OTC: Chiefs Refuse To Allow Their Fans To Feel Good About Life By Losing To The Winless & Clueless Raiders

Headline, following Oakland’s 24-20 upset of the Chiefs, in the Kansas City Star’s Sports Daily
GH: I am proud of the Kansas City Star for running this banner headline in the Friday newspaper. The local newspaper should report the news, offer opinions on the news and entertain its readers. This headline went three-for-three.

“It reminded me of Missouri’s loss to Indiana.”
Steven St. John, comparing Mizzou’s loss to the worst team in the Big Ten (0-6 in the B1G) to the Chiefs loss to the previously winless Raiders, 810 AM

“The final code work is ‘garbage.’”
Henry Lake, 610 AM
GH: Even 610 Sports’ listener’s games got in the act of dissing the Chiefs effort in Oakland.

“Told you America. Chiefs have now lost 4 times to a team 0-10 or worse…no other team has more than two such losses.”
Trey Wingo, @wingoz,  ESPN SportsCenter anchor, Twitter
GH: Great. Thanks for that stat, Wingo.

“I can’t believe the Chiefs lost to that shit-show.”
Mick Shaffer, @mickshaffer, Twitter

“I think the Raiders are terrible. I still think they’re terrible. That’s what makes this such a terrible loss.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM

“Short week, bad weather, long trip and all that. The Chiefs can’t lose that game and claim to be a contender.”
Tod Palmer, @todpalmer, Twitter

“We beat Seattle and New England and lost to Tennessee and Oakland…seriously.” Conrad McGorkin, @ConradMcGorkin, Twitter
GH: This is the NFL. I would say that following your fantasy football team hurts less than when your favorite team loses but I don’t think that is true either. Losing just stinks all around.

“Say what you want Chiefs haters. But, let me tell you the REFS took this game. The Chiefs may not make the playoffs now! Sad! Thank you refs.”
Gary Lezak, @glezak, Twitter
GH: Lezak was particularly incensed about the pivotal pass interference penalty called on the Chiefs’ Ron Parker on Oakland’s final scoring drive. It looked to me and most Chiefs fans to be more offensive pass interference than defensive. But whining about the refs when you lose to a 0-10 team? No. Not allowed, Gary.

“I feel like the Chiefs are in much better hands. Had Romeo Crenel been the coach of that team, that game would have been 33-6. They fought back.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: What? How do you complement Andy Reid after watching the Chiefs lose to that aptly termed “shit show?”  The Raiders couldn’t score 33 points in a Madden game. For Reid to lose to the Raiders with his Chiefs tied with Denver for the AFL West lead is even more head-scratching than losing at home to Tennessee in the season opener. Andy Reid apparently is a very large red-headed tease.

“Bye bye, good Andy Reid feelings.”
Curtis Kitchen, @curtiskitchen, Twitter

“Andy Reid is stitching a clown suit on me. I knew I would regret singing his praises. This is embarrassing.”
Jason Whitlock, @WhitlockJason, Twitter GH: So now we know where Whitlock has been getting his purple suits to wear on PTI.

“This was brand new triumphant territory for the 2014 Raiders, and my oh my did they act like it. That’s what made Thursday’s 24-20 victory over Kansas City at the Coliseum — the Raiders’ first victory of the season — so memorable, so jubilant and yes, so unbelievably hilarious. That’s all thanks to linebackers Khalil Mack and Sio Moore, who celebrated a big sack in the final seconds and kept celebrating … And kept celebrating and celebrating and looked as though they might keep celebrating late into the night and maybe into baseball season, too. Great youthful energy! Let them have their fun!”
Tim Kawakami, columnist, insidebayarea.com
GH: The Chiefs lost to this shit show?

“People say act like you’ve been there before, well I haven’t!”
Sio Moore, on his extended sack-dance with Khalil Mack as the Chiefs lined up to snap the ball for the game’s final play, insidebayarea.com
GH: In what will rival Dee Ford’s turn-and-run-away tackle attempt as the most humorous GIF of the season, Mack and Moore’s extended sack dance was more Raiders than the Black Hole. I don’t know what was funnier, their Kid & Play handshake or their sprint back to the defensive side of the ball when they realized the Chiefs were about to snap it. The Chiefs lost to this shit show?

“Despite all their best efforts, Raiders win.”
Rick Reilly, @ReillyRick, Twitter

“I hate the Broncos way more than the Raiders.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM GH: Out of the mouths of babes.

“They’re a great team, obviously. They’re probably going to go to the playoffs and do great things.”
Derek Carr, Raiders rookie quarterback, in his postgame interview, NFL Network
GH: I hope Carr is a better soothsayer than he is a quarterback.

“It’s a horrible loss. But I don’t think this is going to linger at all.”
Bob Glauber,  NFL writer for NY Newsday, in an interview with Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: How does a loss to a winless Raiders team not linger? Is Eric Berry suddenly going to become as good as his hype (or even half that good)? Are the Chiefs wide receivers going to start running real patterns and catching touchdowns? Maybe a win over Denver cures it all. Maybe not.

“First Billy Butler now this. Why don’t you come kill my cat, too, Oakland? (Seriously come kill it. Can’t stand her. Plus you look capable.)”
Mick Shaffer, @mickshaffer, Twitter

“K-State needs to skip the shower, get on the bus then get on a plane and leave before that win is taken away on account of ugliness.”
Dave Stewart, @davestewartsports, after K-State took a sloppy 26-20 win at West Virginia, Twitter
GH: Ugly or not, this was a huge win for Kansas State. Their hopes of winning the Big 12 remain alive and they now get over two weeks to prepare for Baylor (and a game with Kansas between serving as a Thanksgiving dessert).

“So the Buffalo Bills play the Jets Monday night … in Detroit. Haven’t these two teams already suffered enough?”
Paul Finebaum, @finebaum, Twitter

and @greghall24

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Software guy who has been writing my Off The Couch column in KC newspapers, publications and websites since 1994. Has been bounced from some of the finest media establishments this side of State Line Road. Dad first and everything else second...and there are a lot of everything elses.
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51 Responses to OTC: Chiefs Refuse To Allow Their Fans To Feel Good About Life By Losing To The Winless & Clueless Raiders

  1. randyraley says:

    Embarrassing. Heartless. Gutless. Brutal. Awful. My dad always warned me to “never throw up on your shoes” in public. This was a pretty good description of that happening.

  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Thank goodness I was on a plane back from D.C. during this debacle.

  3. The Word. says:

    I wonder whatever happend to Belly Boy? Now the only superfans is White Trash Factor, this cat suit guy and Arrowman. Chiefs superfans are almost as embarrassing as the Brigade/Command fans. Almost.

    I wonder if the Chiefs have a home playoff game this year will the couple who had relations in a Murono be back?

    As too the same, some are saying the Chiefs are who they thought they were. And unlike the Seahawks the Raiders didn’t leave them off the hook.

  4. Dr Harry Twat Phd. says:

    In Analyzing the Chiefs game…. I can only conclude that they stunk up the place

  5. Dr Harry Twat Phd says:

    I agree, they were awful

  6. Juan, the REAl Juan says:

    Obama gives us citizenship and the Raiders finally won a game!!!!

    Mexicans of the country rejoyce!!!! All is right in the world…

  7. Bob Loblaw says:

    Pretty epicly awesome pic of the cat guy in the middle of the black hole!

  8. nick says:

    Andy Reid’s weanie play-calling in the first half.

    Eric Berry on the 95-yard Oakland TD run.

    Alex Smith’s arm strength.

    The refs P.I. call on Parker.

    ALL are to blame. Playoffs don’t seem a sure thing anymore, and if we do, likely gonna start on the road at Indy, Cincy or Pittsburgh.

  9. TiberiusGracchus says:

    As long as Alex Smith is the QB this team is one and done wilcard at the very best. Does throwing behind, above and at the feet of your intended targets make you a “smart game manager” and “everything a coach could want? I know the Chiefs were deficient in other areas but the simple truth is if you want to go far in the playoffs you need a QB who can get it done in crunch time. Everytime the Chiefs take the field the opposing QB looks better than ours.

    • Lou Brown says:

      I agree, Alex Smith will never be mistaken for Aaron Rodgers, but he must be working with the worst receiving corps in the NFL.

  10. Juan Pablo says:

    With out a great QB the best the Chiefs can do is make the playoffs and maybe win one game. Smith is OK QB with maybe one of the greatest running backs. Hard to get excited about the Chiefs. They will win their share of games but never make it to a Super Bowl with this QB

  11. Juan Pablo says:

    GH: Ugly or not, this was a huge win for Kansas State. Their hopes of winning the Big 12 remain alive and they now get over two weeks to prepare for Baylor (and a game with Kansas between serving as a Thanksgiving dessert).

    If KSU wins the Big 12 that will be a disaster for the Big 12. KSU will not go to the playoffs. I have no idea where they send teams that win their conference and are not in the playoff and nobody cares about it.
    The Big 12 needs TCU or Baylor to make the playoffs and win a game. Big 12 football has not won a big game in a long time.

    • Juan Pablos Tampon says:

      Oh Juan Pablo… What about the 2007 Orange Bowl? Please tell us about how great KU football was back then. How you used to run around with you little Jay out dreaming of a date with Richard Cranium.

    • sporty says:

      Oh, Juan, after K-State destroys your jayhawks, as usual, then defeats Baylor to win at least a share of the Big 12, you will spew more ridiculous drivel against K-State. Your idiotic rants are becoming quite funny. How did your basketball team the other night?

  12. Kerouac says:

    ‘Winless’ no more, the punching bag struck back and knocked out the greatest over-hype of this and last season NFL: RAIDERS 24 KCindy 20

    SHOCKING :-)

    Of note: Twiggy Charles & Knile Davis couldn’t even total 100 yards rushing combined vs a 27th ranked Oakland Raiders run defense… while the 6-4 Swiss Chiefs 26th ranked D gave up almost 200 to the 0-10 Raiders. KC faces the #2 ranked NFL run defense vs DEN and the week after the #3 ranked same ARIZ. A team that can’t pass & won’t be able to run will find itself 7-6 aft the next two games. Games vs San Diego, Pittsburgh and an encore vs those conquering Raiders will end yet another exercise in futility – ‘wait till next year’ part 46, 2015.

    • Dr. Harry Twat Phd. says:

      I can’t wait for your poetic readings this holiday season. You are a true artist Kerouac.. America needs more poets like you. You are the dreamiest…

      • Fred Flintstone says:

        Anybody besides me notice that Kerouac and Dohn Joe’s writing styles are quite similar?

        Why the two different handles for the same person Kerouac/Dohn Joe?

        Can’t find anyone else to agree with you?

    • 3GP says:

      BLAH BLAH BLAH Bunch of Stats BLAH BLAH BLAH, yawn.

      More diarrhea of the mouth from a little Piece of Kerap. Glad I skipped it.

      Pavlov’s dog & posting like clockwork? Look in the mirror, dumbass.

      I use dumbass because you don’t understand what the word hypocrite means.

      What’s even more sad than you incorrectly using Cinderella, is USING CINDERELLA.

      What a lame, outdated, humorless attempt at slander. Man are you stupid. I’m not offended as a Chiefs fan, I’m offended as a comedy fan.

      No Gone With The Wind analogies? How about KCasablanca?

      Tell your nursing home to get some magazines printed AFTER the 1950’s. Idiot.

  13. dohn Joe says:

    The refs fucked us!!!!! Waaaah.

    Of course, earlier today it came out that the NFL says the Chiefs should have been given two PI penalties that were ignored. See? It works both ways, whiners. More often than not, the Chiefs are the beneficiaries, just like they were Sunday.

  14. dohn Joe says:

    At what point do the Chiefs become the laughing stocks the Royals were the last 20 years? .No Super Bowl appearances since 1971? Pathetic. Royals are viewed as losers in this town and have been to three World Series in the last 34 years. That’s a World Series every 11 years or so.

    The Chiefs are the Cubs of the NFL. Lovable losers.

    JUST WIN, BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Juan Pablo says:

    Breaking news… KU Basketball #1, KU football wins 6 games in SEC Least, Bill Self loves burrito’s.

  16. Keroucs Ass says:

    A Poem from Kerouc. I Jedi Knight you shall be, he everyone look at my peepee

  17. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Some awful trolling in this comments section by the usual douchebag suspects.

    • Kerouac's Ass says:

      And who shall those douchebags be GWSWOT? It is the poetic Kerouac? The soft & Cuddly Juan Pablo? The smooth Kyle? Maybe it Is Richard Cranium in disguise. Perhaps those posters have finally flipped out. We shall never know

  18. BlackJack says:

    The comments section of Greg Hall’s column really has become the low-rent neighborhood of the sports blogs universe.

  19. Kerouac says:

    6,675 on 1.214 carries leaves Twiggy Charles still 1,164 more carries and 5,828 more yards to go if Twiggy hopes ever catch Jim Brown both career marks. Based Twig’s light workload, would take him 5 1/2 years maintaining a 5.006 average per carry, based on Twig’s efforts to date.

    A career 5.498 ypc average to date through 11 games 2014, KCindy’s ol’ idle is averaging less than 5 yards per carry at age 27, at 4.982 ypc. Brown averaged 6.402 at age 27 in 291 carries, 1,863 yards – his best season; Brown ended a 5.219 per carry career, 12,312 on 2,359 carries.

    Just as KCindy’s hopes ever winning a post season game (let alone getting to a Superbowl), ‘taint gonna happen, McGee.


    • 3GP says:

      BLAH BLAH BLAH Bunch of Stats BLAH BLAH BLAH, yawn. Didn’t we just go through this?

      Oh, that’s right, Piece of Kerap has the IQ of a child and only has one schtick, then rinse repeat.

      Way to keep using the Cinderella bit & showing the world how utterly stupid you are.

      What’s even more sad than you incorrectly using Cinderella, is USING CINDERELLA.

      Yes, I’m repeating myself, but then again, Piece of Kerap is slowww. (That means you are stupid, Kerap).

      I’m just amazed you think it’s insulting in any way. What a moron. (That means you are stupid, Kerap).

      • Kerouac says:

        Like the Swallows Capistrano, returneth they ‘gain and again ad nauseam – cannot resist Kerouac, ‘Lays Potato Chip of blogdom’


    • TiberiusGracchus says:

      Jim Brown did not have to play against the sort of athletes that inhabit todays NFL. Granted those old school guys could tackle better, but the way brown ran he would a retarded quadriplegic if played today! And is Twiggy a reference to that ugly english model from the 70’s? I’m in my mid 40’s and that seems archaic….you need to come up with some more topical material.

      • Kerouac says:

        There’s another bird(brain) now…


        • TiberiusGracchus says:

          Why do have to say such hurtful things? That’s it Greg I’m leaving!

          • Kerouac says:

            Yes, you’re hurt but you’ll get over it as KCindy its fandom each the last 45 years.

            As for the “sort of athletes” nonsense/red herring yours – irrelevant, and has always been.

            We’re it not so, the 1960’s Chiefs teams the period in time about 1963-1969 (the biggest, strongest, fastest and baddest in pro football according most accounts) would have been undefeated… that they won but one Championship all that time, even then asterisk result a special one-year only wild card format, speaks loudest.

            Every thing is relative… there’ve always been bigger, stronger faster players – always will be. The biggest, fattest if not fastest Chief is Poe… even so, he is an ‘poe’ man’s Ernie Ladd, the 6’9 356 his peak former Chiefs, Oiler & Charger who played from 1961-1968. Everything being relative too (and we have not even touched on PED use today’s players), players today and players thence would traded circumstances the others era, and so it is a wash to say one era is any better than another. Sounds good, but is in fact the height of naivete.

            Bigger, stronger, faster teams lost all three of the first Superbowls too; how’d that happen, 3 entire teams of bigger, stronger, faster? Again it is all relative and the GB Packers proved over & over again they could take the biggest, strongest, fastest opposition and cut them down to size without much problem, NFL and AFL. The rarefied aire Jim Brown breathes be his alone.

  20. Kerouac says:

    Good news, we have good news for Charles: a review finds that he’ll need just 5,637 yards and 1,145 carries (still 5 1/2 years) to catch up – a 4.923 ypc average… there’s hope yet for Twiggy (hope slim and hope none).


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