OTC: Chiefs Go To 7-0 With Win Over Houston / Is It A Dream Or Destiny?

“It’s like a great dream that nobody wants to wake up from.”
Chris Berman, on the Chiefs 7-0 start, ESPN
GH: Is it a dream? Are the Chiefs as much of a mirage as many in the national media and just about all NFL fans outside of Mitch Holthus’ “Chiefs Kingdom” believe? Or has Andy Reid and John Dorsey truly transformed 2012’s Deadhead Arrowhead into TerrorHead even before Halloween? Read on. 

“He basically brought in a culture that we’re not used to. It’s making a difference for our entire team.”
Tamba Hali, on Andy Reid joining the Chiefs, CBS
GH: I was not in favor of bringing in a recycled Andy Reid who looked to me to be coming off a really bad rebound relationship in Philly. I wanted new, young and different – like the Eagles got in Chip Kelly. Well, I have been wrong before but I’m not sure I’ve been this wrong very often. Reid looks to be exactly what the Chiefs and this franchise needed. 

“It’s like being a farmer, there’s always work to do.”
Andy Reid, 810 AM
GH: Reid is maybe the smartest head coach I can remember here with the Chiefs or Royals. He gets marketing. He understands his words can move mountains when it comes to ticket sales or moving the needle on the Guinness guy’s tricorder. You think Andy rolls out a farmer reference in Philly? 

“Dwayne Bowe just came up behind Clark Hunt during an interview and gave him a hug. Good days in Chiefs’ locker room.”
Jeff Rosen, KC Star sports editor, @jeff_rosen88, Twitter
GH: Love this tweet for two reasons; 1) Many in the media continue to unfairly paint Bowe as a potential problem in the locker room despite his actions to the contrary. 2) Rosen uses Twitter to let us know what’s happening as it happens in the Chiefs’ locker room. Great stuff all the way around. 

“The Chiefs are the worst 7-0 team in NFL history. The teams they have beaten are a combined 14-33.”
Don Van Natta, Jr., @DVNJr, decorated news writer who also writes for ESPN the Magazine, Twitter
GH: Junior apparently isn’t impressed. That does not alter the fact that the Chiefs lead the AFC West and are the only undefeated team in the NFL. 

“However you think of Kansas City, it goes up when you see them in person. At least it did for me.”
Phil Simms, who was the TV analyst Sunday for the Texans/Chiefs game on CBS
GH: The same can and has often been said about our fair burg as well. Kansas City is a well-kept secret to those who never bother to visit. Those who do though quickly become aware of this area’s charms. I got to view some of our more striking neighborhoods last Saturday during my run in the Kansas City Marathon. I came away with a number of thoughts as I hoofed it up and down that hilly course. But the overwhelming memory I took from that perfect fall morning was the jaw-dropping beauty of our city from Crown Center to Waldo and back. Made me proud to know this is my home. 

“I think sometimes change can be good.”
Andy Reid, discussing his move from Philadelphia to Kansas City, ESPN
GH: I tell my wife this all the time but…

“They are the best defense in the NFL right now.”
Dan Patrick, NBC
GH: Pretty hard to argue this point – unless maybe your name is Junior. Read on. 

“Kansas City is one of the few teams that I’ve seen that plays it old school defense. Emmitt Thomas is their defensive backs coach, and he’s one of those guys who teaches old-school football.”
Tom Jackson, ESPN
GH: There is an old-school feel for a lot of things going on this season with the Chiefs – especially with the way Tamba Hali and Justin Houston attack the quarterback like he was a burnt end. 

“I was in Kansas City when we had Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith. It’s the same thing (now with Tamba Hali and Justin Houston). These two offensive tackles (for the Texans) playing in Kansas City when you are behind and have to throw – you can’t imagine how loud it is right now. They can’ hear, they’ve got to look into the ball, and you’ve got these fast (defenders) on the edge. Tamba Hali is a special rusher. That tomahawk chop (move by Hali), that is Derrick Thomas all the way! These guys are playing great defense right now.”
Tony Dungy, NBC

“The Chiefs’ blitz schemes are one of the most sophisticated blitz schemes you have seen in the National Football League this year. When you play defense like this – this is what you and me call ‘old-school defense.’ Make them earn everything. This defense is playing top-level defense right now because they are taking it back to old school.”
Ray Lewis, responding to Tom Jackson’s comment above, ESPN
GH: It is pretty hard to knock the Chiefs’ defense but pundits are ripping their conservative offense with regularity. Read on. 

“They’re not throwing the ball downfield and ironically, their offense caters to throwing the ball downfield! Because they are getting eight- and nine-man (defensive) fronts. This is what they need to do more of because it would complement their running game. Listen, I don’t know what – but maybe this is the reason why in San Francisco it did not happen there and they went with Kaepernick. His inability to pull the trigger more often down the field.”
Bill Cowher, CBS
GH: Cowher was here in KC at the same time as Dungy and his resume is one that we should all respect. Are the Chiefs too conservative to get out of the first round of the playoffs? Read on.

“I compliment everything Andy Reid has done. The thing is this offense will take them to the playoffs. To take the next step they’ve got to take more shots down the field. Will Alex Smith pull the trigger? That’s my question.”
Bill Cowher, CBS
GH: More and more I am seeing the experts point to Smith as the problem with the deep ball – not the play calling. Phil Simms does exactly this with the comments below.

“It’s been a pretty careful offense so far. It’s not because the Kansas City Chiefs are not trying. They have designed every play possible to throw the ball downfield. But in (Alex Smith’s) defense I’ll say a couple of things. The offensive line has been extremely inconsistent when it comes to pass blocking. The wide receivers are not getting open on a consistent basis. And the other thing is I’m going to give (Smith) credit for this – he’s managing the game. I hate that term but it is true.”
Phil Simms, CBS
GH: Are the Chiefs’ coaches are providing Smith with a more open attack than we are seeing and he simply can’t pull the trigger – as Cowher puts it? Or is this young offensive line just not trustworthy enough for a downfield passing attack? I think Smith can throw the deep ball – but as Indy proved, even Peyton Manning needs time to set up.

“This is hilarious: Chiefs fans say I hate them. I’m from small town, western Missouri.”
Matt Miller, @nfldraftscout,Twitter
GH: Here is what I find hilarious, that NFL experts like Matt Miller think all of Chiefs fans are represented by the handful of folks who respond negatively to his tweets. Grow a pair, Matt – and then tweet like you’ve got ‘em. 

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27 Responses to OTC: Chiefs Go To 7-0 With Win Over Houston / Is It A Dream Or Destiny?

  1. Gavin says:

    So, we’re still pushing Terrorhead? Haven’t you learned your lesson from trying to force Kauffman Stadium into that “Kougar” suit?

  2. Jim says:

    The Chiefs are (4) well-thrown balls away from have (4) touchdown passes this year in the 60 to 80 yard range. One to Avery, one to Bowe, one to Fasano & one to Charles, yesterday. 4 passes. That’s it. If they complete those, nobody is saying a word about the lack of deep passes in this offense. Now, Chiefs need to find a way to actually make those plays because you can’t miss those opportunities forever and still keep winning.

    • mike t. says:

      +1. spot on, jim. i think it’s the o-line and more practice on the timing and accuracy with smith and his rec’v corps. either one gets better, we get better.

    • Gavin says:

      I was thinking the same thing but without any exact numbers. I see Smith taking shots downfield and the balls look like they’re well-thrown. Agreed that someone needs to step up and make those catches and I don’t think anyone is going to confuse Smith with Tom Brady, but it’s hard to argue with the results thus far.

      Like the old expression goes, the most negative thing I can say about Alex Smith is that he only does one thing: He wins games.

      • Jim says:

        I’m fine with Smith, Gavin. Just needs to be more accurate on those deep throws. Charles’ was a sure TD yesterday and he threw it out of bounds. Same thing with the others. I think/hope that will get better.

  3. Observer says:

    First, let me say this: being a hobby farmer, Andy Reid’s comments have endeared him to me even more. And, hats off to Case Keenum who played a whale of a ballgame. Forget his lack of experience. He looked like he’s been playing in the league for five years, not five minutes. I was impressed and sort of happy for Keenum and guys like him who struggle to make it. When he got his chance, he took it and made more than the most of it.

    Notwithstanding Bill Cowher’s comments, the Chiefs offense did just enough to outscore the Texans who were decimated by injury. But, a wise football mind once said that a good football team is also one that gets lucky once in a while. Chiefs, you were a bit lucky; and, Houston, you’ve found your new starter.

    What a weekend of NFL. Some “experts” in radio land make the strangest predictions. I’m pretty neutral about Mike Greenberg, but I’d much rather listen to Mike and Mike than the morning-after-the-frat-house-party gang or the guy who thinks he’s smart and funny who painfully isn’t. But, for Greenberg to call for the upset of San Diego is an indication that he’s not paying close attention to anything west of Northwestern University. Philip Rivers is in the midst of a renaissance that had him go 22 for 26 and 285 yards in passing yesterday. As a Chiefs fan, Rivers bothers me more than Manning, whose Denver Broncos showed their vinciblility last night. Yes, the Chargers were playing the Jaguars, but Mathews rushes again for more than 100 and their defense earned as many sacks as points allowed. I see the Chargers as a bigger obstacle to a payoff birth than the Broncos. Remember, Denver almost played themselves right back into the game last night except for some egregious play calling and 103-yards of penalties. Two possessions inside the five-yard line were stopped not by the Colts, but by Denver itself.

    I do confess that I didn’t anticipate the success of the Chiefs so far this year (who did?). Some nagging thing in the back of my mind – that I keep suppressing – tells me I’m going to eventually be disappointed. It might have something to do with only having one victory over a team with a winning record. Before the season I harped that the road to the playoffs would be developing a defense good enough to beat Denver and we should forget about a wildcard because the rest of the AFC was better. Almost half way through the season and the Chiefs appear to be better than would-be wildcard contenders because of said defense. I now think that the Chiefs could be battling San Diego for that spot.

    The Broncos will rebound and in future critical game moments will keep the ball in Manning’s hands instead of horrible inside running calls inside the five.

    Oh, and where was the oft-whining, don’t-hit-a-receiver color guy Cris Collinsworth when Colts punter Pat McAfee laid a helmet-to-helmet slobber knocker on return man Trindon Holliday? Collinsworth’s hypocrisy here did not go unnoticed. He thought it was funny. I’d love it if the venerable Al Michaels would remind Collinsworth of his chuckling at McAfee when he starts to complain when a receiver gets the same. Michaels is too much of a professional to do that, however.

    As happy as I am about the victory, I observed one chink in the armor I hope never widens. In a stoppage of play with the Chiefs’ offense huddled near the sideline talking with what appeared to be OC Doug Pederson (need verification), Alex Smith was unhappy with the previous play and was animated in the gathering. Then, the coach snapped back right in Smith’s grill who clearly disagreed with what was being said and Smith eventually turned away in clear disgust. Experience a loss or two and some real offensive struggles and this could be a problem. I hope I’m wrong and it was the standard bickering between offensive minds and a poorly run route.

    In a game where I believe Smith made too many critical mistakes (how open does McGrath have to be in the end zone before Smith pulls the trigger?), the Chiefs still pull out the win and show another dominating final quarter. I didn’t see J.J. Watt dominate an offense like he can, so I have to attribute some of that to an offensive line that largely did its job. Anytime the Chiefs play against Watt, I’ll take six tackles and one sack any Sunday.

    I’m having a blast on Sunday afternoons. I want it to last through February. I know they’re not winning with smoke and mirrors, but starting Nov. 17, the Chiefs’ schedule gets markedly different. Here’s to the Chiefs’ health and their growth as an offense. They’ll need both.

    By the way, Greg, congrats on the 3:25:18 time and a second place finish in your division.

  4. Chaz Weis says:

    Because Yael A. of the Star reads this and is buddies with Greg, I’ll leave this comment about his Jean Peters Baker editorial here: How in the world can Yael say with any confidence she is a good prosecutor? She has shown little so far in her term, other than being able to line up photo ops and glare into cameras as well as Mike Sanders. Your evidence supporting your argument is that she obtained a plea deal while kinda sorta prosecuting a catholic priest? What a strange, strange thing to come out and be so over the top about. What gives Yael? Did you write this while running the marathon Saturday?

  5. Say What? says:

    Alex Smith has been overthrowing his receivers badly for a few weeks. He needs to get that fixed ASAP.

    When the Broncos, Colts and Chargers part of the schedule starts coming around, the offense isn’t going to always have that cushion that the defense has given them. If RG3′s knee starts feeling better, as was previewed yesterday, that could be tough as well in Washington.

    The O-line is going to be the key to whether JC and Alex Smith have room to work.

    • trajan says:

      He is not a deliberate qb! The fourth down play on the goal line yesterday perfect example, could have run it in or passed to wide open receiver in back of end-zone but waited to long for either!

  6. Java Man says:

    On this day last year the Chiefs were 1-5. A bye week following a 38-10 beat down by the Buccaneers. The worst was yet to come.

  7. Mysterious.j says:

    I find the daily Greg Hall exhortation to “read on” at least as annoying as Mitch and his “Chiefs Kingdom”. Just saying.

    • ironhorseblues says:

      +1 The Chiefs keep saying “Kingdom” and it just comes off as awkward and weird when all the other fans and media of the of the other NFL and MLB franchises say “Nation” when referring to their teams.

  8. Kyle says:

    Anyone who thinks that the Chiefs were lucky on Sunday could not be more wrong. They were literally a yard and a half away from a 31-16 score. The most complete 17-16 win I have ever witnessed.

  9. Kerouac says:

    “The Chiefs are the worst 7-0 team in NFL history. The teams they have beaten are a combined 14-33.” ~ Don Van Natta, Jr.

    - sadly, must agree… Chiefs continue to not impress, only thing less impressive the cupcakes on their schedule. Upshot: KC proved they are no better than an Texans team minus it’s starting QB Schaub & starting RB Foster, a player as good as any RB in the AFC or perhaps NFL.

    Too, Houston’s former practice squad QB Keenum (who had never played an NFL game) clearly outplayed KC’s QB Alex Smith. KC’s defense made Keenum look very good, poor man’s Johnny Manziel almost. So much for 7-0; yet another case not all records being the same, case Chiefs; merely serves make the inevitable fall harder come post season if KC manages make it there.

    This is ‘deja vu all over again’ to borrow from Yogi Berra, shades of 2003 and 2010, substitute no defense ’03 for no offense ’13, not enough of either 2010.

  10. Hot Carl says:

    After last year’s debacle I’ll take this. Yes, they’re beating cupcake teams but as I’ve mentioned before they’re beating the teams that are on their schedule. Defense has put it together. I’ll enjoy this ride to the playoffs no matter how it ends and look forward to a dominating 2014. Give Andy a year to fix the offense.

  11. JP says:

    There are no cupcake teams in the NFL. Well, unless you count that debacle that was the MNF game last night. The Chiefs are 7-0, they will get tested later in the year, but this is soooo much better than the 1-5 (at this time last year) season from hell that we endured last year. I still say a Playoff Win will meet my expectations this year.

  12. Joe Blow says:

    The only difference between the Broncos schedule and the Chiefs is that the Broncos played the Ravens & Colts and the Chiefs played the Texans & Titans. And the Broncos lost one of those.

  13. stingray says:

    The Broncos opponents records are a combined 18-30 and Chiefs combined opponents records are 14-33. Broncos opponents records is helped primarily by the colts record of 5-2, a team in which they lost to.

  14. Steve says:

    Don’t really know what you’re talking about with the “football school” comment, bro. All I know is Mizzou is 7-0 and is one of only 2 teams in the country to win all its games by 15+ points. Last time I checked, that deserves some recognition, whether we’re considered a “football school” or not. Don’t worry man, basketball will be here soon enough.

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