OTC: Chiefs Reset Their Season With Stunning Upset In San Diego / Bob Lutz On Denny Matthews’ Indifference

“A monumental win. A giant win for the Kansas City Chiefs. I think this is a monster win. I think this is an organization locked and loaded and ready to roll.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Well, as they say, this changes everything. Or at least it gives the Kansas City Chiefs the opportunity to hit reset on their season and start dreaming about the playoffs and not an early 2015 draft pick. The Chargers came in as one of the NFL’s hottest teams with an offense that looked to be unstoppable. Somehow, the Chiefs’ pieced together enough of a team to win where Chiefs wins are rare.

“The Chiefs are 1-9 in San Diego since 2004.”
Steven St. John, prior to the Chiefs 23-20 victory over the Chargers in San Diego, 810 AM
GH: That was the history that was staring at Cairo Santos as he lined up his 48-yard field goal as the Chargers called time out to freeze the rookie kicker.

“He’s got guts. That’s a pressure kick right there. He showed us he belongs here. I told him during the timeout, ‘Just be you.’”
Dustin Colquitt, the Chiefs punter and place-kick holder, on Cairo Santos kicking a 48 yard FG to give the Chiefs the lead with 21 seconds on the clock, Kansas City Star
GH: The kick looked to be right as it left Santos’ foot and then it faded nicely inside the right upright. I listened to Mitch Holthus’ call live and he did not sound confident when Reid chose Santos to kick rather than go over the first down. “They’re going to kick it,” said Holthus. “Sure, why not,” answered Len Dawson. For now, the why not has been answered.

“I can’t imagine my job as a wide receiver and having those drops all the time. You are a receiver in the National Football League! When you play sports at a pro level now you’re a specialist at what you do. If you’re a wide receiver and you can’t catch the football? I don’t understand that.”
Bill Maas, talking to Bob Fescoe Monday about the many wide receiver drops by the Chiefs in San Diego, 610 AM
GH: Maas sounded not just disappointed in the Chiefs wide receivers but livid. Read on.

“I have got to think there are other thoughts (about receivers) going on over at Arrowhead. They’re up against the (salary) cap but we don’t need this kind of crap anymore. You can just put anybody out there. And that’s what we have in my opinion. Just go find a guy.” Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: I don’t know what the Chiefs plans are for replacing Dawson in the radio booth once Lenny chooses to retire but I would hope they give Maas a serious look. Billy Bob has had his life issues in the past but he appears to have things back on track. Maas is everything that most of these NFL veterans in the home-team’s radio booth are not – lucid, engaging, funny, insightful and honest. That is probably way more than the Chiefs want but he would add a great deal of credibility to Holthus’ cheerleading.

“I have no faith in anybody who has WR after their name on this team right now.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: John Dorsey and Andy Reid have righted the Chiefs sinking ship since their arrival but they continue to ignore their receiving corps. High school receivers would be embarrassed to drop the balls that Junior Hemmingway and Dwayne Bowe let slip away. Heck, kids in the backyard don’t drop those passes. It is a problem and one Dorsey and Reid have just never seemed to care enough about to fix. 

“I’ve seen (Jamaal Charles) make plays over and over again by himself. Larry Johnson and Priest Holmes had an All-World (offensive) line. That line that those guys had was the best line in football. During Jamaal’s time here, the guy has been doing it over and over again just by himself.”
Bill Maas, when asked by Bob Fescoe if Charles, now the franchise’s leading rusher, is the best Chiefs back of all time, 610 AM
GH: Charles’ 16-yard second-quarter touchdown run was a thing of beauty. It reminds you of just how special he is, even after seven years. And how about his flying knockout of Brandon Flowers in the end zone? As Holthus said, “Charles is tougher than the Navy Seals they train here on the base in San Diego.”

“The Sherman Tank bulls his way in for Kansas City!”
Spero Dedes, CBS network play-by-play voice for the Chiefs at Chargers game, on the Chiefs’ fullback’s second-half touchdown catch and run, CBS
GH: We have heard Sherman referred to as a tank before. But Holthus came up with another nickname for the bruiser…

“The Sausage scores his first touchdown in the National Football League!”
Mitch Holthus, as the Chiefs Anthony Sherman scored on an 11-yard dump pass in the fourth quarter, Chiefs Radio
GH: We know how Mitch likes his nicknames – and the weirder the better it seems for Mitch. This one he claims came from Andy Reid and he is sticking with it.

“You’re going to have to come up with a better nickname for him if he keeps making good plays.”
Lenny Dawson, after Holthus referred to the Chiefs blocking back as “The Sausage” numerous times after his touchdown and tackle on the preceding kick off, Chiefs Radio Network

“Had the Chiefs fallen to 2-4 and 0-2 in the AFC West, they’d be spending the next month climbing uphill in chasing Denver and San Diego, which fell to 5-2. Instead, they can start building a playoff resume by playing six of their next 10 games at home, starting with visits by NFL bottom-feeders St. Louis and the New York Jets in the next two weeks.”
Randy Covitz, Chiefs beat writer, Kansas City Star
GH: Maybe I’m more cautious than Covitz but those bottom-feeding Rams just knocked off the defending Super Bowl champs, the Seattle Seahawks.

“Maty Mauk’s (passing) numbers in a (Mizzou) blowout win? 6 of 18 for 20 yards.”
Steven St. John, after MU stunned Florida in The Swamp, 42-13, 810 AM
GH: I love college football. And I love it more today than yesterday because it has more weekly surprises than Survivor, Bib Brother and The Bachelor combined. Mizzou’s offense looked awful and the Tigers were up 42-0. On the road. In a place almost no one wins. After losing at home to Georgia the week before 34-0! It is difficult to feel bad after that win but the Mizzou offense is that bad.

“The chances of a college kicker missing field goals of 22, 41, and 42 yards, like Kansas State’s Jack Cantele did against Auburn earlier this year, are about 0.7 percent. The chances of a college kicker missing a 19-yarder, a 32-yarder, and an extra point, like Oklahoma’s Michael Hunnicutt did against K-State on Saturday, are about 0.02 percent. That they happened has defined the Wildcats’ season to date.”
Bill Connelly, writer, after K-State knocked off Oklahoma in Norman, SBNation.com GH: Kansas State is one fun team to watch. I also watched the Mizzou and Nebraska blowout wins but neither team looks like they practice much. Bill Snyder’s team looks so much smarter than most.

“At this point in the 2014-15 campaign, there are six teams that, if they win out, would not only win the Big 12 but would finish the season with, at most, two losses and be in the conversation for a playoff berth. Those teams are Baylor, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, TCU and West Virginia.”
Bill Connelly, writer, SBNation.com
GH: The Big 12 champion will need some help to make college football’s first final four. And that is reason enough to immediately expand this four-team hootenanny to 12 teams next year and 24 the year after that. No, I am not kidding. The 24th team in college football this week is LSU. Undefeated Marshall is 23rd. Let them all in and let’s have one heckuva party.

“If you’re a retailer and you sell Royals gear, it’s been a pretty good week.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: Raise your empty wallet if you have purchased Royals gear in the past two weeks. Or 48 ours. I need something that says World Series emblazoned across the chest to wear Tuesday night. Yep, a bunch of us at the office bought single tickets off the San Francisco Giants’ website. Some were $220. Mine was $414. Face value. I might ask the Glass family if I can sleep there Tuesday night.

Jimbo Fisher (after FSU beat ND): “I wouldn’t trade this team for any team in America.” Gary Parrish of CBS: “I’d trade them for the Royals.”
GH: That’s how nuts Royals mania is right now.

“(Denny) Matthews is catching flak for his lack of emotion during some of the biggest calls of his career. And he should be. I believe it’s a broadcaster’s duty to play to his audience. There’s a balance, for sure. I’m not proposing that Matthews or any other broadcaster become a total shill for the home team, even though that home team is paying his or her salary.”
Bob Lutz, sports columnist, Wichita Eagle
GH: Lutz is an older guy like myself who has listened to Denny since 1969. He doesn’t suffer from ADD or the need for constant pulsating stimulus. He probably doesn’t listen to much Lil Wayne. But he knows when history is being cheated by a play-by-play voice who has declared war on emotion. Read on.

“Matthews has always been adept at those (professional) aspects of broadcasting. He’s not a Ford C. Frick Award winner (2007) for nothing. He’s one of the most outstanding baseball broadcasters of all time. But his grand reputation has taken a hit the past couple of weeks as he has sounded detached from the amazing things happening on the field for the Royals. He seems to be missing the point as well as the drama of the moments and the ecstasy of the fans who are seeing all of this amazement unfold through his eyes. It’s a special time for the Royals and their fans. The team is playing great baseball with clutch hitting, outstanding pitching and incredible defense. Yet the man in the broadcast booth who should be living it up with this fan base, much of which he helped create, seems to be off in his own world, unable to express joy and excitement.”
Bob Lutz
, sports columnist, Wichita Eagle
GH: These resilient Royals have given Denny a chance to redeem himself this week. And hopefully next. As they say in hockey, game on, Denny.

“I am thinking we are going to win this one in six. I don’t think it’s going to be as easy. It gets a little harder as you go on.”
Mayor Sly James, on his prediction for the World Series, 610 AM

“I think we’re looking at downtown (for the World Series victory parade). I think we have a route mapped out. When we’re ready to roll I’m sure we’ll give everybody enough notice.” Mayor Sly James, when asked by Danny Parkins if Kansas City has made any arrangements for a post-World Series parade, 610 AM
GH: A World Series parade? Can you even IMAGINE that here in KC? Oh, my. We are getting ahead of ourselves. But a WORLD SERIES PARADE?

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30 Responses to OTC: Chiefs Reset Their Season With Stunning Upset In San Diego / Bob Lutz On Denny Matthews’ Indifference

  1. mike t. says:

    Denny is not going to change. I kept expecting him to liven it up some during the Orioles series. Nope. To expect him to get a bit more excited for a World Series, is to overlook the wild Wildcard game, the ALDS and the ALCS. He won’t do it. I almost expect him to announce his retirement after the Series.

    Totally agree with you on Bill Maas for the color analyst for the games. I listened closely again to Lenny yesterday after bagging on him last week – still states the obvious. He has his moments, but any keen insights are few and far between these days. I do not expect him to announce his retirement at the end of the season.

  2. KSbugeater says:

    Is Bib Brother the redneck version? Everyone’s trapped in a barn and forced to wear bib overalls? Remember me when CBS moves that show idea into production, Greg.

  3. P says:

    Totally agree on Maas Greger.

    I don’t understand the drops either? What’s baffling is a guy like Bowe will drop one that hits both hands perfectly and three plays later will make some stupid one handed sideline catch. Maybe all that weed he smoked is starting to affect his attention span.

  4. Mike says:

    Right now, aside from Sean Smith, the Chiefs D-Backs are an anonymous group, when compared to the WR’s, and yet those DBs are making more plays than the wideouts!!
    Granted, Bowe redeemed himself after a horrible drop by snagging a couple of tough catches, but where’s the downfield speed? How on Earth does Jenkins step OOB on a sure-fire breakaway TD? Hemingway’s drop?

    Can we get about five Travis Kelce’s on the roster, or at the very least, have Gonzo return to host a catching clinic? Hell, maybe Kennison is free to lend a hand to teach catching at an NFL level. Because yesterday was incredibly poor.

    And color me amazed by how the Rams beat Seattle. Man, Jeff Fisher can coach up a defense, and he has total trust in rolling the dice on special teams. I was glued to that game yesterday. Could make for a fun environment at Arrowhead. Andy’s guys better be ready.

    • Jim says:

      Perfect timing for the Rams to pull out those special team plays the week before the Chiefs game. Glad that is on film now. Pretty sure Big Red will address it this week.

      • Kyle says:

        Credit to Fisher, but Good God, talk about unloaded all chambers at once. Pretty sure they will not have a game where all of the tricks come together like that again…..and they STILL almost blew it.

  5. Hot Carl says:

    Our receivers suck…without the two drops and Jenkins stepping out of bounds we would have won that game going away. And how does Percy Harvin get traded for a bag of potato chips and the Chiefs weren’t even in on the discussion? I don’t care if Harvin is a cancer…how does he get moved and we don’t even sniff around?

  6. Gib Twyman says:

    No comment on the narcissistic, mailed in hot garbage JoPo published in the Star?

  7. Edward says:

    Richard Deitsch has a positive blurb about Denny Matthews in his weekly SI media column today. Apparently he hasn’t heard the pounding that Denny’s been taking locally. Even Mike Greenberg on “Mike & Mike” mentioned Denny’s lack of passion in that pennant-cliching call.

    • Edward says:

      Deitsch actually links to Bob Lutz’s column, so it’s not quite as rosy as Deitsch makes it out to be. I personally have never been a Denny fan; when I moved here in the mid-’90s, I found Denny and Fred to sound way too arrogant & dismissive for my tastes. I don’t know if they were annoyed by the product on the field, but they were Angry Broadcasters.

  8. Java Man says:

    After a full day of watching the NFL, the one thing I know for sure is that I have no clue what is or isn’t pass interference.

  9. Kerouac says:

    “it gives the Kansas City Chiefs the opportunity to hit reset on their season and start dreaming about the playoffs”

    – and a date with the the trophy girl of their ringed dreams; dream on, and don’t worry about over-sleeping…

    “and not an early 2015 draft pick.”

    – nor even their usual early exit one & done post season, this 2014 ‘missed it by thaaaat much’ continuous re-loop theirs…

    “starting with visits by NFL bottom-feeders”

    – Chiefs aka haddock/carp territory by any other…

    “St. Louis and the New York Jets in the next two weeks.”

    – there is but a stone’s throw difference the NFL’s elite (one more than negative one) and dregs (Chiefs, et al)… Sisyphus and their boulder continue ‘rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ , keep that boulder rollin’ push it up – then downhill, Kaycee…

  10. Jack Wagon says:

    Even some of the Denny apologist are starting to rumble. I have posted on here before that I have never cared for Denny Mathews play by play style. There is no question he knows the game, history and most aspects of MLB but his style is dry & indifferent. I think he would be a great color guy because of his knowledge and ability to break things down.. During the ALDS & the ALCS I was relegated to the radio. Since I had the option to listen to the Royals PbP or ESPN listened to ESPN. Several times I would switch back to the Royals broadcast but would quickly change back to ESPN.
    Looks like I will be able to watch all the WS games but if not, I will tune back into ESPN (810) or even better find the Giant’s broadcast w/Jon Miller. Not many better than Jon, also a Frick winner and IMO no comparison between he & Denny not even close. Maybe the grind of too many 100 loss seasons took it’s toll on Denny and he can’t recover…..

    • red says:

      Jon Miller is great on the radio (was good on TV also but radio is what he was made for). I was lucky enough to listen to him regularly with joe Angel when they were teamed up as the Orioles’ radio guys back in the day.

  11. The Independent Rage says:

    If I’m a KC sports reporter, I’m trying to line up Dyson for an interview and I ask him (probably as a throwaway question at the end) what he thinks about James’ comments about the World Series Victory Parade. See if I can get Dyson to do some more looking ahead like he did with Baltimore, which would surely set off a firestorm in San Fran! Sure it would be almost too easy and a bit crass, and sure it wouldn’t exactly be a high form of journalism, but it can be fun to stir shit up! Which reminds me: Can someone please make a Victory Parade T-shirt to give to Guthrie during the Series?

  12. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Amazingly enough, Mizzou can still win the east by winning out and Georgia losing to Auburn. That being said, Mauk’s complete and total ineffectiveness is causing issues in the Mizzou locker room. A few coaches and more than a few players are advocates of Printz getting some series while Mauk sits. As of yet, Pinkel has refused this notion. We’ll see what happens if Mauk takes another crap in his pants this week versus Vandy.

  13. Java Man says:

    I was listening to one of the games last week in the car. Inadvertently hit the search button and moved form 610 to 680. Surprised that 610 had a 5 second delay on their transmission. Can anyone tell me why they do this on 610 and not on 680?

  14. Jayhawk '97 says:

    When 610 did their montages of radio calls, it was glaring how much better the calls by Ryan were. Ryan’s calls made it sound as if, I dunno, the team was in the midst of an amazing playoff run of which this city hasn’t seen in nearly 30 years. When I saw Denny on the field before game 4, he just looked really, really old and tired. He’s had a great run, but he is not the Pope or a Supreme Court Justice.

  15. Johnny Midnyte (@MdBombay) says:

    I’m pretty sure Denny would make a better Pope than the current guy. Just sayin.

  16. Merle Tagladucci says:

    GH: A World Series parade? Can you even IMAGINE that here in KC? Oh, my. We are getting ahead of ourselves. But a WORLD SERIES PARADE?

    Yes, I’ve been to one before. It was glorious.

  17. Juan Pablo says:

    GH: I don’t know what the Chiefs plans are for replacing Dawson in the radio booth once Lenny chooses to retire but I would hope they give Maas a serious look. Billy Bob has had his life issues in the past but he appears to have things back on track. Maas is everything that most of these NFL veterans in the home-team’s radio booth are not – lucid, engaging, funny, insightful

    I agree, I hear Maas is a jerk but he is great covering football. He would be great on Chiefs games.

  18. Juan Pablo says:

    “(Denny) Matthews is catching flak for his lack of emotion during some of the biggest calls of his career. And he should be. I believe it’s a broadcaster’s duty to play to his audience.

    Some one please get Denny off the radio, should of been done years ago. You can also take Bob Davis off the radio doing KU games , he has lost it and has no idea what is going on during games,. He just says a word or two then David Lawrence has to explain whats going on. It is obvious these guys are just to old too do it anymore.

  19. Herb says:

    Denny lacks emotion because he’s really phucking old. He was burned out 10 years ago. But he keeps drawing the paycheck and phoning it in. Because the Royals let him.

  20. Say What? says:

    I think Denny’s call of the final out in Game 4 of the ALCS was close to perfect. Describe the action on the field, he gets excited for the out being completed and then it breathe as the nat sound of the crowd cheering is the only thing needed. Then he closes it out with his final line, “Kansas City, you’ve got a World Series.”

    There are plenty of guys that would trip all over themselves to yell and scream and talk through the entire moment. Denny knows that the play needs his voice and the celebration doesn’t.

    Listen for yourself:

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