OTC: Archie Manning On Peyton’s Place In NFL Lore / Trey Songz Has KK Singing

“You said, ‘This will be five Super Bowls for me as a dad.’ That would be five Super Bowls TOTAL for me as a dad and a player. And my sons remind me of that often.”
Archie Manning, in an interview with Mike & Mike on ESPN Radio
GH: I remember watching Archie play for Ole Miss in college and what a folk hero he was as a college quarterback. He was stuck in New Orleans all those years in the NFL with the underperforming Saints and never reached the success many thought he would. But has there ever been a dad with a more success pair of NFL sons? Archie has had a pretty good life. He just had to wait for his boys to grow up to enjoy his best years. Maybe there’s hope for me yet.

“We weren’t even sure we wanted to see (Peyton) playing football again (after his neck surgeries).”
Archie Manning, when asked if he foresaw Peyton having the kind of record-breaking success he’s had since his neck surgeries and being signed by Denver, ESPN Radio
GH: I sure did not think Peyton was worth the risk and what Denver paid to sign him. I sure was wrong.

“I know the best quarterbacks I’ve seen played on good teams – and (Peyton) had a good team this year.”
Archie Manning, ESPN Radio
GH: You can tell where Peyton and Eli get their humbleness by listening to Archie. Neither of these Super Bowl MVPs is a flashy kind of quarterback. Both have a large contingent of fans who despise them but I believe that’s more because of their success than their ego.

“(Peyton Manning) is just about as smart a quarterback as I’ve ever seen.”
Len Dawson, in an interview with Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I saw Len Dawson’s career from my dad’s living room in the ‘60s and ‘70s and he never struck me as physically talented quarterback. But Lenny the Cool was smart. Very smart. It is my opinion he made Hank Stram look a lot better than Hank deserved to look. If Dawson is calling Peyton the smartest QB he’s seen, that endorsement carries some swag.

“I’m pretty sure somebody is going to throw for more yards (than Peyton did) and I’m pretty sure somebody is going to throw for more than 55 touchdowns (in a season). But I’m not sure anybody’s going to have five receivers catch ten touchdowns or more (in one season).”
Archie Manning, ESPN Radio
GH: That is one helluva impressive stat that might outlive the game.

“Can’t drive up to Super Bowl in car unless you have an onsite parking spot. Limo parking going on resale market for about $400.”
Darren Rovell, @darrenrovell, Twitter
GH: The Super Bowl should be renamed the Super Rich Bowl.

“It can only help the Chiefs if the Broncos go ahead and win this thing. They can only get fat and happy.”
Kevin Kietzman, on his pick of the Broncos over the Seahawks, 810 AM
GH: Now that is an interesting take. KK thinks Chiefs fans should be rooting FOR Denver because a Super Bowl win will improve KC’s chances next season? I think I’ll pass. Go Seahawks!

“I think there are only six players on (Seattle’s) 53-man roster who couldn’t start in the league. I think they are the most talented team in the National Football League.”
Louis Riddick, NFL analyst, 810 AM
GH: Seattle looks young, defensive-minded and tested. I think the weather and night-time temps are going to play a big factor in how Peyton performs. If this was in a dome or San Diego I’d hand it to the Broncos. But it ain’t.

“Here’s the thing about winning – you don’t have to explain anything when you win.”
Len Dawson, in an interview with Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I like the simplicity of this thought. The how and why is always left for the defeated to explain.

“I’m insulted by this. I’m mortified. This is a big country and there’s a lot bigger things for federal judges to be involved in.”
Kevin Kietzman, on the judge overthrowing the NFL’s settlement for head injuries, 810 AM
GH: I would think there are a lot more things a Kansas City sports talk radio host could be insulted and mortified about than an NFL lawsuit being tossed out of court. But KK dances to a different dumb.

“Oh yea and this is the part where I told Coach Self what needed to happen to secure the win – (Link) http://sports.yahoo.com/loop/ncaab-201401290287-918149702?soc_src=embed …
Trey Songz, @TreySongz, Twitter
GH: Sonz is a famous R&B/Hip Hop singer who has over seven-million followers on Twitter. I might not know any of his songz but a lot of young people apparently do. A friend of mine has season tickets just behind where Songz and his bodyguard were seated at Allen Fieldhouse and he said the number of young girls who came by to see him was endless. The Royals’ Billy Butler sat almost next to Songz and he didn’t attract 1/100th of the crowd attention that Songz received. My friend said Songz could not have been nicer to everyone who approached him, even having his bodyguard take photos of him and his admirers on their phones.

BfNZTWwCAAATYWG“I can just hear Kansas’ fans if that happened at Kentucky with time still on the clock! ‘That cheating Calipari will do anything for a photo op and hang around with thugs!’ What did you think of the ‘rapper moment’ in the game last night? … He’s a rapper from Frank Mason’s hometown in Virginia and I’m sure there’s a reason he’s there. And I’m cool with the thing. It really doesn’t bother me. But boy if that was at a Kentucky game with Calipari, Kansas fans would say that’s the biggest lowlife loser bunch of people they ever saw! It’s kind of funny that way.”
Kevin Kietzman, on Bill Self being seen leaning back into the crowd from his seat on the bench to speak to Trey Songz, an R&B singer, as the final seconds ticked off the clock in KU’s home win over Iowa State,  810 AM
GH: I didn’t have that reaction at all, Kietz. I saw it as Allen Fieldhouse’s historic charm enticing yet another celebrity to come for a visit. And Self’s acknowledgement of Songz near the end of the game looked to me like a guy who makes his living recruiting young black athletes who might relate to a white guy cool enough to hang with Trey Songz. And if everybody hasn’t already noticed, Kansas looks a lot more like Kentucky the past few years than Ole Roy’s Kansas.

“He’s not being talked about as a Player of the Year candidate but his numbers are incredible. He’s playing at a high, high level. I’m just hoping he can keep it going.”
Frank Haith, on the play of Mizzou’s Jabari Brown, 810 AM
GH: I want to see Brown light up Kentucky like he’s been doing to the rest of the SEC. If he keeps up the pace he’s been on he will decorate a number of All-American teams. And who was Mizzou’s last consensus All-American in hoop? Anthony Peeler and Jon Sundvold were second-team consensus All-Americans. Was Steve Stipanovitch MU’s last first team All American?

“I have a hunch they are going to lose one of (their next three games, at Texas, at Baylor and UWV at home). There’s been a lot of 18-0 talk. I don’t think Kansas is going to go 18-0.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I haven’t heard much if any talk about KU going 18-0 in the Big 12. But with the talent that Self has assembled this season, he has as good a chance as he might ever have at KU.

“Bruce Weber is 3-0 against Bob Huggins. And Bruce Weber has never lost to Lon Kruger – a coach who has been a thorn in K-State’s side.”
Stan Weber, on KS’s second-year head coach’s success against coaches with ties to K-State, 810 AM
GH: KSU fans would like to see Weber be more competitive against Bill Self and Kansas but there is no denying he’s getting it done against these other two former K-State coaches. Another win over Huggy Bear on Saturday would keep his Cats in the hunt for a top four finish in the conference.

“We’re three or four baskets or three or four key rebounds away from having only three or four losses rather than the nine we have.”
Bob Huggins, 810 AM
GH: Huggins was interviewed by the Border Patrol Friday morning and he sounded like he always sounds – like he just got in from an all-night drunk and slept in the car on the way over.

“There’s probably not another league in history that has had 60% of their coaches take their team to a Final Four or multiple Final Fours.”
Bob Huggins, on the quality of coaching in the Big 12, 810 AM
GH: Can you name the four who have not? I’ll start you off with Baylor’s Scott Drew…

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  1. Kansas Marine says:

    Kevin is adapt at lumping a large number of people into a single group. “KU fans,” “Nebraska fans,” “Missouri fans.” Every member of the group has identical thoughts and behaves in a similar fashion. If I didn’t know better I’d think he was stereotyping.

  2. biff says:

    So six months rent from a since dropped lawsuit, one dui for dalonte hill and an unproven jason whitlock allegation about snyder eh. Nice truth stretching. The Lew Perkins era alone adds up to more corruption than any Big 12 school’s history. Nice avoidance on your part about the ku employees serving time in federal prison after taking perkins fall for him.

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