OTC: Chiefs; Good Or Groan? Is Romeo KC Gold Or Cleveland Crud? Did KC Star Protect D. Glass?

“AP commenter on Romeo’s postgame words: ‘He does not dance around and sugarcoat his response. No point in polishing a turd, it still stinks.’ ”
Joel Thorman, @ArrowheadPride, after Crennel was critical of the Chiefs’ play against the Rams, Twitter
GH: Word out of the Chiefs’ locker room is that RAC is as loved as any coach the Chiefs have ever hired. This is the season ATH [After Todd Haley] and the positive change in how the players, the GM and the media talk about the Chiefs’ head coach is as different as Paterno and Posnanski. Read on.

“I think [the Chiefs] have a more talented team [than last season] but I think Romeo Crennel is still in question. He’s only won 40% of his games. I’m just not going to concede that this team is some sort of playoff team.”
Jeff Chadiha, 810 AM
GH: Chadiha made his weekly appearance on The Border Patrol on Friday morning and he happened to be in studio this week. Phone interviews are fine for the most part and a necessity in most cases. But there is no comparison in the depth, emotion and entertainment value of an in-studio interview compared to one conducted on the phone. Chadiha refused to board the fast-filling Chiefs bandwagon and his reluctance pushed all of Steven St. John’s bright red buttons. Read on.

“If the Chiefs are 3-3 going into the bye week, I’m good.”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: The Chiefs’ opening six-week schedule looks like this; Atlanta, at Buffalo, at New Orleans, San Diego, Baltimore and at Tampa Bay. Their bye week is week seven, October 21st. One of the three wins SSJ has identified is the opener against the Falcons. Chadiha did not agree. Read on.

“You have them beating Atlanta in week one? They’re losing in week one. No Tamba Hali. No Brandon Flowers. They’re losing week one. I’m not being negative, I’m being realistic.”
Jeff Chadiha, in response to SSJ picking the Chiefs over the Falcons in the season opener at Arrowhead, 810 AM

“I’ve seen Matt Ryan fall apart in games on the road. I think that Arrowhead crowd will be special!”
Steven St. John, refusing to agree with Chadiha’s confidence that the Chiefs were doomed against the Falcons, 810 AM

“Where was that crowd last year?”
Jeff Chadiha, recalling the Chiefs 41-7 blowout loss in their home opener last season to Buffalo, 810 AM
GH: I found this to be good radio. Neither SSJ nor Chadiha were willing to budge from their side of the argument. St. John, a passionate Chiefs’ fan, even sounded a bit miffed at Chadiha’s irreverence for the home team. Local sports talk radio doesn’t have enough healthy give and take from the hosts and guests. Two host arguing over a topic often sounds manufactured. But a live guest with a confident ego battling a similar host can be an enjoyable listen.

“This is unbelievable. A vice president of the team is sitting there wrapping it up 45 seconds into the interview? Unbelievable!”
Kevin Kietzman, after a post-practice interview with Dwayne Bowe Wednesday was seemingly truncated because Danny Clinkscale asked the Chiefs’ wide receiver if he accomplished what he had hoped to by staying out of camp the first three weeks, 810 AM
GH: I agree with Kietzman here. I long for the old days when the professional teams needed the local media to sell tickets, beer and gear. Teams now view the media as a nuisance instead of an extended marketing arm.

“Eric Berry has the capacity to cover wide receivers or tight ends in the slot, and is a gritty defender in the running game. After watching Berry closely at practice, I’m convinced that he hasn’t lost a step following his ACL surgery and is certainly capable of reprising his role as the Chiefs‘ designated playmaker. With more AFC teams set to feature the tight end as a primary option in the passing game, the return of Berry provides an effective counter to the tactic.”
Bucky Brooks, writer, NFL.com
GH: Very little has been written or said about the Chiefs’ third-year safety. Is he really recovered from his ACL injury? Has he learned how to cover the tight end and not overcommit to the run? Berry could be a huge reason as to why the Chiefs’ defense is great or not in 2012. I am in the minority still unconvinced he understands his role. I would love to be found wrong come December.

“Baseball managers are by far the most irrelevant of coaches in sports. … I just know I TALK to players and that is what they say.”
Bob Fescoe, Twitter
GH: I have always thought soccer coaches have very little impact on their club during the game. Their substitutions are limited and the flow of play limits their opportunities for input or play calling. What’s your pick for most irrelevant game-day coaching position?

“I don’t know if The Star was complicit in this or how this worked. The ad is kind of ugly. The Star didn’t do him any favors in the layout and design and all that. I think maybe they did that because maybe they didn’t want to tick off the Royals. I don’t know. But they’re not in the business of turning down the money either. They had to take the money and they did.”
Kevin Kietzman, on the large advertisement in Thursday’s sports section paid for by a self-professed Royals’ fan and fan donations that implored David Glass to sell the Royals to a local owner, 810 AM
GH: Just the day before KK was chastising the SEC and the way unsubstantiated reports were broadcast or published about their local teams. Kietzman said he would never cross this line. I am guessing The Kansas City Star thinks KK crossed the line and then did the dougie on their reputation. Read on.

“If there was ever a real example of the Kansas City Royals, this is it! They trot out the senior vice president of business operations! I’ve contacted Mr. [Kevin] Uhlich previously. He did not return my calls. Mr. Dan Glass did not return my calls. I was basically told to go fish by the PR department and community relations. … The Royals can’t get out of their own damn way! It’s just pathetic!”
Kevin Kietzman, on his frustration with Uhlich being the Royals’ spokesperson in response to the ad in The Star, 810 AM
GH: I am not the happiest Royals’ fan when it comes to how David and Dan Glass have operated our Royals. But I understand that an irate fan’s advertisement is not reason for the team owner to publicly respond. Kietzman calls this the reason the Royals are such an inept organization. When Chris Kamler, aka @FakeNed, posted An Open Letter To Kevin Kietzman earlier this year deriding the Host of Between the Lines for lazily allowing his show to become a clone of Don Fortune’s. KK treated Kamler’s posted appeal the same way as Glass – he ignored it. I am not surprised by Glass’ non-rebuttal and neither should Kietzman.

“The @KCStar‘s 58-pg football prevue printed today, publishes Sunday. Ripe w/sweet reads & 8 pgs of fantasy advice.”
Jeff Rosen, @jeff_rosen88, KC Star sports editor, Twitter
GH: While the pulp version of the daily newspaper may be a dying dinosaur to most, there is no replacing the heft, the visual excellence and the comfort of perusing The Star’s annual football preview section. I will be out on my driveway early Sunday, ready to snare a hook pass reception from my mobile paperboy.

“Here’s a video of Dorial Green-Beckham’s 65-yard TD catch today, when he went all beast mode on everybody: mutigers.com/allaccess/?med…”
Terez Paylor, @terezpaylor, MU beat writer for KC Star, Twitter
GH: The access that Mizzou allows its reporters to their football practices and scrimmages is a breath of fresh nasal bandages. Why doesn’t Kansas and K-State allow their fans the same enjoyment of following their teams’ workouts via Twitter and the web? A friend of mine was in Lincoln last week and he was appalled at the level of security that surrounded Memorial Stadium to keep students and fans away from the college team’s practice. How and why did we ever allow this college football to get so out of whack?

“I don’t know how he recruits the way he does. He kind of puts it off until the end and then gets away with it. You see him get some real steals out of kids.”
Tim Fitzgerald, of PowerCatIllustrated.com, on Bill Snyder’s ability to recruit while seemingly concentrating all of his efforts on his current team, 810 AM
GH: There is no reason I can fathom for the success Bill Snyder has had in Manhattan, Kansas. For that matter, building a 40-year college football powerhouse in Lincoln, Nebraska in the 1960s is just as implausible. What it does say is that success doesn’t have a zip code. Success lives where it breeds. And Bill Snyder is the alpha male of college football success.

“Only 50 days until college basketball season begins…”
Jon Rothstein, @JonRothstein, Twitter
GH: I posted this tweet for my Kansas fans.

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14 Responses to OTC: Chiefs; Good Or Groan? Is Romeo KC Gold Or Cleveland Crud? Did KC Star Protect D. Glass?

  1. ron says:

    Football head coaches are by far the most irrelevant on game day. The Offensive Coordinator calls the plays and decides who goes in and who comes out on offense. The Defensive Coordinator calls all the defensive plays and blitzes and deicdes who goes in and who comes out. The head coach just listens in on the headphones about 98 percent of the time. Baseball managers decide everything…who plays, who pitches, who relieves and when, when to bunt, when to steal, when to hit and run…everything. Baseball managers are 99 percent responsible during the game for everything that happens.

    • P says:

      I call BS ron, on 4th and short, the head coach is the one giving the go ahead there. It could change the outcome of a game. And if you don’t think the head coaches make the final call on starters, qb changes, etc., you’re nuts. You know, Barry Switzer used to have a smoke on the sideline from time to time…tell me that guy wasn’t engaged in what was going on.

    • KC Mikey V says:

      That is like calling a General irrelevant.

  2. Smartman says:

    Big difference between a confident ego and a myopic one. The only way SSJ could be a bigger Homer is if his last name was Simpson.

    I think the ad in the Star spoke for a large percentage of Royals fans. Far more people than give a shit about KK. David Glass’ silence is encyclopedic. A friend of mine in the PR and crisis management business says the correct response choices in this case are to A) completely ignore the ad and go no comment or B) put your big gun out front to respond and repudiate it. The Royals half hearted response opens the door to death by a thousand paper cuts. I applaud and financially support Mr. Accurso. He’s doing what the local sports media should have done years ago. His only flaw is that there is no local owner. Big fucking flaw.

    I could not care less about practices or scrimmages and access. Hell, let’s send somebody in to shower with the guys too. Give us a body hair and dong size report. The only thing that matters are the wins and losses. When I’m remodeling a house the owners don’t give a shit what I do when I’m not working. Am I honing my router skills, am I calibrating my table saw, perfecting my touch with the airless sprayer, learning to tape a joint faster? Hell no! They just want results to justify the outrageous fees I charge for speed and perfection and a copy of my liability insurance. Sports is a job too. We are all entitled to a little privacy if we choose when it’s not “game on”.

    • chuck says:

      I’m gonna get killed on that bet I made with ya smartman.


      • Smartman says:

        Both of ’em. Ya gave me the Broncos + 24 at the Head in November and ya said the Chiefs would win their first playoff game this season. I love ya buddy, but have you been to the doc lately? Taken any hard hits to the noggin?

        • chuck says:

          I should have spent more time at the Phrenologist and less time at my bookie’s.

          I am in real trouble here.

          Will a call from the Governor delay the execution? He must of called the Chiefs last night, cause they sure didn’t execute.

  3. Joe says:

    Thanks Greg!!

    We have to get rid of Glass and that loser son of his…

    They are about as bad as that snake jeff loria and his weasel son in law down in Miami

  4. Java Man says:

    KK doing a solo Chiefs post game show on a Friday night?

  5. Splitlog Quindaro says:

    Greg… Track coaches are pretty irrelevant on race day… training yes… not on race day.

  6. P says:

    I like how Missouri posts those scrimmage highlights, that’s pretty cool.

    When I was in Lincoln from 92-96, you could watch practice and go on the turf and toss the ball around with your buddies if they weren’t out there. Lots has changed since then.

  7. harley says:

    Greg I’ll be out early Sunday morning to steal the paper out of your drive way. What you think I’m going to pay for that trash? Better to just “borrow” it from you.

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