OTC: Alex Gordon Could Be Building Brett-like Legacy In KC / Sporting KC Needs To Be Treated Like A Real Pro Team, Not Like Family

“I think (Alex Gordon) is establishing himself as one of the greats of this organization.”
Ned Yost, prior to Gordon hitting a two-run homer Wednesday night to give the Royals a sweep over the Texas Rangers, 610 AM
GH: We have seen this before in Kansas City where a stoic player steps up and carries a team through clutch situation after clutch situation. George Brett did it for most of his 21 seasons here in Kansas City. Alex Gordon has done it for the last month. Oh, but what a month it has been. And what a month yet awaits.

“When you get to the playoffs, legacies are change with 20 at bats.”
Danny Parkins, while discussing the possibility of Alex Gordon becoming legendary with a successful run through the postseason, 610 AM
GH: Gordon is a nice story outside of Kansas City but he isn’t really discussed with any seriousness about being one of the game’s superstars. But Parkins makes an excellent point in how that could change with a Brett-like October this fall. Okay, maybe I’m dreaming – but DO NOT WAKE ME!

“The name that comes to mind when you say that is Carlos Beltran.”
Carrington Harrison, responding to Parkins’ comment above, 610 AM

“I’ve watched a lot of September games where a contender took advantage of a team with nothing to play for. Just never from this perspective.”
Rany Jazayerli, @jazayerli, after the Royals swept the Rangers with their third consecutive win Wednesday night, Twitter
GH: I think we all know the perspective from which Rany speaks. All too well as a matter of fact This side of the glass is far more enjoyable.

“I like baseball. I do. I know they want to speed up the game, so here’s the thing. If you’re batting .215 and you suck, you have to stay in the batter’s box. You don’t get to get out and do your gloves every time, because you’re not good enough to do that. If it’s like Ventura versus Cabrera, then I’m alright with Cabrera stepping out (of the box). God love the Greek guy, but Moustakas, you’ve got to stay in the box, man! You can’t be doing your gloves all the time because you’re not good enough! You’re killing me, Smalls!”
Lazlo, 96.5 The Buzz
GH: I would like to see a T-Shirt Tuesday at The K with the slogan, “God love the Greek guy!” screen printed on the giveaways.

“The same with pitchers. If you suck, you don’t get to walk around the mound, kick your feet, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Especially if you’re pitching against someone else who sucks. I kind of understand if you’re going against somebody awesome and you suck. But if it’s just two crappy people – you’ve got to go.”
Lazlo, 96.5 The Buzz

“Broncos wide receiver Wes Welker has been suspended for reportedly taking the drug ecstasy at the Kentucky Derby. Well, he thought he was at the Kentucky Derby – turns out it was just a merry-go-round at the park.”
Jimmy Fallon, Fallon Tonight

“I was telling someone else today that I think everyone in America needs to experience a game at Arrowhead because it’s something special. The fact that the first game is a home game means it’s going to be off the chain. The fans will be there before we even have to report to the stadium. There’s going to be music, tailgating, and the whole parking lot is going to be smoked out with barbeque. That gets the juices flowing for us before we even step on the field. You feel like you can’t be stopped with that sea of red behind you.”
Eric Berry, Chiefs safety, arrowheadpride.com
GH: Berry played in the SEC where many believe football is more sacred than even most NFL cities. Nice to hear Kansas City can hold its own in fandom anywhere.

“What I keep hearing from all these media people is, ‘Andy Reid! And Reid! Andy Reid!’ Everybody likes Andy Reid. Well, Andy Reid doesn’t play football! … The way this schedule shakes out and what happened those last seven games last year leaves me second guessing of what they are capable of doing.”
Jack Harry, 810 AM
GH: I am HOPING that Andy Reid makes a difference and that the Chiefs preseason was nothing more than smoke – or was that the Chiefs offensive line?

“They’re not going to go 6-10 without injuries or terrible fortune or something really bizarre happening. They’re going to be better than that.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman is as high on the Chiefs as anyone – including Mitch Holthus. So you could say he is Wes Welker high.

“I don’t care who it is (you’re playing), you want to come out and be hitting on all cylinders. … Let’s zero in and let’s get this first one.”
Alex Smith, on the Chiefs opener Sunday against the Titans, 810 AM

“(Randy Covitz) is one of the two people who are pleasant to me. He’s very nice to me, that’s all.”
Steven St. John, prior to playing an audio clip of the Kansas City Star beat writer from Wednesday’s Chiefs presser, 810 AM
GH: Nate Bukaty poked SSJ back by mentioning that his less-than-welcoming demeanor might be the reason other members of the media steer clear of The Beard at Chiefs’ gatherings. The Kansas City Star is full of nice guy writers. Mellinger, Gregorian, Kerkhoff, Paylor, etc. are all easy-going sweethearts. Who are the nice guys in radio? Carrington Harrison never met a person he didn’t like. Todd Leabo gets along with just about anybody. Who is on your nice-guy media list? Or better yet, your jerk media list?

“If you’ve lost track, Texas is down its starting QB, starting center and both starting tackles since last weekend.”
Stewart Mandel, @SIMandel, after yet more suspensions announced by Texas first-year coach, Charlie Strong, Twitter
GH: It will be very interesting to see if Texas has the stomach for what Charlie Strong thinks needs to be done in Austin. With Texas A&M looking like an SEC power, the Horns will not want to play second chair to the Aggies no matter how cleansed their football program becomes.

“At the rate Charlie Strong is going, Bevo is going to be suspended/dismissed any day now.”
Pat Forde, @YahooForde, after the Texas head coach suspended the Longhorns two starting offensive tackles, Twitter

“For 44 minutes, we actually played pretty darn well. We gave nothing away. We give up a cheap goal, and now all of a sudden it changes the course of the game.”
Peter Vermes, on his club’s 3-1 loss in Foxborough, Kansas City Star
GH: This is a far different approach from the usually tough-talking Vermes after a Sporting loss. This sounds more like the excuses we have come to expect from the Royals and Chiefs.

“Nobody is jumping off @SportingKC bandwagon. It’s not a bandwagon it’s a family. Good times and bad. Good times and bad. #IBelieve”
Lazlo, @lazlothebuzz, after Sporting dropped their third straight game Wednesday night in a 3-1 loss to New England, Twitter
GH: Sporting Kansas City needs more real fans and less of these gooey family fans like Lazlo. The club just got waxed in their last three games and nobody has the stones to criticize the coach, the players or the franchise? Time to be a real professional sport and feel comfortable hammering the home team when they play below expectations.

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34 Responses to OTC: Alex Gordon Could Be Building Brett-like Legacy In KC / Sporting KC Needs To Be Treated Like A Real Pro Team, Not Like Family

  1. Bill says:

    “GH: Sporting Kansas City needs more real fans and less of these gooey family fans like Lazlo. The club just got waxed in their last three games and nobody has the stones to criticize the coach, the players or the franchise? Time to be a real professional sport and feel comfortable hammering the home team when they play below expectations.”

    Absolutely, this.

    • jamma111 says:

      Sporting won the MLS Cup two years ago and are the current MLS Cup holders. Hammering the home team after a three-game blip seems a little short-sighted.

      • Kyle R says:

        They won the MLS Cup last year and are the defending champs.

        • Bill says:

          I think what he meant to say is they won the US Open Cup two years ago, and the MLS Cup last year.

      • Steve says:

        You really think that’s short-sighted? I guarantee you if the Chiefs win the Super Bowl this year and then had a streak midway through the next season where they got waxed 3 straight games, people would be flipping out and the criticisms would flying all over town. Same with the Royals if they put together a bad 3-week stretch of games. It does feel like SKC is kind of seen as untouchable, like they can do no wrong.

      • Joe Blow says:

        The Royals have also won the Cactus League three of the last nine years. I think that means about as much to most people as any of Sporting’s championships..

    • Mike says:

      Like the Royals, Sporting’s offense has evaporated. Unlike the Royals, their back line defense is getting punked.
      Perk up, SKC.

    • HARLEY says:


  2. Gavin says:

    There needs to be the functional equivalent of a shot clock or play clock for pitchers. You have X seconds for the ball to leave your hand or it’s a ball. And once a batter steps in the box he doesn’t get to leave it until the at bat is over. I like baseball and I wouldn’t even mind the lengthening games except for the fact that the games are longer because of so much that has nothing to do with baseball and everything to do with a batter adjusting his gloves, his helmet, his jock, jersey, etc. get in there and play the damn game.

  3. Sal Paradise says:

    Lazlo and the buzz are so far up sporting kc’s asses it’s painful to listen to. I’d call them groupies, not fans.

    • Kyle says:

      Sal that’s because they are both “alternative” and hip.

    • Steve says:

      I’m a big fan of The Buzz, especially The Church of Lazlo, but this is absolutely true. Which doesn’t surprise me considering they’re a sponsor. I get it. But it can be awfully annoying, especially when they preface their comments before they crawful back up their ass with how they aren’t trying to be biased to SKC.

  4. dohn joe says:

    If people are so concerned with the speed of the game, how about telling the umpires to call strikes using the zone in the rule book?

    Nobody cares about pace of the game in basketball or football, with all of their timeouts and commercials. It’s always baseball that is too slow.

    Although, soccer is about 2 hours too long

  5. Jim says:

    “Sal Perez is the MVP of this team and it’s not even close.” – Kevin Kietzman.

    Nooooooo………..he doesn’t have an axe to grind with anyone from Nebraska. Not at all.

    Gordon only leads Salvy in every single statistical category you can measure. To say “it’s not even close” leaves your Husker-hating ass hanging out, Kev.

    • Be Reasonable says:

      Disagree Jim. It’s clear Gordon is playing great, but look at how the team has changed since Salvy got behind the plate. We are team built on pitching and Defense. Our pitching is anchored by Salvy.. starts will be stars, but look at what he’s done with the likes J Gutherie and the Bullpen. Salvy is by far the MVP of this team.

      • ssiknaf says:

        Davis and Holland are co-MVPs

      • Jim says:

        We’ll just have to agree to disagree. Gordon leads every single statistical category over Perez. Every single one. He is also the TEAM leader in runs scored, hits, doubles (tied), HR’s, RBI’s, walks (31 more than Perez), OBP%, SLG% & OPS. Not that he is going to win because Trout is a mortal lock, but Gordon is in the discussion as a viable AL MVP candidate. He is going to win another gold glove in 2014. At this point in time, Gordon is their best offensive player as well as their best defensive player. To me, that adds up to MVP.

        When you make statements that include hyperbole like “by far the MVP of the team”, it lessens your argument.

        Listen, I love Salvy. He is a fantastic catcher. But give the pitchers their due. They are the ones throwing it. Salvy is catching it.

  6. The Independent Rage says:

    Maybe Sporting KC should stick Bruce Chen in at goalie. Then after the next loss, Lazlo can defend the move by saying Vermes had no other options. Talk about deja-vu all over again.

    • Hot Carl says:

      SKC should be getting ripped today. Their defense, once the cornerstone of the team, sucks balls right now. They have been out of position, gotten burned repeatedly on counterattacks and have looked decidedly SLOW.

      What kind of crazy twilight zone am I in when I have to tune in to a Royals game to see a winner in this town?

      • mike t. says:

        the one wherein rod serling narrates, “Imagine this: A middle of the road, midwestern city in the middle of the country, starving for any kind of success in baseball for 30 years, with a club so downtrodden they’re almost a footnote, a shadowy memory of a fleeting greatness. But this season will be different. This season the team will be playing… in the Twilight Zone.

      • Richard Cranium says:

        The same town that didn’t have communist futboll 4 years ago? Oh yeah. That’s the one

  7. tiad says:

    Can we trade Vermes for Edgar?

  8. nick says:

    “Alex Gordon Could Be Building Brett-Like Legacy”

    I like Gordon. He’s been very solid for a few years now, and has been GREAT this year. An okay argument could be made he’s deserving of the A.L. MVP this year. His defense alone, in my opinion, has been critical in keeping the Royals alive this year (along with Cain’s defense). And IF the Royals go to the playoffs, and IF he does well in the playoffs, and IF he does that again a couple more years, THEN he might be starting to build a Brett-like legacy.

    Alex Gordon is 30. George Brett was 30 in 1983. Think of all that Brett had accomplished by then?!

    My Royals MVP order:

    – Herrerra/Davis/Holland: Freaking UNBELIEVABLE. Jaw-dropping year.
    – Outfiled defense: Gordon/Cain/Dyson, best in MLB.
    – Starting pitching. Vargas and Duffy beyond expectation.
    – Alex Gordon: Good hitting plus great defense equals.
    – Sal Perez: Pretty good hitting, great catching, great personality for clubhouse.
    – Escobar/Infante: Out-powered and out-hit Butler/Hoz/Moose for much of the year to keep offense breathing.

  9. Chuck says:

    I like Alex Gordon but comparing him to Brett can only be done if you didn’t get to see Brett play, or if you don’t remember what he was like. Brett won batting titles, chased .400, and was MVP. In the ’76 playoffs he hit a dramatic 3 run shot to tie it late in game 5. In the ’78 playoffs he had a three home run game. In ’80 he hit a shot off of media darling Goose Gossage that I don’t believe has landed yet. And in ’85, facing the very real threat of going down three games to none against Toronto, he turned in perhaps the greatest single game in Royal history to help turn the tide of that series. Alex is a good player. Guys like Brett come around once in a lifetime.

  10. Fuh Cough says:

    People are so quick to anoint somebody the next whoever. There will never be another George Brett in KC. EVER. Gordon has been awesome the last few years, and he is one of my favorite players, but to compare him to Brett is unfair to both of them.

  11. Mike says:

    I think it’s always a common theme that the writers are always nicer than the radio guys. Doesn’t matter who, either.

  12. Kansas Marine says:

    “Who is on your nice-guy media list? Or better yet, your jerk media list?”

    Discuss 🙂

  13. Herb says:

    Danny Parkins is in love with Danny Parkins. Jay Binkley is a nice guy. He seems to be very unbiased for a local fellow, which is rare around here.

    Kevin Kietzman is as loud and obnoxious in person as he is in front of a microphone. Also, I hear he has a difficult time remaining vertical in casinos.

  14. BlackJack says:

    I think at this point, so many people are willing to give PV and SKC leadership the benefit of the doubt, due to all the recent success, that they seem to have this “untouchable” aura about them as far as the locl media in this town. Check out the Twitter feeds though and local soccer blogs and many of the hardcore SKC fans are pretty pissed and outraged about their recent performance.

    It is a sign that despite all of the growth and progression of soccer and the hometown team around, they still have a ways to until they get to the point where they are ripped with regularity by the mainstream mdeia around here, a la Chefs and Royals.

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