OTC: Chiefs Bear-ly Beat Chicago / Annual BCS Bowl Bitching

 Dexter McCluster #22 Of The Kansas City Chiefs Moves“How hopeless is it when Hanie’s your best hope?”
Headline in Chicago Tribune
GH: I thought we would take a look at what the Chicago media is saying about the Chiefs scintillating 10-3 win over the Bears. The Bears woes, especially after the loss of their star running back Forte, are not unlike those of the Chiefs. Read on.

“I’m impressed with what the Chiefs did. I’m impressed with the coaching.”
Soren Petro, on the Chiefs win in Chicago, 810 AM
GH: This is another reason I decided to cover the Chiefs/Bears game from the Chicago side.

“The Chiefs were one of the three remaining cupcakes that would help get the Bears to 10 wins and a likely playoff spot. Instead, this was pathetic. This was comical. Embarrassing. A joke. A disaster in so many ways. … This was the Chiefs team that had lost four in a
row, hadn’t scored a touchdown in 45 possessions, and started a backup
quarterback who had thrown three interceptions in each of his last two starts.”
Steve Rosenbloom, columnist, Chicago Tribune
GH: Hard to argue with any of that. I watched this entire game. I have no idea why, except that I needed to be informed to write about our hometown Chiefs. This was brutal football. Replacement football wasn’t this bad. The Chiefs and Bears are doing their part
to make me eager for the start of the NBA season – and that is a Hail Mary
miracle in itself.

“The Bears don’t defend Hail Marys differently than anyone else. Everyone teaches batting the ball down when you can’t make a clean interception. What they missed was
getting a body on McCluster.”
Brag Biggs, writer, on the Chiefs miracle 38-yard TD catch just before the end of the first half in Chicago, Chicago Tribune
GH: I had to take another look at the yardage for McCluster’s Hail Mary catch. Didn’t it look like Tyler Palko wound up and threw that pigskin 60 yards? Maybe that’s just how hard Palko needs to work to get a football to fly 45 yards in the air.

“The Bears couldn’t stop Tyler Palko in 16 plays. Tyler Palko, do you hear me? The guy
shotputs passes, and the Bears let him in the end zone for a halftime lead on
his first NFL TD pass. … It got worse. The Bears defense, the supposed heart of the team, allowed Palko to run a 15-play drive for a field goal in the third quarter. Those two series alone were more plays than the Bears had run total to that point.”
Steve Rosenbloom, columnist, Chicago Tribune
GH: Palko is bad. Dreadful is not too strong a word. But damn, Hanie looked like he came off of Illinois State’s bench.

“Caleb Hanie was awful. Rotten. Horrific and every other synonym for stunk you can think of. … He was a toxic waste dump: 11 of 24 for 133 yards, three interceptions, and a
Rex-like quarterback rating of 23.8 in leading the Bears to a perfect 0-for-11
on third down.”
Steve Rosenbloom, columnist, Chicago Tribune
GH: The Chicago print media can be a bit harsher than our guys here in Kansas City. I sometimes think Scott Pioli handpicked the Chiefs’ job for exactly that reason.

“The knee-jerk reaction is to call for Donovan McNabb. He couldn’t be worse than
Hanie, right? Actually, he could, but even if he isn’t, he’s not a Super Bowl quarterback these days.”
Steve Rosenbloom, columnist, Chicago Tribune
GH: I heard Jayice Pearson tell Bob Fescoe and Josh Klinger on 610 Sports Monday morning that the Chiefs should consider McNabb. JC said McNabb would be an upgrade over both Palko and Orton. Maybe as a right tackle – but McNabb’s days as an NFL QB are over.

“Tyson Jackson with a sack! More unexpected and miraculous than the Hail Mary!”
Steven St. John, Twitter
GH: The Chiefs had seven sacks against the Bears. Seven. It wasn’t too long ago when they had only six as a team for the entire season. The Chiefs defense is playing Martyball. They are stuffing the run, sacking the quarterback and taking the ball away from the opposition. But watching a good defense makes watching the Chiefs offense all the more

“In my opinion Todd Hailey is one win away from extending his contract. … Firing people is hard.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Soren works in radio. Did he really just say firing people is hard?

“It’s beginning to feel a lot like 16-0 … three of last four are at home for Packers, only road game is at KC.”
Rick Reilly, Twitter
GH: I watched Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers work his art in Sunday’s late afternoon game. Rodgers reminds us that playing quarterback in the NFL is not as difficult as learning Chinese from a Russian. I loved Johnny U. Thought Joe Willie was one helluva leader. Marino could wing it with anybody. Elway and Montana were as good as any at just winning. Brady might be better than all before him. But Aaron Rodgers is playing at a level that I do not believe I have ever witnessed. His accuracy and poise are historically
good. If the Packers are playing, I’m watching.

“I’d prefer to win them all. Why would anyone want to lose?”
Jordy Nelson, Packers WR, following Green Bay’s narrow win over the Giants, ESPN.com
GH: How great of a career is the former K-State walk-on having in the NFL? After some disappointing drops in last year’s Super Bowl, Nelson has become Rodgers’ go-to target when he positively has to have a play.

“That the Sugar Bowl took Virginia Tech…would be most out-of-nowhere at-large pick I can remember.”
Stewart Mandel, Twitter
GH: When it comes to listing the BCS’s “most out-of-nowhere at-large pick,” that is one long inventory. I have long lost my interest in the college bowls. I don’t see any reason to travel to a bowl site, purchase a bowl ticket or even watch any of the bowls that do not contain a team I follow. The BCS has all but killed post-season college football for me.

“Every game counts in college football (except for the LSU-Bama game in Tuscaloosa). Looking forward to the Do-Over Bowl in over a month!!”
Jay Bilas, Twitter
GH: Arkansas is screaming how they were screwed by the BCS. K-State is echoing those same sentiments. The team that really got the BCS shaft is LSU. Their win over Alabama will get them no more than second place if they should split with the Tide when they meet in New Orleans.

“Mizzou could have pursued Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl in San Francisco but chose Independence Bowl b/c of proximity for fans.”
Dave Matter, on why MU chose to go the Shreveport rather than San Francisco, Twitter
GH: I don’t think any more Mizzou fans are going to be traveling to Shreveport than would have booked passage to San Francisco. If I’m a Mizzou player, I’m asking why we’re not going to San Francisco.

“This is going to sound like nails on a chalkboard but I’m merely saying this to tell it like
it is. When Paul Splittorff got sick, the Royals allowed him to broadcast for two years in a capacity that was not particularly professional. The reason they continued to do that was they just didn’t seem to have the stones or couldn’t identify the person to tell him. …That was the dirty little secret that was going on when Paul Splittorff got sick.
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I don’t understand what the “dirty little secret” was in regard to Splitt continuing with the Royals broadcasts. It sure wasn’t a secret that Splitt couldn’t speak very well. What was kept a secret was Kietzman’s opinion about Splitt being allowed to continue.

“When I think about my mom, I think about the thousands and thousands and thousands of people in this town that go to one or two games a year and watch 40, 50 maybe 100
games on television. My mom, she doesn’t want to hear one bad thing about the Royals. And she won’t admit anything bad about them. I try to tell her they’re bad. I try to tell her they’re not going to win as many games as they lose. She won’t have it.”
Kevin Kietzman, discussing Frank White’s comment that he was fired by the Royals because he was too negative about the team, 810 AM
GH: Fans like Kietzman’s mom are going to tune in to watch the Royals no matter who is in the TV booth. And they are going to love whoever broadcasts the games because they love the hometown Royals. The Royals need to attract the non-hardcore Royals fan to their TV broadcasts. If Dayton Moore thinks the booth needs a bigger homer, his taste in
baseball/sports broadcasting is 180 degrees away from mine.

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Software guy who has been writing my Off The Couch column in KC newspapers, publications and websites since 1994. Has been bounced from some of the finest media establishments this side of State Line Road. Dad first and everything else second...and there are a lot of everything elses.
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45 Responses to OTC: Chiefs Bear-ly Beat Chicago / Annual BCS Bowl Bitching

  1. Joe says:

    For the millionth time, I don’t care who is on the radio/tv, I don’t care if Glass lives in Arkansas, I don’t care about the “new” uniforms, etc. – I want to see the Royals win their division and (eventually) be competitive in the playoffs! A winning, playoff caliber team will make all of these issues irrelevant. DM – do what you have to to, just give us a winner! JH

  2. Ken says:

    Tease on Jack Harry-news/sports last night….I have the inside info of the Frank White firing.

    I fell asleep…did he reveal anything new?

    • JP says:

      Dayton Moore denied involvement, and Mad Jack affixed the blame on Dan Glass. In other words, you didn’t miss anything.

  3. JP says:

    I will say one thing positive, the Defense has been playing out of it’s minds the last 2 weeks. Holding Pittsburgh to 13 points (considering 3 Palko INT’s) and holding the Bears under 200 yards and 3 points. Remember this Bears team scored 20 points on the Raiders a week ago. Romeo is doing something right. This is the type of defense I have been waiting for, and it gives the Chiefs something to build upon for next season. With or without Hailey as Head Coach.

    • Hot Carl says:

      I have a feeling Romeo is going to get promoted to the top spot when Pioli fires Todd.

      • Java Man says:

        I hope you’re wrong, Carl. Not sure what promoting a successful defensive coordinator would do to cure this anemic offense. We would hate to see Gunther II.

        • Xavier says:

          Does anyone recall how shitty Romeo was as head coach in Cleveland…God help Chiefs fans everywhere.

          • Scott says:

            Replace “Romeo” with “Belichik” in Xavier’s question. Belichik’s second go-round has turned out pretty well.

          • rick torrey says:

            I think it’s a bad move to take Crennel from something he does really well and move him to the head coach job. Give him a raise, and let the next guy know that Romeo is the DC.

  4. Ptolemy says:

    GH: Arkansas is screaming how they were screwed by the BCS. K-State is echoing those same sentiments. The team that really got the BCS shaft is LSU. Their win over Alabama will get them no more than second place if they should split with the Tide when they meet in New Orleans.

    You’re trying too hard to be cute…that’s almost Kietzman-esque. All one has to know about the bowls is the 5 BCS games divide almost $200 million in payouts – $30-$40 million each game. Cotton Bowl teams split about $7 million. What did Michigan and VaTech do to deserve a year-end bowl bonus of $15 million?

    • Greg Hall says:

      You have to divorce logic from the BCS bowl assignments. Obviously, the season-long play of Arkansas and KSU deserved BSC bids over Michigan and VaTech. But just as obviously this doesn’t always play into the decision makers who pick the bowl opponents. Unless your team gets to the BCS title game, you take your chances you’ll get the “Lew Screw.”

      LSU is the one team that took care of all their business on the field — including a win at Bama. They have the biggest bitch of all that a split costs them the title.

      • Ptolemy says:

        It’s not a split because the second meeting is a different game – a mythical championship game. If Green Bay lost to the Pats in the Super Bowl after beating them in the regular season, would the summary be a split or a championship. $20 million is one heluva consolation prize.

  5. Brencado says:

    Mizzou chose Shreveport because it is squarely in SEC land and a good place to establish recruiting ties in Lousiana. As a Mizzou fan, I am fine with it because I know next year we will get a better bowl due to our association with the SEC…even if we are 6-6. Face it…the SEC is the King and everyone else is just sucking hind tittie.

    How far has the Big XII fallen in the eyes of America? The BCS snub is all you need to know. The Big XII is the new Big East. If Texas decides to bolt…look for it to become Conference USA.

    Also… the Big XII musthave a conference championship game next year or they will get snubbed again. Look for Louisville and Houston (or Cincinnati) to join the conference this winter. Forget BYU.

    • Joe says:

      Yes, all of those Southeastern high school football players dream of playing in the Independence Bowl.

      • Brencado says:

        I’ll take this bowl over no bowl at all. MU is moving on to greater things…get used to it fella…nothing more to see hear.

  6. Mighty Mo says:

    Just curious as to what anonymous bowl the 7th place team in the SEC gets to go to? I hope Southwest flies there.

    • Joe Blow says:

      Well, 6-6 Florida is playing in the Gator Bowl, in Florida. 6-6 Vanderbilt is playing in the Liberty Bowl, in Tennessee. And, the only lower bowl-eligible SEC team traveling out of state is 7-5 Auburn, playing in the Chick-fil-A bowl in Georgia.

      • Joe Blow says:

        I forgot, 6-6 Mississippi State has to travel a whole 5 hours to Nashville for the Music City Bowl.

  7. Orphan of the Road says:

    I agree the BCS has made a shambles of the bowl games. I hardly watch any of them, maybe DVR and fast-forward the ones of interest to me.

    I call the touchdown a McClusterfuck, right out of a Marx Brothers movie.

    Looks like the season will be ending with blood feuds and old rivalries having salt poured on the wounds.

  8. Hokey says:

    Gary Drinkel voted Oklahoma State 4th. One last dig on the way out of the Big 12. Good job sucking up the SEC, sir.

    • Greg Hall says:

      Pinkel can defend his placement of OSU in his rankings all he wants but the appearance of him flipping off the Big 12 as he heads to the SEC is glaring. It shows me just how pissed Mizzou is at the Big 12. It looks a lot like what MU is so upset with KU about in their unwillingness to continue the rivalry — a lot of immature sour grapes.

      • Jimbo says:

        Or OSU could have simply beat Iowa State and Pinkel’s vote wouldn’t have mattered. Oh well.

        • kcredsox says:

          Maybe Alabama should have beat LSU on its home field, instead their kicker pissed down his leg instead of into a cup on the sidelines.

      • kcredsox says:

        I’m sure Pinkel assumed the same thing would happen to Mizzou this year that happened to the Huskers last year. The Big 12 would screw them over on which bowl they would attend. I think Pinkel got out in front of the BS. I still think the Oklahoma State vs Stanford game is going to be the bowl game to watch.

      • Eric W. says:

        OH who gives a shit. If everyone that voted OSU #4 (and Pinkel wasn’t the only one), bumped them up to #3, it STILL wouldn’t have mattered. Bama and LSU were going to the title game regardless. And the treatment of Oklahoma State and KSU by the bowl system in general just underscores the reasons why the Big 12 is a dogshit conference going nowhere fast. Like it or not, Mizzou made the right move. And please Hall, stop with the immature sour grapes crap. Nebraska did nothing BUT spew vitriol when they left. Especially that douchepickle Pearlman. Essentially saying Mizzou scared us into the B1G. What a load of shit. Just tell the truth! We hate Texas, cannot beat them, and the B1G is just a better overall conference for us. It’s more money! Fans would be fine with that.

  9. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Obviously schools have to accept the best bowl bid they can get because of dollar signs and the publicity that they hope aids recruiting, but honest fans have to feel ashamed for needing validation from garbage like the Little Caesar’s Pizza Bowl, the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl, the Beef O’Brady’s Bowl. I’m sure it’s fun to root your team on one last time before the season is over but patting yourself on the back for getting a call from the GoDaddy.com Bowl is like standing at the stoplight taking spare change from some asshole in a Rolls Royce and then waving enthusiastically with a big dirty toothed smile saying “God bless ya sir, God bless ya!” as the light turns green and the tinted window rolls back up.

    • Joe Blow says:

      Yet random fans of other teams will rag constantly about how a university’s fans don’t travel — and, obviously (by extension), don’t support their team — for yet another shitty bowl that means nothing.

  10. smartman says:

    Well at least the Missouri recruiters can tell the kids down south they have a DUI in common with their prospective head coach. Can’t wait for those WILD EYED SOUTHERN BOYS named Gator, Matthieux, Andrieux and Snake to matriculate their inbredneck DNA to Columbia. If ya’ can’t play for the LSU Tigers then the MIZZOORAH TIGAHS is the next best thing. Kinda like havin’ sex with your cousin instead of your sister. Can’t wait for the possum burgers and coondogs at the concession stand.

    Truman the Tiger will look sharp in a Stars and Bars wifebeater.

    I think OSU got cornholed but stop using the deaths of the womens basketball coaches as an excuse for the loss at ISU. What are the chances that any of the kids on the football team knew or even met the women’s basketball coaches? When Brett Favre’s daddy died he played a lights out game to honor him. Why couldn’t OSU have done the same?

    • Brencado says:

      Smartman…I usually enjoy your humor, but you sound like a typical KU douche today. Shreveport may not be a big time bowl destination, but it is a new recruiting territory for MU…which means a nice opportunity for some area HS players, coaches and football fans to see Mizzou up close. I’ll take that vs. playing in front of a bunch of Liberal Occupiers in San Fran. How is KU’s recruiting going….minus a bowl and no coach? Pulling in those 2 stars from Great Bend?

      BTW…You’ll have plenty of chances to see that ‘stars and bars’ wifebeater each week as MU plays on ESPN or CBS vs. FX.

      • Eric W. says:

        If there’s anyone on this board that’s an expert on having sex with their cousins (or their pet sheep), it’s “smartman”. Here’s a guy whose uncle and father are the same man. No branches in that family tree. The Roman Empire had less inbreeding.

  11. nick says:

    To me, Frank White was better than any Royals TV broadcaster by far. Fans like me liked his honesty, laid-back style, and he educated lisners often. No matter how much of a supposed/rumored malcontent he was behind the scenes, the Royals owed their fan base a better way of throwing a Royals legend to the curb.

    Someone might inform Dayton Moore of the international event Kansas City hosts in July. Think it might be a tad embarrassing for Moore and the organization if arguably the most beloved Royals player of all-time is nowhere to be seen on All Star Weekend?

  12. smartman says:

    @brencado. I think it’s gonna be harder than Chinese Algebra for MU to recruit any REAL ballers from SEC land. Weather and HOT CHICKS are out. The facilities aren’t SEC caliber, although I’m sure upgrades are coming.

    Tell me, if you’re a recruiter how are you gonna sell a kid and his parents on coming to MU to play football over any other SEC school? What’s your elevator story?

    • Uncle Dick says:

      You just tell them I-70 is the ganga super highway, Columbia has more Popeye’s Chicken places than Atlanta, the fans will pretend to like them off the field, and Stephens College has a freshman class called Coal Hauling 101.

    • Brencado says:

      Winning football and a wide open offense is attractive. It can’t be any harder than recruiting all those TX kids to come to MU when they could play for TX, TX A&M, Tech, OU and OSU. MU had zero ties to TX just 10 years ago. Now we are deeply rooted in TX. With A&M as our permanent rival, we can keep recruiting the Houston area for sure. We’ll get our share from MS, LA, FL and TN.

    • Eric W. says:

      They said the same shit about Texas when Pinkel started recruiting down there. Just shut up. If you can recruit, you can recruit. Doesn’t matter where you get them from. Will there be a transisiton period of establishing relationships? Yep. But you can bet your ass the MU staff will be getting their share soon enough. You Kansas mouth-breathers need to worry about finding someone to take your shitbag football coaching job, and then whether or not Bevo’s anus is clean enough for his liking.

  13. Super Dave says:

    Kevin Kietzman, My mom, she doesn’t want to hear one bad thing about the Royals. And she won’t admit anything bad about them

    One has to wonder what she really thinks of KK’s show.

  14. Arte says:

    Greg–Did you hear Kietzman’s interview with former Royals TV producer Kevin Shank? It was unbelievable. Kietzman was trying to blame Dayton Moore for everything even when Shank denied it. Here’s a sample:

    Kevin Shank: “I do not believe Dayton had anything to do with my firing.”

    Kietzman: “I cannot believe how shady Dayton is…”

    Shank: “Again, I do not believe Dayton had anything to do with it and it was made by people higher than him.”

    Kietzman: “Oh, I understand Dan Glass has to sign off on deals..”

    Kevin Shank: “Again, I do not believe Dayton had anything to do with it.

    Kietzman: “Are you going to sue the Royals”

    Shank: “I have a one year contract that expires on Oct. 31 and is renewed in the spring.”

    Kietzman: “It is illegal for them to fire you because of Frank?”

    I bet Shank wishes he’d never agreed to go on that show. He was just used as bait.

    • kcredsox says:

      Whatever happened to the radio show host asking questions instead of making statements? I listened to the podcast last night and Shank did a very good job of handling KK. I think firing White and Shank was a shame also, but let the guy who you are interviewing tell you what he feels, don’t try to shove your logic down his throat.

    • Esteban O'Riley says:

      KK’s show is based on conspiracy theories of the host. In KK’s mind, Dayton Moore is the gunman on the grassy knoll and he tried to bait Shank into stating this or leaving it open for speculation. I agree Shank did a good job of avoiding KK’s lowly tactics.

  15. The Independent Rage says:

    This makes me almost want to move to Chicago, at least temporarily. Gotta love a town with sports columnists who use such outright derogatory, colorful language, plus the added bonus of a political system in which every single player is a complete slimeball, regardless of affiliation — topping even the national political system as a whole, which is really saying something. (Now, I’m at least in part basing that on the new Starz series, “Boss” — but I’m betting that Rahm Emanuel and the Daley Dynasty make Kelsey Grammer’s character look like the Pope). If you can’t make me like you, at least enter-damn-tain me, I always say. My kind of town, the Windy City, just so long as I wouldn’t have to become a permanent resident.

  16. Ron says:

    I believe it was demonstrated several years ago that head coaches like Gary Pinkel rarely, if ever, fill out their own ballots for various polls. They have much more important things to do. The ballots are usually filled out by the laundry room attendant or the executive secretary in the athletic department.

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