OTC: After Lowly Astros Sweep Embarrassed Royals, 16-Game Gauntlet Looms Against Some Of MLB’s Best

“When I talk to you I try to look on the bright side of everything but all I can say to you is – I’m sorry.”
Buster Olney, ESPN MLB analyst, as he began his weekly interview with Steven St. John and The Border Patrol Thursday morning, on the Royals dismal play against the Astros the post three days, 810 AM
GH: It is still May and ESPN personalities are already feeling sorry for Royals fans. Again.

“I was in the stands today (at The K) in a couple of different spots and it was bad. Fans saying, ‘The same old Royals. This team’s bad.’ It was very negative in the crowd today and the Royals gave them nothing.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: If you frequent Kauffman Stadium during the summer months, you know that is far from a vindictive crowd or atmosphere. But the bitterness has been brewing now for years and what once was a forgiving city is becoming hardened and cynical to all the losing. Even on an 85-degree day at The K.

“Our next 16 games are against really, really tough opponents. We’re going to have to get this figured out quick or we’re going to be in trouble.”
Ned Yost, following the Astros’ sweep of the Royals and being outscored 21-5 in the three-game series by the last-place Astros, 610 AM G
H: The Royals are now four games under .500. They are no longer “hanging around.” They are more accurately simply hanging.

“Farnsworth apparently in no hurry to get back to that rented apartment in Houston. I think Farnsworth is the antithesis of Dennis Eckersley. And so with the score 9-3, Farnsworth walks the Royals’ number-nine hitter. I’m not going to put it on the home-plate umpire but his strike zone hasn’t helped anybody.”
Denny Matthews, play-by-play voice of the Royals, as the Astros’ reliever took his time on the mound Wednesday, Royals Radio
GH: If you are getting fed up with this Royals team, just think how Denny Matthews feels about having to sit in the radio booth the next four months while impatiently looking at his watch.

“You basically have an entire lineup of guys besides Salvador Perez and to a degree Alcides Escobar playing below career performance. It doesn’t make any sense where you have a team where Escobar’s slugging percentage is 18 points higher than the team’s slugging percentage.”
Buster Olney, 810 AM
GH: The questions are many. Are the Royals this bad? Has Ned Yost and his pro-player style caused the players to underperform? Are Kansas City fans simply cursed to flounder in the sewers of professional sports and sing soccer songs?

“The Royals are walking into a buzz saw (in Toronto where the Jays have won nine straight games), to the point if they come out of that series with a split that would be outstanding.” Buster Olney, 810 AM
GH: James Shields opens the four-game series tonight in Toronto. To say this is a big game for James and the Royals is not hyperbole. The Royals need their ace to stop the losing.

“They’re not trading (James) Shields. No way. They’re not going to give up before the trade deadline. They’re not going to wave the white flag after they made the big trade for James Shield and then trade him. They’ll keep James Shields until the bitter end of the season.” Steven St. John, when asked if he thinks the Royals will eventually give up on this season and try and trade Shields to a contender, 810 AM

“My command today was hogwash. It was really bad.”
Danny Duffy, who lasted only four innings against the Astros and gave up five earned runs and five walks, 810 AM
GH: You want some good news? Danny Duffy understands how to own his failures and be accountable. He could teach his teammates a bit about humility and entitlement.

“We just keep working hard, Andy. That’s what we do. … You just keep working hard. Screaming and yelling doesn’t work.”
Ned Yost, when asked by The Star’s Andy McCullough what the Royals can do to turn around their recent slump, 810 AM
GH: Working hard hasn’t worked for this Royals team either. What might have worked is sending Mike Moustakas down to Omaha last season and not waiting until his confidence ebbed lower than his batting average. Moose is hitting .215 in Omaha after one week. Yep. Yosty has never been wrong.

“This is your best (Chiefs) head coach / quarterback combination since Marty Schottenheimer and Joe Montana. This is the best combo like that since I’ve been doing these games.”
Mitch Holthus, on the Chiefs current pairing of Andy Reid and Alex Smith, 810 AM
GH: The Chiefs need Alex Smith to have a ridiculously great season if they hope to conquer their schedule and make the playoffs again. I think Smith might be a very special player who is getting better as he ages.

“Hey, whatever we need. I haven’t been running all these sprints for nothing!”
Dontari Poe, when asked about where he expects top play this season in the Chiefs’ defensive line, 810 AM

“I put in an extra hour or a couple of hours in the evening with my trainer just to stay on top of things.”
Tamba Hali, addressing his commitment to being in shape for this Chiefs’ season, 810 AM

“Missouri’s (football) schedule is the cupcake schedule of the SEC. … What’s harder, Missouri’s eight-game schedule in the SEC or the nine-game schedule in the Big 12? It’s not even close! Not even close!”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Unfortunately for the listeners of KK’s Between the Lines show, he made these comments and other similar disparaging comments about Mizzou’s “easy” SEC football schedule before and after (but not during) his live on-air interview with MU’s center Evan Boehm and running back Morgan Steward were in his studio.

“Sources from FCS-level Eastern Illinois — where Green-Beckham was rumored to play next year – said the Panthers have not had contact with Green-Beckham and have been led to believe he’s leaning toward sitting in 2014.”
Jeremy Fowler, writer, CBSsports.com
GH: I hope DGB plays somewhere this season if for no other reason than to be in a structured environment that a college football team can offer. He obviously is not good at handling his free time.

“I have been young and dumb. I want to be better. During my suspension I’m entering counseling. With help, I know I can be stronger emotionally and spiritually.”
Dorial Green-Beckham, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

“The airport is embarrassing. It’s embarrassing. I think about the New York Yankees passing through KCI.”
Kevin Kietzman, on KCI
GH: Who cares about what the Yankees think about KCI? I wouldn’t mind if they got dropped off in Terminal C and had to wander around in circles for a couple of days. I am all for improving aspects of our city for those who live and work in our city and to attract commerce. But living your life to impress others is just a loser’s mentality. KK spouts this small-town attitude into his mic all too often for my taste.

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68 Responses to OTC: After Lowly Astros Sweep Embarrassed Royals, 16-Game Gauntlet Looms Against Some Of MLB’s Best

  1. mike t. says:

    so when does Chiefs training camp officially open? because I’m officially done with investing any time and emotion into these Royals. at least the Chiefs sound like they know what’s ahead of them and are preparing for it.

  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    LOL at Kietzman, as usual. What, he thinks WVU, TCU, KU, and ISU are some sort of gauntlet? Please, they all suck ass. Texas is terribly mediocre anymore. The two Oklahoma schools are solid, and so is Baylor. KSU is good, not great. What’s really eating little KK’s ass is that Mizzou gets all the ancillary benefits of playing in the SEC (read: media hype of benefit of the doubt) without having to knock heads with Bama and LSU. He predicted doom and gloom for Mizzou back when they moved, and has had it unceremoniously shoved right up his ass.

    • Hoppy says:


      • Will says:


      • Taxee says:

        Why would KK care about KCI? After all, he and his employees spend ALL their money “right here”…..right? Right? Oh, forgot about KK’s Arizona home.

        • P says:

          Really rich how KK, who goes off about any slight of KSU (you know the whole Leticia Romero thing was a non story just meant to beat up on little ol’ KSU – surprised Greg missed this whole bullshit segment in his OTC) yet KCI is podunk and not worthy of the Yankees to pass through.

          • Mike says:

            Like the stadiums, KK and many of his ilk (JoCo NIMBYists) are bitching about something that no one on the Kansas side has to worry about developing a funding mechanism for it.
            If KCI is so awful (I don’t), then the KS side groaners ought to shit or get off the pot, and throw together a plan that transforms New Century into a 21st century, gleaming jewel of an international airport that the Yankees and Red Sox will love. Since there’s less to demo, it’d be cheaper!! Perhaps only $1.1 billion!!

            • Kyle R says:

              Much as I love the JoCo vitriol, the airport funding is supposed to all come from passenger ticketing fees, I believe, which would mean they’ll pay their fair share of it for once.

          • BlackJack says:

            Basically, KK’s stance on Leticia Romero is that it is a non-story, that she should just stay at K-State, or go somewhere else and suck it up pay her own way.

            Once K-State backtracked and granted her transfer, KK stayed mum on the issue – I know, because I tweeted him and he refused to address the situation.

            But you know if it was a KU transfer that was being held up by the administration, he would have covered the story like a blanket.

    • Juan Pablo says:

      Its not just KK Everyone knows MU had an easy schedule last year and another easy schedule this year. 4 cupcakes in the non conference and only 8 SEC games, not playing LSU, Alabama, Auburn. People see that the New SEC with 14 teams has a lot of problems with unfair and easy schedules for teams like MU.

      It has to suck for MU fans they get to play teams like LSU, Alabama, Auburn once a decade, Its like MU is not even in the real SEC. I bet ticket sales will start to suffer after they just keep playing the same weak SEC teams most years.

      • Tom says:

        Yeah it sucks being in the fake SEC and playing Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and Arkansas every year. None of those programs have any tradition. I’d much rather make road trips to Manhattan, Ames, and Lubbock than Athens, Knoxville, and Fayetteville… Give me a break

        • Juan Pablo says:

          The best thing about MU and TX am moving to the SEC is everyone now knows how over rated the SEC is.
          MU and TX am, two mediocre Big 12 teams have had no problem wining in the SEC.

          • Tom says:

            Hmm.. interesting logic. So when Mizzou struggled the first year, you were probably saying how Mizzou could never compete in the SEC. Now, they do well, and the logic is “that proves the Big 12 is on par with the SEC”. Which way is it? Because you can’t have it both ways.

            • Alphonse Tooty says:

              C’mon, Juan! Which is it!!

            • Juan Pablo says:

              TX am did well their first year even beat Alabama .MU did well their second year even with an easy schedule. You have two mediocre Big 12 teams doing well in the SEC.
              SEC is over rated. Not rocket science.

  3. BS says:

    i was really hoping to see some commentary here about how KK spent the first segment of his Jack Harry segment talking about how someone in his golf game lied about his handicap. 12 minutes of riveting radio.

    • Mike says:

      Yeah, which came after a riveting half-hour where KK argued with and shouted-down callers to his show, too. It was so damned dumb that I had to turn him off. AGAIN. I just can’t listen to BTL anymore. It’s just bad radio. KK is not that agent provocateur that he was for a few years. Hasn’t been for awhile. Now he’s just turned into an angry old guy that harbors disdain for most of his audience. I can’t listen to that shit anymore.

      • Joe Blow says:

        But don’t forget:

        810 scoops 610 once again..

      • Old Man Kissel says:

        And yet…he’s the No. 1 talk host in the six state region. What he says makes headlines and you hang on every quote Hall prints don’t you???

        KK is doing something right. BTW, isn’t it time those jokers at 610 Bacardi and Cola get fired and 610 brings in another jerk to get his KK butt kicking?

        810 scoops 610 once again…

        • Alphonse Tooty says:

          The only time I remember KK making headlines was when he reported Mizzou to the Big 10 and it blew up in his face. Embarrassing.

          • Old Man Kissel says:

            But you hung on to every word…didn’t you?????

            Don’t get that with Bacardi and Cola….do you?????

            810 scoops 610 once again….

            • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

              “But you hung on to every word…didn’t you?????” – No, I didn’t. I got my information from inside the MU A.D. on all the realignment. Piss on Kietzman, he was a day late and a dollar short. Still is.

            • P says:

              Actually, I caught it here on the OTC so I don’t have to actually listen to that nerd live.

            • Jared says:

              No, I get it on the INternet. I get it on satellite radio. I get it from television. I get it from a zillion other sources against which Kietzman’s alleged dominance isn’t measured. But go ahead and crow about 810’s massive share of a shrinking pie. Continue to measure it against a weak competitor. So many of us, well, we’ve simply moved on.

              • Joe Blow says:

                What are those things?

                810 scoops 610 once again..

              • Old Man Kissel says:

                Sure you did….sure you did….

                810 scoops 610 once again…

              • Paracelsus says:

                Exactly. I read about kk’s asshattery here so I don’t have to hear his whiny, defensive radio voice. And crowing about being better than 610 is like beating your chest about pushing someone out of a wheelchair.

        • Juan Pablo says:

          2 Broke Girls get great TV ratings . Good Ratings do not make a good show,
          610 is a joke so KK is the only local sport show on at the time. KK has started to suck bad lately, not sure whats wrong with him, he is just mailing it in anymore.

  4. Kyle R says:

    Clearly, it’s been a long time since Kietzman flew into LaGuardia, which is an awful airport too. And regardless, the Yankees fly into the downtown airport, don’t they? There’s always full-size jets sitting right along 169 highway when the Royals have a visiting team in town about to leave, like yesterday with the Astros.

  5. b12 says:

    KK is right about KCI, whether the Yankees fly in or not. As a front door to Kansas City for the business community, it is not a plus. The loudest voices for no change to the airport are the people that fly once a year, not weekly. The area past security is an embarrassment. It’s cramped, and there is nowhere to actually get something to eat other than pork and pickle.

    Would you spend $7000 for new boobs on a 50 year old?

    Multiply that by 10000, and that’s what you’ll have at KCI.

    Might as well do $1.2 billion and go brand new single terminal.

    On the Royals…the sell by date for people even caring is fast approaching.

    Go 2-4 on the road trip, then lose 2 at home to what might as well be road games to the Cardinals….and we will have a similar situation to last May. Firing Grifol wouldn’t be the pacifier, though. Ned would have to go, too.

    • kcredsox says:

      I fly in and out of KCI quite a bit and I enjoy the speed of getting in and out of the terminal and fast security lines. If they turn it into a single terminal airport, be prepared to wait in security lines for 30 minutes plus. It is far from cramped compared to other big city shithole airports.

      • Stringer Pete says:

        I’m open to enlightenment but it appears we are being asked to sacrifice convenience for the opportunity to impress visitors and dine at trendy airport restaurants. Now that I’m flying more, that trade plus the cash required to make it, does not sound too appealing.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        I fly in and out of KCI often as well, and the waits there in security are not any shorter than places like Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Boston, Providence, Baltimore, D.C.-Dulles, Pittsburgh etc…and yes I’ve flown in and out of ALL those airports within the last 6 months. Many of those are “hub” airports for major airlines too, with TONS more passenger traffic. KCI is a bush league EMBARRASSMENT of an airport. The fact that you have to leave the secured area to get a decent meal (if anything is open in the first place) during a flight delay is completly stupid. 1/3rd of the airport terminals now lay vacant.

        • P says:

          I’ve flown a lot recently myself and I completely disagree on the security and I’d just as well eat one of those deli sandwiches than go to the Chili’s or whatever chain is being offered. Only drawback is availability of direct flights and how the hell is that going to change by building a new airport with no hub commitment?

          • Kyle Rohde says:


          • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

            Know what comes with being a hub? A bunch more passenger traffic who is going to want better access to bars and restaraunts INSIDE the security barriers. They aren’t going to settle for some piece of crap saran wrapped sub.

            • Kyle R says:

              Which is totally irrelevant because KC isn’t going to become a hub with Dallas and Chicago both within an hour. Our best chance is to hang onto the huge amount of Southwest and Delta business we have, less we lose that to St. Louis, Denver, etc.

              • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

                Keeping the status quo isn’t the answer. Hub or no hub.

          • Alphonse Tooty says:

            KCI is convenient but it is an embarrassing dump. Some people don’t seem to care about such things, which is fine, I guess.

  6. Johnny Utah says:

    KC Royals? This is a Sporting Kansas City town. That’s a team that wins, is locally owned, and is accountable to fans.

  7. Will says:

    “Our next 16 games are against really, really tough opponents. We’re going to have to get this figured out quick or we’re going to be in trouble.”
    Ned Yost, following the Astros’ sweep of the Royals and being outscored 21-5 in the three-game series by the last-place Astros, 610 AM

    Who woke Neddy up? Shits been like this for weeks Ned.

  8. Sean says:

    Best QB/Coach since Montana? Trent Green and Vermeil put up a ton of points.

    • Herb says:

      Well said.

    • Mike says:

      Nice catch. If Green/Vermeil had the benefit of the ’93 defense, the conversation would be starkly different re: best coach/QB combo since ________ .

  9. Nick says:

    Good to know that Mizzou still lives rent free in Kevin Kietzman’s head.

  10. The Independent Rage says:

    “Our next 16 games are against really, really tough opponents. We’re going to have to get this figured out quick or we’re going to be in trouble.” — Ned Yost

    All small-town attitudes aside, my prediction of Friday the 13th for Ned to finally get his walking papers in June is looking more like a winner every day. Just go ahead and cue up Kirsten Baker, in the buff, from Part 2, ’cause I’m a gonna be celebratin’!

  11. Kansas Marine says:

    “Missouri’s (football) schedule is the cupcake schedule of the SEC. … What’s harder, Missouri’s eight-game schedule in the SEC or the nine-game schedule in the Big 12? It’s not even close! Not even close!”
    Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM

    GH: Unfortunately for the listeners of KK’s Between the Lines show, he made these comments and other similar disparaging comments about Mizzou’s “easy” SEC football schedule before and after (but not during) his live on-air interview with MU’s center Evan Boehm and running back Morgan Steward were in his studio.

    Kevin has criticized MU’s football schedule every year they’ve been in the SEC. As usual, it’s easy to discover the root of KK’s comments – his anger that MU leaving the SEC will ultimately vault KSU out of a BCS conference and in to mediocrity. Things aren’t looking good in Manhattan.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Once Mr. Burns retires or dies, KSU will be back in the toilet.

  12. RickM says:

    @DennyMatthews, i’d venture to guess that more people listen to you from their rented apartments than watch the game on basic cable. Know your audience b4 you go snark.

  13. Herb says:

    KK is turning into Don Fortune, cat piss and all.

    As for the Royals, it’s time for a change. Ned might be the “best manager the Royals have had in 20 years” (per KK), but his methods have clearly worn their welcome with these players.

    Having said that the Royals problems run far deeper than the manager…

  14. Fred Flintstone says:

    Dear KK (Are you really the one obsessed with Missourah?)
    I’m guessing that when the Jankee’s come through KCI, the only thought that comes to their mind is, “Damn that was easy, off the plane, out of the gate/airport, and onto the bus in 7 minutes flat, why can’t more airports be like this?”

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