OTC: Bo Pelini’s F-Bomb Tirade At Nebraska Fans Should Be His Last / Sipple The Nipple

“It took everything in my power to not say, ‘Fuck you, fans. Fuck all of you.’ Fuck ‘em. Our crowd. What a bunch of fucking fair-weather fucking—they can all kiss my ass out the fucking door. ‘Cause the day is fucking coming now. We’ll see what they can do when I’m fucking gone. I’m so fucking pissed off.”
Bo Pelini, who was recorded just before the start of his postgame radio interview with Greg Sharpe following Nebraska’s comeback win over Ohio State October 8, 2011, Deadspin.com
GH: Pelini is a 45-year-old man and the head coach of one of the proudest college football factories in these United States. At least for the next few hours. Deadspin.com was made aware of this audio tape and posted it on their website Monday afternoon. Nothing in Pelini’s life will ever be the same.  

“Nebraska has no beaches, mountains or stay-forever good weather. But the loyalty of ticket-buying, check-writing Husker fans is a natural resource that has sustained high-quality athletics in Lincoln for the past 50 years. That fan devotion is a priceless commodity. Don’t take my word for it. That comes from the mouths of Bob Devaney and Tom Osborne, who told me over and over the fans are the real power of red.”
Lee Barfknecht, columnist, Omaha World Herald
GH: The fans at Nebraska are not unique. We (Yes, I was born and raised a Husker and damn proud to have red-stained roots) like to think no other fan base is as passionate or as loyal or as whatever as we. It is just not true. There are great fans in every corner of the country and a bunch right here in fly-over-ville. That said, Nebraska fans are the reason Pelini is a millionaire. Nebraska fans are why the Big 10 welcomed a state with fewer televisions than Nebraska Furniture Mart. Nebraska fans are Nebraska. Fuck the fans? Bo Pelini should never be allowed to wear Nebraska gear again. Ever. 

“Fuck (Tom Shatel), too. Fuck him. That’s what I’m going to tell him. He wants to walk out after my press conference? I’m gonna say, ‘Get the fuck away from me. I’m done with you, motherfucker. I’m done with him.’”
Bo Pelini, Deadspin.com
GH: I have not yet heard Shatel weigh in on being included in Pelini’s now-famous rant. But Barfknecht said it best (below). Read on.

“Coaches and sportswriters have butted heads since the two professions met, and they will until the end of time. We don’t take it personally. Our skins are as thick as our heads.”
Lee Barfknecht, columnist, Omaha World Herald
GH: Having a head coach of Pelini’s stature signal out a member of the media is a badge of professional honor for a journalist – especially one who is covering as beloved a program as Nebraska football. Shatel is not there to be a fan or a friend to the football program. He is there to observe, report and give his opinion on what he has observed and reported. Shatel is very, very good at his job. Pelini’s rant just verified that statement.

“The weasel tipster seized the moment. … But somebody wanted to nail the head coach. They did it. The dirtball also hammered the program. The implications will last beyond the Pelini era. Coaches will forever look over their shoulder for this type of sleaze. Hope it all was worth it.”
Steve Sipple, columnist, Lincoln Journal Star
GH: Sipple seems to think it is the messenger in this case who is not only guilty but worthy of name calling. Sipple is what I would call the worst kind of journalist. He uses his position as a columnist for the local paper to prop up people like Pelini. Sipple rhymes with nipple. Seems appropriate since he apparently sucks at the teat of Nebraska football. 

“Multiple newspaper, radio and TV people have been on the receiving end of a Pelini cuss-bombing. My most recent one occurred when I got a call a couple of years ago while walking into Borsheims two days before Christmas. It was so loud and bitter, I had to step out. Pelini’s occasional treatment of the media isn’t the story, though. His biggest blunder is his attack in this audio on the fan base.”
Lee Barfknecht, columnist, Omaha World Herald
GH: One member of the media who has not been on the receiving end of a Pelini tongue lashing is Steve Sipple. Or perhaps Pelini so undressed Sipple at one time in his career that it caused the Lincoln columnist his nerve, his soul and his pride – and he became the sycophant jellyfish we see today writing to defend his hero. Read on.

“Bo Pelini got busted by ‘a tipster.’ A lowdown tipster who had audiotape of Pelini launching into an angry, f-bomb tirade about a very passionate and loyal fan base. The degenerate tipster perhaps made a nice chunk of cash by selling the audiotape to Deadspin.com at precisely the right time. Or precisely the wrong time, depending on your point of view. What a country.”
Steve Sipple, columnist, Lincoln Journal Star
GH: A tipster? You mean the source, Steve? It is called journalism, Steve. A solid source is the foundation for all breaking stories. Deep Throat was the tipster on Watergate. Somehow it was Nixon who took the fall. Go figure.

“Was I surprised by the (Deadspin.com) report? Not really.”
Steve Sipple, columnist, Lincoln Journal Star
GH: So Sipple KNEW that Pelini felt this way about the Nebraska fans? Sipple knew Pelini wanted out as Nebraska coach and that he would relish the day he could tell the Nebraska fans to kiss his ass as he left? And Sipple wrote nothing? What a waste of newspaper space this guy’s column has been.

“Can a coach get fired for this? F— that. Have the guts to fire Pelini for his record, not for this.”
Steve Sipple, columnist, Lincoln Journal Star
GH: Sipple is talking about guts? The guy who takes the easiest, sleaziest route in reporting on this story is talking about GUTS? Sipple needs to be relegated to the funny papers.

“Pelini has told me that he was upset that a fan angrily grabbed him by the arm as the coach made his way to the locker room after the game.”
Steve Sipple, columnist, Lincoln Journal Star
GH: Sipple used this example to exonerate Pelini’s fuck-filled tirade. It simply shows how ridiculous and misguided Pelini’s words were in characterizing all Nebraska fans because of this one fan. But Sipple doesn’t get that. He apparently gets only what Pelini tells him to get. Like lunch.

“We don’t need him.”
Bo Pelini, after hearing that former Nebraska legend, Tommie Frazier, had criticized the Nebraska football program (after witnessing UCAL’s 38-21 win in Lincoln) and said change was needed, Omaha World Herald
GH: Pelini told Husker Nation that they don’t need Tommie Frazier. Well, they don’t. But that is not the head coach’s place to ostracize a huge number of Big Red donors who think they do – or wish the Tommie Frazier days would return to Memorial Stadium.

“(My recorded comments) are in no way indicative of my true feelings. I love it here in Nebraska and feel fortunate to be associated with such a great University and fan base. I again apologize to anyone whom I have offended.”
Bo Pelini, in a hasty apology issues Monday evening after the Deadspin.com report was posted Monday
GH: Steve Sipple probably thought this was genuine.

“When my days as a sportswriter are done, one thing will stand out to me above all else. Not covering 35 bowl games or 25 College World Series or 10 NCAA basketball tournaments, nor working in some of the cathedrals of college sports from Madison Square Garden to the Rose Bowl with Allen Fieldhouse and Memorial Stadium in between. It will be the utter love of Nebraskans for their Cornhuskers and seeing them show up at the ends of the Earth whether morning, noon or night to cheer ‘Go Big Red.’”
Lee Barfknecht, columnist, Omaha World Herald
GH: Bottom line – you fuck with the fans, you’re fucked. Bye, Bo.

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50 Responses to OTC: Bo Pelini’s F-Bomb Tirade At Nebraska Fans Should Be His Last / Sipple The Nipple

  1. Kyle Rohde says:

    Greg, read this from Wetzel and see how you feel: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/ncaaf–bo-pelini-s-positive-perspective-means-more-to-college-football-landscape-than-leaked-audio-162005284.html

    I have a hard time firing the guy over something that EVERY coach at a big program in the country has gone through and done the same. You think Bill Self didn’t curse the KU fans when many were freaking out over the Bradley, Bucknell and Northern Iowa losses? Pelini just had the misfortune of being recorded without his knowledge.

    And I’ll say this…who is Nebraska going to hire? Better make sure he’s damn good before you fire a guy who has done well, but not met the high expectations. They already did that once firing Solich and got burned big time.

    • Twy's Gibman says:

      if Bill self ever said “f the fans, we’ll see how they do when I walk out the door,” it would get around L-town, recording or not.

    • Jim V says:

      What Kyle said. Who else are you going to get to coach this team if you fire him? Let this season and/or next season play out and fire him If there are not enough Ws or too many more embarrassing losses.

    • Mike says:

      My only thought is why now? Why not release that audio, or make known that those diatribes exist when they were uttered more than two years ago?

      Wetzel’s column also made a lot of sense, too.

      It can’t be easy coaching in the long shadow of Osborne, and trying to reach that pinnacle of damn near unrealistic expectations set by Tom in a completely different era.

      With what’s going on at Texas and USC, this may not be the year for the Huskers to make a change, lest they prepare for the fact that they won’t be the biggest program with an opening.

      • Floyd says:

        Mike, sounds like the reason was the UCLA disaster finally set this person over the edge and it was a perfect storm, as Bo’s popularity was already at its lowest point in a long time after that mess (why not after the Wisconsin debacle last year, I do not know).

    • Floyd says:

      Can’t argue with that, Kyle. I am as passionate of Husker fan as you will find, and I find little reason to be outraged by this. In fact, Bo has actually calmed down over the years and has done many good things (Team Jack, response to the UCLA player’s death, kicking off discipline players…).

      However, what angers me is the on-field product: blowout losses in big games, terrible defenses, ridiculous turnover margin, excessive penalties, immature 5th year QB play, little mistakes that result landslide results, et al

      I fully expect an 8-5/9-4 season w/Eichorst then mandating Bo replace several of his assistants (DC Papuchis should wear a robber’s mask when he collects his paycheck). If Bo won’t play ball, he’s gone. If he does, expect a Ron Zook/Randy Shannon-type hire as DC and then a year to see results.

      However, if this season goes south to 7-6, he’s gone.

    • Greg Hall says:

      Kyle, I read Wetzel’s take on Pelini last night along with Dennis Dodd’s similar opinion. Neither make me think any differently than what I wrote.

      • Kyle Rohde says:

        That’s fair – just wondered! I was about to ask you if you’d stopped responding to comments on here – haven’t seen any from you in a while, it seems like.

    • Steve W says:

      I think Self knows that part of the bargain is there are often unreasonable expectations at places like KU, as there are at Nebraska, and OU, etc. He has talked openly about it. Goes with the job.

    • TiberiusGracchus says:

      Yes Bo may deserved to be fired(for his poor football team) ….yes I’m sure he is an asshole(which may be cause for firing, if you have a poor football product)…but I agree that he shouldn’t be fired for being recorded in a moment of emotion that he thought was to himself. I don’t know the dynamics of NEB football nation but Sipple might be skeptical of why the tape came out after this particular loss when it happened in 11.

    • TiberiusGracchus says:

      And just for the record, I think he is an Asshole of the highest order!

  2. Gavin says:

    Shatel did react. He’s taking a pretty high road and still killing Pelini while he does it. http://www.omaha.com/article/20130916/HUSKERS/130918886

  3. Twy's Gibman says:

    I don’t see Pelini surviving this, no matter how many Sipple’s he has in his back pocket. Love your commentary on boot licking members of the media. Unfortunately, they exist most commonly in sports and political reporting. They elevate themselves in some small way, and abandon their readers at the same time. While I disagree with media hating, it’s why so many aren’t sad to see newspapers tanking. It’s also why Shatel and others stand out so well.

  4. MightyMo says:

    What is the over/under on “wins needed to keep job” now. I say 9.

  5. Brummy says:

    I agree with Greg. PR Is a head coach’s job…especially at a big school. The NE fans in my office follow the team through forums all year round. To see Pelini rip the people that love the program that much is like the Pope saying he’s bi-curious.

    He doesn’t realize who he works for. He’s had some mild success (based on program standards), but not enough to treat his boss(es) that way.

  6. Alphonse Tooty says:

    “Nothing in Pelini’s life will ever be the same.”

    “Bo Pelini should never be allowed to wear Nebraska gear again. Ever.”

    Overreact much? If anybody in Nebraska was surprised by what they heard in those taped remarks, I’ve got some swamp land I’d like to pitch them.

  7. Mike DeArmond says:

    Lee always was, is and will remain a journalist of unquestioned credentials. But will Bo’s two-year-old diatribe cost Pelini his job. I do not think so. It is, after all, Nebraska, where the apologists outnumber all and victories in football justify any shortcoming.

  8. Tim says:

    Just watch the next Notre Dame TV game. Brian Kelley throws out more F bombs than Tommy Lasorda ever did with the Dodgers.

  9. Roe Bartle says:

    Why on earth would anyone in KC care about this? Nebraska isn’t part of the local scene any more, nobody reads the Omaha World, and nobody cares if they win or lose games. I didn’t even know they played Saturday.

  10. Kyle says:

    I will take 8-9 wins every year.

    -Signed All KU fans (and MU and KSU after BS leaves for that matter)

  11. P says:

    Geezuz Greg, give me a break. Yes….the guy/girl who leaked this is a weasel tipster. If Pelini was on record with some reporter making these remarks that’s one thing, this is not that. Would you call your co-worker a “source” if they went to your boss with recorded audio of you calling him a cocksucker? I mean, you shouldn’t bash the guy who endorses your paycheck right?

    And yes, as a Nebraska fan, Nebraska fans are spoiled babies. Leaking this tape isn’t going to help a damn thing. The potential coaching pool, should Pelini win or lose, has shrunk exponentially. No one it their right mind would take this job with the expectations and this kind of crap to worry about. Yeah, I’m tired of the blowout losses too but this kind of garbage “leak” from some pussy ass source isn’t helping shit.

    • Twy's Gibman says:

      this post is exhibit A on the influence a coach has on a fanbase. By next Christmas, expect Kansas fans to be huge Springsteen backers, and Manhattan townies to all refer to students as “youngsters.”

  12. Rosco says:

    Got a kick out of Pelini raising his arms to exhort the Neb crowd to make more noise. Can’t recall the last time Snyder, Saben or for that matter, Osborn, played cheerleader during a game.

    Also,what makes Neb radio announcers go literally crazy while calling a game. Greg Sharpe is going Jim Rose on Husker nation. His “welcome to big time football” to the Bruins was odd as is every reference to “THE BLACKSHIRTS!!!” every time a tackle is made.

    Finally, is there a more insecure fan base in the country than Big Red? From everyone asking a visitor if this is the best fans/team/stadium/atmosphere they have ever seen to recapping past players/teams/championships play by play, I find the entire NU football experience unsettling.

    When Pelini suggested the fans were not specially, he became a dead man walking.

    • JP says:

      Greg Sharpe sounds like a close of crazy Uncle Mitch. They were both K State broadcasters originally out of WIBW. IT’s like Hawk Harrelson in Chicago, if that’s how his bosses want him to broadcast, then he goes mega homer. I don’t remember Sharpe as that much of a homer at K State. I could be wrong.

    • Will says:

      Great post.

  13. Daniel says:

    Are we to really think that the AD didn’t already know about this tape and had it stashed in a drawer somewhere ready to “leak” it when he was ready to start the fire Pelini process? Seems a little odd this would pop up after such a bad home loss, I’m not alone on this am I?

  14. JP says:

    I am no fan of Nebraska football. However, to diss your customers like that is very disrespectful. I have been to Omaha many times and the people from Nebraska are very nice and generous. They get psycho about the Huskers, but who can blame them. With all the success on the field in past years, they deserve to pump their chests.

    For a Head Coach to speak that way about his fans, the customers who buy merchandise, give to the university, pony up for season tickets is every bit a fireable offense. Of course this gets leaked after the UCLA meltdown, that’s how these nuggets normally come out. I suspect that we will need to give this time, but if Nebraska does not get to the Big Ten Championship Game, I suspect that changes will be made.

    Finally, keep in mind that Texas and USC are going to be in line for coaches, and they are perceived as better jobs than Nebraska. Getting rid of Pellini will not solve the on the field issues, as they better get a quality recruiter. If you thought Texas was obnoxious, wait till you see Ohio State and Michigan when they get on top. They are as arrogant as any programs.

  15. Willie The Wildcat says:

    This fiasco couldn’t happen to a nice guy. Enjoy your remaining time in Lincoln! Bo craps all over himself while Legendary Bill keeps winning and winning and winning …

  16. Mrmom1228 says:

    I am and always will be a Husked fan for life and loved the peaceful mindful respectful Tom Osborne years!…that being said , “Fuck Yeah!” You go Bo! Love to see the emotion! It’s real life! Carry on man! We all should fear the day our thoughts are recorded and displayed for pure cash! I will still respect you in the morning Bo! Just be you!!!!!GBR!!

  17. Hokey says:

    Looks like a case of Nebraska being jealous of Texas again. They couldn’t stand the coaching controversy down in Austin so they tried to one up with this thing.

    • FBP says:

      Dear God, when will the Texas penis envy ever end? Seriously, I have become empathetic to why Horn fans refer to us as Corntards. Our fanbase has an even bigger hard-on for the burnt orange than the aggy psychos. Pathetic.

  18. kcredsox says:

    I have to totally disagree with you on this Greg. I think the comments regarding @touchdowntommie were a little overboard, but I think that situation will work itself out. I have a hard time believing Bo noticed the fans exit. I think it was noticed by the players and they informed Bo. This is a coach who will bend over backward for his players. #GBR

  19. b12 says:

    Ugh. Without Tom there to protect Pelini, there were already rumblings that this might be his last year. Frankly, I can live with the leaked tape. Giving up 38 unanswered points at home to UCLA; following the Wisconsin CCG, Ohio State ’12, UCLA ’12, Wisconsin ’11 and Michigan ’11 meltdowns is more what I think is a fireable offense. Giving up 1831 yards in 3 games warms the coaching seat, as well.

    Best guess is that he has to win the Big 10 CCG to keep the gig, or he bolts for the NFL after the season. We know Perlman doesn’t like him. Pelini didn’t bother to show up to meet Eichorst when he came aboard last fall. It depends on how much the boosters want him out, because I think there is a pretty substantial buyout.

    I just want Nebraska to win the games they’re supposed to, and when a loss happens, for it not to make Kevin Cosgrove’s defenses look good in comparison.

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