OTC: Chiefs Get Their Sexy Back With 2014 Draft Picks

“Most Chiefs fans seem pleased (with the Chiefs 2014 draft) because more than 70 percent of the voters in our Chiefs draft grades poll gave them an A or B. The final results were 17 percent vote A, 54 percent vote B, 23 percent vote C, four percent D and two percent F.”
Joel Thorman, ArrowheadPride.com
GH: Joel Thorman does as good a job covering the Chiefs as any online service. His website is informative, comprehensive, timely and entertaining. I am going to direct my readers to the link below where Joel has listed the Chiefs 2014 draft class and some of the grades and comments made by those covering the draft nationally. I will try and get back to a more OTC like column on Tuesday with some opinions from our local talking heads.

Click here for the link to ArrowheadPride.com.

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22 Responses to OTC: Chiefs Get Their Sexy Back With 2014 Draft Picks

  1. FJH says:

    It is so easy to get caught up in who they picked, or didn’t pick. Fans think that they can predict how each draft is going to come out, but we can’t. There are experienced people who do NOTHING BUT EVALUATE college players for a living, and THEY hit or miss with regularity. As far as a WR goes, we still have UDFA’s and players that will get cut from other teams.

  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Is Arrowheadpride run by the Chiefs?

    • mike t. says:

      Nope…”SB Nation is the fastest-growing online sports media brand and the largest network of fan-centric sports communities.

      “From the beginning, SB Nation has focused on developing the highest quality grassroots sports sites on the web — recruiting only the most respected web-native journalists to build their communities. SB Nation’s young male audience consistently ranks as the most affluent and influential in the sports category.”

  3. Kerouac says:

    Arrowhead Pride is the most homer-istic website about the Chiefs Kerouac is aware of. That they will not tolerate (based on the experiences some folks I’ve talked with, as well my own) fact-based knocks vs the Chiefs variously suggests their not interested in discussion so much as that ‘circle jerk’ tack, to be blunt.

    That said, opinions the draft/other alwys run the gamut. I’d rate the Chiefs draft a C – or even a D, consideration not only who they took but also how they will improve (if at all) the current roster. As it stands, after the draft and free agency to date, the Chiefs are no better than they were, moreso moving furniture (players) around the deck the Titanic (latter half 2013 & playoff game debacle).

    The Chiefs are without question not as good as they were even 45-44 losers, end of season 2013. They’ve lost 3 starters on defense (DE, MLB and FS) and at least 2 (three if we count asamoah) starting offensive lineman, not to mention 3 tds returns special teams (mccluster, demps); they also return a kicker who is more iffy than money.

    Those who proclaim “ford will be a HOF’r” and murray “is the next drew brees” are desperate as desperate can be… 45 years of Championship naught the impetus. Kerouac has been a KC fan since day 1 in 1963, and have seen,heard and suffered all the kool-aid tinged and red and gold wrapped lipstick on a pig prognosis since.

    Reality is, 2014 will likely be a step down in W’s & all the exuberance in the world won’t overcome said. ‘Players’ lost have not been replaced by ‘players’ same, since end of 2013. You cannot just plug in a couple of roster-filler types offensive lineman from ’13 and/or draft a couple of offensive lineman late 2014 draft and say “there, done.”.

    Every team/their fandom get excited draft time, but as every post season end has affirmed in KC seasons on end, draft grading/voting consensus has never validated anything.That Broncos and Chargers – who were already ahead of the Chiefs on the field – as well Raiders too feel as if they have won the lottery is no different. The proof is always on the field. Will it translate into W’s, KC, the big one?

    January 1970.

    It has to get better someday, right? Cubs fans as Chiefs, Jets and Lions same must wonder.

    • FJH says:

      Other NFL teams lose players too. I don’t think the Chiefs are better than they were last year, but you have to weigh all factors. The bottom line is that no one knows. Who predicted that the Chiefs would go 9-0 last year?

      • Kerouac says:


        “I don’t think the Chiefs are better than they were last year, but you have to weigh all factors. The bottom line is that no one knows.”

        – well that’s why they play the games, huh… still, W’s never equate much as some believe, less the W comes in the final game – a 9-0 mirage that begot a 2-5 finish/45 points allowed doesn’t suggest a legit ‘playoff team’ but one that gets a berth anyway due the modern NFL’$ infatuation revenue / fan intere$t. So much for a 9-0 mark built vs also rans & proven hollow once KC entered the realm post season, legitimately good teams, or at least better than the Chiefs.

        The odds as common sense suggest that losing starters does not improve ones football fortunes usually. Unless the replacements are better – or are at least as good as what was lost – likelihood is descent. And as alluded to losing those three offensive lineman will not magically ‘be ok’ in the grand scheme of things merely because KC fandom says “we believe.”

        For all the derision he bore, S Lewis was the KC starter – what is suggested when neither Abdullah (a veteran) or Commings (a rookie) or anyone else the roster veteran or relative youth could beat him out? Now, he’s gone and a no experience Commings returns & Abdullah too, no new infusion of better or more experienced talent however. Ditto the o-line, WR, PK, etc. All they got was depth (potentially) in this draft 2014 & but one (LB) starter, maybe two (CB) potentially,my opine.

        Could they catch lightning in a bottle? It happens, rarely. in ’68 the Chiefs replaced 8 starters/won 12 games compared 9 the season before. That 1968 ended on the wrong end a 41-6 loss to OAK doesn’t convince me they were ‘better’ despite additional wins. Difference in ’14 is the parity-laden NFL allows a dreg one year become a King the next, unlike the football landscape the earlier era; sustaining success today too is chancy.

        Who predicted the Chiefs would go 9-0? Likely the same people who now anoint ford and murray, i.e, the same people who annually predict a Superbowl or World Series or whatever for their team. (even a guy who should know better: J. Whitlock’s 16-0 prediction a few years ago. Fandom gets swept up in the fantasy the Chiefs were a legit playoff team – they were not, as demonstrated post season. KCinderella’s slipper came off, they turned back to pumpkin & the elite the NFL (about 4 teams, tops) participated in the real playoffs.

        Again, based on the players lost and those acquired to date replace them, they are not as good a team now. Even if they win all 16 games 2014 I would attribute that not to greatness much as good fortune, injuries to other teams and/or a miracle (’68 Jets beating BALT, ’72 Steelers beating OAK, 1980 US Olympic Hockey team beating Russia, ’88 Dodgers beating the A’s, etc.)

    • Joe Blow says:

      You and Rany should write to each other. All of the entries would be so long that no one would ever read them, but, you know, they’d be really long.

      Arrowheadpride.com kind of sounds like the exact opposite of Royals blogs/message boards — whereas arrowheadpride apparently requires you to be obnoxiously positive, no Royals blog/board tolerates any type of positive post about the team whatsoever. And it gets very irritating to listen to the parrots squawk 24 hours a day about what someone else told them is the key to good baseball..

  4. The Word says:

    FJH…smoke and mirrors aided by a cupcake schedule can hide a lot of flaws. But when playoff time comes all smoke and mirrors do is magnify the flaws.

    Last year Criss Angel couldn’t do a better job. This year will be a different story.

    • FJH says:

      You missed the point…they went 9-0 last year, which no one could have predicted. No one can predict a good/bad draft either. Quit assuming that I drink Chiefs koolaid, I don’t. The Chiefs can take their $25 parking, $8 beers, and mediocre football and shove it. I assume that the Chiefs are going to be bad every year, and I am usually correct. If they are decent, I enjoy the ride. If they are bad, I go outside and rake leaves.

  5. Say What? says:

    Anyone remember what happened to the pass rush last year when Hali and Houston went down? It was non existent. Hali is most likely going to be gone after 2014, and a very small chance before the 2014 season.

    Flowers was moved to the slot and Marcus Cooper was regularly getting torched. McCluster is gone and he really didn’t provide that much to begin with and the Chiefs drafted someone to be better. Chiefs got a potential QB of the future and lineman that may very well be the guys protecting him.

    The Chiefs definitely filled some holes, maybe not holes in 2014 but certainly in the future.

  6. b12 says:

    For NFL teams, drafts, just like CFB with recruiting classes can’t be judged fairly until some years have passed.

    I just kind of assume Dorsey and Reid know what they’re doing; until proven otherwise.

    I did the same with Pioli and Haley. It just didn’t take very long to figure out that Pioli was in over his head without Bill Belichick.

    I don’t get that feeling with Dorsey and Reid. I think it’s going to be a fun five or six years.

    • mike t. says:

      hope you’re right, but I’m kinda leaning towards Kerouac’s view. given the schedule, i’ll take 9-7, even 8-8, so long as we play well, play competitively even in the losses, and don’t suffer any truly embarrassing defeats.

  7. PV_Pathfinder says:

    I think this pretty much sums up the Ford pick. I’m sure he’s talented and wish him the best of luck, but not exactly what the fans were expecting.


    • Say What? says:

      Are these the same morons that went crazy for drafting Eric FIsher #1 overall?

  8. PV_Pathfinder says:

    And here’s the reaction to Cleveland taking Manziel one pick before KC.


  9. Greg says:

    Why don’t you check this video out from October 13, 2013.


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