OTC: 9-1 Chiefs Still In SB Hunt / KU FB Gets A Win! / Does Snyder Still Hate Stoops?

“If I had to name three teams in the AFC to make the Super Bowl I’d say Denver, Kansas City and New England.”
Mike Golic, ESPN Radio
GH: I have heard a lot of local whining and complaining about the Chiefs loss in Denver – WHB’s Steven St. John comes to mind. A lot of that pessimism can be removed if the Chiefs beat the Chargers Sunday at Arrowhead. Golic still thinks the 9-1 Chiefs are good. I do as well.

“That’s going to be a harder game than people anticipate.”
Henry Blake, on the Chiefs game this Sunday against the Chargers at Arrowhead, 810 AM
GH: I have heard some refer to the Chargers/Chiefs game as a “trap” game for the Chiefs. Yes, the Chargers are 4-6 but I don’t see a great deal of difference between KC and SD. I hope the Chiefs prove me wrong.

“I don’t think the Chiefs are going to take anybody lightly.”
Brad Fanning, on the possibility of the Chiefs overlooking the Chargers, 610 AM

“I could make the case that the Chiefs could lose to Denver twice these next three weeks and still win the division because of what Denver’s got to go through.”
Stan Weber, 810 AM
GH: Denver is not Alabama. The Colts beat them and who fears the Colts? There are a LOT of games yet to be played to determine the playoffs and who gets home-field advantage. SSJ spent way too much time this morning whining about who the Chiefs might have to face on the road in January. At the same time, 610’s Fescoe was talking about what new words Oxford had declared as the most popular for 20134. 810 wins again.

“We didn’t treat (the Chiefs/Broncos game) like the Super Bowl because I wasn’t there. When the Super Bowl is in New York City, I’ll be there broadcasting for three days.”
Soren Petro, to a caller who blamed the Chiefs loss on the local media overhyping the game, 810 AM
GH: I thought Petro was being funny with his retort to this clown caller but the more Petro talked, the more evident it became that he seriously considers his presence at a game to be the criteria to judge its importance. Now THAT is funny!

“That son-of-a-gun got the ball off in 1.5 seconds on an average. That’s getting it out quick! So you weren’t gonna get a whole lot of hits on him even if you had (defenders) free.”
Andy Reid, in an interview with Mitch Holthus, on why the Chiefs failed to put pressure on Peyton Manning, 810 AM
GH: Manning is just remarkable. His arm is about shot. He hasn’t thrown a spiral since he was a Colt. And he can’t throw the deep ball anymore. Yet his timing is so incredible he gets by with limited physical tools. This guy is art.

“Absolutely not! The big Kool-Aid man! I just can’t get with it.”
Donavan McNabb, when asked by Petro is he is now used to seeing Andy Reid in Chiefs’ red, 810 AM

“We’re flipping the switch! It’s play on!”
Mitch Holthus, on the Chiefs forgetting about the loss in Denver and concentrating on the Chargers game this Sunday at Arrowhead, 810 AM
GH: Mitch’s switch got flipped years ago and then got stuck on crazy.

“Reciprocal. There have to be some math geeks out there. What’s the reciprocal of ½? Two over one. When I was young I could only grow hair on my head not on my face. Now it’s the opposite. I can only grow hair on my face not on my head.”
Sean McGrath, Chiefs’ bearded tight end, on why Andy Reid’s nickname for him is “Reciprocal,” 810 AM
GH: Holthus told McGrath he thought his Reciprocal nickname was “weird.” This from the man who dubbed Larry Johnson the Centaur.

“Here’s the deal; would the entire swarming mass covered the court at Allen Fieldhouse? … Isn’t Charlie Weis the guy who practiced celebrating a win? So they got to use that.”
Kevin Kietzman, on the KU crowd who stormed the field at Memorial Stadium to tear down the goal posts after their first Big 12 win in three seasons Saturday when they rocked West Virginia 31-19, 810 AM
GH: Charlie Weis did what I did not think he could do – win a Big 12 game this season. He saved his job with the win and probably cost Kansas another year or two of rebuilding their football program into something legit.

“K-State could win the Big 12 championship if we just restarted the season right now and replayed the whole schedule.”
Stan Weber, on the Wildcats’ mid-season surge, 810 AM
GH: Sure, Stan. Stan Weber’s segments on 810 are some of my favorites – unless he is discussing his Kansas State Wildcats. He simply refuses to see K-State teams in an objective light. He is a genius at breaking down just about any team and any sport besides his Wildcats.

“I hate to point out negatives but defensively, this (Kansas basketball) team just isn’t very good. … The bottom line is Kansas has to guard better.”
Greg Gurley, 810 AM
GH: Gurley is the opposite of Weber. He only knows one sport –basketball – but he is tougher on his Jayhawks than most objective analysts. I wonder how long KU will put up with his honesty. I see that they have already influenced his move away from 810 to become 610’s KU insider.

“How am I going to hype a Kansas/Kansas State (basketball) game here in a couple of months? I think it’s going to lead to a lot of empty seats. I think it’s great for about eight elite teams. That’s great for Kansas but it’s not great for the rest of the league.”
Kevin Kietzman, on the lack of parity in DI college basketball, 810 AM
GH: Elite teams ALWAYS increases the popularity of the total sport. Parity brings down attendance – not greatness.

“The reason I’ve fallen in love with this (Kansas basketball) team is that you cannot overhype this team! You can’t! … Holy smoke! I’m watching these guys that are their eighth and ninth best players on Kansas and they’d be stars on any other team! … Kansas has about nine players better than anybody Kansas State has.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: KK has fallen in love with KU basketball? Now that’s a breaking story…

“James (Franklin) was having as good of a year as any quarterback in the country when he got hurt four games ago. Even though Maty’s done a lot of good things, for us, bringing James back — and we were very upfront with everybody on the team of how we were going to handle that. We were very consistent with the way we’ve done it.”
Gary Pinkel, on his decision to return Franklin as Mizzou’s starting QB at Ole Miss, Columbia Tribune
GH: Franklin’s injury looked to be devastating at the time. Untested Mauk had to go through Florida, USC, Tennessee and Kentucky – and he went 3-1. Now MU has two SEC-ready QBs to lean on with Mauk ready for his next three years at MU. Things could not be more different for Pinkel and his Tigers today than they were last November.

“There’s no love lost between the coaches (of Oklahoma and Kansas State). At least in Bill Snyder’s mind. He’ll never let go of Bob Stoops leaving (Kansas State).”
Dennis Dodd, of CBSsports.com, on Oklahoma’s game in Manhattan this weekend, 810 AM
GH: Huh? Does Dodd have any evidence that Snyder is holding an almost 25-year grudge? Seems kind of reckless of Dodd to drop this on Snyder with no explanation.

“It’s a little early to say no shot, Tom. There’s still three weeks until that game.”
Kevin Kietzman, after Tom Keegan said KU had “no shot” at defeating K-State at Memorial Stadium at the end of the month, 810 AM
GH: If Charlie Weis beats Bill Snyder – ever – the state of Kansas will split in half and BBQ ribs will rain from the sky. And most KU fans will smile and check the tipoff time for Bill’s boys’ next game.  

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82 Responses to OTC: 9-1 Chiefs Still In SB Hunt / KU FB Gets A Win! / Does Snyder Still Hate Stoops?

  1. Jim says:

    KK has made this claim over and over to every person that’s on his show talking BB. Since when is it his job to “hype” games? It’s his job to get his listeners fired-up for ANY game? Want to talk about a perceived self-importance? I watch games no matter what that windbag says. Sour grape much, Kev?

  2. Mike says:

    I could see coaches of different programs having a problem with Gurley’s blunt honesty, but I’ll bet that Self isn’t just okay with this analysis of his guys, but loves it. I bet for the reason that just in case his guys listen in to the talk shows, they’ll hear someone not blowing smoke up their rear.
    And really, if any program, anywhere, has an issue with their analyst offering valid critiques of their game, then it might be a flailing program.

    • Greg Hall says:

      I love Self but judging from the way the KU media kowtows to everything Jayhawk, I’m not so sure Self could handle (or favor) a maverick member of the media. The way the writers at the LJW slobber over Kansas sports is embarrassing. And their radio crew (minus Gurley) is even more homerific. It will be interesting to see if Gurley is allowed to continue his open opinions or if soon talks more and says less.

  3. Kyle says:

    Greg, you are dead wrong on the last comment. If KU beats ksu this year, the party will be so big, that many will forget there is even a basketball game that night. Pile on KU football all you want. There is still a very large fanbase that wants a winner. They dominated a team that beat OSU this year (they were up 31-7 with 5 minutes left). The improvement from the time Weis took over until now is becoming pretty obvious. Not saying they are going to challenge for the B12 title any time soon, but they are definitely on their way to respectability.

    • Jim says:

      Kyle, I’m a huge KU fan. But, I don’t see Greg’s comments as piling on. At this point, they have won ONE conference game under CW. The only improvement that can be quantified is WINS. Period. End of story. If they go up to Ames and lose to a woeful ISU team, that win last week means nothing. Listen, I sure as hell hope you are right. Back to back wins would go a long way to making me believe you are.

      • Kyle says:

        My “pile on” comment is mostly about KU fans not caring about football and solely focusing on basketball. I would like to see how many fans are in the stands at the Bill or in Como if they had not won a conference game in 3 years. 30,000 is actually not too bad considering what the fanbase has been put through.

        • Tim says:

          When I heard the crowd was 30,000, I was impressed after what KU football has done recently. What I would like to know is how did Bob Davis describe the fans rushing the field after the game? You can tell he gets pretty pissed off when it happens at a road KU basketball game.

        • Twy's Gibman says:

          Are you serious? Kansas is on their way to respectability? Weis is making Turner Gill look like Pepper Rogers. After K-State lost three in a row, and 4 of its first six, they had a sellout crowd. I’d love to see Kansas basketball fans match that if the Hawks dropped two thirds of their early games.

          • Kyle says:

            Seriously? Did you just make that comparison? I’m talking about losing 27 consecutive Big 12 games. ksu just won the freaking Big 12 last year. 3 years ago when ksu was not winning every week, there were empty seats in the corners of the upper level. And you are wrong about Gill. He had 1 win in 2 years against a BCS school and it took a fluke 28 point comeback to get it. KU has been much more competitive under Weis and dominated a Big 12 team on Saturday. Gib Twyman would be embarrassed.

            • nick says:

              The atmosphere at KU last Saturday was special, and the post-game field-storming by the students looked genuine and spontaneous. The student mob surrounded Weiss chanting “Charlie!, Charlie!”. Most excitement I’ve felt for KU football in the past 4 years, and can’t wait to see if KU can beat Gramps in 2 weeks. I think I speak for a lot of KU fans.

    • Greg Hall says:

      Kyle, Love that there are some great KU FB fans but you need to look at this objectively. There is no one in the KU media calling for Weis’ job. There is very little heat coming from the KU fans. How can this be??? Ask yourself how quiet things would be around the KU basketball program if the Hawks had one Big 12 win in two years?

      • Kyle says:

        Greg, if there was no progress, I think there would be quite a few more people calling for Weis’s job. As it stands, they have won 3 games with a realistic chance to win 4. It’s his 2nd year on the job. He inherited a dumpster fire of a program and had to gut it. At the beginning of the season, would you have called 4-8 progress? Trust me, I would be the first one to say let’s move on if there was no progress, but as someone who follows the program closely and does not just look at the score, I can tell you that progress is being made. Regardless of what you think of Weis personally, he does know football. Christ, he made Matt Cassel a pro bowler. Now, if they completely regress next year, then we can talk. But the fact that they MAY have a QB that can make some plays, and a team that has some experience playing together under it’s belt, more progress will be expected.

        • Twy's Gibman says:

          Chuck is begging to be fired. If he gets his walking papers this off-season, that’s 7.5 million more to earn while sitting on a cooler in Florida. Greg’s right – this is what happens when an athletic dept. pours nearly every resource into basketball which while important and profitable – isn’t driving university image or conference realignment perception. Undoubtedly, any Jayhawk fan that has endured this season by actually sitting in the stands deserves to celebrate – especially the ones there Saturday.

          • kylerohde says:

            What has KU not done with football that could be fixed with money? There’s plenty they’ve done wrong but it’s not a $ issue.

            • Twy's Gibman says:

              Memorial stadium. Ever heard that one stan? Baylor is about to lap kansas in facilities. Baylor isis the school that probably fits in the sun belt better than the big 12.

          • Biff says:

            Weis will be at KU next year and maybe the year after no matter what happens the next two games.
            KU has put a lot money into football, new offices/weight room, practices fields etc. , If you haven’t heard KU will be doing major facelift to the football stadium in a year or two after the new track and field stadium is built.
            Not sure who will still be coaching longer Weis or Snyder. Talk is this is Snyder’s last year.

            You can ask Syracuse, Maryland, Louisville how basketball is important in conference realignment.
            Its sad but KSU, ISU may be left out of the next round.

            • Twy's Gibman says:

              Biff – before you stick your head up your rectum further, I suggest you read this: https://kansasregents.org/resources/PDF/2692-AgendaNov20-21,2013Finalreader.pdf
              Kansas doesn’t even have funding lined up for stadium improvements until 2017, and that looks like it’s for preliminary design work. Earliest possible stadium improvements look to be around 2019. Is this the Gridiron Club 2.0? Stay tuned.

              • nick says:

                It’s KNOWN by those close to the program that a stadium renovation WILL happen. As a KU alum, I could care less if that’s in 2015 or 2020. Kansas first needs to get the football program back to respectability, and Zenger/Weiss have taken BIG strides in doing that after the absolute ruin that Perkins/Gil left the program in.

                • Twy's Gibman says:

                  That’s good, it needs to happen. This is the last stadium in the conference with a track around the field. I’m just curious what metric you are using to determine improvement. When I look at stats, nothing is trending upward, unless you’re relying solely on last week’s game.

              • Biff says:

                WTF is that link. Show what page out of 129 you are talking about, you have no clue. That is public financing which will have little if any part of the renovation. . See how the new track and field stadium was financed.
                On Sept. 18, Zenger says, Kansas began a formal design process for the eventual renovation. KU officials met with Kansas City-based architectural firm HNTB, which will oversee the design of the project.

                For something simple a clown like you can show how the great football programs at Syracuse, Louisville, Maryland helped them in conference realignment.

  4. brett says:

    did anyone else catch the mizzou game at sprint center last week and see the guy propose marriage to his PREGNANT girlfriend at midcourt? i’ve never seen anything like it. they were about 15 feet from steven st. john’s courtside seats. his stone-faced reaction was priceless. pure gold.

  5. BS says:

    OMG — you mean they had premarital sex. i guess that only happens in missouri. they should be shamed and hidden from public view.

    you sir are a doofus of the highest degree.

  6. Tim says:

    Greg, you could not be more wrong about parity in sports. Two perfect examples are the NFL vs MLB. The NFL took over the title of Americas past-time years ago. Fans want a contender or to at least have a competitive chance year in and year out. What evidence do you have that parity brings down attendance? The only attendance that would drop would be those of the elite or the towns they visit. Everywhere else would increase with increased parity. You think more fans go to K-State or Mizzou games because KU and UK are elite? I would think more folks would be interested if their team had a legit chance to win league.

    • Kyle says:

      I heard KK’s comments about the elite basketball programs and it is a complete loser mentality. Was Wichita St. in the Final Four last year? Are we what, 2 years removed from Butler being in back to back National Title games? Isn’t VCU highly ranked again this year? Point is, with the right coach, you can have a great basketball program even if you are not KU, UK, Duke, UNC, etc. If K State was a powerhouse this year, he would have no problem with it. But when your coach is Bruce Weber, you will never be a top flight program.

    • Kyle Rohde says:

      Tim – you’re probably right, as far as in-game attendance. But Greg’s likely referring to overall television ratings for the sport and I would agree with him that the elite teams/hyped players we have this year are likely going to produce tremendous ratings.

      Your reference to MLB/NFL brings up something I’ve found interesting. I think if you asked the average sports fan, they’d say MLB has the least parity and the NFL the most. Here’s the actual results for championships among the four major sports (sorry MLS) since 2000:
      - NFL: 9 different champions in 14 years (Patriots 3, Steelers x2, Giants x2, Ravens x2)
      - MLB: 10 different champions in 14 years (Red Sox x3, Cardinals x2, Giants x2, Yankees x2
      - NBA: 6 different champions in 14 years (Spurs x3, Lakers x5, Heat x3)
      - NHL: 10 different champions in 13 years (no 04-05 season) (Devils x, Red Wings x2, Blackhawks x2)

      Only the NHL is probably seeing lower ratings and popularity today than they were in 2000, though the NBA is probably close with it still riding the Jordan aftermath then.

      • Phaedrus says:

        I wouldnt consider the # of different champions the best indication of parity.

        NBA and NFL are more star driven than MLB. Put Lebron on any team and that team is an instant contender. Put Brady on any NFL team and that team is a contender. In baseball, a team can have Mike Trout (or Zach Greinke) and still suck.

        The problem with MLB isnt that small market teams cant compete, it’s that small market teams cant afford the star players. The Chiefs can resign Jamal Charles with no problem. The Royals wont resign Hosmer because the Yankees will offer him way more than the Royals.

        • Kyle Rohde says:

          I’ll agree that it’s not the only way to judge parity, but it’s one good way.

          However, I’m going to disagree with you on the star players thing. Smaller market teams can sign those guys; they just can’t sign as many and, therefore, need to be a lot more careful about it. Ryan Braun with the Brewers, Troy Tulowitski with the Rockies, Joe Mauer with the Twins and Andrew McCutcheon with the Pirates are just a few of the many examples.

      • Greg Hall says:

        Yes to Kyle. While the gate attendance will likely continue to go south in all sports, the popularity of many sports will climb. Colleges and pros are just going to have to find ways to make their bucks somewhere besides the gate — and with the lucrative TV/Internet contracts now being signed, that is already happening.

    • Greg Hall says:

      Tim, I disagree. Elite teams and athletes drive fan interest. Sure, a great pennant race or divisional race is fun for the fans involved but not the masses. And it is all about the masses. Michael Jordan and the Bulls had fans across the globe. The 1985 Royals had fans in Missouri and Kansas.

  7. Ron says:

    The worst radio of the year is when Petro goes to the Super Bowl and Lake Tahoe. There is nothing more boring than listening to interviews of athletes. What’s even worse, as soon as Petro is off the clock, he hustles back home. I doubt if Petro has ever actually seen a Super Bowl game in person. Pretty sad attitude for a sports radio professional.

    • Say What? says:

      I’ve never seen the draw of attending the Super Bowl unless my team is actually playing in the game. I would probably be on the first plane out as well.

    • Tim says:

      Pisstro is just gonna have to step it up. Talkers.com recently selected their best 100 sports talk show host(s) in the country for 2013; KK and Clink were 51, SSJ and Nate were 80. And Fescoe was 69. Kinda makes you sick to your stomach don’t it? Fescoe and 69?

  8. Billselfisbald says:

    Anybody who likes basketball more than football is a queer. Therefore all ku fans are queers. But you already knew that.

  9. sporty says:

    Greg, you are wrong about Stan Weber and K-State. Stan is very good at seeing K-State objectively. He just happens to know more about the team than you do. He doesn’t rah, rah in his analysis,(unlike Keegan for KU, or Bob Davis, anytime). He knows what he is talking about. Do you not agree that K-State would have a better record if the season started today?

    • Csup says:

      You are absolutely correct. Greg is dead wrong about his analysis of Weber. Stan is 99% correct in analyzing the Cats, even if they are struggling. He will call it for what it is. By the same token, he couldn’t be more wrong about Gurley. He’s a big homer, which I don’t have a problem with, but to say he is more objective in his analysis of KU than Stan is comparable to saying obamacare has been wildly successful, as some are still trying to feed us.

      • nick says:

        Greg is absolutely right about Weber. I love listening to Weber talk NFL and non-Kstate college, and he seems like a really great guy. But his Kstate ramblings are more purple-laced than Prince’s wardrobe.

      • DJ says:

        Weber is as big of a homer as KK is. Enough said.

        And Sporty how do you know their record would be better? They struggled to beat TCU the other day, not exactly a power house team.

        • Kyle says:

          Greg is dead on. Weber has no clue how to be objective about ksu.

          • Csup says:

            You know what, this is a stupid argument. I’ll never change your opinion no matter how wrong you all are. That’s just the way it is. Regarding TCU, K-State scored 33 points on a defense that is loaded with NFL talent. How many teams have done that? They have one of the best defenses around; too bad their offense was non-existent several games in the middle of the season.

            • DJ says:

              Well Texas, West Virginia, and LSU have all scored 30 or more points against TCU, so I don’t think 33 is some great accomplishment. That is 4 out of 10 games in which a team has scored 30+ points on them. TCU ranks 44th in NCAA in points allowed, doesn’t sound like that great of a defense.

              How about K-state giving up the second most points TCU has scored all year? K-states defense doesn’t matter?

              Just be thankful K-state got out of that game with a Win with a last second field goal, that is all that matters. But wins against West Virginia(geez KU beat them), Iowa State(0-7 in the big 12), Texas Tech(lost 4 straight with 3 blowouts), and TCU isn’t a great gauge of K-state playing great football.

          • BlackJack says:


            Stan Weber is very astute and objective about any other sports team, but I cannot listen to him comment about anything K-State. He is always looking for a silver lining angle, and is the biggest apologist for anything that goes wrong with a K-State sports team

    • Biff says:

      Sporty says :”Do you not agree that K-State would have a better record if the season started today?”
      KSU got stomped by Baylor and Oregon at the end of last year, KSU fans think Snyder improves at the year goes on, all teams do this. It has been over a decade since Snyder has won a bowl game. What is Snyder’s problem.?
      KSU fans have to be the most arrogant delusional fans in the world. Snyder is great coach for KSU but he would of been fired at other schools. Two Big 12 championships in 20 years is not that great.
      Snyder is like Norm Stewart at Mu. they have a lot of wins but nothing to show for it.

      • Twy's Gibman says:

        Folks, this is what denial looks like. Biff, we’re here for you bud. You’re right, Kansas is doing A-OK in my book. Now come down off that ledge.

        • DJ says:

          Denial of what?

          2 championships in 20 years is good?

          I guess when your athletic program doesn’t have any national championships in any sport, you got to start somewhere.

          • no chance in hell says:

            I rest my case. Congrats Kansas fans, hope you get to tear goalposts down again three seasons from now.

            • DJ says:

              I am an Oklahoma Fan….so I rest my case.

              2 conference championships in football is great…congrats. Hopefully some day we get that many in two decades too. LOL since our last one was last year too.

              How many national championships(in any sports) do you have?

              • no chance in hell says:

                I am an Alabama fan, so you can suck it. Big Game Bob has stunk ever sinc he rode Mark Mangino’s offens to the promised land. Tell your wife/sister I said hi.

                • DJ says:

                  Wow! Hilarious and original dude….usually what happens when someone isn’t intelligent enough to win an argument(or have anything of substance in it).

                  We(Oklahoma) suck this year because Stoops probably realized he has another 19 years to win another conference championship and still be considered a powerhouse like K-State. LOL

                  Looks like Kstate fans are in denial.

                  • no chance in hell says:

                    Like I said, I’m a Bama fan. Sorry your team is tanking.. I hope the Sooners beat Snyder so you can crow down at theimplement dealership, you dumb Okie. Meanwhile, I’ll be preparing for another national title game.

                    • DJ says:

                      Pretty funny when you are insecure enough as a K State homer to act like an Alabama fan on the internet.

                      Can’t say I blame you though…at least they know what a national championship looks like.

                    • no chance in hell says:

                      Likewise, it is ok to cheer on your fighting weishawks.

                    • DJ says:

                      The difference is I am not a Jayhawk fan at all.

                      You know there are fans in Kansas City besides fans of MIssouri, KU and KState don’t you?

                    • no chance in hell says:

                      Like I said, good luck in Manhattan saturday, wish nothing but the best for you. Roll Tide!

                    • DJ says:

                      Is this Stan Weber or KK because you are about as dumb as both of them?

                      Or are all K-Staters this big of idiots?

                      It is okay little kitty, if you are so insecure about yourself that you have to impress an anonymous poster then more power to you.

                      Even if i was a Jayhawk fan I am pretty sure my sports program would still have more national championships in all sports then K State does. LOL Then again, you can’t have any less then K State LOL What a joke of a program.

                    • no chance in hell says:

                      That’s a fun game.If I were a Texas fan my school would have more everythingthan Kansas. What else you got genius?

                    • DJ says:

                      Yea but you aren’t a Texas fan genius. Is this the logic they teach at K State? Well if we can’t beat KU then we will just be a fan of another school. Must be sad to be a K State fan…maybe you can talk about 2 conference championships in 20 years some more as a good program. It only took us 3 years to win 2 conference championships at Oklahoma. Still waiting for a list of National Championships from K-State?

                    • no chance in hell says:

                      So now you’re back to being a sooner? Listen Chaz needs you. Jayhawk nation needs you. put down your walmart sooner hat and join the cause. It’s not to late Fredo!

  10. Kerouac says:

    Agree wholeheartedley on ‘parity’ being the death knell of sports… someday the not too distant future, every team in every sport will make post season out of necce$$ity the grand $cheme of things… no team left behind/every team (team as league’s coffers) a winner.

    It’s as ridiculous as the winner of a division any sport (AFC West NFL or NL West MLB, examples) trumpeting said as if it were a World Series triumph or Superbowl. Personally, wish it would revert to pre-1969 days MLB for example, one winner each league went to the World Series – not every team and its brother as it is today, ditto NFL, NBA; of course it never will.

    I picked the Chiefs to lose every game this season… that they lost their first on Sunday convinces me I was right all along about the Clark’s if not the league itself, i.e., the former’s but a paper tiger, the latter’s depth of mediocrity greater even than I’d suspected.

    Sunday: SD 24 @KC 23

  11. Kerouac says:

    Equal parts resignation (portending termination his) and little (small market team) man’s (GM’s) complex.

    It could be worse – could be LA’s GM Colletti (ably assisted by Manager Mattingly) who could not manage a two+ billion dollar team ‘to’ a World Series, let alone capture said.

    My guess, LA’s guy will get fired before Moore in KC… to whom much is given much is expected.

  12. who-fan says:

    As anyone noticed Petro continually “running down” Dwayne Bowe? I’m not a huge Bowe fan, but Petro obviously has had a bad experience with him and takes every opportunity to discredit him.

  13. Biff says:

    “There’s no love lost between the coaches (of Oklahoma and Kansas State). At least in Bill Snyder’s mind. He’ll never let go of Bob Stoops leaving (Kansas State).”

    Snyder has only beat 4 top 10 teams in his 20 years at KSU. two of those were Bob Stoops/OU , one vs KU . You can say he doesn’t like Bob , seems Snyder he gets his team up for Bob.

    KU attendance has been great this year for what there record has been, KU has a strong base of about 30-35k fans and if they startwin they sell out easy , like they did under Mangino.

    • sporty says:

      “KU attendance has been great?” Take off the red and blue glasses. That place is half empty every game and more than half empty in the second half. It will be full on the 30th, though. Full of purple!

  14. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    MU’s quarterback situation over the next few years will be interesting. Someone is destined to transfer, change positions, or both. Mauk, Printz, Berkstresser, & Trent Hosick. It’s Mauk’s job to lose next year. Will the other three be content to just sit idly by? Doubtful. And then there are the high school kids getting recruited like Drew Lock from Lee’s Summitt.

  15. PV_Pathfinder says:

    “We didn’t treat (the Chiefs/Broncos game) like the Super Bowl because I wasn’t there. When the Super Bowl is in New York City, I’ll be there broadcasting for three days.”
    Soren Petro, to a caller who blamed the Chiefs loss on the local media overhyping the game, 810 AM

    When i heard this, I just rolled my eyes. I’m a big Petro fan, but that statement was a pile of crap. I happened to be up Sunday morning around 7 AM and 810 was already doing their pre-game thing. 12 hours before kickoff… So to imply that they didn’t treat it any differently than any other regular season game is utter garbage. To browbeat a caller like that is kind of bush league.

    And yes, any show originating from Radio Row (Super Bowl, Final Four etc) is without a doubt, completely impossible to listen to. During those weeks, radio is off, ipod is on.

    • Kevin B says:

      I think Petro was taking a stab at 610 there since 610 sent 3 or 4 guys to Denver to cover the game and then followed the game with an all night broadcast. That was a lot of hype for an in-season game. At least that is the way I took it.

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