OTC: Breaking Bad “Buried” / The Monkey’s In The Banana Patch & Skyler And Jesse’s Aren’t Talking

“If I was that old dude I woulda taken a couple of stacks of money and given Jessie a push.”
Erica Pascalides, @epascalides, as the old man found stacks of cash in his driveway and scattered around his neighborhood as he left for work in the early morning, Twitter
GH: How many of us were wondering what we would do if we walked outside tomorrow morning and found those bundles of cash and then Jesse, his car and his bag o’ money? As old as that guy was (didn’t he kinda look like the crazy neighbor in Home Alone?), I take the cash and get a new Tundra. His truck sounded like it was in desperate need of a tune up.

“That damned garage door needs its own show.”
Dana Wright, @RadioDana, Twitter
GH: When Hank’s garage door went up and the only person who walked out was Walter…oh, yeah…we were all thinking Walt had sent Hank on a trip to Belize.

“No show cold opens or cliff hangs better than #breakingbad. Killer episode.”
Scott Snyder, @Ssnyder1835, Twitter
GH: This show grabs your ass with both hands during the first two minutes and then drops you on your head 60 minutes later after what you would swear was just 20 minutes.  THAT is good television. My wife always screams the same thing at the end of every episode – “WHAT?? IT JUST STARTED!”

“Aaron Paul: zero lines. Awesome acting job this episode.”
Steve Rutherford, @MemphisBlazer, Twitter

“Mariano! Who is Skyler on the phone with?”
Walter White, as he tried to call his wife immediately after leaving Hank’s garage, Breaking Bad
GH: Loved how Walt and Hank stared at each other as they both contacted Skyler – and then Walt made like Clint Bowyer and peeled out in his Dodge Challenger. That scene would not have been nearly as effective in the Aztek. 

“So much makes sense to me now.”
Hank, talking to Skyler in the coffee shop, Breaking Bad
GH: Can you even imagine the thoughts rolling through Hank’s brain as he looks back on his past year’s encounters with Walt? And that’s just the times he knows about! Ohhhh, there are so many delicious secrets yet to be revealed. And Jesse knows just about every one of them…

“He’s a monster. … I want you to know you can be open with me. Don’t hold anything back. You’re done being his victim. Try to be as detailed as you can. While it’s still fresh, you know.”
Hank, to Skyler, Breaking Bad
GH: Loved this scene between Hank and Skyler in the coffee shop. We didn’t know how Skyler would react once it became known to others about her husband’s life in the empire business. The dialogue, especially Hank’s lines, was difficult to understand. Hank was trying so desperately to hold his emotions in check that he was having trouble speaking. It made for great acting but frustrating watching and listening.  

“I don’t want that bastard running out the clock. … Who’s to say it’s even true. That lying piece of shit. … The balls on that son-of-a-bitch!”
Hank, on Walter saying his cancer is back, Breaking Bad
GH: Remember how meek and mild Walt was in the opening season? How Hank almost bullied him with his tough-guy cop persona around the family unit? Wait until Hank figures out that Walt bugged the DEA’s office while Hank was out getting Walt his coffee and cream. 

“It’s in your best interest that you need to get out there and show the world you have nothing to hide. … Believe me when I tell you that your best interest and mine are the same. … We need to help each other to put that animal away.”
Hank, Breaking Bad

“Hank, I think maybe I need a lawyer. … Hank, you telling me not to talk to a lawyer doesn’t sound like that at all. What you want is to get Walt at all costs.”
Skyler, Breaking Bad
GH: BINGO! Skyler makes her choice right here in the coffee shop with Hank three feet in front of her. She choses Walter! …For now.

“Hank! Am I under arrest? AM I UNDER ARREST?”
Skyler, Breaking Bad
GH: Skyler’s best scene of BB Season 5.

“If Marie’s slap leaves a mark on Skyler’s face, I guarantee it’s purple.”
Evan Markfield, @EvanMarkfield, Twitter

“We got a job to do, not channel Scrooge McDuck.”
Kuby, Bodyguard #2, after he and Huell see the huge pile of cash in the storage garage, Breaking Bad

“Mexico. All’s I’m sayin’”
Huell, Saul’s Big Black Bodyguard, as he and his partner Kuby laid across Walter’s pile of cash in the storage garage, Breaking Bad

“Guy hit ten guys in jail all within a two-minute window – all’s I’m saying.”
Kuby, Bodyguard #2, Breaking Bad
GH: Heisenberg is a bad, bad, dude.

“The monkey is in the banana patch, capiche? So call me. Please.”
Saul, while talking on his cell with Walter seated in his office, Breaking Bad
GH: Nobody on the show makes me laugh more than Saul.

“Oh, really? How much worse could it be in your estimation?”
Walter, after Saul told him it could be worse, Breaking Bad
GH: Every time I think Walt and Jesse are done – think them trapped in the RV with Hank surrounding them – they find a way. If Walt does go down, it’s gonna take one helluva play to get him.

“Having you given any thought to sending (Hank) on a trip to Belize? You know…where Mike went to – off on a trip to Belize. It’s an option that has worked very well for you in the past.”
Saul, to Walter, Breaking Bad

“I’ll send you to Belize!”
Saul, Breaking Bad
GH: I am guessing this did not help the tourist trade in Belize.

“Close enough.”
Walter, as he “counted” his money in the large metal drums, Breaking Bad
GH: Loved the look Walt gave the bodyguards and in turn how they looked guilty. We’ll call it even.

“We don’t mind overtime. Ain’t no thang.”
Huell, Saul’s Big Black Bodyguard, asking Walt if he needed help burying the money, Breaking Bad
GH: Huell reminds me of Whitlock. He’s twice the size of Big Sexy but he appears to have the same work ethic.

“In case you need me? I’m thinking the probability is high.”
Saul, after Walter told him he’d be in contact if he needed him, Breaking Bad
GH: How about the life Saul leads? Are there really lawyers running around with Walt and Todd’s clan as their client base?

“How long have you known? Skyler, did you know since before Hank was shot?”
Marie, to Skyler, Breaking Bad
GH: Pivotal scene in the sister’s relationship right here. Skyler again sides with her husband rather than her blood.

“Marie, I am so sorry.”
Skyler, in answer to Marie asking if she knew before Hank was shot, Breaking Bad
GH: Marie answers Skyler’s apology with an open-hand face slap that would have made The Godfather’s Johnny Fontane stop crying.

@BrBaQuotes, Twitter

“You have to get him.”
Marie, as she and Hank drove away from the White’s home, Breaking Bad
GH: The lines are now clearly drawn – It’s Hank/Marie vs. Walt/Skyler. So which side does Finn choose?

“Ha! 34°59’20″N, 106°36’52″W leads to Albuquerque Studios.”
@BrBaQuotes, on the coordinates for where Walt buried the money, Twitter

“I can’t remember the last time I was happy.”
Skyler, after Walt accused her of being happy that his cancer was back, Breaking Bad
GH: Happy doesn’t seem to be in the cards for any of the main characters in this little drama. Shit is going down and it is taking a toll. Ask those meth dealers south of the border…

“What are you my mother? It’s not filthy. It’s just dimly lit.”
Head Meth Guy in Mexico, after Lydia complained about the non-sterile conditions of the underground meth lab, Breaking Bad
GH: I loved this line…almost as much as the monkey in the banana patch.

“Fire in the hole!”
Uncle Jack, just before he fired a round into the back of the head guy’s dome, Breaking Bad
GH: How resourceful has Landry, uh, I mean Todd, been for Walt, Saul and Lydia? Maybe it’s Todd who ends up as the drug lord at the end – and he brings another state title to the poor kids at East Dillon High!

“Todd is basically the opposite of Jesse; all manners, no conscious.”
@BrBaQuotes, Twitter

“What if you wait and they catch Walt without you and they find out you knew and you said nothing.”
Marie, to Hank, Breaking Bad
GH: Great piece of editing here. Marie drops this piece of knowledge on her hubby and the next scene we see Hank all cleaned up in his suit as he enters his DEA office for the first time in weeks.

“I want a DEA-spinoff based around the guy in Hank’s office at the desk with that PHENOMENAL long gray handle-bar moustache.”
Jacqui, @heyjdey, Twitter

“That kid hates my guts – despises me. Maybe I can get him cranked up enough to start yapping. Then you guys go in there and get what you need from the shit stain and then finish him off.”
Hank, to Jesse’s interrogators, Breaking Bad
GH: Me thinks Jesse talks next episode. Cannot wait.

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15 Responses to OTC: Breaking Bad “Buried” / The Monkey’s In The Banana Patch & Skyler And Jesse’s Aren’t Talking

  1. Mark in Columbia, Missouri says:

    what a cheap way to generate page views! Worked on me 😉

  2. Hot Carl says:

    “GH: Every time I think Walt and Jesse are done – think them trapped in the RV with Hank surrounding them – they find a way.”


    • Stevo says:

      just rewatched them all on Netflix and this was maybe the best line of the whole series. Perfectly ridiculous! Sums up the show well.

  3. Kyle Rohde says:

    Great recap Greg – being the card nerd I am, I have to correct the Dodge Challenger reference; it’s a Chrysler 300. Same chassis, different car 🙂

  4. BlackJack says:

    What is this “Breaking Bad” you speak of?

  5. JC says:

    “He offed 10 guys in two minutes”

    I’m waiting to see how Todd/Aryans vs. Walt plays out.

  6. Orphan of the Road says:

    Robin’s 84-year-old mother called Sunday. She had just seen her first Breaking Bad. She said Walt is mean.

    Lydia’s attire at the meth lab was classic. Did she dress in the heels and such to disguise why she was there? When she went and curled up in a ball in lab after checking here cell phone, I knew Hell was coming for breakfast.

    In the early 80s I worked for a Fortune 500 chemical company at their R&D facility. One of the bays used for scaling up a project also included a meth lab without the companies knowledge. At least until the DEA, FBI and others showed up one Monday morning.

  7. Joe says:

    GH: Me thinks Jesse talks next episode. Cannot wait.

    I think Jesse will give up Todd, not Walter, and the DEA will shift it’s focus to Todd and crew. Maybe the DEA will think Todd (or Lydia Rodarte-Quayle) is Heisenberg. JH

  8. Gavin says:

    I have been wrong in every prediction I’ve made for this show, so why not make another?

    The Todd/Aryans vs. Walt battle leads to Walt using that really big machine gun he bought from Lawson in the last half season to try and take the meth lab/encampment they now have. I’m guessing, and a guess is all it is, that the Aryans were the ones that burned down Walt’s house, as some kind of intimidation effort. They don’t get Walt (but maybe they get Skyler or Finn?) and he runs to New Hampshire. He comes back and buys that huge gun to lay siege to the meth camp.

    A friend of mine speculates that Walt is going to use the ricin as a suicide pill to avoid being taken alive. Maybe, but I could still see him using it on Lydia. After all, he knows she drinks tea…

  9. Ultimate Dude says:



  10. Java Man says:

    “The dialogue, especially Hank’s lines, was difficult to understand. Hank was trying so desperately to hold his emotions in check that he was having trouble speaking. It made for great acting but frustrating watching and listening. ” -GH

    Greg, my friend, no one else will tell you so I will. It’s time. Toss away the vanity of youth and turn on the closed captions. You’ll be shocked at what you have been missing in dramatic programing.

  11. Babe Ruthless says:

    Today’s OTC = Grilling Segment. Nothing happening in sports? Need to fill airtime/column space?

  12. Mike Trinastich says:

    Best season ever.

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