OTC: Chiefs Are 8-0 But KC Sports Talk Feels The Need To Be Negative Nancys

“Man, there are some folks who rooted for a 2-14 team last year that are really frustrated being 8-0 now.”
Sam Mellinger, @mellinger, Twitter
GH: And some of their names are Jack Harry, Kevin Kietzman, Danny Parkins and Soren Petro. I listened to all four of these sports talk jocks bemoan the play of the 8-0 Chiefs as if the Grim Reaper were waiting just above the Chiefs locker room door. Are the Chiefs a great 8-0 team? Hell, no. Does it matter how they’ve won or who they’ve beaten to get to 8-0? Hell, no.

“Alex Smith isn’t just average when he’s blitzed or under pressure. He’s terrible! I think it’s going to be a problem all year.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: It sure has been a problem – Smith is only 8-0 and finding ways to win each week. How can Parkins say Smith is terrible under pressure when he was here last season to watch Matt Cassel’s duck-and-cover method of handing pocket pressure? I haven’t seen Smith drop into the fetal position once this season. Progress, baby!

“We’re not going for Miss America. That’s not what we’re going for, it’s W’s.”
Andy Reid, as he and his team celebrated their eighth straight win this season, KMBC.com
GH: Reid’s Chiefs look more to me like the Mrs. Olathe kind of gal – a little rough around the edges with plenty of cushy curves in the clench.

“It’s not flashy but it’s pure football at its finest. It’s kind of fun to watch when you delve into it.”
Louis Riddick, former NFL player and current NFL analyst for ESPN, as a guest on The Border Patrol, 810 AM
GH: Riddick called Andy Reid’s offensive attack, “death by a thousand cuts.” He said he marvels at how Reid continues to use the limited weapons available to him to give his team third-and-short situations with power dives, screen passes to Jamaal Charles and quick-pitch sweeps.

“This is what concerns me about the Chiefs; we know they can play defense, but come playoff time…can they score enough points come playoff time to win?”
Shannon Sharpe, CBS
GH: Playoffs? Playoffs? We’re 8-0, baby! The question the NFL should be asking is can the opposition score more than 17 points on this Chiefs’ D come playoffs.

“I’ve been here since ’01 and I haven’t missed a home game. This is the best season ever! Tailgates are wilder. Games are louder.”
Ryan Henry, Chiefs fan, WDAF TV4
GH: I know the Chiefs look to have some holes in their pursuit of the Super Bowl but does that really matter right now? Who expected this? I’m glad Ryan and the Arrowhead crazies are enjoying it for now each week.

“We found some folks growing Andy Reid mustaches. Others have their lucky Chiefs gear – some of these guys aren’t even washing them! Fans are doing anything they can to keep the Chiefs winning.”
Rob Collins, reporter, WDAF TV4
GH: I’m not sure not washing Chiefs gear is a superstitious thing. I think it’s more of a Kansas City Chiefs’ fan thing.

“They have very quickly reestablished an identify they had lost. We get caught up in stats and who did what but I like that they got their identity back. They got their swagger back. They are looked at on a national stage again and they are really relevant. As a Chiefs fan, that’s something that’s really good. Take a step back and say, ‘Hey, we mean something again.’ ”
Caller Dale, on Bob Fescoe’s Show, 610 AM
GH: Somebody get Dale a sports talk show in Kansas City.

“It doesn’t seem to me that (the Chiefs) ever win in Buffalo. If you haven’t been following the Bills, they are better than people thought. This is a scary game for the Chiefs.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Maybe Reid should call the NFL and forfeit?

“I’ve never seen the Chiefs lose.”
Vahe Gregorian, who joined The Kansas City Star earlier this year after writing for The St. Louis Post-Dispatch for 25 years
GH: Gregorian has only been covering the Chiefs since this summer so his sample size is not seamhead worthy. But compare the devastation and destruction that Jason Whitlock’s arrival to Kansas City brought to this burg’s sports franchises in 1994 and I like this St. Louis guy’s karma.

“This is a tough game (for the Chiefs at Buffalo). This is a game that could jump up and bite you.”
Herm Edwards, 810 AM
GH: I like how the national pundits are calling for the Chiefs to drop their first game this Sunday in Buffalo. Many believe the pressure to arrive in Denver as an undefeated team is just too much for the Alex Smith-led Chiefs. I am not one of them.

“Tony Gonzalez is just sitting there to be had. There is no way you can tell me that the Atlanta Falcons wouldn’t want to trade him. I don’t care about next year’s fifth-round draft choice.”
Kevin Kietzman, urging the Chiefs to add the future HOF tight end before the trade deadline, 810 AM

“I’ve never seen a guy (like Tony Gonzalez) with that limited amount of athleticism left in the in the tank be that devastating (on game day).”
Sam Monson, with ProFrooballFocus.com, in an interview with Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: Monson said Gonzo has no speed, no agility and can’t separate from any defenders. He also went on to say all Tony can do is catch everything thrown at him. What a storyline that would be if the Human Hair Dryer returned to the Chiefs for a crack at the Super Bowl.

“I’ve never seen as many good quarterbacks as we have this year (in college football).”
Lou Holtz, ESPN
GH: The Chiefs officially lost their second-round draft pick in next year’s draft with their eighth win Sunday. Will they use their first-rounder on one of these talents college QBs? Kevin Kietzman and I sure hope so.

“(Dez Bryant’s) behavior on the sideline is unacceptable! I don’t care what the circumstances. This is an emotional game but this is where you’re supposed to be at your best. When emotions run high, you’re supposed to be at your calmest. Just play football!”
Shannon Sharpe, on the out-of-control sideline antics by Dallas’ wide-receiver, CBS
GH: Bryant looked like a young guy who will look back on his temper tantrum someday and hopefully be embarrassed. Not everyone was as upset with Bryant as Sharpe. Read on.

“I think you’re dealing with a very emotional competitive guy. They need him down the stretch if they want to get where they want to go.”
Bill Cowher, CBS
GH: The Chiefs might be willing to put up with a few of Bryant’s sideline f-bombs…

“He is the only guy on that team that plays with that kind of passion. The only guy. There is a way to channel it, but I love the passion. There is nothing wrong with what he did.”
Deion Sanders, NFL Network

“(Bryant) doesn’t have a problem with Jason Witten. He doesn’t have a problem with Tony Romo. He wants the football. For years we talked about people on the sideline of the Dallas Cowboys having no passion, no leadership and it seems like they don’t care. Now we get a guy with maybe a little too much passion and he doesn’t know how to exactly display it in front of a TV audience, but now we are going to go and say, ‘Get rid of all the passion you have?’ No, it is absolutely crazy.”
Michael Irvin, former Cowboys receiver, Dallasnews.com
GH: I love the “too much passion” defense that is being lobbed in Bryant’s defense. The guy acted the fool. Sharpe was right to call him out.

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25 Responses to OTC: Chiefs Are 8-0 But KC Sports Talk Feels The Need To Be Negative Nancys

  1. Twy's Gibman says:

    Greg – good point about Whitlock. I hadn’t thought about it, but neither the Royals or Chiefs have truly contended for anything since he showed up. As far as the Chiefs and Reid, I’m pretty sure Big Red could get away with calling Gates bbq trash water right now. The guy can coach, and a deep playoff run would be very fun to watch. I think they can do it!

  2. Kyle says:

    “It doesn’t seem to me that (the Chiefs) ever win in Buffalo. If you haven’t been following the Bills, they are better than people thought. This is a scary game for the Chiefs.”
    Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM

    This is exactly the kind of crap that pisses me off. So after the Chiefs beat the Bills, idiots like Harry and Clinkscale will get on the air and say “well, they won, but they beat a bad team. Buffalo is just bad!” Teams are “good” and “scary” the week leading up to the game, but then when your defense dismantles them and makes them look lost, well, all you did was beat a bad team. I am continually amazed by 80% of the media’s complete and utter idiocy.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Kyle, they do the same crap to Kansas State in football, MU in football, and KU in basketball. Every noticed that? Less so with KU basketball, but they do it KSU and Mizzou constantly.

  3. MightyMo says:

    This team reminds me of the 1995 team. A lot of great defense, and just enough offense. Winning many games by 3, 6, or 7, with a QB nobody wants to love, but doesn’t screw it up. But the key is “winning many games”. Party on.

  4. Uncle Dick says:

    The Chiefs are just the opposite of an Olathe gal- plenty of offense, and no defense.

  5. JP says:

    Clinkscale, Harry, Petro, KK-Each one will always find the tiniest negative thing to digest and state. I would rather listen to any of our posters than those morons. Petro can’t even make good football picks and he’s GOD’s GIFT TO FOOTBALL ANALYSIS, Please!!It’s almost like they are embarrassed that the Chiefs are winning.

    This is the negative KC attitude that Greg was talking about in previous columns. I’m sick of it. The team is 8-0, I will listen to someone if they want to critique their Super Bowl chances or maybe winning a postseason game. But if you’re telling me they are going to lose in Buffalo. I think yesterday’s game scares them into their best performance of the season, and they owe Buffalo. The guy I went with yesterday called this season a “Redemption Tour”. We took care of winning in Florida, beating the Cowboys and the Raiders at Arrowhead, why not a big decisive win in Buffalo. The team is winning, screw the sports media. They never get anything right anyway.

    BTW, great analysis by Twy on Whitlock, maybe he put a curse on us.

  6. nick says:

    KYLE said: “So after the Chiefs beat the Bills, idiots like Harry and Clinkscale will get on the air and say ‘well, they won, but they beat a bad team. Buffalo is just bad!’ Teams are ‘good’ and ‘scary’ the week leading up to the game, but then when your defense dismantles them and makes them look lost, well, all you did was beat a bad team.”


    The AFC will have JUST ONE team representing in the Super Bowl. The doom and gloomer sports hacks around the country know they will almost ALWAYS be right when they predict playoff failure.

    It’s easy. And lazy.

    All I know is that Brady, Manning, Luck and Dalton don’t have KC’s defense. And if their teams don’t run off a big string of wins, they’re not gonna have home-field advantage either.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      “Home field advantage is vastly overrated.” signed the Pittsburgh Steelers and NY Giants, Super Bowl Champions that were wild cards

  7. Gavin says:

    I don’t get it, Greg. Last week you bash Tom Keegan for being too much of a homer (which is a fair criticism, btw. He does seem to find reasons to be hopeful that maybe the rest of us don’t see) and now this week you’re all over Petro, Parkins, etc. for being too negative. I’m sure there’s a happy middle ground that will satisfy you but do you even know where it is? Because to me, most of the criticism being lodged is pretty fair. Alex Smith DOES have trouble with a blitz. I think it *IS* a concern with the offense’s apparent inability to score points and how that might hurt the team in the playoffs. I also am, of course, glad, even giddy, over the Chiefs’ current record. But to me, it feels as if you’re bashing homers on one hand and then griping about guys who aren’t giddy enough on the other.

  8. Joe Blow says:

    Mellinger is one of the main people telling you how bad the Chiefs really are, then castigates people for not being happy about it..

  9. Chauncey says:

    Quit bein feeble-minded, the Chiefs have a good team up in here, they ain’t goin nowhere they ain’t having no white bags on their bed. I got a reputation for puttimg people out.

  10. MrOlathe says:

    Hey GH….my wife takes offense to your disparaging comments about her. She would like you to take a look at Mrs. Belton, Mrs. Blue Springs, and especially Raytown Sally!

  11. nick says:

    I don’t think wet-blanket comments are valid this year. Pioli/Haley/Crennel was a nightmare. No criticism can dampen how great it is to have an 8-0 team.

    All teams have flaws. I like that KC’s flaw is that our QB is merely smart, safe, athletic and not a great downfield passer.

  12. Biff says:

    I don’t listen to sports talk much but the Chiefs have been lucky this year. The NFL makes so bad teams last year have an easy schedule this year. , Smith looks like an average QB that can run some. The offense is still just Charles and not much else. The D looks good but have played a lot of back up QBs. The Chiefs are barely wining games. they should win by a lot.
    This team will make the playoffs but win maybe only one game. we have seen this before.

    • Kyle says:

      What do these numbers have in common? 26, 24, 17, 10, 9? Those are the margins of victory in 5 of their 8 games. That is not barely winning. The last 2 games have been close, but for God sakes folks, this is the freaking NFL. Did anyone watch the juggernaut Seahawks last night? Playing a bad team with a backup QB, they barely escaped and had 135, yes 135! yards of offense. Jason Campbell is hands down the best QB on the Browns roster. You can fault the coaching staff for just realizing this, but if their “#1″ QB would have played the Chiefs probably would have won by 3 TD’s. Would anyone have been happy to get out of the Colts playoff game in 1995 with a 23-17 win? Winning is all that matters and that’s what they are doing.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        Gotta agree with Kyle here. While it might now carry them to a Super Bowl victory, the Chiefs are playing well. And I like how the NFL is set up as far as SOS. It’s what makes the league great. A team can be turned around in a short period of time and isn’t destined to suck forever. if they do suck, it’s because of poor management.

  13. AaronB4Mizzou says:

    It dawned on me yesterday, sometime during my Mizzou post game loss hangover…the Chiefs have already clinched at least a .500 record. I don’t care if they win the games ugly by 1 point and Alex Smith throws for 50 yards, if the win, take and be thrilled! This Chiefs team is great to watch. Now if Sutton would have called Mizzou’s defense on that 4th & 15…

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