OTC: Big Game James Slows Royals Free Fall From First W/ Huge Win Over Tigers / Are The Chiefs This Bad?

Shields in his younger days w/ Rays went after the BoSox!

“(James Shields) pitches with emotion. Quite frankly, anything that will piss him off – I’m glad. Because it just makes him better. He has a real knack for pitching with a lot of emotion and being real successful doing it.”
Ned Yost, after James Shields shut down Detroit Wednesday night, Fox Sports KC
GH: This is the Ned Yost I can root for – the guy who talks from his heart and isn’t preoccupied with belittling the media or defending his decisions with arrogance. I don’t think Ned is built for a pressure-packed pennant race and that is going to eventually unravel his team’s chances at a World Series title. But I’ll be damned if I am going to quit watching, listening and rooting for his team despite his own self.

“I hope there is a night where the (Shields/Wil Meyers) trade shines even brighter – in the playoffs.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: I agree with Petro that I hope there are even bigger games this season where Shields is able to shine but this win on a rainy night in Detroit will certainly do for now. The Royals were reeling after two straight losses to the Tigers and Big Game James did just what he was brought to Kansas City to do – win big games in the heat of September. This game felt like few others have in many a year.

“I still think top to bottom on their roster (the Royals) are a better team than Detroit Tigers. Now, it would help to beat the Tigers head-to-head once in a while.”
Tom Verducci, MLB writer for Sports Illustrated, in an interview with Bob Fescoe Wednesday morning, 610 AM
GH: Verducci made his comments prior to the Royals win Wednesday night – but his words still should be considered telling. People around baseball are talking and thinking about our Royals in an ever better light than us locals. And when was the last time that happened?

“Only 16 games left, buddy.”
Nate Bukaty, on the Royals remaining regular-season schedule, 810 AM
GH: Nate’s comment this morning froze me. Just 16 regular season games left? Talk about each game meaning everything. Boston is here tonight for a four-game series at The K and then the White Sox come to town for three in a row. Then the Tigers come calling for a weekend to remember September 19, 20 and 21. Will those 10 games decide the ALC? Probably not. This race is heading for the final curve.

“If Oakland doesn’t make the playoffs, this could be the greatest collapse in the history of baseball.”
Buster Olney, MLB insider for ESPN, 810 AM
GH: Olney sited the fact that the A’s were considered by all as the best team in baseball before the All-Star break but have fallen into such despair since that they are in jeopardy of not even qualifying for the second wild-card spot. No team in baseball has had such a lead and such a safety net and not made it. Billy Beane Brain?

“Not many teams start off 0-1 and make the playoffs. I think I saw that 75% of the teams that start 0-1 don’t make the playoffs.”
Kevin Kietzman, after the Chiefs loss to Tennessee in their opener, 810 AM
GH: The Chiefs are far from mathematically eliminated but damn does it look like we are staring at one long ugly season.

“I refuse to believe that the Chiefs are this bad. I refuse to believe it.”
Adam Teicher, Chiefs beat writer for ESPN.com, 810 AM

“You lost your emotional leader on defense. You lost one of your workhorse guys in Mike Devito. My optimism has left the room, guys.”
Danan Hughes, on the season-ending injuries to two of the Chiefs’ defensive stalwarts, 610 AM

“It’s not all bad (for the Chiefs). What this team really needs is wide receivers. They should be drafting wide receivers every year.”
Deron Cherry, 810 AM
GH: Someone please relay that message to John Dorsey. I am starting Dwayne Bowe on my fantasy football team this week – yeah, I am desperate and it’s only week 2!

“(John) Dorsey is going to either get an extension or get fired for what he did in his first year. That’s the dirty little secret that nobody’s talking about.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM GH: I don’t know how dirty or secret it is but Dorsey is already under some heat from the media and fans. It will not get any better if Peyton Manning goes Mile High on the Chiefs defense this Sunday.

“Things weren’t going all that well when (Jamaal Charles) was getting the ball – which no one is talking about.”
Adam Teicher, on all the complaints about Charles not getting enough touches against Tennessee, 810 AM
GH: That is a scary thought. What is Jamaal is no longer Jamaal? Even he was unable to make the Chiefs offensive line look even mediocre.

“I have always said that Andy Reid is the second biggest strength on this team behind Jamaal Charles.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Gulp.

“One of the things we are proud of here on Between the Lines is that we like to advance the discussion.”
Kevin Kietzman, while discussing the Ray Rice story and how this is a private matter between a man and his wife, 810 AM
GH: Kietzman went on to mention how Ray Rice is a victim because he was videotaped. Huh? Kietzman continued to make statement after statement about Rice, his wife, and the entire incidednt that was based on nothing but his skewed perception of the crime – even to the point of saying he was sure Rice has not punched his wife since the elevator landed. Does this guy have a soul? Is he concerned about his own Mission Hills videotape being released?

“You know, (Maty) Mauk takes a lot of chances. He takes a lot more chances than he did last year. He can be a little reckless at times but I think it’s important for him to take chances during his growth to see what he can and can’t do.”
Gary Barnett, on Mizzou’s second-year QB, 810 AM
GH: Watching film of Mauk’s play from last week’s SEC Offensive POTW performance at Toledo, he does break some rules back there in the pocket. But we knew that. The only reason he may have been less reckless last season was he didn’t have the same opportunities against South Carolina and Florida as he did against Toledo. Let’s hope he can adjust his risk meter as the opposition stiffens.

“The term ‘great’ is just thrown around too casually. To be considered great, I believe you need to win a national championship. In college football it really sucks not to be able to call Bill Snyder great. I think both Bill Snyder and Virginia Tech’s Frank Beemer are on par or ahead of guys that have won national championships. But as a rule of thumb, to draw a line in the sand, I say you’ve got to win a championship.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Petro has retained this archaic measure of greatness for as long as I have known him. It was dumb 20 years ago and it is even dumber now. Bill Snyder isn’t just a “great” coach, he might be the greatest college football coach of all time – and for the next 100 years!

“If your friends haven’t figured it out yet, let them know that the switch is on to 610 Sports Talk Radio in Kansas City.”
Promo ad for 610 AM
GH: It seems like 610 rolls out one of these promos to let us know the switch is on every year or so for the past decade and more. What should be alarming to 610 is that the more they change, the more their competition stays the same. When was the last time 810 changed a lead voice on one of their four local weekday shows? When was the last time 810 changed a minor voice on one of their shows? The switch might be broken, boys.

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  1. Mike says:

    When the hell did Soren turn into the angry old white guy who spouts off with certitude, because he’s always right?

    Holy FUCKING SHIT. I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed someone age so fast on-air as fast as Petro. The last few days have been some of his WORST RADIO of his career, bar none.
    His segment with Boal this week was awful, he dredged up the same old topics of the week with Glauber, with barely scraping the surface of Week 1 of the season, his segment with Blair was atrocious, because he BARELY talked about the last week’s games!

    God dammit. Petro, if you really want to head down that road, shift your career away from 810 and go to 980 as their new political/society-is-shit talk show host.

    I’m sure your sponsors (and audience) are thrilled with your past week.

    Client (Academy): “I’m buying a live remote during The Program…this is perfect!”
    Petro: “Domestic violence, rape, murder, drugs, Penn State, my worldview is right, everyone’s a boob…”
    Client: “Uhhhhhh, why did we buy this again?”

    Fucking seriously, man. We don’t need Kietzman Part Deux.
    Oh yeah. Thanks for the NINE MINUTES of real football talk with Glauber. What a fucking wasted week.

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