OTC: CBS’ Seth Davis Loses His Mojo W/ KU Fans / Kietz Has Séance W/ Mr. K

“Kansas escapes by 1 at Texas Tech. Jayhawks have lost their mojo. Tubby’s gang very quietly playing some quality ball.”
Seth Davis, @SethDavisHoops, CBS college basketball analyst, after KU’s narrow win in Lubbock Tuesday night, Twitter
GH: This tweet from Seth Davis may live in infamy for the opinionated and sharpie-tongued college hoops guru. At least in the hearts and minds of Kansas fans – who very likely will never let him forget it. Read on.  

“The issue for these teams is not physical exhaustion. It’s mental exhaustion. Wears on you taking everyone’s best shot for three months.”
Seth Davis, @SethDavisHoops, after Syracuse’s undefeated season came crashing to an embarrassing halt with a 62-59 OT loss at home to 7-19 Boston College Twitter
GH: This tweet ignited the Kansas fans who were not all that happy with Seth and his “lost their mojo” tweet from the night before when Kansas won a squeaker at TT. They perceived the Duke grad’s handling of Syracuse’s loss as maybe a bit of East Coast Biased? Whatever the case, it got Davis’ attention and he used his Twitter account to attack back. Read on.

“whine and cheese crowd RT @Z71JAYHAWKS: but it’s called losing your mojo if you do it on the road against a up and coming TT team…”
Seth Davis, @SethDavisHoops, Twitter

“Hash tag for whiners @nicholasrblack: Poor @SethDavisHoops. He’s gonna see that #NoMojo hashtag every time he sharpies another #kubball”
Seth Davis, @SethDavisHoops, Twitter

“I never knew KU fans could be so whiny RT @dtet: Didn’t win convincingly on the road. #NoMojo”
Seth Davis, @SethDavisHoops, Twitter
GH: Instead of having fun with the KU fans, Davis resorted to name calling. Not a real great look for a guy who should expect to ruffle a Jayhawk feather or two in his line of work. I didn’t read all of the tweets from KU fans directed at Davis but what I did see really weren’t anything all that mean spirited.

“Mojo > Efficiency”
Seth Davis, @SethDavisHoops, Twitter
GH: Mojo = never having the guts to say you’re wrong.

“I’d caution fans & ‘experts’ from overanalyzing February upsets. These r college kids, not robots. They play badly, they lose, they move on.”
Seth Davis, @SetDavisHoops, CBS college basketball reporter/analyst, Twitter
GH: I might prefer robots as CBB analysts to what we are getting from this grown-up Eddie Munster.

“Also need to factor in these kids started practicing 3 weeks earlier than in the past. Mentally fatigued this time of year.”
Jeff Goodman, @GoodmanESPN, ESPN college basketball writer, agreeing with Seth Davis that mental exhaustion is the reason Syracuse was upset and other highly-ranked college teams are struggling at times in February, Twitter
GH: What a complete crock of suit-wearing over-analysis. If ANY team should be mentally fatigued after playing the “demanding” sport of basketball it is a downtrodden going-nowhere squad like Boston College. These guys had not won a game in three weeks and were facing certain death inside the intimidating Carrier Dome. But Davis and Goodman want us to believe the “mental fatigue” weighing on the Orange was just too much to bear to beat BC? Playing basketball and winning all or most of your games is one HELLUVA lot easier a cross to bear than being BC or TCU.

“Jonathan Williams needs to start playing like a man and quit falling down.”
Gary Link, MU’s radio analyst, after the MU freshman forward flopped in an attempt to draw a charge early in the Vanderbilt game, Tiger Radio Network
GH: I just about missed my turn as I was driving and listening to Mike Kelly and Link call of the Vandy at Mizzou game Wednesday night. We just do not get enough of this kind of honest play-by-play and/or color work from our local college broadcasts teams. Link and Kelly are HUGE Mizzou fans but they are more critical than both the KU and KSU radio broadcasts teams combined. KU’s Bob Davis might be the biggest homer this side of Bart Simpson. Stan Weber performs Olympic-quality feats of contortion to avoid making negative comments about K-State’s athletes and coaches. I find Greg Gurley’s work as KU’s analyst not very polished but he does understand that KU is fallible. Wyatt Thompson is okay as the KSU play-by-play guy but the Cats could replace him tomorrow and I wouldn’t miss him. Maybe having all the games televised has lessened the importance of play-by-play on the radio to the point that quality broadcasts no longer matter. If so, I find that sad.

“Just to be clear, #KState is third in #Big12 home basketball attendance, or first among schools that also field competitive football teams.”
Tim Fitzgerald, @LifeofFitz, of PowerCat.com, Twitter
GH: Zing!

“Tony Gonzalez will be a good addition to the NFL Today. He was always candid. Hope he still is.”
Pete Prisco, @PriscoCBS, on CBS announcing that they have added the former Chief to their Sunday pregame show, Twitter
GH: Do we remember Tony as candid? I mean about anything besides his desire to have the football thrown his way more often?

“Women love Tony Gonzalez. So maybe they are trying to tap into the fact women will watch. If women watch CBS it will help their numbers. Tony G is going to be average in my opinion.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM
GH: I think Harrison hit it squarely on Tony G’s meticulously quaffed head – Gonzo is going to be on the set as eye candy more than adding any meaty commentary.

“Tony Gonzales seems like such a nice guy. I just wonder just how much he is going to be willing to give off the public persona of being critical of people and have a really big opinion.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Gonzales isn’t going to be the first great-looking human to be placed in front of a camera and told to smile. But you would hope TG desires to be more than the next Jillian Barberie.

“Anyone going to miss Shannon Sharpe? He was not good.”
Danny Parkins, on Sharpe and Dan Marino being removed from CBS’ NFL pregame show, 610 AM
GH: I always got the impression Sharpe was trying his ass off on the set but he just couldn’t make much progress with the English language.

“If you missed, or would like to hear again, our yoga pants talk you can check the 17 min mark of the podcast. media.610sports.com/a/87653941/2-1…”
Danny Parkins, @DannyParkins, Twitter
GH: And people wonder why Kevin Kietzman has more consecutive conference championships than Bill Self?

“I think if the Cerner guys got ahold of this (Royals) team they would build a brand new stadium downtown and we would move into a whole new Renaissance for Royals baseball!”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: KK has a handful of topics that he feels his audience needs to be bludgeoned about the ears with on a regular basis. The Chiefs drafting a quarterback in every round is one. His latest and next round of golf with Jack Harry is another. But maybe his favorite sledgehammer to wield on his Between the Lines show is the sale of the Royals to the Cerner ownership group and his undying desire for them to build a downtown baseball stadium in KC. Read on.

“When and if there is ever an opportunity (to purchase the Royals from the Glass family), we would be happy to sit down and talk about it.”
Robb Heineman, Sporting KC’s CEO, after being peppered with questions from Kevin Kietzman about the Cerner group’s interest in buying the Royals, 810 AM
GH: KK seized, smothered strangled a recent comment made by Davis Glass where he said if they identified a better ownership group than themselves they would consider selling the Royals. Kietzman took this to mean he needed to dedicate much of his Tuesday show to how this could be accomplished. He cornered Heineman with this topic and raised little more than chuckles from Sporting’s head guy.

“If Mr. K were alive today he would look all four of them in the eye and say, ‘Get the deal done! This is what I want!’”
Kevin Kietzman, suggesting the late former owner of the Royals would urge David and Dan Glass to sell the Royals to Cliff Illig and Neal Patterson, 810 AM
GH: This make-believe conversation trumped even KK’s earlier statement for ridiculousness when he stated he is not the guy to bring this foursome together for a business meeting. Like anybody thought he was??? The arrogance that is KK simply knows no out of bounds.

“Every time there’s an ounce of expectations on this (Royals) team they bonk.”
Sam Mellinger, on his hesitancy to be overly optimistic about the Royals season, 610 AM
GH: I am starting to cautiously believe again. Call it my February/March blue flu. I know I am not the only Royals fan who is annually afflicted with this maddening malady.

“I’ve been throwing and getting my arm ready since before Christmas.”
Aaron Crow, Royals pitcher, on his preparation for the 2014 season, in an interview with Josh Vernier, 610 AM
GH: I did not play old-man softball last season because my arm was just about worthless after two or three weeks. Unlike most of the over 50 guys in the league my legs are still decent but my arm and shoulder are mere ornaments at this age. I think yet another sport from my youth needs to be buried in a box in the basement.  How is your wing holding up? 

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23 Responses to OTC: CBS’ Seth Davis Loses His Mojo W/ KU Fans / Kietz Has Séance W/ Mr. K

  1. Kyle says:

    Fat ass Fitz. Still living vicariously through KU. Never seen a writer for a school worry so much about another school. But I guess it all starts with the president and trickles down.

    • sporty says:

      Blah,blah, blah! President Schulz is one of the best on Twitter. Seth Davis is right, Ku fans are so whiny!

      • Kyle says:

        So Sporty if President Gray Little at KU got on twitter and said let’s beat the Pussycats, you would think that’s just fantastic? Doubtful.

    • duff says:

      I’m pretty sure he’s still pissed about being called out for making up a story about KU players yelling racist taunts at Denis Clemente a few years back.

    • Rosco says:

      Dude, you are the one living vicariousy through KU basetball.

      • Alphonse Tooty says:

        Kyle apparently does’t know what “living vicariously” means. Sounds cool, though!

        • Kyle says:

          Call it whatever you want. He focuses more on KU than his own school. Keep drinking Fitz’s kool aid. Pretty lame. There are 3 Rivals guys in the area, Shay, Gabe, and Fitz. Two have proven to have nothing but class and the other one has shown anything but. It’s PATTERSON!!!

          • Alphonse Tooty says:

            Just to be clear … not defending Fitzgerald, so no “kool aid” for me. I was making fun of your choice of words.

  2. Phaedrus says:

    Who drank Tony G’s head?

    KK needs to boot Jack from his golf group….add the 2 Cerner guys and the 2 Glasses and make it a fivesome.

  3. Jim says:

    Few things are more laughable that KK does than telling us what other people say and think in private. It always starts, “I guarantee they were saying…………” When you use the word “guarantee” in context to something you have no way of knowing, you stop expressing an opinion and start claiming you are clairvoyant. What a putz.

  4. Tim says:

    You mean no more “JB” after every sentence from Shannon Sharpe? Thank God!
    And it’s no surprise to me that Kansas fans are up in arms. They get twisted ANYTIME someone says ANYTHING that is not praising their beloved Jayhawks.

  5. Parkins still doesn’t hold a candle to Fesco. My latest “five seconds and click” moment from Fesco today: “How did you learn about making whoopee? Let us know.” SEE-ya. Damn pesky commercials on the other stations.

    • JP says:

      +1 I turned Fescoe on to hear that. What the hell has happened to 610? This kind of juvenile frat boy radio is not going to attract any long term listeners. Just pathetic.

      • I’m not sure what repelled me more — the complete irrelevance of the topic to anything I care about, or the fact that he used the term “whoopee” like he was Bob Eubanks hosting a bad Match Game episode circa ’75. I wasn’t aware that Fesco’s an octogenarian.

  6. JP says:

    As a KU fan, I say quit whining at Seth Davis. KU won and who cares. It’s February, all these teams are starting to hit the wall and are waiting for the postseason. If last night wasn’t a testament to that with Syracuse going down to a bad BC team and Florida barely surviving Auburn, nothing will.

    Tony got the gig because…well he’s Tony G. He will bring in the female demographic, and will give the corporate sterile opinions that most of these shows bring. While I hated Sharpe as a player, I thought his opinions were at least outside the box. He was the one guy that called out Belichek for his lack of sportsmanship when the Patriots lost, and he did call out RG III as a cancer, when all the other pundits were whining when Shanahan benched him. I thought Marino deserved to go, because he brought nothing, but Sharpe was a decent analyst. He will land somewhere.

  7. Asswhole Grammer Chekker says:

    Playing basketball and winning all or most of your games is a HELLUVA lot easier cross to bear than being BC or TCU

    fixed it for you.

  8. John says:

    I was listening to the 610 late show last week and I think they were talking about some girl who is single but she’s hot and she doesn’t know why she’s single. It was a non sports take of course and I turned it off before I got to my destination. I went into the store for about 20 minutes came back into my car and turned it back to 610 and they are STILL, still…STILL talking about dating and other non sports topics. Really?! I agree with JP. I have no idea what has happened to 610 but I’m just not interested. Even worse, even the Border Patrol is doing the same and I’m tired of them too.

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