OTC: Arrowhead To Make Texans’ Rookie QB A Head Case / KC’s Boulevard Brewery Sold

“And so it comes to (Case) Keenum, who at UH broke every significant NCAA career passing record, was picked up as an undrafted free agent by the hometown Texans and until this week had spent his career as the team’s scout quarterback. He will make his NFL debut in Kansas City at Arrowhead Stadium, where they just set the record for decibels, and where the Chiefs have the NFL’s No. 3 passing defense. They sacked Raiders quarterback Terrell Pryor 10 times last week. So, uh … that was then and this is now, right? I mean, right?!”
Tully Corcoran, foxsports.com
GH: Are the Chiefs living a charmed life this season or what? Houston was supposed to contend for the Super Bowl this season and instead of arriving at Arrowhead as a road favorite, they arrive licking their wounds from a 38-13 thrashing at the hands of the mediocre Rams – and with a scout team QB at the helm. I can hear Billy Bob’s famous “all we have to do is throw our helmets on the field,” quote in my head.

“Not to get cocky, but the Chiefs will be facing a quarterback who has never thrown an NFL pass. He has been inactive every game this season.”
Josh Klingler, 980 AM

“Not much that has happened in NFL history suggests this is going to work out (for the Texans), but the history is particularly dark for record-setting (Houston) Cougar quarterbacks, who have traditionally struggled once removed from the comforts of their wide-open college offenses.”
Tully Corcoran, foxsports.com

“They’re on pace to be the best defense in the history of the National Football League.’
Bob Fescoe, on the Chiefs’ gaudy defensive stats over their first six games, 610 AM
GH: The 1985 Bears had Ditka and Buddy Ryan and a slew of HOF players. No one at the time questioned their pedigree after six games. These Chiefs have Andy Reid and Bob Sutton – and almost no one believes their defense is as good as it has looked this season. But – it just might be. Add playing at TerrorHead and you have a team that no one is going to want to play at here in January.

“When that fourth quarter comes around we’re still standing because of what good a shape we’re in and the mindset that Coach Reid’s put us in.”
Branden Albert, on why the Chiefs’ offense has been dominant in the fourth quarter this season, 810 AM
GH: Maybe it takes Alex Smith, Jamaal Charles and that young offensive line three quarters to figure out what works. Whatever it is, do not give up on these Chiefs early. They seem to save their best for last. I’m hoping that holds for the season (and cold weather) as well.

“He’s a guy who steadily wants a little more each week, a little more responsibility. And the more he gets comfortable with our system and what we’re asking him to do, we’ll put a little more on his plate.”
Doug Pederson, Chiefs offensive coordinator, when asked if the Chiefs were maxed out as far as how much they are using Charles in the offense, 610 AM
GH: Remember the Free Jamaal Charles movement from his first two seasons with the Chiefs? Now we are all fretting that Reid is using the Texas stallion too often and is going to leave him a withered and wrecked shell come December. Sounds like Pederson is thinking just the opposite. Running backs are like pitchers – they often burn out quickly. I say use them while there’s still some flame in the engine.

“You can’t get old in this league! You just can’t allow that!”
Kevin Kietzman, sounding the alarm that he believes the Chiefs have no more than one or two seasons with this current roster, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman’s been off on vacation the last two days probably because he can’t handle the fact the Chiefs are 6-0 despite drafting an offensive lineman with their first pick.

“I am calling for the stunner! I am calling for the upset! I am calling for Jacksonville to beat San Diego on Sunday!”
Mike Greenberg, ESPN Radio
GH: I’m not sure either city really cares in this game. The NFL seems to do best in cold-weather towns where the fans are a bit more hearty and have fewer recreational options. I’d like to see the Jaguars relocated to Des Moines. Sound nuts? So did an NBA team in Oklahoma City. They can change the Jags name to the Iowa Caucuses.

“Florida (4-2, 3-1 SEC) has the most anemic offense of any top-tier club, and it was pretty bad even before injuries started to pile up. And now with starting tailback Matt Jones done for the year, the Gators don’t know where to turn for production. Another solid defense is all that’s keeping them from imploding, but even that unit has shown signs of wear.”
Brian Pederson, Bleacherreport.com
GH: Is Mizzou going to win easy against the Gators? Not according to Soren Petro…

“My expectations are this is a tough spot for the Tigers that they don’t have the experience to handle. This is almost the worst thing (for Mizzou) because Florida is now considered a team you’re supposed to beat. I think this is a tough spot. I think this game is going to be a war. I am also going to offer up that I could be completely wrong.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Soren had a bit of a problem being declarative when it came to his picks for Mizzou and Kansas on Friday. Read on.

“Charlie Weis is going to be back (at Kansas). I just don’t see them wanting to pay him off after paying off two other coaches and an athletic director. But it may get to the point where Kansas has no other choice.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: So is Petro saying Weis will be back or that KU will have no choice other than to fire him if Kansas doesn’t win a Big 12 game for the second year in a row? Both it appears. Not the bold Petro’s finest declaration. I don’t see a conference win remaining on KU’s schedule – and I do believe all he needs is one – to save Weis’ job.

“I still think Jake Heaps is a pretty good quarterback. I know he takes a lot of heat on the message boards…but if you’re a quarterback and you’ve got a line that can’t block and a receiver that can’t get open, that’s bad news.”
Jon Kirby, of JayhawkSlant.com, 810 AM
GH: It’s also bad news for the head coach who recruited, signed and is currently coaching this pile of crap.

“I think (Mizzou’s James Franklin) is going to get back sooner than everybody thinks. I think we’re going to get some reports (supporting his early return) maybe as early as next week.”
Kevin Kietzman, who obviously plays a doctor on his radio show, 810 AM

“Missouri (6-0, 2-0) made a huge leap in the polls (and in record legitimacy) when it went into Georgia and convincingly beat the Bulldogs last week. But the Tigers are going to have to go the next few games without dangerous dual threat quarterback James Franklin while he recovers from a shoulder injury. The ball has been handed to freshman Maty Mauk, who will probably be asked to manage more than lead. Mizzou should win this one without much incident, if only because Florida is so sluggish. Missouri 29 Florida 14.”
Brian Pederson, Bleacherreport.com
GH: We all knew Mizzou was going to just roll through the SEC is season two, right?

“I don’t want to take any luster off (of Mizzou’s 6-0 start) but I’m not completely sold yet. I don’t know how this is going to end up.”
Jack Harry, 810 AM

“It’s not necessarily what winning this (Florida) game would mean but what losing this game would mean. I think losing this game is a lot more costly to Missouri than winning this game would be (beneficial to Missouri).”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM

“You remember a couple of years ago everybody laughed at Missouri and Texas A&M and the thought they could compete in the SEC? Saying there is no way they can compete? If you’ll recall, I said I thought Missouri was in better shape than A&M.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Huh? I recall Kietzman HAMERRING both Mizzou and A&M for thinking they could leave the comfortable Big 12 and compete in the mighty SEC. Kevin often seems to adjust his memory to fit his needs.

“Is every league going to take their turn being down (like the Big 12) or are there some deep-seated problems with this league? Remember when people were saying that the Big 12 got better by replacing Missouri and A&M with West Virginia and TCU? I think West Virginia is proving what they are, they’re a wart. I think the Big 12 might be looking around to get rid of them.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM

“I get made every time I’ve got to get on a plane – ‘I’ve got to go to West Virginia?’ That doesn’t even make any sense to go to West Virginia (to cover the Big 12).”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM

“I think everything’s going to blow up again with the next TV contract. They’re going to try and rearrange everything and try and get the most bang for their buck.”
Frank Boal, 810 AM

“To be very clear, we don’t want to change anything. This is a winning team and you never change a winning team.”
Michel Moortgat, CEO of Duvel-Moortgat Brewing Company, who has purchased Boulevard Brewing Company from John McDonald who started the local brewery on Southwest Blvd in 1989, KMBC TV 9
GH: Duvel-Moortgat will be making a $70-million investment into Boulevard and likely adding a number of jobs here in Kansas City. I don’t know how that’s a bad thing for Kansas City. I heard KMBZ’s Dana Wright rip the sale and also read The Kansas City Star’s Yael Aboulhalkah criticize the move. Interesting that both KMBZ and The Star are owned by large out-state corporations.  

“It was a very interesting morning for me to come into my brewery, see the smokestacks and realize that henceforth, things will be a little different. I have been working on this for a couple years, trying to figure out the right path for the brewery. I really am excited about this merger. We couldn’t have found a better partner and I am really excited about the future.”
John McDonald, Boulevard’s founder, brewbound.com
GH: Insiders have told me McDonald struggled with this sale on an emotional level. He was not comfortable with selling his baby. I prefer to look at the sale as a sign that great ideas, people and companies can and are spawned in Kansas City. Maybe the sale of hometown Boulevard will bring even more corporations to our town to sample our excellent work force, ingenuity and charm.

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54 Responses to OTC: Arrowhead To Make Texans’ Rookie QB A Head Case / KC’s Boulevard Brewery Sold

  1. Jim says:

    A QB that has never taken a snap in a regular season game as is being activated for the first time this week? Add to that against a swarming defense that leads the league in sacks and a secondary that is picking off passes left and right? Throw in the crowd noise for good measure? You can’t paint a better scenario for the Chiefs 7th win, right? How come I think this game is going to be a struggle?

  2. Angelo says:

    I’m nervous too. Everything points to a Chiefs W, which is probably what makes me feel nervous.


  3. Joe Blow says:

    Missouri should have won the Florida game last year, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if they win this game convincingly..

  4. FJH says:

    I know a lot of Boulevard fans are skewering John McDonald right now, but let’s not forget all he has done in (and for) KC over the years. A great example of an excellent corporate citizen. I am disappointed that it won’t be a “Kansas City” company anymore, but I will still drink Boulevard – it’s too good to pass up! FJH

  5. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    I don’t give a damn what ANYONE says, the Big 12 got significantly WORSE when MU, NU, CU, & aTm left. DeLoss Dodds/Dan Beebe really stepped on their genitalia by not having a greater long term vision for the conference, one that included the other conference schools as equal partners. Major, MAJOR miscalculation. Then there is this article on ESPN yesterday: http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/9835453/texas-aggies-missouri-tigers-add-sec-muscle

    • Jim says:

      +1. From a purely entertainment and fan interaction point of view, I freaking hate MU and NU not being in the Big 12 anymore. This from a giant KU fan. If you don’t miss the trash-talk and the conference rivalries between your group of friends that cover the gambit from KU, MU, KSU & NU, you aren’t alive. The BIG 12 screwed up big time!

      • Will says:

        Congrats. First ku fan EVER to talk sense. MU fans are loving the change though…sorry.

      • BlackJack says:

        2 things:

        First, I do not miss the trash-talk AT ALL between MU and KU fans, because it got to the point where it went beyond good sport, and there was nothing fun about it – just a bunch of immature, braggadocio and trash-talking.

        Second, the Big12 did not “screw up big time”. They did not force TAM and Mizzou out – the left on their own terms.

        Third, let’s not pretend this has all been a seamless transition and windfall for MU (or A&M for that matter). At this point just a few months ago, Pinkel was on the hot seat and everyone was wondering if MU would EVER compete in football in the SEC. Right now, MU fans can crow, but they sure were not crowing after a disappointing first season in SEC football and basketball

        • Alphonse Tooty says:

          Uhhhh … that’s 3 things. But who’s counting?

        • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

          Um, yes the Big 12 DID screw up big time by not operating in a manner that was fair to all teams, and pandered to the wishes of Texas. And no one said that the Big 12 forced MU out.

    • Biff says:

      I think MU and NU made bad decisions moving. They are now on the outside looking in their new conferences geographically, recruiting etc. . the big problem in the new SEC and BIg 10 is the 14 team leagues MU will play teams like LSU and Alabama once a decade. Its like they are not even in the same conference and will take decades to develop any rivals. BIg 10 and SEC wil have to go to 16 teams as the 14 team schedule is too unbalanced and does not work.
      The Big 12 at ten teams may now be in the best position. It can add two more teams or stay at 10 and make a lot of money.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Man, you’re just clueless. Pinkel and his staff will BUILD recruiting relationships in the south, just like they did down in Texas. It’s already happening. Top recruits are taking notice of Mizzou’s season, and are now asking for scholarship offers. Remember the name Adonis Thomas. And Missouri now shares a border with more SEC states that it did in it’s last with the Big 12. How much sense does WVU make in the Big 12? Terrible addition. No tvs, not even close geographically. TCU added nothing either. You already had the Texas tvs, so nothing more there. And don’t worry about rivalries, the Arkansas/MU games will very heated. As for not playing LSU or Bama so often…who CARES? That just means Mizzou gets all the benefits of being in the SEC, without having to knock heads with those guys every year. The sooner you resign yourself to the fact that the Big 12 is a significantly worse conference with the departures of MU, CU, NU, and aTm, the better off you’ll be. Otherwise, you just look like another red-assed bitch KU fan who can’t get over Mizzou leaving you in the dust.

        • Mike O says:

          Geography is a lost art it seems. Mizzou had borders with Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma in 2011. They have borders with Arkansas, Tennessee and Kentucky now. And if you go by number of schools then the 2011 outweighed the SEC move. Think, then speak, please.

  6. Gavin says:

    I’m pretty sure this guy Brandon Alberts is actually Branden Albert?

    • Jim says:

      That is correct. If Alex Smith goes down, he’s the guy that will have to protect Chase Daniels. (see what I did there?)

    • Merle Tagladucci says:

      Really? An S? One S got up your shorts so much you had to raise your hand in class and point it out? Good for you Gavin.

      • Gavin says:

        Glad to see you’re paying attention, Merle. Never mind that Greg also got his first name wrong. Just keep fucking that chicken.

      • Gavin says:

        Oh, yeah, I happen to think that getting a person’s name right is important. Not that I’d expect an important anonymous guy on the internet to agree, but I flagged this because names matter, MERLE.

        • Merle Tagladucci says:

          Since you’re such a stickler for spelling Gavin, you better f’n point out every single one from now on or you’re full of schit.

          • Gavin says:

            I’m not a stickler for spellng, MERDE. I’m a stickler for getting people’s NAMES. Not that I’d expect you to understand that, seeing as how you don’t value your own and prefer to troll the internet with a fake name, MERDE.

            I wonder how I’ll ever manage to live with the knowledge that you have a low opinion of me. God, I hope I can sleep tonight, knowing rhat you think I’m shit, MERDE.

  7. Gavin says:

    As for the more substantive aspects of this post, I don’t see Weis getting fired even if he loses every remaining game (a distinct possibility). Sheahon Zenger strikes me as a a person who wants to give his guy every chance at success. Also, and more cynically, firing Weis will cost a lot of money and while he’s in the midst of trying to figure out how to do the stadium upgrade, he probably doesn’t need the extra headaches, at least until those plans are finalized and started. My prediction, which is based on nothing more than pure speculation, is that Weis will be back but he will hire a full-time OC (which he should have done this year).

    As for the Boulevard sale, it’s tough to criticize. Dude is gonna make a TON of money from something he worked his ass off creating out of whole cloth. But I get why people are disappointed. Remember when the Anheuser-Busch sale went down and everyone in KC was crowing about how that made Boulevard the biggest locally-owned brewery in Missouri and how everyone said Bud was just selling out? Well, there can be no more of that talk. Boulevard is no longer a local gem but is simply one of many owned by a different foreign corporation. I’m not criticizing the sale, but I understand where the critics are coming from when they express disappointment.

    • mike t. says:

      i’m with you gavin on both points. i’m disappointed in weis and i’m sure zenger is too. but he has a bigger picture to focus on. it’s down the hill at AFH.

      i’m also disappointed in boulevard being owned by another company, but hard to fault mcdonald after all he’s done. besides, if he thinks this is good for the company and for kc, we gotta give him the benefit of the doubt. no one else has done the due diligence like he did, i’m sure.

      i’m also with jim and kyle on the chiefs. it wouldn’t be the first time an untested QB comes off the bench and has a great outing. that said, i’m sure poe, houston and hali gotta be licking their chops. question is, can our offense beat their defense? chiefs by a nose.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Jim, let’s say Zenger does whack Weis after this year (however unlikely). How much blame does Zenger bear in his hiring? What names might be on the list for a replacement for Weis. Yes, I’m asking you to speculate. Bigger picture, do you think KU has enough commitment to the football program from a resource standpoint to be successful? That’s a serious question, because I have no idea. FYI..I still think they should throw whatever dollars are needed at Mike Leach, and get him back down recruiting in Texas.

        • Jim says:

          It’s my opinion that Football programs like KU are in a tough spot. It’s the whole chicken/egg thing. Players make the difference. Can’t get players if you are a bad program. Can’t become a good program without players. Until they find “that” coach who has the masters touch for being able to evaluate talent that other programs passed on, it’s going to be rough. Snyder and Pinkel have both done a masterful job of turning 2 and 3 star talent into real football players. That’s not Weis. At least not in my opinion.

          • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

            Pinkel’s penchant for turning 2 & 3 star talent into high level college players or even NFL players, is the reason why I refuse to get worked up over MU’s recent recruiting classes and the lack of “star power” in them.

        • mike t. says:

          well, i’m not jum, but i think zenger is 100% responsible for weis’ hiring. he likely had several people provide input, but he made the deal happen. i don’t know enough about the college ranks to speculate on who should replace weis, but i do think KU has the stomach and resources to build a successful football program. the only issue i see is that won’t continue to be the case if they keep misfiring on coaches.

        • Kyle Rohde says:

          It’s not a question of commitment to football at all. They proved they were committed by getting the money for the new football complex, then paying what they did for Gill, eating the last 3 years of that and paying what they are to Weis. The thing is, college football is an incredibly tough sport to get good at. Especially when you have almost zero talent in your own state, and the little talent there is frequently goes to the better program 87 miles down the road. KU struck gold with Mangino and cut bait far too quickly, and here they are four years down the road, nowhere near the level of program they had.

        • Gavin says:

          I think Zenger bears most, if not all, the blame in hiring Weis. But I also don’t think he’s going anywhere. He’s the guy who oversaw the new sports complex and track facility. While he didn’t hire Stanley Redwine, under Zenger’s leadership, KU has won a national title in track. Basketball is humming along. Would Zenger admit that Weis is a bad hire? I don’t know that he’d admit the jury is in on that one, but I like to think he might do some things differently if he had it to do over again.

          As for KU’s commitment to football, Kyle Rohde already said this, but KU has demonstrated its commitment with the football facility upgrade and a demonstrated willingness to overpay a football coach. I also think that Zenger realizes, from his time at K-State, that a decent football program is the rising tide that lifts all the boats university-wide. I just don’t think he’s ready to admit that Weis needs to be fired just yet or that he has the financial wherewithal to buy out his contract. But even if Weis is back one more year, next season his seat will be very warm from the beginning. There will be an expectation of noticeable improvement or KU fans will stay away in droves.

          As for who we could get to replace him, I honestly don’t know. We could go for a retread who had some success in earlier years (like Tuberville, who publicly begged for the gig). There was talk of Phil Fulmer last time around but he was too old then so he’s out. My personal view is that it’d have to be an assistant at a really great program or an outside-the-box choice like Art Briles. And, yes, a lot of people will point out that there’d be a lot of reasons a good coach would want to stay away from KU and thy have a point. Still, the KU job does have some appealing features. It’s a BCS-level gig and it has access to Texas and Oklahoma talent. The facilities are great. And if the talked-about schism between the BCS schools and the NCAA ever really develops into the BCS leagues leaving and doing their own football thing, I have no doubt that KU will be included in that.

          But I don’t think any of this will matter until next year at the earliest.

  8. Dave Burgess says:

    All this talk about Mizzou struggling after a big win at Georgia seems to ignore what is going on with the opponent. Florida just got done playing a huge game at their cross division rival in LSU. Why should we assume the Tigers have a let down after a win, especially when they are playing at Faurot Field? There’s plenty of pressure on Florida to avoid going into this game. The Gators best win is probably Toledo.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      This just in, Florida’s current starting qb (Murphy) missed practices this week with a bad shoulder he injured during the LSU game. Redshirt freshman Skyler Mohrninweg (yes, Marty’s son) got some snaps this week with the 1st team. Murphy practiced Thursday and will start.

  9. Alphonse Tooty says:

    There was also much hand-wringing in St. Louis when AB sold but very little has changed. Life goes on and McDonald is getting the pay day he deserves.

    Also, I can’t think of two bigger dunces to weigh in and criticize this than Yael and Wright.

  10. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    I’m also of the opinion that the B1G fouled up in not bringing KU, NU, and MU all in at once. Of course, KU (and most definetly MU) may have balked and the “junior member” status that they foisted upon NU for the first, what, 5 years?

  11. Dan says:

    The common theme I’ve been hearing and reading is that Mizzou is going to have an extremely difficult time beating Florida because they’re starting a freshman qb with no experience. And that the Chiefs could be in trouble because nobody knows what Case Keenum can do. My question is why is it one and not the other? On one hand, Mauk has no shot vs a tough Florida defense. But on the other hand, Keenum could give the fierce Chiefs defense some trouble with his ability to move around. Sounds to me like there are a bunch of pessimistic fans around these parts who are constantly waiting for these teams to come crashing back to earth. I say both teams will be 7-0 at the end of the weekend.

  12. Kerouac says:

    “The 1985 Bears had Ditka and Buddy Ryan and a slew of HOF players. No one at the time questioned their pedigree after six games.”

    - of course, no one at the time knew they had any Hall of Fame players either, not to mention that the ’85 Bears gave up 98 points in their first six games, but only 29 points in their next six – or less than 5 per game – which translates to 127 points in 12 games, or 10.6 per. Through six games ’13, KC has allowed 65 points – let’s see how the Chiefs do aft their next 6 / 12 games total. If they can hold opponents – including the Broncos twice and San Diego once – to just 62 points these next 6, crown them ‘the greatest’. If not, don’t be surprised, if sobered no doubt.

    “These Chiefs have Andy Reid and Bob Sutton – and almost no one believes their defense is as good as it has looked this season. But – it just might be.”

    – the 1967 Houston Oilers allowed just 14 points per game, aft allowing twice as many/28 per the season before. Made it all the way the AFL Championship Game too, where, much like the Chiefs offense 2013, laid an egg/7 points, same difference. Oiler defense went on give up more points in each the next three seasons, ongoing. This was before the days of ‘parity’, when what your record said you were meant just that, only a trio patsies Denver, Miami & Boston then instead NFL 2013′s ample collection of ‘no team left behind’ stiffs.

    Playing Denver twice in three weeks November will be the true litmus test as to whether the Chiefs (including their defense) are to be remembered as fabled or favored due lightweight schedule the majority their games.

  13. Tim says:

    So Mike Greenturd is calling for a Jags victory huh? And if the Jags lose, that means he has to appear on First Take for a month with Stephen A. and Skippy right? Damn, I think I may have just created the modern day Three Stooges!

  14. Biff says:

    MU never competed in the Big 12 , they could do good in the weak Big 12 north but never won the Big 12, MU would get demolished by OU in the championship game and MU has never really won a big game. Pinkel was 3-19 vs top 10 teams and 10-32 vs top 25.
    If two mediocre Big 12 teams like MU and TX am can compete in the SEC that tells you how much the SEC is over rated.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Still butthurt Mizzou left your jayhawks behind? It’s pretty apparent. Here’s what you should do…worry about how KU drags themselves out of the cellar of a conference that’s having some of it’s worst years since it was formed. Worry about how the KU has had to pay two coaches not to work there anymore, and hire a third who isn’t having any success either. Worry about how KU can’t even manage to win a conference football game…in a weakened conference. Worry about how the two teams who the Big 12 “replaced” Mizzou and aTm with, completely suck ass. SEC overrated? Do some research on their bowl records the last couple years. What conference has won the last 7 national championships in football with multiple teams?

    • Buster McFillibuster says:

      Your comments sound a lot like a guy who just can’t handle the fact that his ex is now married to the richest dude in town. Mizzou made a tremendous decision to leave the Big XII for the great SEC. They were competitive in the Big XII, but couldn’t get passed two superior OU teams. No shame in that. But NOW they ARE outperforming ANY current or ex-Big XII program. That is undeniable fact. On the college football landscape, The Big XII has crashed hard and is looking up at the SEC, ACC, PAC 12, and B1G. That too is an undeniable fact. How about just admitting that Mizzou made the right call and is a pretty damn good team. While your at it, why don’t you admit that your ex got it right too.

      • Chaz Weis says:

        MU has done well so far, but I have yet to see them beat a quality opponent not missing key players with injuries. Let’s see how they handle a good school before crowning the Tigers.

  15. randyraley says:

    7-0 is 7-0 whatever conference it is. Yeah, Mizzou sucks, you say. But, they’re 7-0 with five straight 15+ point wins and a likely top ten ranking. It is what it is. South Carolina at home next week with a chance to run the table after that. Can they beat Alabama? Probably not. But for a team that had no chance in the SEC, things seem to be coming together well.

  16. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    My bad. Forgot Oklahoma.

    Mea Culpa. The overall fact remains. The move to the SEC was the right one to make.

  17. Jay says:

    Yes, The Big 12 screwed up losing NU, MU, & TAMU. CU doesn’t bother me so much, I would have added Louisville. I think that would have been a great Big 12 addition. When we are blaming Texas, and they deserve it, less not forget Oklahoma, they deserve as much blame as UT. If I remember it took 3 votes to veto the other 9 members. OU was always voting with UT and against the old Big 8 members. Forget who voted 3rd. OU was always hiding in the shadows egging on UT but NEVER getting any blame. Someone could do a hell of series of stories or a book out this whole conference. Stan White awhile back on the radio reminded me that the Conference offices were to be in Dallas and the late Bob Frederick the first Commissioner. The Big 12 in about ’06- ’07 to when NU decided to leave was running right down the SEC’s neck in football and the ACC’s in basketball. Add Louisville in for CU and we all would be sitting pretty today. But, UT with OU’s help blew in all up. UT did it because they can’t accept a level playing field and more importantly real completion like Bama, LSU, Michigan, Ohio St., USC, Oregon, etc. have in their Conferences. When ever that starts to happen they pout and take their ball and say we need to change the rules. It’s great that they have so much talent in state, but the reality is they can’t recruit Nationally they would lose to the above schools a fair amount of times. Their ego can’t handle that. And now they are getting starting to get hammered in their our state of Texas.

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