OTC: Chiefs’ JV Loses To Desperate Chargers…But Only By A Foot

“If I’m Kansas City I’m looking forward to it because they’re nice and rested. You look at Indianapolis, they don’t have a lot of explosive weapons. T.Y. Hilton is their number-one receiver and it’s not like they have a great running game. So if I’m Kansas City, I do believe I can go on the road and beat this team.”
Rodney Harrison, NBC
GH: Okay…but did Rodney see the Colts/Chiefs game at Arrowhead right before Christmas? There is no logical reason to think the Chiefs have a more than a puncher’s chance in this game at Indy. But that’s logic talking – and the NFL playoffs are anything but Vulcan. Read on.

“The Colts think they beat the Chiefs. They didn’t beat the real Chiefs.”
Bill Maas, referring to the Colts 23-7 win at Arrowhead on December 22nd, 610 AM
GH: Interesting thought here by Maas. We do know the Chiefs played their starters against the Colts and needed the win to keep pace with the Broncos. What Maas is saying is that the real Chiefs are a lot better than the team Indianapolis steamrolled two weeks prior to the playoffs. I guess we shall see what “the real Chiefs” look like in Indy this Saturday.

“That’s a serious glass-half-full look at it though. That’s a serious optimistic viewpoint. I obviously hope (Maas) is right.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM

“If I’m Andy Reid, I’m working all week on how to get a pass rush. I’ve got to get to Andrew Luck and pressure him to win the game.”
Tony Dungy, NBC
GH: A healthy pass-rushing Justin Houston is one Chiefs’ All-Pro player who just might make all the difference in this second meeting between the Chiefs and Colts. But how healthy is Houston? I don’t think even the Chiefs know.

“Multiple Chiefs told me after last week’s game they’d love to see the Colts again. When tight end Sean McGrath was coming up the tunnel after last week’s loss to Indy, he said to a teammate walking into the locker room, ‘Don’t forget how this bleeping feels.’ They wanted the Colts again. They’ll get them Saturday in Indy.”
Brad Fanning, reporter/anchor, KCTV 5

“You can’t make this stuff up! Good snap. Good hold. He just pushed it right. Unbelievable!”
Rich Gannon, network analyst, after Succop missed a 41-yard field goal that would have all but guaranteed a Chiefs win in San Diego, CBS
GH: CBS gave TV viewers a perfect behind-the-goalpost look at Succop’s game-winning attempt that never looked like it had much of a chance to sneak between the pipes. I was concentrating on the Chargers’ odd defensive alignment (that only contained 10 players and may have been illegal) and assumed the kick was automatic if unblocked. Well, you know what they say about those who assume…

“Not at all worried. When has playing the Colts in the playoffs been anything other than a trip to Disneyland? (begin chain smoking).”
@TheFakeNed, Twitter

“SD had more than 6 players on one side of the center on the line of scrimmage. That is a new rule and a foul.”
Mike Pereira, @MikePereira, former head of NFL officials, click here for video, Twitter
GH: If I can spot this sitting in my living room, what were the Chiefs’ coaches looking at up in the booth?

“Pittsburgh did their job. Ryan Succop did not so his.”
Bill Cowher, the former Steelers head coach, CBS
GH: Cowher made this comment as he was voicing over the Steelers highlights package and there was more than a tinge of anger in his tone. Can you imagine being a Steelers’ fan and watching Succop’s miss from their perspective?

“Let’s be real though: Ryan Succop didn’t cause the Steelers to be out of the playoffs. Losing to Tennessee, Oakland, and Minnesota did.”
@numberFire, Twitter
GH: True…but if Succop makes the kick the Steelers are in no matter who they lost to previously.

“Somebody told Chase Daniel that this was the KU game at Arrowhead in ’07.”
Mitch Holthus, on the former Mizzou QB getting his first NFL start in San Diego and proving he just might be worth his $3.3 million paycheck, Chiefs Radio Network

“I’ve never been a believer of Chase Daniel but he made me a believer today. He played great.”
Call Jeff, 810 AM
GH: Multiply that comment by the state of Kansas.

“This is what you live for – to play in situations like this.”
Len Dawson, on Daniel getting the opportunity to quarterback the Chiefs in their final drive in regulation with the score tied and under four minutes in the game, Chiefs Radio Network
GH: Daniel did his part in directing the Chiefs’ final drive in regulation that put Succop in place for his game-winning 41-yard attempt. Dan Marino mentioned how impressed he was with Daniel’s ability to step up in a pressure situation and deliver an almost victory.

“The Chargers had a slightly better chance of getting into the playoffs as I had of winning the Powerball.”
Shannon Sharpe, CBS

“We did what we had to do to win. In this league they don’t give any style points.”
Phillip Rivers, Chargers QB, on San Diego’s 27-24 OT win over the Chiefs, CBS
GH: This might not be popular with the Kansas City crowd but the Chargers have the look of a team that just might steal some wins in the playoffs.

“Time out called by the Chiefs 31 seconds before the two-minute warning. … The Chiefs must have had some kind of disorganizational issue when they called time out with 2:31 left.”
Mitch Holthus, on Andy Reid calling time out at another odd time near the end of regulation that appeared to favor San Diego more than the Chiefs at this juncture, Chiefs Radio Network
GH: This is the second time this season Reid has suffered a brain lock on calling late-game time outs that favored San Diego more than his Chiefs. His incredibly poor understanding of the play clock scares me as much as anything when it comes to the Chiefs chances in the playoffs.

“I didn’t think people would be that excited after this game.”
Jay Binkley, on the number of positive calls he and Carrington Harrison were fielding following the Chiefs overtime loss in San Diego, 610 AM
GH: It wasn’t only the Chiefs fans who were impressed with the play of the Chiefs’ JV team. Read on.

“The only thing I can say about the way the Kansas City Chiefs ended this season is that was a pretty fantastic way to go out. To have a real chance to win a game (playing their backups) and to put Pittsburgh into the playoffs.”
Boomer Esiason, on the play of the Chiefs non-starters on the road in San Diego, CBS

“Let me tell you, that’s going to be a fun ride home. I’ve been on some miserable rises home from the west coast but that’s going to be a fun one.”
Bill Maas, on the mood of the Chiefs after their backups pushed the Chargers to overtime and should have won the game if Ryan Succop hits the 41-yard field goal, 610 AM

“I’ll take responsibility too, Andy. It was my worst game as well.”
Mitch Holthus, after Andy Reid stated that he and his coaching staff had done their worst job coaching the Chiefs in their loss to the Colts at Arrowhead, 810 AM
GH: Never change, Uncle Mitch. Never change.

“Let’s party like it’s 1969…because I don’t want to think about playoff failures.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: I remember 1969 well. As a high school freshman, I was especially fond of miniskirts – a new fad that floored and delighted my older brother Bob when he returned from Vietnam. Woodstock, a man on the moon, and Len Dawson leading the Chiefs toward Super Bowl IV. Will 2013 be remembered as fondly here in KC? Can we at least bring back the miniskirt?

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41 Responses to OTC: Chiefs’ JV Loses To Desperate Chargers…But Only By A Foot

  1. Mike says:

    The Chiefs coaches likely saw the same thing you did on the couch too, Greg. But formation calls are exclusive to the officials, and are unreviewable (unless its 12 men on the field).
    It was a missed call off of a new rule. Which begs the point: the Competition Committee proposes and ratifies new rules every year, yet rarely is a rule pulled out of the rulebook. Have we reached a point where the NFL rulebook is so bloated that it’s nearly impossible to properly administer?
    Belichick may have a good idea when he proposes making everything in the game challenge-able.

  2. Kerouac says:

    “If I’m Kansas City I’m looking forward to it because they’re nice and rested.”

    – as in ‘on their laurels’, Rodney? (much as an 0-5 mark 2013 vs playoff teams strikes fear into the hearts of those very same playoff teams); as for Bill Maas, has he ever been right about anything? KCinderella adherents talk tough… 2-5 (including 3 straight losses) speaks louder.

    No more cupcakes to frost, Chiefs season comes a bitter end, one & done in INDY:

    COLTS 23 KC 13 (wait till next year, part 45)…

    • Alphonse Tooty says:

      Thanks for keeping it brief.

      • Kyle says:

        +1. Thank God I didn’t have to scroll so far down today.

        • Kerouac says:

          “Thank God”

          – no need thank me, Kerouac will save His prolific next missive the wrap-up 2013 season following Saturday’s KComeuppins…

      • Kerouac says:


        – as KCindy’s post season life expectancy, soon flatline ________________

        • Alphonse Tooty says:

          Brief, as in merciful, since you write the same crap every day.

          • Kerouac says:

            Read every word without fail, do you… gracias

            : )

            • Alphonse Tooty says:

              I actually did read this one, since it was so brief. Nothing has changed.Vete a la mierda.

              • Kerouac says:

                Just ‘this one’, just this once… right.

                As for your lovely ‘bouquet’ spanish brickbat, appears that I’ve upset you – good.

                Keep subscribing Kerouac’s blogs (I know you will.)

                : )

                • Joe Blow says:

                  You’re like Rany…keep predicting failure for professional players/teams…you’ll look so smart when they fail!

                  • Joe Blow says:

                    Even though a massive percentage of players/teams fail each season, so you really just make yourself look like an asshole when you declare victory with your hack predictions..

                    • Kerouac says:

                      Another of Kerouac’s subscribers (take a number – the line forms to the right)… for the record, this hack predicted KCinderella’s demise, including these three straight losses; guess you’ll have to try harder not to read my takes, because I’ll be here all post season long and through next year too.

                      (PS) your username is quite apropos…

                      : )

                • Alphonse Tooty says:

                  Upset? Haha. Hell, I probably agree with most of what you have to say. But hell, man. Spewing the same crap over and over? It’s creepy. If that’s what gets you off, have at it.

                  • Kerouac says:

                    Such a proprietary angst yours…

                    As it is you find my blogging irresistible – after all, was you who could not/still cannot read mine sans an comment, several – appears your own impulse control is the issue/ be in question, not Kerouac’s takes.

                    Do ‘try’ a bit harder not to succumb my charms; am counting on you, ‘creepy’.

                    : )

  3. Brummy says:

    Today’s mini-skirt = yoga pants

  4. Kyle says:

    Chiefs won the game in OT but had that taken away from them as well. Let’s beat the freaking Colts!!!

  5. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Chase Daniel did one hell of a job yesterday. Too bad Succop did his best Lin Elliot impression. GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

  6. Steve says:

    I think it’s a little odd to say there’s “no logical reason” to think the Chiefs can win Saturday against the Colts. That first game against the Colts was the worst of the season. I don’t expect them to turn it over 4 times again or score just 7 points. Do I EXPECT them to win? No, but I’d be far from surprised if a team that was 6-1 on the road with it’s starters playing came away with a win.

  7. Say What? says:

    Jamaal Charles has a total of 34 touches in the past 3 weeks. The game this week will be the first full game he has played since 12/8 against Washington.

    Yesterday was a good visual of what a full NFL season does to a player that is starting caliber and how much the week in, week out beating does to their level of play. I think this is a main reason why the backups that rarely play were able to compete with the Chargers starters.

  8. b12 says:

    The Chiefs need to bring in some competition for Succop. That miss was inexcusable.

    I don’t like the philosophy of burning downs to bet on a kicker making a field goal to win.

    The Chiefs had the momentum, and may have been able to score a touchdown anyway.

    • trajan says:

      Yes, especially since the game did not affect our seeding why not go for the jugular…Daniel was seamlessly moving the O downfield. Why get conservative if the game doesn’t really matter? Now you have a kicker who will be in a more fragile state of mind in a game that will matter,

  9. Tim says:

    So Mitch told Andy that was his worst game? Translation…………Andy, PLEASE win in Indy so I won’t still be O-For-The-Playoffs in my Chiefs broadcasting career.

  10. Steve says:

    The next Chiefs victory this season against a team with a winning record will be their first and it won’t happen this week. Having said that everyone would have jumped at 11-5 and a playoff birth if offered at the start of the season.

  11. Rico_suave says:

    yep..as a Jayhawk, I’ll admit Chase played very well..and cost me a few bucks on a wager..

    so..the Chiefs covered.. but didn’t get the darn win!!

    then..the nite got worse as I went to see “Wolf of Wallstreet” -all 3 freaking hours!

  12. nick says:

    Chase Daniel played very well. But his 3 straight incompletions to end the game showed why he’s a backup. The 4th down “pass” might be worst attempt by a Chiefs QB ever.

    I feel confident the Chiefs offense and special teams will show up. Defense, especially the secondary, is what has Chiefs fans in a skeptical mood. Regardless, really exciting to have at least a week of playoff hopes.

    Did the Packers make a deal with the devil? After Rodgers got hurt weeks ago, they seemed doomed. Then Detroit forgot how to win games. Chicago as well. Dallas handed the Packers a win. The Bears laid an egg against Philly. Then Rodgers pulls a 50-yard TD out of his butt on 4th down agains blown coverage. I’d hate to be the 49ers right now.

    • Kyle says:

      Evidently that isn’t all that Rodgers has been pulling out of his butt:


  13. JP says:

    Kudos to Chase Daniel on the job he did as well as all the backups. They should have won this game…TWICE!! The refs blew the call on the Chargers FG lineup and the fumble on the fake punt (I didn’t hear a whistle). Greg , Reid couldn’t challenge either call if he wanted, all challenges come from the booth after the 2 minute warning or OT. The eight guys on the right side did appear to affect Succop as he kicked the FG (just my opinion). Steeler fan needs to direct his rage at the officials.

    So you think the Chiefs have just a puncher’s chance, but the Chargers are scary. They had to scramble to beat a “JV” team with help from the refs. I think the Bengals bomb them back to San Diego. That is the easiest pick of the weekend.

  14. Scott says:

    The officials actually got the stoppage of play call correct. They just don’t know it. If they did they would issue a statement about the running back’s helmet popping off. This automatically ends the play. The question then becomes where was the ball when the helmet came off. I believe it’s either a fumble or the runner is short of the mark. Either way it should have been reviewed.

    Also why is a potential turnover automatically reviewed if it’s ruled a turnover but not if the offense recovers? The same applies to the TD replay. If it’s ruled a TD it’s reviewed but if it’s ruled stopped short it’s not reviewed.

  15. Joe Blow says:

    The Chiefs stopped the fake FG, then — as is NFL protocol — the offensive team was allowed to randomly keep moving the pile forward with impunity…even though the Chiefs stripped the ball and returned it for a TD.

    If the Chargers were allowed to keep moving forward, why were the Chiefs not allowed to make a play on the ball?!

    As an aside…the “players helmet came off” rule needs to be abolished immediately, both in college and the pros..

  16. Ride with the Devil says:

    I hate the Chargers, but am glad they are in. They will beat Cincy then as the lowest seed left, will go to Denver and beat them….again. Chiefs will romp the Colts and then beat the Pats. Chargers and Chiefs for the AFC Championship!

  17. Max says:

    Did you see this?
    The Chiefs returned “Kids”?

    Chiefs set NFL kickoff return record

    December 30


    The Kansas City Star

    The Chiefs set an NFL record for kickoff return average this season.

    More News

    Chiefs set NFL kickoff return record

    Location hasn’t mattered to these Chiefs

    NFL: Officials erred in not allowing Chiefs a re-kick against the Chargers

    Clark Hunt: Tony Gonzalez is forever part of Chiefs family

    These Chiefs are eager to face an old nemesis in playoff game

    Read more Chiefs

    They returned four kids for 125 yards in Sunday’s loss at San Diego, pushing the season total to 1,316 yards in 44 returns, a record 29.9-yard average.

    The previous mark was held by the 1972 Chicago Bears, who averaged 29.4 yards per return.

    “I’m really not into the year stats, but you’re breaking an NFL record like we did … I think that’s worthy of a note,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said.

    Read more here: http://www.kansascity.com/2013/12/30/4721269/chiefs-set-nfl-kickoff-return.html#storylink=cpy

  18. Maff says:

    The game of football, mostly NFL football, is slowly being ruined by impossible playing conditions. It’s pretty hard to hit ’em hard AND hit ’em legal. Then you add every possible scenario/rules interpretation and you have chaos. Gotta make the game enjoyable but respectable. Otherwise in 10-20 years when the next generation grows up and nobody played the game when they were little, it will be viewed like soccer was in the USA in the 60s and 70s. It won’t be accepted by the mainstream.

    Figure that out and you will be a rich man.

    Leather helmets?
    Weight Limits?
    All pass?
    No tackling below the waist or high.
    Two hand touch or on downfield passes only?

    I’m more in to the throwing and catching, as all the fantasy geeks are. It would change the game but at least it might last. Hell, basketball is a completely different game today than it was 50 years ago. I’m curious to know what others think may be added or changed to carry this great game along and remove the head injuries and just as important the knee injuries and similar. I say passing is how you make that happen. I’m not sure exactly how, but I’d say that is the answer. For all you LBs out there, just remember that 100 years ago they almost outlawed football altogether which is when the forward pass evolved. It is time to evolve again.

    Creative minds will save this great game. It is time for all of us that love football to get creative in saving this American classic.

  19. BlackJack says:

    Good god GH, you were a HS freshman in 1969? You are really dating yourself. Especially when you take into account that miniskirts came BACK into vogue one time already, and that was thirty years ago!

  20. john doe says:

    Chiefs suck


    • Biff says:

      The Chiefs and MU are frauds that had easy schedules. With the schedule KC has next year I doubt they make the playoffs.

      • Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

        I guess that’s better than sucking hind tit with an easy schedule, like KU football does. I’d rather be a “fraud” 11-2 team, than a legitimate 2-10 team. Congrats on legitimately sucking ass.

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