OTC: Chiefs Look Good Losing In Denver / Should Sideline Reporters Report Injuries Live? / NFL O

“I was really proud of the way the Chiefs play, considering who they didn’t have. I thought they put up a pretty good fight considering they had one hand tied behind their back and on one leg.”
Brad Fanning, TV sports anchor for KCTV 5, 610 AM
GH: I felt the same way as Fanning did about the Chiefs effort in Denver, Yes, this is the NFL and we don’t give out medals just for showing up – but I was expecting Peyton Manning and the Broncos to treat the Chiefs like they were the Kansas Jayhawks (more on that club’s effort at Duke later). This was not only a competitive game but one the Chiefs almost pulled out. As Maximus asked, I was definitely entertained…and in the end that is a lot of the reason I show up to watch each week.

“They played a heckuva football game. … I thought that might have been the best game (Alex Smith) has played since he’s been in Kansas City.”
Len Dawson, on the Chiefs effort in Denver, 810 AM
GH: After week one when Smith looked like he might be Matt Cassel II, he looked every bit like the QB with which the Chiefs can build a winner. I just wish John Dorsey would get the guy a few receivers who someone might want to start on their FF team.

“How much grit and guts is Alex Smith showing here?”
Mitch Holthus, as Smith battled the Broncos with his arm and legs, Chiefs Radio Network

“Denver could have had five or six sacks but Alex Smith was able to escape.”
Nick Lecky, former NFL offensive lineman, 810 AM
GH: As well as Smith played, the Chiefs new placekicker did not. Read on.

(Cario) Santos didn’t show any of this during training camp or the preseason.”
Mitch Holthus, after the Chiefs rookie kicker missed a 38-yard FG after the Chiefs fashioned a XX play drive, Chiefs Radio Network
GH: Why Holthus thought he need to inject this comment immediately after Santos blew a chip shot field goal that ripped the heart out of the Chiefs’ third-quarter drive was puzzling. But not really. Holthus sees his job as one to protect the image of the players, coaches and franchise. Even screw ups like Santos who deserve to be ripped like they were a Raider.

“Don’t say his name. You know how I feel about that person.”
Tim Grunhard, after a caller almost mentioned Lin Elliott in comparing him to Carlos, 810 AM

“There’s no question the guy can kick. There’s just a question of which way it’s going to go.”
Len Dawson, on the Chiefs rookie place kicker Cario Santos, 810 AM
GH: This is one of my favorite quotes of the week. Thank you, Lenny.

“I feel for Mitch Holthus and Suzy Bling Bling and all those people who show up at that Monday night radio shop. Mitch’s grandkids are going to have to open up that book!” Caller to Chiefs postgame show, on Holthus’ tradition of talking about the heretically sealed book that he will not open until the next Chiefs’ playoff victory, 810 AM

“Deb is here tonight! Double D, Dangerous Deb is here!”
Mitch Holthus, running down the names of the attendees at his Chiefs Kingdom radio show Monday night at Nick & Jake’s, 810 AM GH: Mitch made me think twice about altering my route home and heading over to N&J’s to meet those Double Ds. BTW, was that the theme music for Friday Night Lights I heard in the bumper music for Mitch’s radio show? I started dreaming of driving through West Texas just hearing those familiar chords.

“I hate to even say this but I’m hearing the word ‘Achilles.’”
Kendall Gammon, reporting on Jamaal Charles after he left the game Broncos’ favoring his leg, Chiefs Radio Network
GH: Gannon’s report proved to be incorrect as we now know that Charles was diagnosed with a high ankle sprain. But was he wrong to report it might be an Achilles? Read on.

“I heard the sideline reporter, Tracy Atkins, said (Charles injury) was an Achilles. I thought that was a little irresponsible. Again, I didn’t see the report. Based on what happened last week with the Chiefs when two guys go done with ruptured Achilles, you’re going to go on the air and say that it’s an Achilles? When it turns out to be a high-ankle sprain? You can’t say it! You can’t say it if you don’t know! She said it could be an Achilles because he was pointing toward it. Isn’t that what she said?”
Brad Fanning, TV sports anchor for KCTV 5, 610 AM

“We don’t know where that originated from though, Brad. That’s the reason I’m not going to call her on the carpet for it. She in no way shape or form said that was what the injury is.”
Henry Lake, responding to Fanning’s comments above, 610 AM
GH: I caught most of the Chiefs/Broncos game on the radio so I did not hear the TV network’s sideline reporter say that Charles might have injured his Achilles. But let’s assume she did, as did the Chiefs Radio Network sideline reporter, Gammon. What’s the big deal about reporting what you heard someone affiliated with the team say about an injury – even if it proves to be wrong? The sideline reporter’s role is not to be a journalist in the sense they have the time or resources to vet every bit of info they come across. They have seconds to deliver updated information on the players, coaches and teams from the sideline and that might mean we the consumer have to understand this isn’t going through an editor before it hits live TV. I don’t have a problem with the erroneous Achilles reports unless Gammon and Atkins just made them up. And since they both reported the same injury, that would indicate they both had a reliable source for the information.

“Jim Nantz came into that game looking for nice things to say about Eric Fisher. ‘Boy, if his shoes are tied right I’m going to tell people!’”
Steven St. John, on the glowing comments by Nantz and Phil Simms about the Chiefs top draft pick from a year ago, 810 AM
GH: I guess we have to remember that the NFL is really nothing more than a very exclusive private men’s club of 32 owners who’s ultimate goal is to make gobs of money. They pretty much control everything from the players to the media covering them. It’s not how it’s supposed to be but it’s how it is.

“To me, (Eric Fisher) looks like a guy who is getting better.”
Terez Paylor, Chiefs beat writer for The Kansas City Star, after watching the Chiefs’ second-year offensive tackle’s play in Denver,  610 AM
GH: I still have hope that if Fisher ever gets his shoulders healthy he is going to be a great player for the next decade. But I also thought Lake Dawson was going to be a stud.

“I don’t do many tricks before the snap but I try and give them all they can handle after the snap.”
Dontari Poe, Chiefs nose tackle, when asked by Mitch Holthus if he tries to spit on the ball or move it to disrupt the opposing center, 810 AM
GH: Poe might be my favorite Chiefs player. Have you heard his McDonald’s radio ad? It is fantastic! And he emphasizes the MAC when he says McDonald’s, just like they do down on Prospect Ave. BTW, Billy Butler might be the worst radio ad reader in Kansas City right now. He sounds like he read that copy as he was walking out of the recording studio. Put some effort into it, Billy! Better yet, call Poe for some pointers.

“It’s crazy to look at this week (in Miami) as a must win already but I was calling week one a must win!”
Henry Lake, 610 AM

“I think if (the Chiefs) get to six or seven wins this season you feel happy that there was some progress made in some areas.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM

“I saw the Green Bay Packers lose 17 players the year they won the Super Bowl. They had people going down left and right.”
Jeff Chadiha, of ESPN.com, refusing to allow the Chiefs to use their recent rash of key injuries as an excuse for failure this season, 810 AM
GH: I like Chadiha’s approach. NFL teams deal with injuries all the time and find a way to compete. The Chiefs cannot just fold up and quit before October. Injuries should not be lethal. I guess we’ll see how good Dorsey and Reid are at their jobs.

“Well, there’s a chance we might ease (D’Anthony Thomas) back into things this week and see how things go.”
Andy Reid, on whether or not the rookie out of Oregon will be activated and play against Miami, 810 AM
GH: After watching Darren Sproles light up Indianapolis, I am very eager to see this Oregon Duck quack for the Chiefs.

“I wish I played with Darren Sproles! Wow is he something!”
Rich Gannon, @RichGannon12, Twitter
GH: Is there a higher compliment from one pro to another than to wish you were a teammate? We were lucky here in Kansas City to watch “Tank” as a kid grow into the NFL star he has become. What a great venue for the 10-year veteran Sproles to go off on Monday night. He remains the greatest high school player I ever saw play – and one of the most underrated college and NFL players of our lifetime. Sproles is that good.

“We suck. That’s as blunt as I can put it. For whatever reason. Defensively we just won’t stop people, especially early in games. Every drive, every first drive, their team is able to go and get points and today it happened all day. Offensively we put the ball on the ground. We had opportunities and we didn’t capitalize on them. Collectively, we look bad. It’s frustrating because everything that everybody says about you, we’re making them right. It’s almost as if you allow others to write your story. And we’re not going out there and doing anything about it. That’s hard. I’m really embarrassed.”
Charles Woodson, after the Raiders dropped a 30-14 home game to Houston, silverandblackpride.com
GH: I thought I would leave you with something to smile about.

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26 Responses to OTC: Chiefs Look Good Losing In Denver / Should Sideline Reporters Report Injuries Live? / NFL O

  1. Jim says:

    heretially / hermetically………..tomato / tamato

  2. mike t. says:

    “BTW, Billy Butler might be the worst radio ad reader in Kansas City right now. He sounds like he read that copy as he was walking out of the recording studio.”

    not all his fault. either the producer, or the client rep if at the recording, can and should have let him know it needed something; more emphasis here, enthusiasm there, etc.

    I once had the chance to work with Len Dawson on some radio spots. I was bit intimidated at our first meeting. he had read over the script, jon (producer) set the levels, and away he went, nailing a near perfect read in one take. jon looked at me for comment, direction. I looked at Len and asked him, “What do think?” He looked back at me and said, “Well, what do YOU think?” will never forget on how Len schooled me on how to be a client!

  3. Joe Blow says:

    A lot of times, “High ankle sprain” really kind of means “broken leg”. Guess we’ll find out!

  4. John Giardino says:

    No props to the Lake Lotawana Lake Rats?

  5. Java Man says:

    Santos and Fisher the first scapegoats of the year for the Chiefs. Which is worse, a kicker missing a kick or the #1 wide receiver being suspended for failing the substance abuse policy?

    • Kyle says:

      I don’t blame Santos, I blame Dorsey. Horrific move cutting Succop for him which is exactly what I thought when they made the move. Succop is an 81% NFL kicker and Santos was 69% last year at Tulane. He can’t kick the freaking thing straight. Worst personnel move Dorsey has made so far, and he has made some head scratchers.

      • Kyle says:

        By the way speaking of kickers, can someone tell how in the hell Jan Stenerud is in the HOF? Look at his stats, they are absolutely horrific. He missed 21 extra points in his career including 6 in one year. 64% in his years with the Chiefs and 66% overall. Those numbers today get you fired. I heard Lenny talking about him this morning and I thought I would take a look. Worse than I thought. Lowery missed on extra point in his career.

        • johncocktostenn says:

          It was a different time. You can’t compare kickers today to back then.

        • Gavin says:

          Also, I could be very wrong about this, but wasn’t Stenerud the first soccer-style kicker? Being that kind of pioneer could also be a factor.

  6. Anfo says:

    “BTW, Billy Butler might be the worst radio ad reader in Kansas City right now. He sounds like he read that copy as he was walking out of the recording studio.”

    Frank White can’t be too far behind Billy. The roofing commercials are awful.

  7. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Poe might be my favorite Chiefs player. Have you heard his McDonald’s radio ad? It is fantastic! And he emphasizes the MAC when he says McDonald’s, just like they do down on Prospect Ave.

    Um Greg, that’s how pretty much all black people pronounce “words.” See: MackDonald’s, PO-lice, Dee-troit, etc

  8. FJH says:

    With a team that has a hard time scoring touchdowns, I would have thought that Succop was worth a couple million a year.

  9. Kerouac says:

    Beyond the “attaboy” and “moral victory” losers lament, disagree the Chiefs played well.

    With apologies to the cheerleader Holtus, Narrowhead Pride types & other kool-aid drinkers, there was never any chance KC was going to win the game – none. The KC broadcaster said “the Chiefs had a chance to win this game” after they blew their 4th down opportunity. Memo to Mitch: no, they didn’t. They had a chance to ‘tie’ Denver and ‘if’ we’d made that field goal, and ‘if’ we’d not let them get that long kick-off return, and ‘if’ Denver hadn’t showed up for the game, and wasn’t better than KC ‘yadda yadda yadda’.

    Even when they were ahead by a few points (even had they gone up 3 tds by way serendipitous-do), KC was never in the game. The Broncos, flat, disinterested & no doubt overconfident/probably laughing at the rag-tag ‘NFL bum of the week’ they were matched up against Sunday, are still light years better than KC. Denver did the same thing last week vs INDY: punched their opponent in the mouth, then coasted. Denver hit the Chiefs for a bomb the first play & scored before the Coors had a chance get warm & put it on auto-pilot. 2 L’s down, 14 to go the prediction until/unless the Chiefs meet an opponent more ‘born to lose’ than themselves.


    Of scapegoats & over-hypes

    Santos: the uproar over him is interesting. He went 1-2 on field goals, and is now 2-4 on the young season, un-drafted rookie. Kill him, release him, replace him the cry. Of note, former KC kicker Jan Stenerud went 1-2 his first game regular season and then went 1-4 his second game. 2 for 6 after two games, and ended up missing 15 field goals on the year, 21-36 his final line on his way the Hall of Fame. Santos is not the reason KC lost to DEN and he wasn’t the reason they lost vs TEN.

    Kelce: shakey hands (another drop and another near drop), adequate blocking if a bit out of control at times; that Hall of Fame enshrinement his will have to wait, if ever. Memo to Canton: Their other media-touted Hall of Fame talent TE Harris also managed his first catch ever.

    Smith: he ‘is’ the Chiefs offense. Nuff said.

    Charles: not in charge, not on the field, his continuing descent as a RB on display yet again. He’ll become a role player sooner than later, an Todd McNair type. His days 1,000 yard seasons is fini.

    Bowe: a quiet return. Probably preoccupied with pointing to the name on the back of his jersey.

    Fisher: as I said he would, #72 is coming on. He’s KC’s best OL’man, playing vs the oppositions’ best weekly.

    Berry: ‘the great overhype’ was once again torched trying to defend a TE/opposition, DEN’s Julius Thomas turned #29 into a dreidel, another td allowed the ‘Pro Bowl’ S before he left to the comfort the dressing room. The most overhyped player in Chiefs history continues to underwhelm yet keeps getting praise from the gullible.

    Next week, KC having shot their wad vs DEN, will likely come out flat as did the Broncos yesterday, and the Dolphins (who lost), will vent their frustration upon the game but going nowhere Chiefs.

    The truth shall set them free… they remain the worst (or one of) team(s) in the NFL, no “yeah buts” and/or “if only’s” can change the obvious – wait till next year part 46, year of our forsaken franchise 2015, presents.

    Go (0-16) Chiefs (if only because it would be historic. Another #1 overall draft choice and another rebuilding campaign? We’ve already been there/done that.)

  10. Phil Simms is an idiot says:

    Eric Fisher was awful on Sunday, despite Simms and Nantz being convinced otherwise.

    Here is a good breakdown of his suckage.


  11. Arte says:

    Pete Gogolak was the first soccer style kicker in the NFL. The one the Chiefs have now looks like he could be one of Steven St. John’s kids.

  12. Juan Pablo says:

    I wish I played with Darren Sproles! Wow is he something!”
    Rich Gannon, @RichGannon12, Twitter
    GH: Is there a higher compliment from one pro to another than to wish you were a teammate? We were lucky here in Kansas City to watch “Tank” as a kid grow into the NFL star he has become.

    I hear in his youth football years they made him change leagues or move up grades because he would score a TD about every time he touched the ball. Don’t know if it is true . but sounds possible. Anyone know for sure?

  13. R.H. says:

    Never change, Charles Woodson, never change. And keep robbing those paychecks from the Raiders while you’re at it!

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