OTC: Chiefs’ Dunta Robinson Gets Real On KC’s Loss To Colts / Dierdorf Says Good-Bye To KC

“We gotta decide what kind of team we want to be moving forward. Yeah, you dominated Oakland. Yeah, you dominated the Redskins. But what are we gonna do when we face other powerhouse? We’re a much better team than we showed today and we gotta play like it.”
Dunta Robinson, in an interview with the media following the Chiefs’ 23-7 loss to the Colts, 610 AM
GH: It is one thing to hear the media talking heads discuss the Chiefs beating bad teams with fill-in quarterbacks and losing to good teams – but a Chiefs player? This was rare and welcome stuff coming out of the Chiefs’ locker room Sunday. Read on.

“We just can’t wait for the next guy to make the tackle. When we get the opportunity we got to make it.”
Dunta Robinson, who played significantly against the Colts as the nickel back and replacing Marcus Cooper in some defensive packages, 610 AM
GH: The Chiefs tackling against the Colts was as bad as any game this season. If Jamaal Charles had been in Indianapolis’ backfield he might have rushed for 300 yards.

“It just felt like a very uninspiring performance minus that opening drive. The play that troubled me was that (51-yard TD) run by Donald Brown. I’m a little concerned as an outsider looking at that team as to where they’re at.”
Louis Riddick, ESPN NFL analyst, 810 AM

“We just got our ass kicked. We didn’t hold anything back. They were just better today. They executed when they needed to.”
Dunta Robinson, 610 AM

“We felt like we were ready coming into this game but what happened today was totally unexpected. … They wanted it more than we did.””
Dunta Robinson, 610 AM
GH: Bob Fescoe played a number of audio clips from Robinson’s postgame comments on his Monday morning show. While Robinson’s comments were entertaining, he was often left unchallenged by the media who surrounded him as to the conflicting verbal signals he was putting out.

“Sky high. Never die. Always ready to roll!”
Dunta Robinson, when asked where the level of confidence is with this Chiefs team, 610 AM
GH: So why does Robinson think the team’s confidence is “sky high? After getting their “ass kicked?” If that question was asked, it wasn’t answered.

“This is the best team I’ve ever been on. I’ve played in Atlanta the past two years and we were a pretty good football team. But if we don’t get focused, we’re going to be sitting right back here. You look at all three phases, there are no holes on this football team. I know the next time we see this (Colts) team all those things will be corrected and we’ll be ready to roll. I know what’s in this locker room. Just a little more belief and we’ll be fine.”
Dunta Robinson, 610 AM

“There you have Dunta Robinson (Sunday) basically just destroying all of his teammates and anybody else who got in his way.”
Bob Fescoe, after replaying the audio clips of Robinson’s postgame interview on his Monday morning show, 610 AM
GH: What interview was Fescoe listening to? If it was the same one he played for his audience, I didn’t hear Robinson “basically just destroying all of his teammates and anybody else who got in his way.” This is why athletes and coaches distrust the media. Fescoe took what were strong but constructive comments made by Robinson about himself and his team and turned them into a player trashing his teammates.

“I think (Sunday) was a game where the (Chiefs) coaching staff just didn’t put a lot of emphasis on this game. I don’t think the Chiefs were focused. I don’t think the Chiefs were ready. I don’t think the Chiefs wanted to be out there at that game.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: Does Fescoe really believe what he says here? He doesn’t think the Chiefs coaching staff, “put a lot of emphasis on this game?” A game that if they won would have kept them tied for the AFC West division title and a chance at home-field advantage throughout the playoffs? Fescoe doesn’t think the Chiefs, “wanted to be out there at that game?” He thought they wanted to be Christmas shopping? It is radio hosts like Fescoe that give the industry its shoddy reputation. The Chiefs got beat by a team that played much better than they did. But that thought doesn’t fill a four-hour radio show the morning after the game.

“I don’t know that anybody even hit (Knile Davis) before the ball comes out! It wasn’t much of a blow.”
Dan Dierdorf, network TV analyst, as he reviewed the tape of Davis’ first-half fumble, CBS
GH: Fumbles happen in football but this fumble by the rookie Davis (with the help of CBS’ excellent slow-motion replay) showed almost no contact before the ball came loose. Davis looks like he could be a home-run threat with his speed and power. But if he cannot hold onto the pig, he will be back in Arkansas and out of the NFL.

“I’m derrrrr, catch, derrrrr, tackle, mumble, wow.” -Dan Dierdorf.”
Aaron Swarts, @a_swarts, Twitter
GH: Dierdorf is far from my favorite NFL TV analyst and he definitely is not a fan of the Chiefs fans I follow on Twitter – but then again what TV broadcaster is when the home team is playing?

“If you thought this (Arrowhead) crowd was quiet before, it’s downright docile now.”
Dan Dierdorf, after Donald Brown broke free for a 51-yard TD run early in the third quarter, CBS
GH: Calling the proud Arrowhead fans who braved 20-degree temps for four hours “docile” is not the best way to endear yourself to the locals. But Dierdorf was dead on in describing how quiet the Colts made Arrowhead sound much of the second half.

“No hook slide — none of that nonsense from Alex Smith.”
Dan Dierdorf, with the Chiefs down 23-7 in the fourth quarter, CBS
GH: Nonsense? This statement is a good reason Dierdorf is retiring. He thinks the starting QB of a team that has already secured a playoff spot should be banging heads with linebackers.

“My friend Michael Garozzo. I’ve never been to Kansas City without eating at Garozzo’s. This is probably my last trip to Kansas City and I have a lot of great memories here over the years. This is one of the best football venues there is in the NFL. Love this town.”
Dan Dierdorf, CBS
GH: I remember the HOF Dierdorf as the teammate of Conrad Dobler’s on the St. Louis Cardinals. I hope this isn’t the big guys last time through our town.

“At the conclusion of the play, taunting number 92 of the defense. 15-yard penalty that will result in a first down.”
Tony Corrente, referee, announcing Dontari Poe’s penalty that proved to be a blow to the Chiefs comeback attempt, CBS
GH: CBS’ replay of Poe’s taunt looked like two opposing players barking at each other rather than one player taunting the other. This was a devastating call for the Chiefs that all but ended their hopes of a comeback. The refs likely blew this one way out of proportion.

“Playoff teams don’t do that. They don’t go out and get eight guys off the waiver wire the first day they’re available.”
Jack Harry, on the Chiefs adding eight free agents the week before the start of the season, 810 AM
GH: This one did, Jack.

“I didn’t think they could be physically dominated. I definitely didn’t think they could be unfocused. This is not how you want to roll into the playoffs.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: The Chiefs have one more chance to redeem themselves with their game in San Diego on Sunday. But does any of this late-season momentum really matter when it comes to January? Not really. Momentum last about as long in the NFL as the next turnover.

“It will be 70 on Sunday in San Diego.”
Gary Lezak, 810 AM
GH: Lezak is predicting 7-below in Kansas City for Tuesday morning. Merry Christmas, Santa!

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17 Responses to OTC: Chiefs’ Dunta Robinson Gets Real On KC’s Loss To Colts / Dierdorf Says Good-Bye To KC

  1. Jim says:

    This was a frustrating game to watch. Stifle the Colts’ first two possessions while putting a TD on the board on your first drive? Great start. All down hill from there. The weird thing is that if someone told you before the game that the Colts would get 4 turnovers but only score 23 points…….you say, Chiefs win!!! Just a poor showing on both sides of the ball after the first couple of drives. But hey……it happens. I’ve still enjoyed this football season more than any one in recent memory. Chiefs have FAR exceeded anything I thought they were going to do this year. they need some more pieces to become a truly dangerous team. For now, beats the livin’ shit out of 2-14!!

    • JP says:

      +1 Someone needs to give this message to our friends in the media. You would have thought the sky was falling with some of the “analysis” from them.

      • Java Man says:

        With this well below average receiving group, I expect 6 wins at the most. I find it difficult to complain much about the gravy.

  2. Kyle says:

    I was at the game and I did not see a team that was physically dominated. I saw a team play with their heads up their asses and turn the ball over 4 times. Correctable.

  3. brett says:

    this game proved to be another reminder of the failure of john dorsey in the 2013 draft.

    fisher (round 1) was completely outmatched sunday.
    kelce (3) barely sniffed a regular season game before being injured.
    knile davis (3) holds the ball like a wet bar of soap.
    does nico johnson (4) even play for this football team?
    commings (5) recorded precisely 1 tackle in his injury-plagued first year
    etc. etc. etc.

    while dorsey did secure alex smith with the 2nd pick, how much credit does he really deserve for that? seemed to be a pretty safe transaction providing a guaranteed upgrade.

    • Jim says:

      If you want to put 100% of the blame on Dorsey for the draft picks he made that don’t look very good right now, then he also gets 100% of the credit for Alex Smith being pretty damn good this year. Not defending Dorsey. Just saying you can’t have it both ways either.

  4. Fred Flintstone says:

    I haven’t eaten at Garazzo’s in over 25+ years. Michael Garozzo is such a dirtbag. Let’s start with the fact that he professes to be “all Kansas City” He’s always buying the teams in our town dinners, but catch him at a Royals vs Cardinals game and you’ll see just how St Louis he is. Be that as it may, anyone who goes on the radio and “brags” that he and some friends decided, while having drinks at his restaurant one night, to fly to Vegas on the spur of the moment, then brags further that he called his wife from Vegas to say he’d gone….well, that to me is a dirtbag.

  5. theapes says:

    Spot on comments about B. Fescoe Greg. I can’t even listen to him anymore, he makes no sense at all. Any why would any sane athlete or coach offer more perspective than coach speak when it gets twisted around as you illustrated?

  6. JP says:

    “Playoff teams don’t do that. They don’t go out and get eight guys off the waiver wire the first day they’re available.”
    Jack Harry, on the Chiefs adding eight free agents the week before the start of the season, 810 AM
    GH: This one did, Jack.

    What is Jack’s problem. I am so sick of his overdramatizing everything. He always does this “the sky is falling” crap when the Chiefs lose. It was one freaking game. Clinkscale meanwhile did everything to keep from glggling on the post game show. This team is in the Playoffs, but they will never win over those 2 assclowns (Harry and Clinkscale). Their post game show is some of the most worthless radio in Kansas City and that’s saying something.

  7. Kerouac says:

    Well, the nice thing about it was, did not have to listen to that hyperventilating homer’s “TOUCH-DOWN – KAN-SAS CITY!” but once yesterday; I’m sure Dawson is thankful for the headache he didn’t get, if not the loss his former’s did.

    [cue Perry Como] ‘It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, everywhere you go’ – case the Chiefs, there are holes everywhere that you go looking in their ‘stocking’.

    ~ Time for a year end review, Kerouac’s ~

    Defense? Db’s (berry – he can’t cover, which is why he holds/get penalized relentlessly; other than that, he’s the best in the NFL according locals. Sunday, his worst nightmare is back to torment #29 some more: Antonio Gates. Cb flowers is a shell his former self, while a cooper sighting proximity an opposition wr is oft-seen as was that hijacker DB. Rounding out the fabulous foursome are Smith & Lewis (who play like Martin & Lewis – Jerry.)

    Dl’s & Lb’s/pass rush: ‘the thrill is gone’ (we have a problem, Houston… but he is comin’ back & will solve everything make it all wonderful again, piece of cake (like he did along with the rest the ‘best defense in the NFL’, one that managed ZERO sacks over several games before his elbow/he went out.) LB’s, johnson has been the best, jordan has done his best & hali has been a beast… at times.

    As the season has worn on, poe has worn down…tyson is still a #3 overall bust & devito may not be confused with Danny, but his play has been little to write home about for a good while now. Overall, a better D than we’ve seen in KC in quite awhile suggests that former versions were even more atrocious, years past. On any given Sunday, they can be great or gruesome.

    Special teams are probably the one unit that has been most consistent in ’13, if an ‘two steps forward and one back’ overall impact at times due injuries & youth being served, mcluster, davis, demps, colquitt & succop, blocking/toub’s schemes oft-times superior the opposition’s attempt subdue them.


    Now to the club that scored 56 points last week, and 7 this week… here in Kansas City, we spell consistency C-U-P-C-A-K-E-S, as in 11-0 when playing them, 0-5 when not.

    Offense? Qb: Mr. Smith goes to WAS/OAK and looks the part, but IND shatters the illusion that ‘parts is parts’: the best parts Trent Green & the worst Matt Cassel = a Steve Bono-ish affect, in effect. Wr: bowe knows the name on the back of his jersey; that’s all apparently but he’s the best KC’s got & he knows that too. Rb: it’s charles in charge (till he succumbs to the weight of the load, same his predecessor former Chief LJ did.) Ol: many high draft choices (2 #1′s, 2 #2′s, 2 #3′s)… do any of them deserve recognition being NFL’s best? Not really. TE: fasano & mcgrath sound like a law firm, but the position has been more infirm since the season began (even before, kelce IR’d before the pre-season even ended.)

    Coaching: this appears to be the best coaching staff the Chiefs have had in a long time, at least going back to the days schottenheimer, cowher, dungy, et al.) Course, with so many coaches on staff being the NFL norm nowadays they should have an impact (KC has some 5 times as many coaches as Hank Stram did during his tenure.)

    Have said it before & will end this missive same: all records are not created equal. The modern parity-addled NFL, mediocre teams proliferate – all/any of them can get to an double digit win total and ‘appear’ worthy of acclaim. Fact is however, these are among the worst pro football ‘team’s I have ever seen, terms of overall quality. A league full of half-teams due economic nece$$ity the 21st century makes it so, sadly.

    Good luck to the Chiefs (make that ‘bad’ Luck, which is their only chance to prevail vs the Colts in Indianapolis.)

  8. I flipped on Fescoe this morning, and the ol’ Bullfrog was saying something about ramen noodles. Needless to say, it was two seconds, then CLICK.

  9. Joe Blow says:

    Despite what Reid may have said earlier in the week about not holding anything back since they’ll likely play the Colts again in two weeks, that game looked like they were completely holding a lot back. Obviously the turnovers and other assorted ugliness weren’t part of the plan, but I don’t believe the coaching staff approached this game as a must win and/or potential statement game in the slightest.

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