OTC: Chargers Chill Broncos In Denver / Chiefs & Raiders Renew Rivalry / Is Twitter Twouble?

“Mark my words, write it down. The Chiefs are not going on the road and making it to the Super Bowl! They are not that kind of team! They HAVE to play at home! I have zero hope that the Chiefs are the one seed! Zero!”
Kevin Kietzman, last week in another attack on Andy Reid’s in-game decisions, 810 AM
GH: How bold is it to write down a team that was 2-14 last season isn’t going to the Super Bowl this year? Not very. I am going to guess KK didn’t have the Phillip Rivers-led Chargers winning in Denver Thursday night either. Strange things happen in sports and none more strange than what happens in the NFL.

“Do not consider this a prediction, but the longheld theory here is that if the Chargers are ever to win a Super Bowl, they’ll have to do it is an underdog and probably a heavy underdog. San Diego’s foremost sports teams shouldn’t be allowed to just march to any title, given how ridiculously gorgeous the weather and scenery are here. Something starkly opposite is what it’ll take. A blemish-laden jaunt to the playoffs no one saw coming, say. All told, enough luck to make a leprechaun blush.”
Tom Krasovic, columnist, utsandiego.com
GH: I love this excerpt from Krasovic’s column. Just a great piece of sports writing in my book.

“Mike McCoy, Mr. Milquetoast, went conservative at end. Got bailed out by a turnover. Props to Chargers, who are better than Chiefs.”
Mark Kiszla, @markkiszla, Twitter
GH: Kiszla just loves to poke at Chiefs fans. Even when we aren’t a part of the game.

“It’s all just in the will to win, to help us win! Where else would you want to be on a Thursday night than in Denver Colorado playing the Denver Broncos with 53 of your favorite buddies? It’s awesome!”
Phillip Rivers, in an bolo-tie-wearing, animated and energetic postgame interview on the NFL Network
GH: If you stayed with the TNF game’s postgame coverage, you got to see a version of Phillip Rivers that I did not know existed. What a fun frenetic freak this guy is! He made Deion and Michael Irvin look and sound like choirboys.

“I’ve seen Philip Rivers play twice in person…the 2003 Tangerine Bowl against KU, and Sunday against the Chiefs.  In those two games, he’s thrown for 13 yards short of a half mile and 8 TDs.  I’ve seen several QBs two or more times in person, and the only one to top Rivers’ yardage was Asheiki Preston—who I watched for two seasons at KU.”
Reader Matt, OTC email

“I go hide someplace because those people know what I look like.”
Len Dawson, on the Chiefs playing at Oakland this Sunday, 810 AM
GH: Imagine being Lenny Dawson at the Oakland Coliseum. This is the guy, along with the late Ben Davidson, who is the reason for the long, storied Chiefs/Raiders rivalry. It’s pretty cool that we still have a living piece of that history still walking amongst us.

“I think this is a guy who is going to continue to get better. I think he has a lot of upside.”
Bill Maas, on Donald Stephenson’s play at left tackle, 610 AM
GH: Are the Chiefs better without Branden Albert in the lineup? The offensive production sure has taken off with the second-year Stephenson anchoring the left side.

“First of all…any shock that Albert is (injured) on the field again…he gives us a pee break every game.”
Danny Clinkscale, @dcwhb, during a recent Chiefs game, Twitter

“(Stephenson) has gotten better every chance that he has had to play. You forget that he’s a second-year player. You’re going to have some ups and downs with him. We understand that, (he’s a) young guy. He’s talented. He’s trying every day to get better.”
Andy Reid, Kansas City Star

“Covering media, at this point there’s almost not a day that goes by where somebody isn’t saying something spectacularly stupid on the air. That said, upon seeing the clip (of Jack Harry) in my opinion it’s very hard not to believe he used the word ‘Gayhawks.’”
Richard Deitsch, SI.com media columnist, in an interview with Bob Fescoe, 610 AM

“It’s pretty rare that I read stuff that comes back to me on Twitter. Most of it’s bad. I’m not going to spend my whole life reading things from mean people on Twitter.”
Kevin Kietzman, citing some tweets to him who said his fall on the ice Friday morning was an act of karma for supporting Jack Harry over “GayhawksGate,” 810 AM

“Twitter is a cesspool of negativity.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: I find Twitter absolutely delightful and informative. Are there some Jackmunches on there? Sure, but they add to the ambiance as well. How hard is it to scroll past a tweet?

“If you’re not going to play Nebraska, there’s no other team in the Big Ten that I’d rather play than Michigan.”
Stan Weber, on K-State’s bowl opponent, 810 AM
GH: I think a lot of KSU and NU fans were hoping for these two old Big 8 foes to get paired in the Holiday Bowl. Michigan will be a good test and a great win for KSU if they get it. Nebraska gets a repeat of last year’s foe with another bout against Georgia. I saw a tweet from the SEC that showed 49 states picked Georgia to win that one.

“Next year there will be 5-7 teams in bowls.”
Dennis Dodd, on the increased number of bowls coming in 2014, 810 AM

“Cliff Alexander, #3 high school player and Kansas commit, had a CRAZY triple-double tonight: 30 Pts, 24 Reb, 15 Blk.”
@SportsCenter, Twitter
GH: Just in case any Jayhawk fans needed a pick-me-upper…

“Earmuffs kids…”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: I am one of the last guys to be offended by what is said on the radio – but SSJ’s “earmuff” news stories are almost always channel turners for me. Not because they’re crude but rather they’re stupid. Am I asking too much of my morning radio personalities to use wit to entertain rather than tit?

and Twitter / @greghall24

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Software guy who has been writing my Off The Couch column in KC newspapers, publications and websites since 1994. Has been bounced from some of the finest media establishments this side of State Line Road. Dad first and everything else second...and there are a lot of everything elses.
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29 Responses to OTC: Chargers Chill Broncos In Denver / Chiefs & Raiders Renew Rivalry / Is Twitter Twouble?

  1. Jeff Gelski says:

    The “earmuff” stories used to make me feel like I was at a junior high lunch table. Then I started changing the radio dial and avoided the annoyance.

    • Biff says:

      Morning sports radio sucks in KC. 610/Fescoe is awful. The 810 morning show use to be good, now it is a joke. Its like they avoid talking about sports and you can’t have your kid in the car when the show is on. They need to clean it up.
      I don’t think Nate and SSJ get along, seems like they ignore each other.
      Hope 610 gets some new people next year.

      • Jess says:

        agreed. 610 doesn’t even try. The morning show blows, the afternoon guys voices sound like they have not made it through puberty yet, and 810 is the same crap day in and day out. KK is mailing it in, SSJ is a mess, and Petro goes in to stat geek mode and that is a dial turner every time for me.

  2. I’d never fully realized it before, Greg, but you’re an Anti-Titite. For the record, I find the “earmuff” warnings themselves much more annoying than the body part stories that always follow, which are rather hit and miss. But then again, I’m not an Anti-Titite.

  3. brett says:

    to each their own- the ear muff stories entertain me on a slow news day. the croatian elephant tattoo was hilarious.

    • Rico_suave says:

      we Croatians can get a li’l wacky sometimes —

      be getting a tattoo THERE?? ouch!!

      he musta been chuggin’ the slivovitz BIGTIME!

  4. Phaedrus says:

    Greg, Im guessing if the negativity was directed towards you, then you wouldn’t find twitter so appealing.

    Unless I’m missing something (and Im not on twitter, so I could be), you don’t receive many tweets saying you suck at your job

    • Greg Hall says:

      I probably don’t receive anywhere near the tweets (pro or con) that KK has directed toward him but I am not immune to readers sometimes harshly critiquing my work. But why would Kevin or I expect anything less? My OTC column is not written with a lot of concern for those who find themselves quoted. I expect that some people would take offense at my words. KK has a promo on 810 that states, “Aren’t you glad he doesn’t evaluate your work?” (or something close to that.) Kevin invites harsh and at times rude commentary because that is how he presents himself and his show.

  5. Alphonse Tooty says:

    KK is too thin-skinned to be on Twitter. But, he’s right that there’s lot of idiots there who are now empowered to speak their mind. I’ve always thought Greg’s infatuation with Twitter was kind of creepy.

  6. Arte says:

    With all due respect to the great Len Dawson, but can’t imagine too many Raider fans know what he looks like now.

  7. Mike says:

    I think kk’s entire ice story was a setup to whine about Twitter. Once the track of his monologue became crystal-clear to me, I turned off his show, which was only on because Petro’s show was the lead-in to it.
    When you act as a provocateur, a polarizing figure in the public sphere, it’s inevitable that those types will get pushback. And yet KK cries and whines when it’s him on the receiving end. I’ll say this: he sure loves playing the victim card (see: building rail, Tim Grunhard. Etc.).
    Second–who the hell tries to elicit sympathy for a slip on the ice by posting it on Twitter? KK, you big dummy. Also angle for sympathy from strangers by telling us how you burned your tongue by eating hot soup, too.

  8. Art Vandelay says:

    Glad I’m not the only one. When I hear the “porn” music start to fade in, that’s my cue to button-punch.

  9. Mysterious.j says:

    Anyone with taste needs earmuffs for morning sports radio in Kansas City, period.

  10. Ward says:

    Apparently, “Kiszla” is German for “Douchebag”

  11. Steve Dean says:

    Ugg, TBP’s stupid Friday morning ‘game’ is the most sophomoric thing on KC radio. Nothing worse than stupid people cracking up over their dumb jokes. I used to get frustrated, but then I learned to stop listening to their show.

    I’m much happier now.

  12. Ride with the Devil says:

    My two sons 7 and 8 listen to Howard Stern on Sirius/XM every morning. We especially like it when he has a porn star in the studio riding the sibian. It is much better than listening to any of the FM shock jocks or the sports radio clowns in the morning.

    BTW….I kid for those who think I am serious.

  13. rico_suave says:

    Hearing that KC local yokel Jack Harry got away with denying he said ‘gayhawks’..

    radio jock Don Imus now claims he actually referred to that Rutgers women’s hoops team as;

    “happy-headed does”-

    as in deers merrily frolicking on a glistening meadow.

  14. Joe Blow says:

    I’ve seen Philip Rivers play twice in person…the 2003 Tangerine Bowl against KU, and Sunday against the Chiefs. In those two games, he’s thrown for 13 yards short of a half mile and 8 TDs. I’ve seen several QBs two or more times in person, and the only one to top Rivers’ yardage was Asheiki Preston—who I watched for two seasons at KU.

    Did any of them cry or whine repeatedly as much as Philip Rivers does about regular season success?

  15. Biff says:

    I don’t think many fans think Chiefs will make the Super Bowl. MU and the Chiefs had easy schedules this year so they got a lot wins, MU was proven a fraud and the Chefs may also. . Chiefs may win one home playoff game but that is about it.

  16. Harry Balczak says:

    That is a sad commentary on KC Sports talk radio.

  17. Kansas Marine says:

    Kevin benefits from being the lead act of the first all-sports radio station in KC. If you actually pay attention, he knows very little about sports outside of Kansas State. Not only that, but his ratings have plummeted over the past few years.

  18. Jared says:

    Apparently, Old Man Kissel has hijacked Hot Carl’s account.

  19. Biff says:

    Good ratings do not mean he is good.. It has more to do with 610 the only competition is a joke and has no clue what they are doing. I have no idea who is on 610 now they change every few months and the always suck. KK is better then what ever turd they have on 610.

    • JP says:

      I will say this for KK and 810, they are the go to place whenever a big story breaks and you are in the car. They have done a good job of developing that niche. If that was their goal, mission accomplished.

      It doesn’t mean what they are doing radio wise is quality. KK’s show is definitely too much K State and Coaches Teleconference and Grilling segments. He knows very little about the NFL and MLB and his opinions show in that department. However, someone must be listening to him, because they keep getting good ratings.

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