OTC: Chiefs Do The Impossible And Break KC’s Heart Once Again With 44-45 Colt-lapse

“I’m just a KC sports fan, standing in front of a KC sports team, asking it to love me.”
Kevin Scobee, after the Kansas City Chiefs gave up the second greatest comeback in NFL playoff history while losing 45-44 in Indianapolis and extended the Chiefs record consecutive playoff losses to eight, @scobes15, Twitter
GH: How did you handle the immediate aftermath of “The Colt-lapse?” I spent it staring at the Saints/Eagles game, not knowing or caring the score. Again? It happened again?

“It feels like we can’t have nice things. The Truman Sports Complex should be renamed The Boulevard of Broken Dreams.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM

“I told my wife I was going to go out into the front yard and drop some F-bombs.”
Josh Klingler, on how he coped with the Chiefs loss, 610 AM

“This season is officially a failure. This is the most unacceptable loss ever.”
Bob Fescoe, @bobfescoe, Twitter

“Is KC built on an Indian burial ground? Actually, that might be true.”
Almighty Ruler, @jfishSOTW, Twitter

“Not to get ahead of ourselves but feeling safe talking about this… If Cincy wins tomorrow, KC plays at Denver Sunday. If SD wins tomorrow, KC plays at NE on Sat night.”
Adam Teicher‏, @adamteicher, as Chiefs built their 28-point lead in Indianapolis, Twitter
GH: Teicher is proving to be woefully inept at these take-it-for-granted tweets when it comes to the Chiefs. He also whiffed in December when the Chiefs had that 21-7 lead at home over the Broncos. Are we going to have to start referring to Teicher as “Little Sexy?”

“I really don’t know what to say…I feel like #Chiefs fans are cursed…I feel bad for my fellow Chiefs fans…What a horrible loss. … I still can’t believe the #Chiefs lost that game…I think I’m more sad than mad…Sitting in stunned silence…This town deserved better.”
Steven St. John, @SSJWHB, Twitter

“Just telling my wife that today is the closest I’ve felt to that (K-State) double OT loss to A&M.”
John Morris, @modog1204, Twitter
GH: My worst-loss-memory as a fan is Nebraska’s loss to Miami in the 1984 Orange Bowl when Osborne went for two and didn’t make it. The sight or any mention of Bernie Kosar still stings.

“It’s the worst loss in Chiefs history.”
Jack Harry, KSHB TV 41

“Might hurt as bad as Elliott game-at least I didn’t stand in snow for four hours-still, hurts…wow.”
Robert Sigrist, @DocSig, Twitter
GH: The Lin Elliott loss, for me at least, was worse. That team was supposed to make it to the Super Bowl. This team was supposed to be able to protect a 38-10 second-half lead. Both really, really sucked.

“Wore a Chiefs shirt today. Gonna throw it away.”
Kevin Scobee, @scobes15, Twitter
GH: Many Chiefs fans would like to see Clark Hunt do the same with the white-on-white uniforms they wore in Indianapolis. Why are Hunt and the Chiefs so locked into preserving the Chiefs “traditional” logo uniform? Has Clark noticed our tradition kind of stinks the past 45 years? I’m all for having a huge bonfire at Arrowhead’s 50-yard line and rid the franchise of our 1960’s uniforms. Let’s get Nike to roll out about 16 new looks for 2014 and change our stripes forever.

“Chiefs fans will pick themselves up & get over this. It may take 11, 12 years.”
Brad Dickson, @brad_dickson, Twitter
GH: Chiefs fans are better at rebounding than Wilt. Once the draft rolls around in April, the Chiefs fans will be right back on the rollercoaster.

“#Chiefs fans, you ok? Breath…in…out…in…out #Thathappened.”
Doug Gottlieb, @GottliebShow, Twitter

GH: Sometimes Gottlieb can just be a dick. This is definitely one of those times.

“Somewhere, Joe Montana and Marcus Allen are clinking champagne glasses. The streak hits 20 years without a playoff win. Brutal.”
Kent Babb, @kentbabb, Twitter

“This should’ve been their way to erase a generation of franchise failure. Instead, they only reinforced it.
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: Who will step up and change our fate? I think Alex Smith might be the guy. I know I am glad the Chiefs have him and not Geno Smith at the helm.  

“Who is this Alex Smith we are seeing today? He’s going to throw one behind his back!”
Mike Mayock, TV analyst, after Smith completed a forward shovel pass to Knile Davis, NBC

“A day at the improve for Alex Smith.”
Dan Hicks, TV play-by-play voice, NBC

“Some used to say Alex Smith never lived up to the hype. They were wrong. Alex Smith is just a late bloomer.”
ESPN, @espn, Twitte

“I don’t understand how you go to a two-minute break and have the time to make the call and then come back out and burn your final time out! Unless you saw something so crazy (from the defense) but you didn’t. I thought they had an advantageous look! … The criticism in Philadelphia on Andy Reid was time management.”
Mike Mayock, with the Chiefs down 45-44 at the two-minute warning, TV analyst, NBC
GH: Andy Reid is simply atrocious as a game clock manager. He needs to invoke the “Costanza Rule” and just do the exact opposite of whatever he thinks he should do when it comes to calling a T.O.  

“That just doesn’t happen. That was a bad move. That was a really bad move.”
Tim Grunhard, on Reid using his last time out coming out of the final two-minute warning, 810 AM
GH: Grunhard added that he had never seen a time out called there in all of his years of playing or coaching football. This is a serious enough error that Hunt should force Reid to hire someone to handle his time outs. I am not joking.

“The Chiefs didn’t bleed this clock! They’re up 38 to 10!”
Dan Patrick, NBC
GH: I just do not understand teams that have a comfortable lead NOT using their entire play clock before snapping the ball. We learned (and executed) this fundamental rule in high school. Why is it that millionaire coaches and players can’t understand this premise?

“They played the whole second half like it was zero, zero.”
Tony Dungy, NBC

“Kansas City. That had to be the biggest disappointment – embarrassment – defensive game plan. When you’re playing against one receiver you have to take away and that’s T.Y. Hilton. The rest of those receivers, they’re all average players. I don’t know what the defensive game plan was. … It’ll be a long off-season for them.”
Rodney Harrison, studio host, NBC

“Everybody that is in this room is going to get a game ball! That was the second-largest comeback in the history of this game!”
Chuck Pagano, Colts head coach, in postgame locker room, NBC
GH: Was the Chiefs defensive backfield in the Colts locker room?

“The second half we just did not show up. … Defensively we just dropped the ball.”
Derrick Johnson, Chiefs All-Pro linebacker, in the postgame locker room, KSHB TV 41

“We kind of fell apart.”
Marcus Cooper, when asked to explain the Chiefs second-half collapse, 810 AM

“I left it all on the field.”
Sean Smith, Chiefs corner, in the postgame locker room, KSHB TV 41
GH: Was Smith referring to his uniform and jock strap?

“Tyson Jackson was literally hiding in a hallway waiting for the media to leave.”
Steven St. John, on many of the Chiefs players reluctance to be interviewed Sunday, 810 AM

Aaron Swarts: “Kendrick Lewis didn’t want to talk to anybody. He was gone!”
Steven St. John: “I’m not sure I want to talk to Kendrick Lewis.”

“The local media is guilty of propping up this team to something that never was. We were duped by the 9-0 start. Too many of us bought in.”
Jack Harry, KSHB TV 41
GH: The local media is the problem? What was the “local media” supposed to do with a 9-0 Chiefs team? Tell everyone they fattened up on NFL patsies? The truth is this Chiefs team had a 28-point second half lead on the road in the playoffs! Yes, they coughed it up and lost 45-44 to the next Peyton Manning but this team was Super Bowl worthy. I absolutely believe they were as good as any team in the AFC short of Denver.

So…The Chiefs blow a 28 pt lead and go home while the team their back-ups almost beat advances. It’s going to be a long off season in KC.”
Frank Boal, @realfrankboal, Twitter
GH: I like the Chargers chances in Denver – again. And our JV almost beat them in San Diego? Tell me again how bad this Chiefs team is?

“You’re on an island here, bro.”
Jake Gutierrez, who is an avowed KU fan, responding to Steven St. John’s comments about at least he has the Mizzou win in the Cotton Bowl to feel good about, 810 AM
GH: When Kansas lost to SDSU to end their home-court non-con streak it made the weekend even longer for Jayhawks fans.

“Once…more…you open the door…”
Celine Deion, as the title song from the movie Titanic played in the backdrop of audio from the Chiefs loss to the Colts, 810 AM

Jake Gutierrez: “I’m drowning!”
Aaron Swarts: “I can’t feel my legs already!”
GH: Jake Gutierrez played this montage while I was battling bumper-to-bumper commuter traffic this morning as the temps hovered around -12. It made me smile. That is something.

“Get the dump button ready Spector because it’s coming! … That’s right Andy! You were fired in Philadelphia because you don’t know what you’re doing when it comes to play calling!”
Bob Fescoe, as he prepared his producer for his over-the-top tirade about the Chiefs playoff loss, 610 AM
GH: Nothing is as insincere as these Bob Fescoe verbal tirades directed toward one of our sports teams. He made national news with one of these phony diatribes in 2012 and he apparently is trying to use this latest Chiefs loss to get him another 15 minutes of fame. It is really, really lame, Bob. I mean really.

“I don’t mean to come on (the radio) and scream but that’s how I feel.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Klingler tried to pretend this was an impromptu rant by Fescoe, assuring listeners, “This is not what we planned.” Didn’t Josh read the 47 tweets from Fescoe over the weekend where he was telling everyone to be sure and tune in Monday morning at 6:00 AM because he was going to blow? Well, maybe not in the same words but “blow” would have been more appropriate.

“38-10 is a win. In the National Football League it’s a win. When it’s not it’s historic…. How can you come to the conclusion with your general manager 24 hours later and say there will be no (coaching) changes? If you want to stay the course with Bob Sutton, fine.”
Soren Petro, who questioned 810 AM
GH: I am not as upset with Sutton as Fescoe and Petro seem to be. I am upset that no one if the Chiefs secondary apparently has any ability to play their positions.

“Asked T.Y. Hilton what his plans were tonight. ‘Nothing,’ he said. ‘I am DEAD. Exhausted. Going home. Going to sleep.’”
Peter King, @SI_PeterKing, Twitter
GH: The Chiefs secondary apparently ran him to death.  

“I know Bob Sutton is going to take a lot of criticism but where was the lack of aggression from the players in the second half? … Just from an aggressiveness standpoint! It’s on everybody!”
Henry Lake, 610 AM

BdMDXjjCUAAIJAZ“The @KCStar delivered harsh but unforgettable cover after #Chiefs collapse.”
@HuffPostSports, Twitter
GH: The Huffington Post retweeted Jeff Rosen’s tweet of the Sunday Kansas City Star’s front sports page.

“Our @KCStar cover got a RT in French. It said something to the effect of “Quite embarrassing this,” in relation to the #Chiefs‘ loss.”
Jeff Rosen, @jeff_rosen88, Twitter

“Big loser today: KCTV. Lost 11/17 Broncos game to NBC. Didn’t get wild card game. Would have had Chiefs next week.”
TV Insider, OTC Email
GH: Damn. Michael Coleman is going to be eating Ramen Noodles this month.  

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52 Responses to OTC: Chiefs Do The Impossible And Break KC’s Heart Once Again With 44-45 Colt-lapse

  1. Kerouac says:

    Nod ‘Saturday Night Live’s Leonard Pinth-Garnell [ “there… that wasn’t so good now, was it?” ] COLTS 45 kcinderella 44; put another, “Stunningly bad! Monumentally ill-advised! Perfectly awful! Couldn’t be worse! Exquisitely awful! Astonishingly ill-chosen! Really bit the big one! Unrelentingly bad!”; no rally socks a bad conceptual theater courtesy the sieve known as swiss-chiefs.

    Defense? None – least not when it mattered: twice as many sacks by the ‘no name’ Colts defense compared the multiple Pro Bowlers wearing red & white (5 is it? Was 6 too few, Saturday.)

    Holes? You betcha. For sale: one defensive backfield, set of 4, in need of a rebuild… overhyped, overpaid, used & abused the whole lot of them… inquire at the trauma & burn ward, UMKC.

    Excuses? Plenty. HB Jamaal Charles? WR Reggie Wayne. CB Brandon Flowers? CB Greg Toler. In fact, the other Colts CB Vontae Davis was also injured. WR Avery? HB Ahmad Bradshaw (he missed the entire season.) LB Houston? LB Angerer. Tit for tat, right on down the line… no cigar for the routed red reid’s, only the bitter stogie of “yeah but, if only and woulda coulda & shoulda.”

    Too, no offense my fellow Chiefs fans, but the Colts had more: 536 to 513 in favor IND, and in 15 less plays than KC to wit (and despite giving the reluctant red & white-clad every chance in the world to run away with the game – 4 self-inflicted wounds/turnovers courtesy the Colts.) QB Smith played a good game, not a great one. In post season, the great players step up in crunch time, deliver; others wilt like a .10¢ orchid intentionally grounding, overthrowing and fumbling while otherwise looking less Luck-y, young dart thrower Andrew.

    So much for 9-0 starts and “the best defense in the NFL” as well other premature affectations; the image of the ‘great overhype’ one of the ‘torched four’ Berry flexing early in the game be an object lesson as well cautionary tale, a grim reminder that ‘he who poses last poses most earnestly, and goes on to pose again next venue post season in lieu pretenders eliminated this past weekend; case CHiefs, the stage was far toO big for Kcinderella in the End.

    Experience is a great teacher, and perhaps said was the cost of their being plundered & pillaged… perhaps. On the other, if a window cracked open 2013, may have slammed shut again 2014 courtesy a schedule tougher the cupcake one just endured. Where to go aft yet another ‘one & done’ long off-season’s ‘morrow? An old friend beckons ~ “wait till next year” once more, the rigor of a rite become a funeral pyre numbers 45 now, no end in sight… the future is promised to no team, only the past prologue.

  2. Renton says:

    Gottlieb is getting to be a dick more often than not. And he REALLY comes off that way on Twitter.

    Glad his OSU teams got beat this week.

    • Phaedrus says:

      I don’t understand why you and Greg follow Gottlieb if you think he’s a dick. Are you just a glutton for punishment? Life’s too short…

  3. 3GP says:

    I’m blaming it on the white pants. They have NEVER won in Indy wearing white pants, but they are 1-0 wearing the red. Yep, it’s definitely the pants.

    • Stringer Pete says:

      I have always thought the white pants look much better with the road jerseys but this will be a tough sell for a while.

  4. Jim says:

    That was a rough one. Chiefs far exceeded my expectations on 2013, so I try to keep that in perspective. In the end, Chiefs fans aren’t hurting any worse than Eagles, Packers or Bengals fans. All losses suck! When it comes right down to it, (31) teams are going to suffer a crushing defeat for their final game of the year.

  5. JimmyD says:

    Tamba was obviously hurting badly…I think that’s why we failed to blitz in the second half. We blew it but I think we’ll be back stronger and better next year. When Mathis got the sack and strip…the moment I knew we would lose…anyone else?

    Greg, you’re the only person I know that gives a shit what Fescoe or Finebaum think.

    • Greg Hall says:

      JD, The injuries to Tamba and Houston completely changed the personality of the Chiefs’ D the second half of the season. But everybody gets paid. Next man up never showed. As for Fescoe and Finebaum, I’m an equal-opportunity listener.

      • trajan says:

        You can never count on next year,our best players are getting old(at least in football years)…And I’m not sure you recover from a pants-dump like that, remember that Oiler team that gagged the 32 pt lead to Buffalo? They didn’t recover for 8 years, and had leave Houston and change their name(needless to say no one from that miserable loss still on roster except for maybe Munchak) before they could!

  6. Dan says:

    Just another chapter in the sad book of being a Chiefs, Royals, and Mizzou fan. If that isn’t the prime trifecta of snakebitten sports teams, I challenge you to name me another one. The Chiefs pissed off the devil when Keith Cash threw the ball at Buddy Ryan’s poster. They’ve been cursed ever since. It all started the next week in Buffalo for the AFC Title Game. Joe Montana goes down with a concussion. Kimble Anders, who maybe had the best hands of any RB in history, drops a sure TD. Then the Lin Elliott game. Then the Grbac/Lake Dawson game. Then the Greg Robinson no punt game. Then the no first downs until late in the 3rd quarter game. And now this. Quick, somebody do an exorcism or something.

  7. JP says:

    I survived the Dave Szott holding call in 1990 in Miami, the Lin Elliot disaster in 1995, Elvis Grbac Brain Fart in 1997, the No Punt game in 2003. Hell, I’ll throw in the 2006 game where Herm Edwards basically bowed down and forfeited to Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning. Too young for the ’71 game, but this one is more painful than all of them. You are up 28 points in the 3d quarter, there is no way you lose the game. This was just a disaster, plain and simple. It was a team effort, how Bob Sutton doesn’t get fired over the poor play of the Defense would be astounding. Kendrick Lewis needs to be cut yesterday, and Dunta Robinson can take his long hair and get the hell out of here.

    This game is a disaster, It will have ramifications down the road. Houston suffered similar losses and ended up losing its team. I am regrettably now convinced that the Chiefs will NEVER win a playoff game until most of us have assumed room temperature. This franchise will not learn the lessons of the disastrous 2nd half of the season, and it will cost them down the road next season. For the first time in my life, I have no belief that the Kansas City Chiefs or Royals will amount to anything. This city is a pro sports joke, thank God for Sporting Kansas City. At least they get it. The Chiefs and Royals will never win anything.

    • Kyle says:


    • Tim says:

      Very good points JP, however I am of the opinion that for anybody who saw the 71 game, that was the worst Chiefs loss. Stenerud missed a field goal with less than a minute in regulation, and had another one blocked in the first overtime. They would have played, ironic as it seems today, the Baltimore Colts for the AFC title game with an aging Johnny Unitas at QB at the last ever football game at Municipal Stadium. Of course no way to ever know how they would have fared against the Cowboys in the Super Bowl. And then they went 15 years without a playoff game. Don’t think the current Chiefs will go 15 years without a playoff game, but I also never dreamed the Royals would go 28 and counting without one either.

  8. Johnny Utah says:

    Replace at least half the Chiefs defense. stop listening to Fescoe. you know what you’re going to get.

  9. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    I wholly expected the Chiefs to faceplant in the playoffs, but not like this. This latest humiliation is beyond even my imagination. Blowing a 28 point lead in less than a half? How is that even possible?

    • Jim says:

      Come on, Guy! How long have you been a Chiefs fan? You know ALL things are possible. Balls fumbled, bouncing off helmets directly to the QB and in for a touchdown. Yeah, it’s all on the table with the Chiefs. Just have to laugh and move on.

  10. Brian Mills says:

    You could see it coming a mile away 5 min into the 3rd quarter. A mile away.

    Suck it up people. Baseball is coming.

  11. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    The weekend totally sucked for Gottlieb. First, Missouri beats his beloved pokes in the Cotton Bowl. Then KSU beats his pokes in baskebtall. Ouch.

  12. nick says:

    STEVEN ST. JOHN: “I feel like Chiefs fans are cursed.”


    Get tired of hearing how much Andrew Luck had to overcome. What about the crap Alex Smith had to overcome. So impressed with him Saturday…literally 4 inches away (twice) from being the hero.

  13. Jeff says:

    Everyone keeps talking about the TO right after the 2 minute warning, but taking that last timeout then was a non-issue. Say they don’t take it, and the Colts take over after the incomplete pass. There would have been about 1:55 on the clock.

    1st down – Indy runs the ball, takes about 5 seconds, Chiefs call their last TO. Now 1:50 on the clock.
    2nd down – Indy runs the ball, takes about 5 seconds. Game clock is now 1:45, play clock goes to 40 seconds
    3rd down – Ball is snapped with 1:06 on clock, play takes a few seconds, ball is ready for play at about 1:02 left, play clock to 40 seconds.

    The Colts are then punting with about 20-25 seconds left, and the Chiefs have to go 50-60 yards with no time outs to get in FG range.

    I’d rather them call TO when they did, set up a good play, and execute it. They had the play, had a good throw, and Bowe didn’t leave himself enough room. There was plenty of time left at that point to get into FG range with no TOs.

    Now, wasting the other two TOs is something to talk about. But the fact that they had one left, and used it right after the two minute warning is a non-factor

    • P says:

      +1 I had absolutely no qualms with the time-out. At that point, the Chiefs either get a first down or they don’t. Taking an extra time-out makes no fucking difference at all unless Indy somehow took the field with only 8 guys and Reid decided to give them a pass. This is the absolute dumbest thing to bitch about following this game.

      Are there any shutdown corners coming out this year? Sutton, are you familiar with the concept of re-directing wide receivers? Why is Eric Berry All Pro?

      Kudos to Alex Smith, he basically put the team on his back and tried to carry them through to the end with a sad running game. You take away his mobility and the Chiefs have no chance.

    • Steve says:

      Agreed! Wouldn’t you rather feel good about the fourth-down play – which is basically your season – then having one timeout left for a last-ditch effort, and that’s if we even would have forced a punt. That fourth-down play was their last chance and I had no problems with him calling a TO to set up what he must have thought was a better play.

      But you’re right, the two TO we wasted prior to that were the problem. Talk about costly.

  14. john doe says:

    Chiefs suck, and the fans are dumb asses


  15. donkeypunch says:

    GH sed:
    Teicher is proving to be woefully inept at these take-it-for-granted tweets when it comes to the Chiefs. He also whiffed in December when the Chiefs had that 21-7 lead at home over the Broncos. Are we going to have to start referring to Teicher as “Little Sexy?”

    donkeypunch sez:
    Dude, you were talking about opening up the stupid playoff book that Mitch always talks about in the 3rd quarter too.

    • Greg Hall says:

      Those secret signatures will remain sealed for yet another year. Put. The. Hammer. Away.

      • James says:

        Any word from Uncle Mitch after the loss? I imagine he did postgame curled up on the floor, knowing he’s the longest-tenured team voice without a playoff victory, in EVER? Even the Raiders’ Greg Papa can say ‘Dude, even I’ve had it better.’
        Poor Mitch. One of these days, maybe.

  16. Biff says:

    “Just telling my wife that today is the closest I’ve felt to that (K-State) double OT loss to A&M.”
    John Morris,
    “It’s the worst loss in Chiefs history.”
    Jack Harry, KSHB TV 41

    The Chiefs choke job was bad but not many thought KC would win the next game anyway. Nobody thought this team would go to the Super bowl.

    The KSU loss to TX am may be the biggest choke job in history. KSU had a 15 pt lead in the 4th quarter, the better team and KSU fans started ordering air fare and tickets to the national championship game. KSU was minutes away from playing in the National championship that they would of probably won as they had a great team , Snyder has the biggest choke job in history.

  17. kchoya says:

    Greg, you say “Andy Reid is simply atrocious as a game clock manager.” I think this comment, and everyone else who is harping on Reid’s performance in this game (from Peter King all the way down to all these Philly fans crawling out of the woodwork) are going on muscle memory from all the crap (justifiable) that Reid got in Philly.

    There’s a post above that details how this last TO was a non-issue. At best, Chiefs would have gotten the ball back with 20 seconds. That’s IF they could have stopped the Colts.

    Reid had a very good game, adjusting to the early loss of Charles, and then losing Avery and Davis. He still called the plays to get us 44 points (no points from special teams or the D in this game). Bill Barnwell at Grantland had a good analysis on this:


    • Greg Hall says:

      If you need to call a TO after you had the two-minute warning and an extended TV commerical break to discuss strategy, you are not using your a time-management nightmare. There is never a reason to misuse your TOs. You just never know when you’ll need them.

      • T Rich says:

        The Grantland post gives an excellent description of why taking the TO then didn’t matter. Andy Reid has issues with TO’s, and it will cost us a game at some point. This wasn’t it.

  18. KV says:

    2013 Chiefs has 2003 Royals written all over it. And the 2014 Chiefs won’t have the luxury of a soft schedule. 49ers, Seahawks, Cardinals, and hell even the Rams. Throw in the Patriots and Jets, along with trips to notorious death traps Buffalo, Miami, and Pittsburgh, and then of course Denver and San Diego. 11 games against teams 500 or better this season. No playoffs next year. The AFC was down this year and the Chiefs missed a huge opportunity in my opinion to make a playoff run.
    As JP said above, games like this have consequences, always bad. The Oilers never recovered from the Buffalo loss (and Buffalo has never recovered from the Music City Miracle). Browns (and Marty) never recovered from The Drive, Bengals never recovered from Super Bowl XXIII, Titans from Super Bowl XXXIV, Gut wrenching losses stay with you and linger and linger. And in KC, we should expect it to linger for a long, long time.

    Speaking of the Royals, Aoki and Vargas will be busts, Infante will get hurt, and Shields will be gone by July 4th. Disaster written all over this team.

  19. Alphonse Tooty says:

    I’m just not as big of a Chiefs fan as I used to be. All the losing combined with a-holes like Peterson, Pioli, Haley, etc diminished by enthusiasm over the last several years. I kind of warmed up to this year’s team not only because they won some games but because I can at least respect the coach and GM. Yeah, Saturday was a kick in the nuts and while people will say they’ve had it, they’ll be back next year. So will I.

  20. mike t. says:

    kinda how i feel as well, alphonse. despite the naysayers, i think we still have a nucleus of a good team, filling in some glaring holes here and there. chiefs should still be fun to watch next year. but this loss to another indy team, again, did hurt.

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