote with their pocketbooks and stay home. Send Glass a message that we need to see real progress on the field.

    Maybe Dayton Moore is another Lee Thomas? The guy was a genius in St. Louis but an absolute dud in Philadelphia (Bill Giles was the head of the owners then, makes Glass look like a drunken sailor on shore leave).

    A buyer for the team is not in the future. No KC money for it, another owner would probably want to move. Stuck in Lodi again.

    They’ve got a long way to go, many miles to travel but they have the plan down to beat the 10,000+ losses of the Philadelphia Phillies.

  5. Kyle Rohde says:

    Greg, did you happen to catch SSJ around 6:15 this morning? He did pretty much the same rant; I wonder if Petro was inspired by SSJ or if they both decided in advance to cover that.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I did catch SSJ this morning and his Royals’ rant during the six o’clock hour. He too was fired up and could very well have fueled some of Petro’s vitriol. But while SSJ’s rant was on target, it wasn’t near the blast that Petro leveled on the Royals…and Petro’s rant was hilarious! KK replayed it to open his show and I would not be surprised if he doesn’t play it again during his five o’clock hour.

  6. Big Dub says:

    “I could not care less if some Yankee fan thinks he and the Royals are embarrassing.”

    This is where you and I disagree Greg. I love the Royals, and I do care what the rest of the league thinks about us. To me, it is embarrassing that our team is not even worthy of discussion in most circles. It’s embarrassing for the franchise, and that trickles down to the fans. The only redeeming thought is the “We were fans when…” Card that all the loyal Boys in Blue followers will be able to play when (if) this team does turn it around. The most frustrating thing about this season is that we still appear no where closer to being a .500 team than we were 5 years ago. It’s great that we have some young stars coming up offensively, but they can’t pitch. Our “highly touted” pitching prospects appear to be nothing better than middle of the rotation at best. Without pitching, we’ll be the Texas Rangers of the ’90’s, plenty of pop, but lose every game 9-6. We have the 6th best offensive team in the league yet have the 2nd worst record in baseball. Every day I wake up and Kyle Davies is still on this roster is another day of Royal Misery.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I am probably in the minority on this one. I love following my teams and rooting for them to win. But I no longer am so attached that I let their performance enhance or distract my real life. I use my favorite teams as I would golf or any other hobby. They are worthwhile enjoyable distractions that in the grand scheme of life mean absolutely nothing to me, my family or my goals in life. I’ve hit some low sports in my almost 60 years and those dips in life give you a glimpse of what is worth being embarrassed about and what it not.

      That might sound odd coming from a guy who follows this sports stuff as ardently as I but not if you understand where it resides on my shelf.

  7. smartman says:

    Truth to Power!

    Power to Truth, “Go Fuck Yourself!”

    Only when NOBODY shows up for a homestand will David Glass and the Ol’ Roy-als get the message.

  8. Phaedrus says:

    I always thought it was “tighty whities” not “tidy whities”. Somehow I doubt that Petro’s are too tidy…

  9. TIAD says:

    “It’s a full-blown, top-to-bottom screwfest!”

    Ironically, isn’t that what they called some of those great George Brett parties back in the day?

  10. KCPRGuy says:

    GH, you are right, a lot of rage over a team that wasn’t supposed to be very good. But that’s the problem, not being very good gets you in pennant races. See Pirates and Twins. Just get a sniff of 500 and we would be talking about making a second half push. Unfortunately, this team is beyond “not very good” and sneaking up on 100 losses very quickly.

  11. renton says:

    There are many, many legitimate gripes about the Royals this year — a team, like you said, wasn’t expected to do anything.

    But I find it harder than ever to listen to Petro’s self-righteous negativity about EVERY MOVE THE TEAM MAKES. (And don’t get me started on his suggestion to trade Hosmer or Moustakas.)

    He’s the kid who drops a juicy turd in the neighborhood swimming pool. And his angry rants make me reach for the dial faster than you can say “Mr. Goodcents” or “Brenner.”

  12. Ptolemy says:

    One point to be considered here…why is stuffing a virtual ballot box for an All Star spot lessening the legitimacy of a truly earned berth but Barry Bonds and his ilk should be allowed to pollute baseball’s history with records artificially inflated with steroidal enhancements?

    That’s the only thing interesting about this baseball season. The Royals stink.

    A Proud Bandwagon Fan

  13. Brencado says:

    Petro is a piece of shit. Everytime I hear that jackass talk I want to smack his ass. Especially when he says someone is a “boob” or drops us a line of stats and says “slug”. What a dickhead. The guy is a “fatty” loser.

  14. Esteban O'Riley says:

    Over the years I have evolved into the fairweather-bandwagon type Royals fan. Back in the 80’s and early 90’s I attended at least 10 games per year. Now, I haven’t even been out to see the renovations yet….so how many years have I not gone to a Royals game? It’s not because I’m not a fan….I just don’t want to spend my dollars on major league parking and admission (although they’re probably giving tickets away at the stadium) when my home town team is nothing but a AAA team (and sometimes I wonder if we’d even be a good AAA team). Earlier this year, my son (who has no allegiance to the Royals since they’ve sucked all of his life) and I actually sat down to watch a Royals game; something I’ve not done in the past 2-3 years. We both actually knew who the starters were at each position; something I have never been able to do the last 2-3 years or more. I think we both had a good time watching a Royals win. Since then, the Royals began their losing ways. I no longer know who’s starting or what lineup the manager will use. Once again, the Royals are in full-freak-out mode with what appears to be no plan for the future. It’s depressing AND embarrassing. When does football start? At least I go into almost every football season thinking that the Chiefs have a chance to make the playoffs. I’d like to think the Royals are 2-3 years away or less to make a decent run for even a .500 season….but they seem so inept, I’m not sure that will occur. Until then, you will not see my ass in a seat at the K. Having said that, I am very grateful for the people who pay to see the Royals play. I would hate to lose professional baseball in KC.

  15. Leonard says:


    I love reading your stuff, it seems to me you are the only one in this town (kc) that is honest! Leonard

  16. Leonard says:


    I think it is funny that Nick Wright talks how he is a parent now, I do not think he is a parent? I also was taken back when I think he said something like, the only part of Tiger Woods he will not be rooting for is the white part! I think when he first started his show he also said he gives black callers more time when they call into his show. Greg, can you please respond to what some may call racist comments?

    Thanks, Leonard

  17. Leonard says:


    Why is it just about every time KK talks about his family or close friends, he gets a little dig in, just something that knocks each of them down a peg. He talks about his family like I talk about my enemies. Also remember when KK was at 1510, he would knock Don Fortune for not taking a call from the people for the first 20 minutes of his show! He would say Don has forgotten the people that power his station. Well, 13 years later KK has become Don Fortune! We so called the fans that powers KK station, are lucky if he takes a call in the first 30 minutes of his show. It is no secret that 610 has a trained and educated talk show host, that watched and learned from Jason Whitlock on how to defeat KK. I knew when KK told a reporter that he does not have to go for a two point version when he is a-top in the ratings, that he was not into his job anymore! This told me he is just punching a clock, and mailiing each show in! It is easy when you are sitting in a nice Overland Park office and not in the ran down salt-of-the earth office of Independence, I can’t really say I blame him. With the way he veiws his job these days, I feel he will never be first in the ratings ever again! His smoke and mirrors (Walk Out) tactics is a younger mans game. Don did not want to fight the big fight and now almost a decade and a half later, KK has that same attitude. The other day I heard people laughing at KK because he is not smart enough to see what the king of ratings in kansas city, Nick Wright is doing to him. They said KK cannot compete, because 810 does not talk about the local sports until 7 after the hour, Nick Wright has got most of K.C. listeners hooked on his show and KK is talking about the sandwich of the day:) This worked for KK when 610 had un-educated host, but not now! KK, Don had to migrate down south because he could not handle the whole situation of losing to someone who worked harder than he wanted to. So just do what is right for the fans that paid your salary, and do what all good sports directors do, and start looking for someone to replace you! Here is some advice, pick someone who has the drive of let’s say a Nick Wright:)

    I think you very much for letting the least among us, have a voice that is not censored!

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