OTC: Chiefs Go From Losers To Bruisers, Now Look Like AFC Contenders / KK Thinks Mizzou Would Be 6th In B12

“Four years ago, I had to play at a high level because I wanted a new contract and I wanted to be known as one of the best pass rushers in this league. That’s (Justin Houston’s) mentality, and it’s hard to stop a guy that has that mentality: ‘I want to be paid, I want to play for a good team, and I want to be labeled the best at doing it.’ Give credit to Justin. The will is getting him there now, and you can’t stop it.”
Tamba Hali, after Houston pushed his NFL-leading season sack total to 12 in the Chiefs win over the Jets, Kansas City Star
GH: Justin Houston, along with the defensive front of the Chiefs has Chiefs fans dreaming that their team can pull a Royals-like second-half surge and put the Chiefs in position to make a run at the Super Bowl. Can this be real? After that season-opening home loss to the Titans? After what we saw here in Kansas City in October, no fantasy is off the table. Well, that Viagra-induced four-hour erection probably isn’t going to happen.

“We just got to play like that the rest of the season. You know what I’m saying?”
Jamaal Charles, after the Chiefs moved their record to 5-3 with an easy win over the Jets, 810 AM
GH: We continue to see the networks place Charles’ rushing stats on the screen each week comparing him to the all-time NFL great backs. Jim Brown, Gale Sayers, Barry Sanders. Charles LEADS these HOF backs in yards per carry. He is the best running back to ever wear Chiefs colors. He may be the best back ever. Period.

“Dogs Daze”
Headline showing a photo of Michael Vick laid out at Arrowhead after the back of his helmet bounced off the turf and left him groggy, New York Post GH: I love what the Kansas City Star does with their headlines but the New York papers take it to another level when it comes to headline snark.

“S-t happens.”
Calvin Pace, Jets linebacker, when asked about a play during the Jets 24-10 loss in Kansas City, New York Post
GH: The Post also used Pace’s quote (minus the ‘it’) in a headline.

“That could be the slogan of the 2014 Jets. … (Pace) was talking about this particular play Sunday but he could have been referring to this entire, miserable Jets season.”
Brian Costello, writer, New York Post

“In fairness, the Jets did win something Sunday: the coin toss.”
Ben Shipegel, writer, NY Times

“Vick went 21-for-28 passing for 196 yards with a touchdown and a rating of 105.7. He did not have a turnover and completed 12 straight passes.”
Brian Costello, writer, New York Post
GH: I had no idea Vick played this well watching the game. To tell you the truth, this game was all but unwatchable for most of the second half. But a Chiefs win is a Chiefs win.

“We all feel the same way, we’re stunned by it. Shoot, we’d do anything for a win.”
Rex Ryan said, on the Jets’ eight straight loss, NY Post
GH: Ryan has to be down after this season, right? I can see him as the Raiders’ head coach in 2015. That would be so Raiders.

“Call it the ‘Butt Catch.’”
Brian Costello, writer, on Chiefs tight end Anthony Fasano’s TD catch of a tipped pass as he sat on the turf near the goal line, New York Post

“I didn’t have to do too much to catch it.”
Anthony Fasano, on his drop, catch and roll TD, NY Times

“On his way to his (postgame) news conference, Vick was intercepted for the only time all day. Tammy Reid, the wife of Chiefs Coach Andy Reid, who helped revive Vick’s career in Philadelphia, drew him close, told him she was proud of him and wished him luck. Vick will need it, next week against Pittsburgh at MetLife Stadium, and, perhaps, for the rest of the season.”
Ben Shipegel, writer, NY Times
GH: Vick has to be a better person than I think he is because I think he is pretty much trash. Andy Reid and his wife obviously see something worthwhile in him. Maybe they’re cat people.

“There were people who said, ‘This (Missouri) team will NEVER win in the SEC!’ Well, not only have they shocked the conference and the country after winning a year ago, they are back – and back big time.”
Brent Musburger, after Mizzou’s win over Kentucky and Georgia’s loss to Florida placed Mizzou in the driver’s seat to win the SEC East, ESPN
GH: There are some people who are still not convinced Mizzou is a quality football program. One f them fluctuates weekly from a Mizzou lover to a Mizzou hater on his weekly radio show. Read on.

“I have to say I have watched these (Missouri) guys on film. If they were to win out the rest of their games and make it to Atlanta, I think the defense is good enough to win that game and therefore win the SEC. The big questions is can Maty Mauk continue improving? Can Bud Sasser continue to make plays on the perimeter? Because this D is championship caliber. … The road to Atlanta goes through Missouri.”
Jesse Palmer, ESPN
GH: Can you imagine Mizzou as the SEC champion this season – after losing at home to Indiana? Before you respond, consider that the seventh game of the World Series was played at Kauffman Stadium last week.

“I think Missouri would probably be sixth in the Big 12 at best.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: So…you thought the butt hurt from Mizzou, Nebraska and Texas A&M leaving the Big 12 was just water over Interstate 70? Not in KK’s world of spite. Read on.

“Nebraska misses being here (in the Big 12). My guess is this will not end well for Texas A&M.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: If Nebraska misses the Big 12 and A&M is heading for an SEC hangover, neither appears to know it. Both schools have increased their stadium capacity since their departure and they both continue to be two of college football’s best game-day environments. The Big 12 lost a lot when MU, NU and A&M left. The conference screwed up in cow-towing to Texas and allowing three of the conference’s best schools to exit. Kietzman might think West Virginia and TCU are adequate replacements but he also thinks the Big 12 doesn’t need a championship game.

“I think it kind of depends where you go.”
Todd Leabo, refuting Kietzman’s claim that he has never seen the SEC Network being displayed on a Kansas City-area sports bar, 810 AM GH: I know KK thinks he is omnipresent but does he really think he can speak for every sports bar in Kansas City? Yes, yes he does.

“I have to go back and say it. We all rave about what Bill Snyder did at Kansas State but I’ve got to tell you, I don’t think Gary Pinkel receives as much credit as he deserves.” Brent Musburger, ESPN
GH: It was only a month ago that Pinkel was being filleted by many of his fans for the home loss to Indiana. Now he is back being heralded on ESPN by Musburger as the next Knute Rockne.

“He has exceeded the expectations of a lot of people who didn’t know anything about Gary Pinkel. When (Mizzou) joined this conference, there were a lot of people who laughed and thought they would never win a division championship. Now, considering (Georgia’s loss to Florida), they are looking at going to Atlanta for the second time in three years (to play in the SEC championship). This guy’s a big-time coach. He’s got this team playing good football in all three phases right now.”
Jesse Palmer, ESPN GH: College football is always unpredictable but this season might take the cake, pie and kitchen sink when it comes to surprises.

“But remember this about Missouri – they cannot afford a loss. If they fall into a tie with Georgia, Georgia wins the tie-breaker because of the loss head-to-head. So there’s no margin of error for Gary Pinkel going forward.”
Brent Musburger, ESPN
GH: There is no margin for error for any of these teams that have visions of a conference title or filling one of the too-few CFB playoffs spots.

“He is a special dude. You talk about all the great defensive linemen Gary Pinkel has had in the past? Well Shane Ray he’s right up there. He might be one of the best.”
Jesse Palmer, ESPN
GH: Shane Ray is a junior out of Bishop Miege. Mizzou is so good at producing great rush ends for the NFL they can’t hardly keep them for four years.

“This Bud’s for you! Bud Sasser with the first score of the day!”
Brent Musburger, on his play-by-play of Mizzou’s first touchdown against Kentucky, ESPN

“Missouri has had a much easier path in the SEC than they would have had in the Big 12. It’s not even arguable.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Not even arguable? Not on KK’s show where he refuses to invite a Missouri or SEC dissenting voice. Leabo simply played the role of Danny Clinkscale on this afternoon as he agreed with almost all of KK’s anti-MU/SEC statements. I sure would like to hear Kevin make that statement to Gary Pinkel this week during their weekly chat. I believe he may get an argument.

“Few had picked Oklahoma State to beat, or even seriously challenge the Wildcats on Saturday at Snyder Family Stadium, but after the Cowboys opened the game with an effortless scoring drive, anything seemed possible. Hope began to build on the visitor’s sideline. Doubt crept through the crowd. Then Morgan Burns hit the reset button.”
Kellis Robinett, writer, referring to Burns’ 86-yard kickoff return to tie the score at 7-7 and lead to KSU’s 48-14 win over the Pokes, Kansas City Star
GH: Kietzman had predicted this game would be so lopsided that viewers across the country would be switching the channel. He was right. K-State methodically moved up and down the field on an out-classed Oklahoma State. How did the Pokes get this bad after Mike Gundy was recently the nation’s coach of the year? Aren’t great seasons supposed to bring in great recruits?

“The FOX commentators for No. 9 K-State at No. 7 TCU have been released. Those names are Gus Johnson, Charles Davis and Molly McGrath.”
D. Scott Fritchen, @DScottFritchen, Twitter
GH: Gus Johnson should add just the right level of insanity a game like this one requires. I will not be switching channels during this one.

“It’s like Christmas. We get to see all the presents we got.”
Kansas basketball fan today at the office, on KU’s basketball opener tonight against Washburn
GH: Kansas’ football season was pretty much over in September after that Duke puke. It is officially over now that hoops are back at Allen Fieldhouse.

“I say this not as a threat but as a reminder to all Kansas basketball fans. All the money and all the tradition will get you nothing without the right coach.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: True, but all that money and all that tradition make hiring the right coach quite a bit easier.

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56 Responses to OTC: Chiefs Go From Losers To Bruisers, Now Look Like AFC Contenders / KK Thinks Mizzou Would Be 6th In B12

  1. Say What? says:

    I guess I forgot to include Auburn at K-State this year, but that doesn’t really help the Big 12’s cause.

  2. The Independent Rage says:

    The Indiana game? I was warming up to hand Gary his Pinkel slip even more recently, after that Georgia shutout monstrosity. With this team’s apparent defensive prowess but an offense more challenged than a Dachshund in a Michael Vick dog fight, you never know quite what you’re gonna get out there on the field come Saturday. It’s almost like watching a bad Victor Ortiz or Tommy Morrison prize fight. Maybe you get to see a win, or maybe you just see a big pile of crap lying on the floor afterward.

    • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

      Yeah, because Pinkel instructed his quarterback and wide receivers to give up 5 turnovers. It was a strategem gone wrong. (eyeroll)