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“Kansas has won 4 straight regular-season games over ranked teams. Last team to win 4 straight vs. AP Top 25 teams is North Carolina (1997).”
@SportsCenter, Twitter

“Kansas looks to me like a basketball team that could win a national championship in early April inside house that Jerry built in Dallas. Then again, Kansas looks to me like a team that could get knocked out in the early rounds of the NCAA Tournament. It just depends on when I’m watching Kansas.”
Bob Lutz, columnist for The Wichita Eagle, Kansas.com
GH: Yes. And yes. The Big 12 looks all but over with Kansas throttling their gauntlet of a conference schedule by opening with a 5-0 run through OU, KSU, ISU, OSU and Baylor. Damn. That is impressive even if your name is Kevin Kietzman.

“The only team is Kansas State that can say, ‘Okay, we’re still right there with them.’”
Dave Armstrong, on KSU still in the Big 12 race with KU, 810 AM
GH: KSU’s blowout loss at Allen Fieldhouse left us with little to like about the Cats’ chances of catching Kansas. But the same thing happened last season (twice) and KSU still grabbed a share of the Big 12 crown. KSU has a HUGE week on the road with Texas tonight and then at Ames on Saturday. If they can stay fairly clean before their February 10th rematch in Manhattan maybe this Big 12 race will retain some sense of mystery. But for now KU has stripped the conference naked and removed all the sexy from the season.

“Baylor gonna …. Nah. No shame losing to Kansas in the Phog. Especially when the out-of-bounds lines don’t apply to the home team.”
Pat Forde, @YahooForde, on the blown call that allowed Wayne Selden to step over the out-of-bounds line to make a spectacular diving save and land in the KU crowd, Twitter
GH: Forde is a Mizzou grad and he often pokes his pen at the Jayhawk faithful. This was one of those times.

“This is true. RT @CWil07 @YahooForde hey, at Mizzou he would have landed in empty seats.”
Pat Forde, @YahooForde, Twitter
GH: Kudos to Forde for recognizing a worthy Twitter response from @CWil07 and rolling with it. See, this rivalry doesn’t have to be bloody at all times.

“Brady Heslip on Wayne Selden being out of bounds: “Maybe he deserved it, because that was great hustle.”
Rustin Dodd, @rustindodd, Twitter
GH: Opposing players have little or no chance of being popular people when they step on the court at Allen Fieldhouse – or any place where the other team has a raucous fan base. But Heslip’s comment here and his nod to Selden’s hustle is really a very cool thing about athletics – and something we see far too often at every level.

“Great win (over Oklahoma State) for Kansas but Wiggins was a total no show. This was a man’s game and he wasn’t ready for it.”
Seth Davis, @SethDavisHoops, after Wiggins was held to three points and limited playing time at home against the Pokes, Twitter
GH: Wiggins took one shot after the 9:26 mark of the first half. That is not what you expect from the best basketball protégé since LeBron. Okay, we all know that hype was wrong. But any player who is expected to be a lottery pick – let alone the next Danny Manning – cannot disappear in his team’s biggest conference home game at Allen Fieldhouse. Bill Self called Wiggins an “alpha dog” before the season. But against OSU he resembled only half of that description.  

“Rule #1— don’t let them sing — #KU wins…”
Doug Gottlieb, @GottliebShow, after the Cowboys’ furious comeback fell short but it was enough to hold off the “Rock Chalk” chant, Twitter
GH: Gottlieb just didn’t go to OSU, he played there. Is it okay for members of the media to openly root for their former team and school? Yeah, I think so. It taints their perspective though when it comes time for analysts like Gottlieb to breakdown the Pokes. I just don’t believe anything he says about them.

“I don’t know. I think it would be too overwhelming for me right now. I’m not sure I’m ready.”
Joel Embiid, when asked if he is considering the NBA draft after his freshman year, ESPN.com
GH: This quote from Embiid has KU fans and college basketball buzzing. Would the best player in the country really stay in school a second season? Can the rest of the Big 12 hate Kansas anymore than they already do?

“(I researched the history of big men and the draft) and I was curious because I want to be great, I want to be the best at my position one day. I’m trying to learn everything and what other people did. All of the great big men went to college at least two or three years. I think it’s a big factor. I don’t know if it will always work, but I think it’s the best choice.”
Joel Embiid, ESPN.com
GH: We are not even to February and we have all but handed KU their tenth straight Big 12 crown. If Embiid comes back, well, you know the drill.

“WSU, Shockers Ron Baker, Cleanthony Early and Nick Wiggins – Andrew’s older brother – got some face time and talk time on the ESPN broadcast. Sideline reporter Holly Rowe essentially asked the Shockers’ players how WSU would stack up against Kansas. They did a great job of side-stepping the question. Nick Wiggins mumbled something before Early said something like ‘basketball is basketball’ and Baker chimed in with a take that KU being good is a good thing for the state. I was hoping for a Richard Sherman moment when one of them said something like: ‘Yeah, we’re better than Kansas. Kansas, they’re sloppy. We’re not sloppy. We’re ready to play these sorry guys now, after this game is over. We’ll make a call and get Fred, Tekele and the rest up here. We’re ready to go.’ A Wichita State-Kansas dream matchup will have to wait for the NCAA Tournament.”
Bob Lutz, Kansas.com
GH: I was really impressed with the Wichita State players during their live interview with Rowe. First, they appeared on camera in a group hug that told the sports world, “We are brothers!” I told my wife while we watched this exchange that there is nothing like being a teammate. It’s different than family and love relationships. Not better, but different. I still smile every time I get an email or phone call from my old teammates. These three kids from WSU will do the same in 40 years. I love that thought.

“God bless the KCS for giving all the local college teams equal coverage. Not here! If you’re games suck – we’re not going to talk about it.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: I hear from local college fans who demand more even coverage for Missouri during basketball season Kansas during football season…but Soren is right as far as what makes sense. The Kansas City Star needs to cover all of the teams, even when they are bad or just named UMKC. Sports talk radio and blogs do not.

“In the first 13 minutes of the 1st half, #Creighton outscored Nova 47-19. In the first 13 mins of 2nd half, Creighton outscored Nova 34-9.”
Dirk Chatelain, @dirkchatelain, after Creighton destroyed Villanova by 28 at The Palestra, Twitter

“OSCAR ‘S pizza must taste gr 8 in Peyton Manning’s fav city OMAHA-NEBRASKA hoops capital tonight-Creighton routs Villanova-HUSKERS over OSU!”
Dick Vitale, @DickieV, after Creighton’s big win and Nebraska beat Ohio State in Lincoln, Twitter
GH: Dickie V might not know that Nebraska is located in Lincoln but he was close enough for the Midwest. What a winter it has been for my hometown, Omaha.

“Did anyone catch the Countings Crows song ‘Omaha’ on the way into the last commercial break after Broncos touchdown? Good stuff.”
Drew Brees, @drewbrees, Twitter

“I didn’t like the (Richard Sherman / Erin Andrews) interview. So what if I didn’t like the interview? Why are we who didn’t like the interview (being criticized)?”
Henry Lake, on Richard Sherman’s interview with Erin Andrews, 610 AM
GH: This interview is going to take a lot more time to discuss than I have space in today’s OTC. Maybe we can get to it later this week. In short, 1) Fox blew it big time by cutting the camera away from Sherman just as he was warming up. 2) Andrews looked absolutely lost and out of place. She was not prepared for what Sherman brought and that is all on her. 3) Sherman is being vilified for his egotistical rant as if he was Satan. Would I want my son to act like Sherman? No. But Sherman exists in my life merely as entertainment. And I was definitely entertained.

“QB Alex Smith & Derrick Johnson named to the Pro Bowl as replacements for Tom Brady & Navarro Bowman. That makes 10 for KC.”
TWC SportsChannel KC, @TWCSportsKC, Twitter
GH: Ten Pro Bowlers and the Chiefs still have zero playoff wins. Talk about your Polar Vortex…

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44 Responses to OTC: Can K-State Stop Kansas From Being Kansas? / Media As Fans / Sherman Talk

  1. Gavin says:

    There’s still a HELL of a lot of basketball remaining to be played before anyone goes handing the Jayhawks a trophy. Games at K-State, Okie Lite and Baylor plus we haven’t played Texas yet. I like the start, obviously, but this team has still shown a propensity to get a little lost. They’re getting better and they seem on pace, but this thing is far from over.

    • Jim says:

      Got that right, Gav! 13 more games left in the conference season. Looooong, loooooong way from being over. But starting out 5-0 with the schedule they had is a big feather in their cap. Need to notch many more road wins before you can begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I think they will hold serve at AFH. Although I’m not predicting it, road losses at OSU, Texas & Baylor would not be shocking. Finishing at 15-3 in the league is probably going to do it. Particularly if 1 of those 3 losses does NOT come at KSU.

  2. Richard Cranium says:

    There’s really only 1 issue I have with any of the Sherman garbage: Why would ANYONE who’s name is not Crabtree be offended? The only offence that should be had is with people claiming to be offended. They are the offenders. And if you don’t like what he said……fine? Who gives a shit. Why is everyone so quick to jump on someone else’s bandwagon or take away from what the kid said. Heat of the moment and all that. On the other hand, all these people claiming racism because people hate the loud mouth brash claims, ARE FREAKING IDIOTS! Get a grip people. Assholes are assholes regardless of how dark they are. And Sherman is an asshole. A supremely talented brash asshole. God I wish he played for the Chefs.

    • P says:

      Richard, I’m highly offended that Richard Sherman would desecrate the sanctity of a game where men are paid a lot of money to be as large and fast as possible and knock the crap out of each other! It’s just disgusting! There’s no ego’s in football…..a true team sport!
      – signed, Guys who played with Leather helmets back in the good ol days

  3. Tim says:

    What am I missing here? The 4-0 run everyone excited about contained 3 home games. Hasn’t Kansas only lost at home like twice since the Reagan administration? Granted, those were some good teams but Kansas always wins at home. They still have to play 3 of those teams back at their place. Yes, I realize they own the Octagon of doom but there are still a lot of league games left. Lets not crown them yet.

  4. kcredsox says:

    Oscar’s Pizza, huh? How about Valentino’s Pizza!!! I didn’t have a problem with D-Bag Sherman’s rant after the game to Andrews, my problem is what he did after the tipped pass. Act like you’ve been there ya ass hat!

    • Bill says:

      Valentino’s isn’t in the top five of Omaha pizza places, which if you’ve lived there is kind of an underrated pizza town. Just thinking about it makes me long for a La Casa pie with pepperoni and mushroom on romano cheese.

  5. nick says:

    A REALLY entertaining year as a Jayhawk fan. You never know which players will step up each night, Embiid seems to do something eye-opening each game, the team is improving weekly, it’s fun to see which buttons Self decides to push each game, and there’s the anticipation of when/if Wiggins is gonna decide to pull out all of his stops, which he gives glimpses of every game.

    Yes, HUGE week for K-State. If they lose twice, their chance at winning/sharing the Big 12 is likely gone.

  6. john says:

    I would agree with Soren if he practiced what he preached. He paid way more attention to a god-awful KU football team than he is to an NCAA bubble team in Mizzou basektball. His wall to wall coverage of KU basketball is way beyond the attention he paid to a top 5 Mizzou football team. It’s ok if you are a KU fan, but to go on with this farce that you aren’t is pretty annoying.

    • Kyle says:

      It’s a matter pf perspective my friend. Every time I turned on the radio they were talking about my football. When you are a fan of one school, they can never cover your team enough.

      • Kyle says:

        That should say mu football, not my football

      • john says:

        Or it’s a matter of literally covering one school more than another.

        • Kyle says:

          Well one is 20-40 miles from the metro and the other is 2 hours + in some places. You also have one of the top programs in the history of a sport and nobody else in the area can say that. So, as much as you don’t want to hear it, it is what it is.

          • john says:

            Right, my main beef isn’t that he focuses so much more on KU basketball when compared to MU basketball, it’s that he doesn’t take the same approach to the local college football scene. Did he cover MU football more than KU football this year? If he did, it was only marginally so, and based on a late season push when he realized (because everybody in the world did) that MU was a good team and that (contrary to his repeated beliefs) maybe Charlie Weis hasn’t begun turning anything around yet.

      • Richard Cranium says:

        Absolutely right on here. It seems almost all year that Misseri football was being droned on about, and what their chances were……and rightly so. Why in the hell would they even discuss KU football, except to say, well, there’s always next……nevermind. I did hear quite a bit about KSU, but that wasn’t until most of the year was already gone. Makes sense to me.

        • john says:

          MU basketball isn’t comparable to KU football though

          • Richard Cranium says:

            Season may end about the same way. Disappointment and not invited. That’s pretty comparable in my mind. Also home attendance throughout the season will probably be just about the same.

            • john says:

              With a win to snap a 26 game conference losing streak? Hmm, that would be interesting.

              KU’s Football attendance is probably comparable to MU Basketball’s attendance though, so good point. That being said, most college football games tend to have crowds that are just a tad larger than the average basketball games’…

    • b12 says:

      @john. KU basketball is Kansas City’s NBA franchise. It will dominate coverage during conference season. Comparing the coverage to Mizzou football is apples and oranges.

      You also had to give time to the Chiefs…He featured Mizzou football quite a bit this season.

      Mizzou basketball? If anyone cared, there might be more time devoted.

      While the move to the SEC appears to have benefited football; it has sucked the life out of passion for Mizzou basketball.

    • Sam says:

      John, what are you talking about? Have you seen Soren on RockChalkTV? It’s some hard-hitting journalism about which people KU players follow on twitter and some good plugs for Hardee’s Thickburgers, Coronoa and Brogden vehicles. It’s not just some guy being a KU fanboy. The guy DEMANDS respect.

  7. Brummy says:

    “Are you not entertained?”

  8. Kyle says:

    Forde, what a homer. I assume he did not see the replay from Saturday when Frank Mason clearly did not step out of bounds yet they said he did, giving the ball back to osu with 7.8 seconds left. And Gottleib is happy his team thwarted the Rock Chalk chant and “Flop” Smart said his team earned a moral victory. No wonder osu consistently underachieves.

  9. kylerohde says:

    Saying Erin Andrews looked completely lost there is fair, I guess, but I have a hard time imagining almost any sideline reporter handling that bizarre outburst much better. Unless you’re used to interviewing WWE guys or boxers, interviews like that just don’t happen. I thought she handled it fine and didn’t realize Fox had even cut away until reading it later.

    As far as Embiid staying or going, Petro just had Jeff Goodman on and they discussed it, both feeling like there’s absolutely no reason for him to come back and that he’s costing himself money. I have two words to respond to that: Tim Duncan. Tim Duncan could have been the #1 pick after his freshman, sophomore or junior years but chose to stay four years. I am not expecting Embiid to stay all four, but at least one more wouldn’t surprise me. Though Petro/Goodman acted like his family was destitute solely because they’re from Cameroon, everything I’ve read makes it seem like they’re doing just fine, so it doesn’t have to be a money issue. Embiid is also smart enough to see the long history of big guys with a lot of potential leaving early and failing.

    Despite all that, he’s better prepared for the league than Wiggins is at this point. Just imagine if KU got both of them, plus Selden, back next year. Amazing.

    • Kyle says:

      Bilas made a good point about this a couple of weeks ago. He referred to Embiid as “real”. Meaning some of these kids have to come out because their stock will never be higher. He said Embiid’s stock will not go down no matter how long he stays because he is such a unique talent.

  10. Kerouac says:

    Sherman’s sportsmanship was nil, as in null and void; he was doubtless not alone in his lack, but he lacked enough for me. This is about preference of course, not an subjective ‘right or wrong’. Personally, cannot recall Vince Lombardi & Bart Starr ‘acting out’ as such after a big win, maybe due the fact they won so often, probably more so because they were ‘pros’.

    Former Chief Fred Williamson (The Hammer) worked his gums too before & during Superbowl 1 (but not so much after); the Pack answered him on the field, hammering him into submission as it were. GB evidenced a bit o tongue in cheek humor about his ultimate plight/being laid out but was no chest thumping, throat slashing or unintelligible gibberish interviews aft, unlike what was mumbled by a supposed Stanford grad (perhaps he majored in linguistics, if did not not master said.) Back to Fred ‘The Hammered’, as a Chiefs fan since day one ’63, did not like nor respect Williamson’s tack thence anymore than I do Sherman’s now a more seasoned Kerouac.

    Even aft GB Coach Lombardi was ‘goaded’ into responding poorly about the Chiefs as a team (not as individuals) after Superbowl 1, was polite, if smug. Guess that’s what stands out as the major difference yesterday & today, difference between ‘a bit of class’ & being ‘a total ***’. This is not about being angels, but about men mature enough keep their emotions in check, on the field as off, and not making it ‘about me’ when it is a team sport.

    Will always recall an couple things about Len Dawson, who like others ‘got it’ as concerns the aforementioned: “we (not ‘I’) got the ball to him (Gloster Richardson)” describing the Chiefs td pass/victory over the Jets, December ’69. Dawson also memorably stated “there is a time & a place to fool (as on a blog) but the playing field is neither the time nor the place.”

    Sherman the protagonist placed ‘himself’ before his ‘team’, my opine. If that be old fashioned/out of style, count me venerable. One thing always leading to another, had Sherman & Crabtree our deuteragonist had guns in lieu gums, might be an ending same as the one happened an Florida theater recently, the ‘manhood’ one ended at the hair-trigger finger, lack of deportment/restraint the other.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right: I’ve no doubt Crabtree wasn’t mute during the game or before… others followed suit the unfortunate lack of deportment ever on display today, sports. It’s not so much there haven’t always been these types of ‘I’ndividuals around, rather that they proliferate today, “like a horrible gangrene upon the face of the globe” , nod EM Cioran.

    I also noted Sherman “running” (with gusto/intent) toward Crabtree to “shake his hand”, says the rebuffed handshaker. Careful, Geppetto ears just perked up, even now fashioning another novel wooden boy an even lonnnger nose. Sherman accosted Crabtree (that’s it, play the fool/rub it in, Sherm) after the play ended when Crabtree was walking away; only then did Crabtree react and shove Sherm the face mask. Rebuffed, the Stanford grad then did the throat slash, or whatever variant of stupid imbued him.

    The post game letdown by Sherman/response to it by people is an indicator everyone did not / does not find it ‘innocent’… count me in that faction. Nice to hear that NFL players as well felt it was self-serving by Sherman… only a couple Sunday’s hence, next year & the one after, same thing will happen again.

    DEN over SEAT by 4 or 5 points minimum, Superbowl; if (compared DEN) SEAT’s lack big game experience (spelled ‘composure’) comes into play as I suspect it could, might be a blowout, DEN winning it going away; sans 12th man, injury to Manning or benefit dubious rules/ref assistance, little chance has SEAT.

  11. The sky’s the limit now for Sherman, who likely needed a Conference Championship post-game interview like that, and now a full 2-week round of Super Bowl hype, to garner national attention and conversation for his antics. I can’t wait to hear what he has to say over the next 2 weeks (hopefully he’s not on good behavior) and to isolate on his match-up during the game (which will be a nice break from Manning’s old act). I hope Sherman either has a miserable game or a great one (and nothing in between), because I think he needs one or the other to fully entertain us. Either way, this guy’s become must-watch TV.

  12. john doe says:

    The conference is over. Kansas wins it every year, and there is no reason to think they wont do it this year. Any KU fan who thinks differently is just showing fake humility, which is just plain annoying. KU wins the weak Big 12 again, and get a #1 seed in March.

    Been there, done that.

    • Jim says:

      +1, JD! What with the number 1 SOS, RPI and Power Ranking in all of college basketball, that Big 12 conference is just easy pickin’s for the ‘ol Jayhawks.

      • john doe says:

        and it is easy pickin’s pretty much every year. We always hear about how Okie State or Iowa State or Baylor will give them a test. Then they go to Lawrence and shit themselves. Or they lose another conference game they have no excuse losing. The Big 12 runs through Lawrence and always will until somebody has the balls to actually beat them.

        That sucks too, because I hate those bastards.

    • Biff says:

      The Big 12 is arguably the best conference this year. There are still a lot of games to play KU may or may not win it.
      Self was at Illinois 3 years . finished in the Big 10 first twice and a second place. the team he left for the next coach won the Big 10 the next two years. Self teams won the Big 10 4 of 5 years
      Bill has shown he knows how to win and build teams..

  13. john doe says:

    Richard Sherman knew exactly what he was doing. Communications degree from Stanford, and was pursuing his Masters, so he is no idiot. Went on a pseudo psychotic rant without dropping an F bomb. This was done for marketing reasons only, and it is already paying off. The more press he gets, the more money he makes.

  14. JP says:

    KK had another classic line today. He called KU fans “thin-skinned” because he supposedly goes out and tells the truth about them. Let’s be honest, every fan base is thin skinned to a point. However, whenever K State gets “wronged” you can count on KK to go ballistic against the injustice. His hypocricy has no end.

  15. RickM says:

    @DrewBrees, the Moby Grape song “Omaha” is much better than the Crows’ one.

  16. JK says:

    Omaha! I loved watching my alma mater do what the kids from Governor-Brownback-istan couldn’t do, and that’s wipe the floor with Villanova. They’ve also beat down Marquette and Butler, and played one of the more entertaining games I’ve seen against Xavier. The fact they’re doing well in the new Big East is a pretty strong statement for Valley basketball. Particularly amusing since Nova leapfrogged WSU in the rankings. UMKC could learn a thing or two by observing what CU has done during the last 20 years. No excuse why UMKC is wallowing in the WAC playing teams like Texas Pan Am or Utah Valley after this many years in D-1. They should be playing in the Valley, what a waste.

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