OTC: Chiefs Administer Capital Punishment In DC / Are The Chiefs The Next Ravens?

“I care about winning playoff games. I care about beating good teams. Beating Washington means nothing to me.”
Danny Parkins, after the Chiefs blowout win over the Redskins, 610 AM

“Nothing against the Chiefs but I’m not sure there was a worse display this year – in front of the home crowd no less.”
Andrew Brandt, ESPN NFL analyst, 810 AM

“My theory and I’m sticking to it: Mike Shanahan wants to get fired in Wash. Getting trashed 45-10 by Chiefs? Not sure he’s very upset.”
Mark Kiszla, @markkiszla, Twitter
GH: There is a lot of drama yet to play out in Washington between their owner, head coach and franchise quarterback. But Soren Petro made a good point last week about one of Dick Vermeil’s locker room signs – “Keep losing teams losing.” Even a bad team with a lot of drama can beat you if you let them see some opportunity. Credit to Andy Reid and the Chiefs for making sure the Redskins never saw even a glimpse of hope.

“Here’s what you take away from that (win in Washington). This Chiefs team last year would have played down to that level of the Redskins. … This is a young team still learning how to win.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM

“This season..The Chiefs have 10 returns for touchdowns…2 punts..2 ko’s..2 fumbles…4 int.’s…”
Frank Boal, @realfrankboal, Twitter
GH: If you drafted the Chiefs defense for your fantasy football team, you probably know all of this already. If the Chiefs are going to get into the Super Bowl this season, they will likely need some score from their defense and special teams.

“Chiefs can clinch by beating 4-9 Raiders in Oakland. Or they clinch if either Baltimore (at Lions) or Miami (home vs. NE) loses.”
Adam Teicher, @adamteicher, Twitter
GH: It is getting easier. This week the Chiefs don’t need to scoreboard watch – except in Oakland.

“From what I’ve seen when (Donald Stephenson) is in the lineup, that’s a better offensive line.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: The much-maligned Chiefs’ offensive line looks to suddenly be jellying with Donaldson replacing Branden Albert on the left side. This young offensive line could be what Reid builds his offense around for the next five years, freeing up draft picks for much needed skill players.

“I like this Knile Davis. He’s nifty.”
Solomon Wilcox, color analyst for the Chiefs/Redskins game, on the Chiefs second-string running back out of Arkansas, CBS
GH: Davis has gone from a fumbler to confident running back in the span of a few months. With Stephenson and Davis and Quintin Demps now contributing, this Chiefs team is different from the one that won nine games in a row. It’s better.

“We know the (recent) past winners of the Super Bowl all hit their strides in the month of December, the Giants and Baltimore a season ago.”
Kevin Harlan, on the Chiefs rolling the Redskins on the road and breaking their three-game losing streak in November, CBS
GH: Are we looking at the same late-blooming team in our Chiefs? Alex Smith looks far more comfortable and even Dwayne Bowe might be breaking out of his season-long funk. The Chiefs lost twice to Denver and a heartbreaker to the Chargers. I kind of think the NFL has forgot about the Chiefs. That might play to motivate the Chiefs well come playoffs time.

“KC Chiefs will scalp the Redskins – feed them whiskey – Send 2 reservation.”
Sign at Sonic in Belton, MO
GH: I heard Steven St. John mention that this sign should not reflect poorly on Belton or the people who live in Belton. This sign reflects poorly not only on Belton but Kansas City! How many people drove into this Sonic and didn’t mention how crude and embarrassingly racist this sign was to a Sonic employee? How was it that no other Sonic employee saw this as a problem?

“VP of Public Relations Patrick Lenow told NBC News that the unnamed employee is known for creative signs, but that this one was ‘in poor taste.’ The sign was taken down hours later and the employee was ‘very apologetic,’ according to Lenow.”
GH: Hours later? The employee who created the sign is a dumb ass and the manager who allowed this sign to become the embarrassment it is should be sent over to KSHB 41 News to work with Jack Harry.

“Wait, is that the Missouri defense out there for the Lions?”
Tony Bruno, @TonyBrunoShow, Twitter

“Hard pressed to remember a more entertaining, intense Sunday of NFL football.”
Rich Eisen, @richeisen, Twitter
GH: I love football. I hope the concussions and blown knees don’t steal it from my retirement years.

“This week is exhibit A why no one should bet the NFL. And I’ll never stop.”
Danny Parkins, @DannyParkins, Twitter
GH: There was a time my single friends and I met each Friday night for “Lock Sessions” to pour over the weekend games and their betting lines. We would live and die through the college games and then try and get back healthy with the NFL slate. One particular Tuesday stands out in my memory. I walked into the Omaha National Bank and withdrew $330 to pay my bookie. This was 1977 when $350 was three month’s rent. I swore I was done betting football and I never placed another bet. Getting married helped. Getting married helped me stay alive.

“That makes it 11 consecutive 10-win seasons for Bill Belichick and the Patriots.”
Dan Wetzel , @DanWetzel, Twitter
GH: Wetzel left out a very important variable in his tweet about the Patriots’ streak. A guy named Tom Brady. Has there ever been an NFL player who made more millions for more coaches and front office personnel than Brady?

“Ben Roethlisberger asked why Steelers didn’t run as much in the second half. Says, ‘No idea. Coach Haley’s over there. You can ask him.’”
Aditi Kinkhabwala, @AKinkhabwala, Twitter
GH: I hope Todd Haley remembers to send a Christmas card to Kurt Warner each year.

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13 Responses to OTC: Chiefs Administer Capital Punishment In DC / Are The Chiefs The Next Ravens?

  1. Jim says:

    Football coaches and baseball managers who think THEY are the reason their teams win games and not the talent on the field remind me of fat, sweaty old farts with a 7-figure bank account that think their looks and personality is what attracts the beautiful women half their age. Yeeeeeeah, right.

  2. MightyMo says:

    I was surprised by the Chiefs performance – and proud. Clearly this team is not content to be a wild card team. It doesn’t mean they will win the Superbowl or beat Denver anytime soon, but this team is proud, motivated and plays hard. Physical and mental toughness alone are reason enough to love what you see this season.

  3. FJH says:

    The Chiefs receivers looked more “crisp” in that slop, than they have all year – in good weather. We would have beat Denver if they played like that!

  4. Kyle says:

    I love how people like Prisco pick the Chiefs to lose to the Skins and then they clobber them and it’s, well the Redskins weren’t interested in playing. Has any road team in the NFL won by a bigger margin this year? The Chiefs were 2.5 point favorites. That was an impressive performance.

  5. rico_suave says:

    not sure which team had the “worst defense in the world” this weekend –

    Washington.. or ..Mizzou

    • Ride with the Devil says:

      How about the worst team at any level of football. Can you say Kansas Jayhawks Rico?

  6. JP says:

    That is how you beat a bad team. I agree with Mass, I don’t think the last few year’s teams would have done this. It would have gone to the 4th quarter. Reid has built a good team that now is doing well in all 3 phases. Probably not a Super Bowl team, but still a Playoff win is looking more possible.

  7. Harry Balczak says:

    Re the Sonic sign in Belton- Perhaps it is time to end the Native American related garb being worn to Chiefs games as well as the horrific tomahawk chop, which was originated by Florida State anyway…

  8. The Independent Rage says:

    I think the snow probably penetrated Haley’s hobo cap, dripped into his eyes, and affected his ability to read his playcall card correctly. Ben should know that.

  9. Kerouac says:

    Chiefs/Redskins… a nothing game by a nothing team vs a nothing opponent resulting in… nothing.

    No post season clinch – “c’mon, lose BALT & MIA” said the Chiefs Kingdom guy, all game long it appeared. No way, Jose (as if the Chiefs haven’t had it easy enough already 2013, a cupcakes on parade schedule, weakest in the entire NFL.

    0-3 against the only legit teams it has played all season, DEN x 2 & SD, and 10-0 vs the worst/rest of them. Two more losses at minimum to both IND & SD appending my opine, the game in OAK on Sunday too is one KC can lose just as easy as they might win it, Chiefs looking ahead to their last two opponents IND & SD.

    KC was out-gained in total yards, rushing yards, passing yards, and 1st downs by OAK in their first game, Raiders even led in the game 7-0 at the start. Win, lose or draw, it won’t be an easy game for erstwhile KCinderella… bring on the ho-hum one & done post season routine, ours.

  10. Mark X says:

    What a strange game. The Chiefs looked as if they were running on dry Astro turf, the ‘Skins looked as if they were playing on a muddy, snowy, wet field …

    I’m glad no one checked the Chief’s cleats …

  11. Brian Mills says:

    Greg expects more intelligence out of this nation’s Sonic employees. Good luck.

  12. Hot Carl says:

    Sure, Washington sucks but Chiefs won a game they should have won and they did it in convincing fashion. No telling what will happen down the road but I like the direction they’re headed in.

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