OTC: Billy Butler Gets Poppin’ W/ Country Breakfast Nickname

“It’s fun and it’s cool. I saw it on Twitter and my wife (Katie) told me about it. Hey, if the fans want me to be called that I’m OK with it. If they like it, I like it. It’s pretty catchy and
pretty clever.”
Billy Butler, on his Country Breakfast nickname, KansasCity.com
GH: Ahhh, the power of Twitter. What started as a late-night tweet-fest between hardcore insomniac Royals fans has slowly built momentum into an ESPN Sports Center highlight. The fact that Butler himself has come out and publicly embraced his new nickname has added jet fuel to its popularity. Read on.

“I had a request last night that my walk-up song be some sizzling bacon. I’m going to do the best I can for them. We’ll try to get some grease poppin’.”
Billy Butler, on his Country Breakfast nickname, KansasCity.com
GH: The sound of bacon frying in a pan could be heard Thursday night at The K under Butler’s walk-up music. How fun is that!

“During the five minutes Ball Up Streetball aired at midnight July 26 when Fox Sports Kansas City inadvertently cut away from the Royals’ rain-delayed, 14-inning marathon win at Fenway Park, Greg Schaum (of Pinetarpress.com) asked for input on a fitting
streetball nickname for Butler. St. Joseph News-Press sports editor Ross Martin
replied with ‘Country Breakfast.’ An unabashed Butler fan, Martin said he has
used the term of endearment for three years now.”
Tod Palmer, writer, KansasCity.com
GH: A point Martin made on Twitter back when the Country Breakfast name was just taking off was that the enthusiasm for the nickname had brought interest to a very deserving Royals’ player. Butler has been the target of a lot of fan angst this summer because of his good-hit but no-power production. But ever since Martin tweeted Country Breakfast, Billy’s been bringing home the bacon with the long ball.

“That’s not flattering.”
Frank White, when asked by Nick Wright what he thought of the nickname, “Country Breakfast,” for Billy Butler, 610 AM
GH: Bob Davis rolled out a Country Breakfast on his Thursday night play-by-play call on Royals radio. But not everyone is enthused about getting behind the name. Like Frank White, they see it has a slam rather than a treat. Read on.

Robert Ford, host of the Royals pre- and postgame shows on 610 Sports, when asked if he would use “Country Breakfast” when referring to Butler, Twitter
GH: Ryan Lefebvre has yet to use Country Breakfast on the Royals TV broadcasts as well. One of the problems (and there are far more than one) with the Royals franchise is their inability to connect with their fan base. Ford, White, Beaver – they all act like they’re delivering news from the foreign front. It’s baseball, guys. Enjoy it or make room for someone with a sense of humor.

“I don’t think it has the same kind of (staying power) as Frenchy.”
Joel Goldberg, questioning the lasting power of Butler’s “Country Breakfast” moniker compared to Jeff Francoeur’s, Fox Sports KC
GH: Yeah, that Frenchy nickname is a real stretch of the imagination. ESPN has already latched onto Country Breakfast. If the stiffs working the Royals’ broadcasts don’t want to get behind the nickname, we’ll just play on without them. You can purchase your very own Country Breakfast t-shirt here. Wear it with bacon grease stains!

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17 Responses to OTC: Billy Butler Gets Poppin’ W/ Country Breakfast Nickname

  1. Jip says:

    I think it’s a great nickname. Fits him perfectly.

  2. Fake Ned Yost says:

    Is it kinda stupid and goofy? Hell. Yes.

    But who cares? As Greg mentioned above, Country Breakfast has been destroyed all year with his warning track power, his less than speedy basepath clogging.

    The unspoken scoop was that he wasn’t getting along with folks in the clubhouse and that’s a bigger problem. Because we KNOW he can hit.

    So, he gets behind something that’s a little goofy and the fans come back. Doesn’t hurt that he’s on a TEAR at the plate.

    If you don’t like it, that’s fine, but lighten up and let us twitter goofballs have our fun. Have YOU ever come up with something that’s been on SportsCenter?

    I’ll be there tonight wearing MY #CountryBreakfast shirt.

  3. renton says:

    The fact that BB digs the nickname makes me like him even more.

    And it’s so much better than 90 percent of baseball nicknames that basically add an “e” sound to the end of someone’s name.

  4. nick says:

    I LOVE the nickname. PERFECT.

    The Royals’ marketing department should play this up big time.

  5. Gavin says:

    I like the nickname and am pretty sick of the lack of originality in the nicknames that have been used for the Royals of late. Francoeur is “Frenchy.” Jose Guillen was “Hosey.” I’ve heard Chris Getz called “Getzy.” Jesus, if frank White were playing today, he would, un-ironically, be called “Whitey.”

  6. Doodoo says:

    Sometimes the KC media market astounds me. ESPN’s Van Pelt is taking a liking to the nickname, fans seem to like it, T-Shirts are being made about it, but when it comes to the main media guys in this town, they’re either treading carefully around it, dismissing it, or ignoring it entirely.

    A few writers from the Star are the only exceptions in this case. This mainly is an indictment on the electronic/broadcast folks.

    I don’t get it. It’s as if since no one in the KC media circle-jerk came up with the term, then it can’t be legitimate.
    No, since the term originated from an OUTSIDER from St. Joe, then it must not have any legs whatsoever.

    How cliqueish. KC Electronic Media: Welcome Back To High School.

    • Doodoo says:

      At least Bob Davis knows when to pick up on it to liven up a broadcast. Kudos to him on that. He might be the lone exception on the electronic side.

  7. smartman says:

    Our cornpone white trash roots are showing. Time to go see Myrna at the beauty shop for a touch up.

    Country Breakfast is a more appropriate name for a trailer park hooker or the band her pappyy plays in.

    Why not call him Meth Lab since every now and then he explodes?

    Old Roy-als fans in Country Breakfast t-shirts will be art imitating life. Like a country breakfast they are unhealthy, filled with lots of fat and greasy.

  8. Phaedrus says:

    Is it just me, or are the Royals TV announcers awful? I think the Beav just likes to hear himself talk. Somebody needs to tell him that he’s not the reason why fans tune in to the games.

  9. The Independent Rage says:

    Are these announcers complete prudes? The organization seems to have signed off on the nickname by allowing the bacon walk-up music. I would think that would give the announcers all the sanction they need to use the nickname if they wish. But apparently they don’t so wish. Curmudgeons.

  10. thelaundry says:

    I’d rather see a thousand Country Breakfast shirts at a ballgame than one more tool in a company logo polo, khakis and a belt-clipped Blackberry.

  11. DiggityDawg says:

    Bought my shirt yesterday. I think it’s hilarious that Butler’s embraced the whole thing.

  12. newbaum turk says:

    The Royals broadcasters need to lighten up. Baseball players have the worst nicknames ever. It shows how dumb baseball players are (if you’ve ever been around any you know what I’m talking about). They simply add a “y” to the ends of their names. How original! This is a great nickname. I have a portly friend whose nickname is “Vittles,” which I absolutely love.

  13. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Nice to see Country Breakfast hitting the ball a country mile. Next item on the agenda: Install custom-made senses of humor in Le Feeber, Frank and Goldberg.

    ps – Giavotella rules