OTC: Arrowhead Breaks Sound Record & Raiders Win Streak / Can Jamaal Carry The O?

“Has any city ever had such a complete turnaround – total suckitude to world’s best?”
Jeff Rosen, @jeff_rosen88, after the formerly 2-14 Chiefs now stand 6-0 under Andy Reid and John Dorsey, Twitter
GH: 2012 seems so, so long ago for Chiefs fans, doesn’t it? Well, not really – but each victory moves this once-proud AFC city back to where it believes it belongs amongst the great teams in the NFL. Oh, did you happen to see that Denver struggled to beat Jacksonville at home? Maybe Peyton’s Place isn’t quite the certain cauldron of defeat awaiting the Chiefs on November 17th.

“Not sure any stadium loves false starts as much as Arrowhead.”
@ArrowheadPride, Twitter
GH: Crowd noise was a HUGE factor in this game. It started early with the gorgeous 49-plane flyover during the pregame and then escalated during the game with the Guinness guys getting everybody jacked up over setting a world record for sound.

“It was loud. Real loud. Ground-shaking loud. … Three false starts and three delay of games – that’s pretty impressive.”
Andy Reid, 610 AM
GH: I love how Reid embraces the fans. 14 years in Philly readied him for this assignment here in Kansas City where the NFL and tailgating are idolized. When he told us last week, “I got this,” when asked about the Raiders/Chiefs rivalry – he told me everything I needed to know about him as the Chiefs Big Red.

“It literally rocked my feet! My clipboard was shaking! It was incredible!”
Phillip Robinson, the Guinness represented charged with measuring the crowd noise at Arrowhead during the Raiders game, who said the sound record was recorded in Arrowhead’s south end zone near the end of the game, 610 AM
GH: Do not count me as one who gives two claps over Arrowhead setting some world record for crowd noise. I think the Guinness guys rank right up there with the WWF for accuracy and self-promotion. But they were flawless in fanning the flames of Arrowhead on Sunday afternoon. Read on.

“The Chiefs were consistently loud throughout the game but they weren’t really getting the peaks.”
Phillip Robinson, 610 AM
GH: It seemed strange that the Chiefs crowd was consistently registering 105 to 109 throughout the game but then registered a remarkable reading of 137.5 late in the fourth quarter. Robinson attributes the world-record spike to a number of Chiefs fans gathering near where he was registering the noise level in the south end zone – and a timely sack of Tyrell Pryor with 40 seconds remaining in the game.

Phillip Robinson, when asked if Seattle will be allowed to try again to regain the title of loudest outdoor stadium, 610 AM
GH: Phillips said he has already been contact by Seattle to schedule another game where their crowd noise can be registered. Before Chiefs fans get too crazy over this Brit’s tricorder’s readings, listen to the next couple of assignments on his Guinness record calendar. He will next be monitoring the most people tossing a skillet and then moving on to the most people lighting themselves on fire. Okay, then – let’s just forget about crowd-noise records and just be content in knowing Arrowhead is one bad-ass place to be if you are the opposition.

“I’ve got to go tomorrow to speak to a bunch of kids at school.”
X-Factor, well-known Chiefs fan, interviewed by Bob Fescoe on Monday, who hopes his voice returns before his next speaking engagement, 610 AM
GH: My first question is what institution of higher learning is inviting the X-Factor in to speak to their students?

“What do you mean bandwagon fans? That’s being a fan. Why would you cheer for a 2-14 team? They’re just smarter than you.”
Bob Fescoe, to a caller complaining about Chiefs bandwagon fans who were not at Arrowhead last season, 610 AM
GH: Fescoe has never been more correct. Being a fan is not about how much money you spend when the team stinks – despite what the NFL and other professional sports franchises and college programs would lead you to believe. Being a fan is about caring for your team – and sometimes that means staying home.

“If you’re a football fan and you haven’t been to Arrowhead Stadium, this is something you’ve got to put on your bucket list. An incredible atmosphere here in Kansas City!”
Spiro Dedes, play-by-play voice for CBS’s broadcast of the Raiders/Chiefs game

“I’ll get in trouble for this but it was almost like a religious experience.”
Steven St. John, on being a part of the Arrowhead crowd Sunday at the Raiders game, 810 AM

“It was a privilege to play for both (Lamar Hunt and Al Davis). It was a privilege to play in these (Raiders/Chiefs) games.”
Rich Gannon, who played quarterback for the Chiefs and Raiders, CBS
GH: I like Gannon as a TV analyst – and for this game he was perfect having played quarterback for both franchises. Read on.

“What the Pro-Bowl safety, Eric Berry. He takes a poor angle. Look at this – this (TD) is just too easy. You don’t typically see a slant route go the distance for a touchdown. The poor angle by the safety allowed Moore to go the distance.”
Rich Gannon, after the Raiders took a second-quarter 7-0 lead, CBS
GH: I continue to wonder why the Chiefs think Berry is a safety? This guy is an inside linebacker who can disrupt offenses with his speed and athleticism by rushing the quarterback and getting to the sideline to corral the run. What he cannot do is cover or tackle in open space.

“Even when he’s covered he’s open.”
Rich Gannon, on Dwayne Bowe, CBS
GH: This might be the best description of Dwayne Bowe yet. Just throw him the damn ball.

“I spent 17 years as a quarterback in the National Football League. I don’t ever recall a situation where I had a third-and-forty eight. That is amazing!”
Rich Gannon, on the Raiders’ facing this down and yardage in the fourth quarter, CBS
GH: How good is this Chiefs defense? Are they legit? They sure look like it. Comparing the play of the Chiefs D to their inept offense reminds me of how excellent the Royals pitching staff was this past season and how the Royals offense let them down so often.

“I’m not ready to go there yet. I’m just not ready to go there. You can see it on the horizon but I’m not ready to go there yet.”
Danan Hughes, when asked by Josh Klingler to compare this Chiefs’ defense to the great Chiefs’ defenses of the ‘90’s led by Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith, 610 AM
GH: Is the Chiefs’ defense DT good? Read on…

“Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith combined for 20 sacks (in 1995). Tamba Hali and Justin Houston already have 16.5 sacks after only six games! The numbers are just staggering!”
Bob Fescoe, to Danan Hughes, 610 AM

“I’m still not going there. I’m not ready yet. I’m not ready.”
Danan Hughes, 610 AM
GH: Idols are not quickly vanquished. But this Chiefs defense is forging their own legacy each week.

“You’re talking about kids who are taking advantage of their opportunities. The fault of the previous regime was not understanding the importance of the role players – and the position of starters as well. Every week you didn’t know what the depth chart was. Every week was a competition. No one felt secure. No one felt comfortable. There is something to be said about guys knowing every time they step on the field and every time they come to the locker room this is what’s expected of them and this is what you’re suiting up for.”
Danan Hughes, on the young free-agents who are making measurable contributions to the Chiefs defense and special teams, 610 AM

“People are always afraid of overhyping something. (Marcus Cooper) is playing at a Pro-Bowl level right now. That’s all I’m saying.”
Nate Bukaty, on the Chiefs’ new corner, 810 AM

“(Jamaal Charles) is an inordinate amount of their offense. He gets a lot of yards after contact. You can hear the punishment that guy’s taking. You do wonder how is he going to sustain that?”
Louis Riddick, ESPN NFL analyst, 810 AM

“(Jamaal) Charles’ (post-game) pain is the collateral damage of a still-undefeated team without enough offense. This team is built around a vicious defense, and with quarterback Alex Smith playing a second bad game in a row the Chiefs have no choice but to find out how much Charles can take. The risk is in finding out.”
Sam Mellinger, after Charles accounted for 128 of the Chiefs measly 216 yards against the Raiders, Kansascity.com
GH: Is the Chiefs’ season as fragile as Charles’ health? From the looks of how much trouble Knile Davis has holding onto the football – did you see it pop out of his hands Sunday? – Charles might be all the Chiefs have at running back. I find it shocking that Dorsey has not been able to find a running back to help lighten Charles’ load.

“He’s so fast, people try to look at him like a track guy, like some other backs in the league but he grounds and pounds and wears you down. He does it all in one. You don’t need thunder and lightning. You got both of them with J-Charles. He carries this team, man. He carries this team.”
Brandon Flowers, on Charles, Kansascity.com
GH: That is exactly what many Chiefs fans are afraid of…

“The more you win, the harder it gets. The more teams prepare to stop you.”
Dwayne Bowe, following the Chiefs sixth straight win this season, 610 AM
GH: Here is hoping it just keeps getting harder.

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54 Responses to OTC: Arrowhead Breaks Sound Record & Raiders Win Streak / Can Jamaal Carry The O?

  1. ironhorseblues says:

    “each victory moves this once-proud AFC city back to where it believes it belongs amongst the great teams in the NFL” um sorry but the KC Chiefs are NOT amongst the great teams in the NFL. Last appeared in a Super Bowl? That would be Super Bowl IV. Super Bowl XLIX (49) is up next. Last won a playoff game? 1993. Sorry, KC Chiefs have been average to good, but not great. The KC Chiefs have not DARED to be great with their QB strategy of NOT drafting and developing a franchise QB, but instead trading for some other teams castoffs and dregs (excepting Joe Montana). This is a QB driven sport and we continue to build a team from a another era! Kansas City is too willing to settle for just average in my opinion and don’t hold their teams (Royals have been criminally bad for YEARS) accountable. The Chiefs are benefiting from a soft schedule due to their 2-14 record last year. I am happy that we are 6-0 for the year, but I am continually disgusted by the attitude that the Chiefs are somehow among the elite in the NFL. They really have been irrelevant nationally since 1993, their last playoff win. I put them in the same class as the Dallas Cowboys who are thought of as being as among the NFL elite and who like the KC Chiefs really hasn’t done anything in the playoffs since the early 1990′s. KC will probably hate on me for this post, but it’s the truth as I see it. I just hope that Andy Reid and John Dorsey continue the success the Chiefs are building and make the Chiefs a true NFL powerhouse on both sides of the ball. Only then will the KC Chiefs be among the NFL Elite!

  2. JP says:

    I understand there are a huge number of people on this blog, ready to pee in our cereal bowls, if we dare suggest the Chiefs are a good team. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion but not entitled to their facts. This crap about their schedule is just based on plain ignorance. As noted above, they have played teams with the same record as Denver (the naysayers favorite team and Super Bowl hopeful). The only difference is a roadie at Tennessee v. a home game against Baltimore. Yes, the Ravens won the Super Bowl, but that team is not showing up in 2013. The Titans are improved and played the Mighty Seahawks to a 7 point loss. Yes the Broncos wins are a little more impressive. So what!!! In the NFL you don’t get extra wins for blowouts.

    This isn’t College Football and you are not playing for BCS position. A win is a win and the Chiefs are 6-0. They probably won’t win the division but have a good chance of a Wild Card and a Playoff win. I think most of us would take that. They are much better than last year. Bash them for their offense that needs to improve. But anyone who uses the schedule as an excuse obviously doesn’t watch pro football. THEY HAVE PLAYED THE EXACT SAME SCHEDULE AS DENVER!!! Any questions. Thank you for the rant.

    • Kerouac says:


      - come now, don’t make a ‘spectacle’ of yourself: ‘correction’ (as in ‘not exactly’, same schedule(s).

      The Broncos have also played the ‘World Champion’ Baltimore Ravens, game 1 of the season in Baltimore – when the Ravens were whole – beating them by more than 3 tds. Instead of the Ravens, Chiefs have played the Titans – to wit minus the latter’s starting QB. Denver will play the Tennessee pushovers – sorry (double entendre) – ‘Titans’ too eventually, though by then with Tennessee’s starting QB back in place, likely.

      That may be how they spell ‘exactly’ in Kansas City (pass the Roll-Aids), not exactly least outside KC, what a relief.

      Other differences to come beyond divisional opponents same: remaining schedule, Denver plays the NE Patriots/Brady, Chiefs will play the (wait for it) Browns/Weeden (gesundheit), which is to say to date/ongoing, all records are not earned equally.

      • JP says:

        They played the Ravens in Denver genius!!! It was a home game for the Broncos. Get your facts straight!! There are only 2 different teams that the Chiefs play from the Broncos. They get Cleveland instead of Baltimore at home, and are at Buffalo instead of at New England. Cleveland/Baltimore may be a push, I’ll give you New England.

        BTW, Are you happy being obstinate and miserable?

  3. Kerouac says:

    “They played the Ravens in Denver genius!!! It was a home game for the Broncos. Get your facts straight!!”

    - a typo does not constitute a misstatement any more than a Chiefs ‘w’ constitutes relevance, as indicated by the evidence; as to the salutation given me, ‘talent does as it can, genius as it must’.

    “There are only 2 different teams that the Chiefs play from the Broncos.”

    - ‘only 2′? Close enough then: another ‘exactly the same’ as you plead once more, if only in the course massaging veracity, narratively speaking.

    Next you’ll be pleading Denver playing sans it’s starting LT Clady, starting LB Miller is ‘exactly the same’ as KC playing JAC game 1 sans (arguably) its best player WR Blackmon & sans their now starting QB Henne in lieu benched former Gabbert – ‘exactly the same’ the Jaguar team Broncos played Sunday had Blackmon & Henne plus benefit five more games…. exactly.

    “Cleveland/Baltimore may be a push”

    - by George, and here I thought Carlin had died…

    “I’ll give you New England.”

    - like Chief sentiment yours, am not worthy such gratuitous praise…

    “BTW, Are you happy being obstinate and miserable?”

    - no admission your having bent the truth like Beckham, go with such lovely bouquets of brickbats yours tossed my way?

    Keep trying.


    January 11, 1970 (that’s 15,983 days since KC had a worthy ‘team’, those keeping track such)

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