OTC: Bill Maas Breaks Down Chiefs Defensive Woes And He’s Not Pointing At The Coaches

“When you play defense – and I don’t care what sport; soccer, football – it’s about hustle. And that’s what we lost. Right about the eight-minute mark of the third quarter we stopped playing defense. And there is absolutely no excuse for it.”
Bill Maas, when asked by Danny Parkins and Carrrington Harrison why the Chiefs defense deteriorated so atrociously in the second half giving up a 38-10 lead against Indianapolis, 610 AM

“We have an issue with our safeties. The issue is we don’t know how to play them. We don’t know what to do with them. If I put on a tape and showed you Eric Berry on every single play you would be absolutely shocked. … He was exploited, especially when they bring him up as a linebacker. He’s not big enough to take on those blocks. He’s a liability in the run aspect of that sub package.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: I think Maas is the best local Chiefs analyst — especially when discussing defense. He is articulate, smart, experienced, knowledgeable and he can speak in terms most fans underrated.  He is also enlightening while still being entertaining. Maas explained that Chiefs opponents began to expose Berry by checking off into running plays when he moved up to play linebacker and ran right at him. They checked into a pass play when Berry remained back as a safety. While Berry had some success on blitz plays, he was overwhelmed when charged with dealing with a block from a 300-pound guard on a running play or having to cover a tight end on a pass play.

“Eric Berry is an 11-million cap hit next year.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Berry is a three-time Pro-Bowl safety for the Chiefs and one of the bright young stars in the NFL. But is he worth what the Chiefs will need to pay him for what he delivers on defense? John Dorsey and Andy Reid have some decisions to make this off-season and Berry should be at the top of that list.

“Maybe this isn’t the type of defense they want to be. Maybe this is the best they could do with what they had.”
Bill Maas, after saying the Chiefs should retain Bob Sutton as their defensive coordinator and look to improve their personnel instead, 610 AM

“As long as Andrew Luck plays we’re going to be reminded of that game.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: Is The Comeback at the Chiefs expense going to be Luck’s defining moment in the NFL? If the Colts beat New England next week, it might have some serious legs. Kendrick Lewis, Eric Berry and Dunta Robinson better get used to seeing the backs of their jerseys on NFL highlights for the next 50 years. 

“If you want to be pissed about a play, be pissed about the overthrow of Cyrus Gray, but Gray slowed up on the play.”
Johnny Coltrane, @Chief_Wildcat, Twitter
GH: Nobody wants to lay blame on the Chiefs offense for this loss and they do not deserve to be chastised. But. Man was this play wide-ass open! If I am Alex Smith, that one haunts me to my grave. I still remember overthrowing my senior tight end my freshman year in a varsity game at Millard High. We had the perfect pass play called on third-and-nine. I saw him break open past the linebacker and somehow overthrew his 6-foot-6 frame. That was 1969 and I can still see that pig floating harmlessly to the ground.

“Great season Chiefs sorry that it didn’t finish the way we wanted still are proud of all you guys. b on 810 Monday at 7 hang in there all!”
Tim Grunhard, @swindad61, Twitter
GH: Okay, so we can deduce from this sweet tweet that Grunny is not looking to get back into the world of tell-it-like-it-is sports talk radio. He may be angling for a position with the Chiefs cheerleaders, though. 

“It’s a much more promising off-season that we’re heading into than last year.”
Trent Green, 810 AM
GH: At first blush, this would appear to be a no-brainer true statement. The Chiefs were woeful last season and are now coming off a season where they reached the playoffs. But the Chiefs schedule in 2014 looks brutal. Add to that the fact the Broncos and Chargers swept the Chiefs and your optimism for next fall might be muted. 

“I think more people are going to pick the Chiefs to finish ahead of the Chargers next year.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: When Carrington says “more people,” is he talking about anybody outside of himself and Mitch Holthus?

“I’ve been a Chiefs fan for 25 years, Kevin. I’m done. I’ve spent money. I’ve gone out of town. I’ve bought clothes. They could win the Super Bowl next year and they could not heal the wounds this team has caused me over the last 25 years. I’m done. Everybody has a different tolerance level. I can’t do it no more.”
Caller to Kevin Kietzman’s show Monday afternoon, 810 AM
GH: Damn, this guy depressed the hell outta me! 25 years invested and you’re punting? Anybody else out there dumping the Chiefs because they lost another playoff game? I would suggest maybe making the success/failure of your favorite sports teams a tad less important in your life. I love sports and follow far more teams fervently than a grown man should – but they sure as hell don’t rule my disposition…for more than a day or three. I can understand if you don’t realize this in your 20s but anybody over the age of 35 with kids who doesn’t is in need of therapy. 

“Reid on concussions to Charles, Flowers and Avery… All should be fine.”
Todd Leabo, @Leabonics, Twitter
GH: That is until the year 2020 when all three file lawsuits against the Chiefs for their head injuries.


I will have an OTC later today covering Mizzou’s Cotton Bowl win and the start of Big 12 basketball.

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21 Responses to OTC: Bill Maas Breaks Down Chiefs Defensive Woes And He’s Not Pointing At The Coaches

  1. Richard Cranium says:

    I had the same thought about these people and their “OH MY GOD THE WORLD IS COMING TO THE END! THE CHEFS LOST A GAME!”. I get the initial reaction of anger, sadness, disgust, whatever. But to let it mess with how you handle your next week, or there after is ignorant. Do you think the players/coaches/executives for the Chiefs are this way this long after the game? Hell no. Why in Gods name would you be then? Some people may have priorities a bit out of whack……which is of no surprise seeing how people act.

    • BlackJack says:


      I will still follow Chiefs games on TV, but I am not nearly as emotionally invested in this team as I once was 15-20 years ago, because it is a fruitless endeavor.

  2. Jim says:

    I’m in the Grunhard camp. It really was a great season when compared to so many of the recent Chiefs seasons. 31 team’s seasons end with a nut-crushing thump. The win in Indy would have been great but who really thinks the Chiefs would have rolled into Denver and won? Possible? Sure. But, not very likely. SD’s season is going to come to an end this week and they won’t feel a damn bit better about it that we do right now. Already looking forward to next year’s season and what the 53-man roster might look like.

    • brett says:

      for what it’s worth, we would have played new england, who has looked very beatable the last quarter of the season. with injuries to star players, they just squeaked by houston away and cleveland at home, and lost to an average miami team.

      i feel sorry for the kk caller. take a deep breath. after the game i went to houston’s and enjoyed a a pork chop and a nice whiskey with a good friend. life is good.

  3. MightyMo says:

    The play of the corners and Berry were a product of the system. A “man” system like the Chiefs employed 60+% of the time is dependent on pressure. Not necessarily sacks, but on limiting how long the QB can hold the ball. You saw it ran pretty well in the first game against Denver. Peyton was great, but he had to do it 6 yards at a time, because we didn’t let him hold onto the ball very long. No sacks, but he knew he need to dump it off pretty fast. If the Chiefs really want to take this defense to the next level, they have to upgrade the depth of their situational pass rushers. With the current rules in place, not many teams can play true man, but those that do, have to push the pocket on a consistent basis (or score a lot of points).

  4. mike t. says:

    ditto, richard. back in the ’90s i watched a game with a guy who got so emotional that when we lost, he was a total wreck and depressed for days. i said to myself, “mike, do NOT invest that much emotion into a GAME.” just not worth getting sucked under.

  5. ksudenny says:

    People, people, People… If you hold onto the pain it will end up killing you. For the love of God, it is just a game. There are many more important issues in this world then the Cheifs losing a game. Mr. Caller if you are so lucky to not have anything else to stress out about then I guess you are truly a lucky soul

  6. Phaedrus says:

    I’m confused. If the Colts took advantage of wherever Berry was (running when he was up, passing when he was back), how can he be considered one of the game’s “bright young stars”? Sounds to me like he’s living off his reputation from being drafted so high. But then again, I know next to nothing about football.

    • Alphonse Tooty says:

      I heard that guy on KK’s show and kind of had him in mind when I posted yesterday. He won’t get rid of his Chiefs gear and he’ll be back in Chiefs Nation (refuse to call it kingdom) next fall. Some people just need to stamp their feet a bit then get back in the game.

      • Alphonse Tooty says:

        Didn’t mean to reply directly to Phaedrus, but he makes a good point. What, exactly, is Berry good at?

  7. JP says:

    Look, it’s not about holding onto the pain, it’s about reality. The Chiefs will have gone 21 years without winning a playoff game. That is pathetic, that puts them in a class with Cleveland, Detroit and Cincinnati. Please don’t tell me this is an elite franchise anymore, it’s not. People will deal with this in different ways. I am detaching myself from football for awhile, and it’s working. I suspect the above caller on KK’s show (I heard him too) will be back, wearing his red again. This team owes this town, and when they are jacking up season ticket prices (as they are this year), there better be a friggin payoff. If you look at history, it’s never going to happen.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I have no belief will ever amount to anything.

  8. Kerouac says:

    Mass finally gets one right: Berry is the greatest ‘overhype’ in Chiefs history, my sentiment having seen them all (there’s been plenty) as a KC fan since 1963. They may call that former # 5 overall pick a safety, but he’s more of a danger… the guy cannot cover (hasn’t yet located the Chargers Antonio Gates in four years now, unless following Gates into the end zone a SD touchdown.)

    Occasionally Berry will have blind squirrel moments, happening be where a tipped pass/otherwise errant ball end up, but he’s a pro bowler on the same planet as Cassel was. Berry makes Bernard Pollard appear a Deion Sanders in pass coverage; too, Pollard hits people harder than Berry ever dreamed of doing (least when Pollard hit ’em, they stopped…Saturday, Berry’s ‘tackling’ (his claim to fame) resulted in the ball still ending up in the end zone for a td. Hit, strip and recover guys are rare, and Berry is anything but.)


  9. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    God bless my former in-laws. They spent the better part of 10 years as Chiefs season ticket holders. Tailgated every home game. Traveled to some away games. Had an old bus that they bought repainted and re-upholstered in all Chiefs. Spent tens of thousands of dollars on the Chiefs and Chiefs related merchandise over the years. A few years back towards the end of the Peterson Regime, they finally realized that they weren’t getting their money’s worth and that the Chiefs were only interested in raping them for every last dollar they could. They dumped their season tickets, sold the bus, and have watched games at home ever since.

  10. Berry, Lewis and Robinson can’t carry Tyus Edney’s jock.

  11. 3GP says:

    RE: Can’t Do It No More Caller

    How can you be a Chiefs fan and not be used to playoff-choking? At 38-10. my friend told me to sit back & enjoy the game, and I said not until the NO/Phil starts will I think this is in the bag.

    When KC kicked the FG to go up by 6, I said, bet they lose by 1. When it was over, I let out a big sigh, and said, “What’s for dinner?”

    Chief fans should be used to this by now. If you keep the bar low, you will never be disappointed.

    On a side note, blame Uncle Mitch for the SD loss. Right before Ryan’s kick, Mitch started talking about his last miss, but I could not get to the mute button quick enough.

    • Von says:

      Almost the exact same scenario at my house. You just HAD to know it was coming if you’ve paid even a little attention since 1970.

  12. Hoppy says:

    Berry had a bad game in the biggest game of the season (although he made a massive play right at the goaline on that in famous play we’ll never forget) so i get some of the Berry handwringing… but he was really, really good this year. He shut down every TE he faced this year and was in the backfield all year. Gates didn’t do anything against him in KC, Fleener in the first matchup, Cameron, etc, etc. The guy is SS not a FS he wasn’t being asked to help in coverage over the top…he’s not asked to do the things Ed Reed…maybe he isn’t capable or maybe the coaches should have adjusted and took more advantage of his talents.

  13. FJH says:

    Since the whole league (media included) is so in love with Eric Berry, we ought to trade him. I am not seeing why so many people think he is great.

  14. Rick says:

    Greg, did you catch Uncle Mitch’s last CHIEFS KINGDOM show of the year? The guy was practically in tears! He looked like he had a mental breakdown prior to coming on the air! It was insane! Talk about a guy taking the losses too hard…geez! He reeeally needs to take a break. Why not find Chiefs player with a funny personality and do a new version of the Tim Grunhard show and kick Mitch to the curb? His act has run its course.

  15. Maff says:

    Plenty of blame to go around…Andy Reid runs a nice program but will never get how to manage the clock and a game. He’s very similar to Gary Pinkel.

    Gray slowed down on his rim pattern, which is why you NEVER stop or slow on deep patterns. It caused Smith to overthrow him. Otherwise, it is a touchdown. I learned that by 7th grade. Horrible mistake by Gray.

    On Bowe’s deep reception to 2 yard line, all Hemingway had to do was get in the way of the safety and Bowe scores easily. Instead, Hemmingway actually got out of the way which allowed safety to track down Bowe. Hemmingway acted like he was a Torreador’s cape to a bull, and he actually got out of the way. That cost us 4 points. What was he thinking?

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