OTC: Chiefs Slice Up Giants “Dexter Style” 31-7 To Go 4-0

“I’m not sure which one was the better move by Dexter McCluster (on his 89-yard punt return). This one’s nice right there. This one’s not bad…Right. There! (followed by audible ohhhs and ahhhs from the studio analysts).”
Dan Patrick, while watching a replay of McCluster’s spinning, ankle-breaking punt return, NBC
GH: Chiefs fans love attention from the national media. When you beat the NY Giants 31-7 and can add a highlight video like Dexter’s scintillating punt return, the NFL nation takes notice. As the song states, the Chiefs are on the warpath…

“Some God-given abilities took over and it was a race to the end zone.”
Dexter McCluster, on describing his 89-yard punt return, 810 AM
GH: The spin move just after he fields the punt is just something you can’t coach. He spun in air but it opened up a lane and he then went Camp Dexter on the Giants return team – because as we all know, Dexter shines each summer at training camp.

“That was the big play that I thought broke the Giants’ back.”
Herm Edwards, on Dexter’s punt return, 810 AM
GH: I prefer to think of Dexter’s return as igniting the Chiefs offense. Once again the Chiefs floundered for much of the first three quarters before taking over the game in the fourth quarter with two more touchdowns. Reid’s offense appears to be like a great novel that has fits and lulls at the start but finishes like a runaway herd of wild mustangs…or dare I say “broncos?”

“Now it’s about what is Dexter going to do from here on out.”
Henry Blake, 610 AM
GH: I had already christened Dexter as Mr. August. We do need more from him than one spectacular scoring play every month. But this was one helluva start if he is about to become a regular contributor on offense.

“What a challenge by Andy Reid!”
Mitch Holthus, after McCluster’s punt return was made possible by Reid challenging the spot of a Giants’ first down just prior to the punt, Chiefs Radio Network
GH: Reid obviously got word from the Chiefs’ coaching booth that the ref had completely botched the spot of the Giants third-down reception. I was stunned by how little effort the ref put into such an important placement. He missed the spot by at least a yard. Without instant replay, the Giants would have retained their drive in Chiefs’ territory and possibly scored to tie or take the lead. TGFT – Thank God For Technology!

“Classic example of why @adamcarolla idea of extending the goalposts is necessary in #Chiefs #Giants game. Thought that (Giants’) FG was good.”
Danny Parkins, @DannyParkins, Twitter
GH: The FG looked good on television as well. Can’t the NFL come up with a Star Wars laser system they can turn on for FG attempts – shooting straight up from the end of the goal posts all the way to Mars? How cool would that be? Get to work on that Zulu.

“I think Alex Smith looks really good. I don’t know if anybody agrees with me.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: It doesn’t look like Geno Smith is having all that easy of a time adapting to the NFL in NY. I too am glad Smith is here in Kansas City. All he does is win. He looks like he could be our QB for quite some time.

“Three turnovers and not being able to run the football is not how I would have drawn up a Chiefs’ win.”
Josh Klingler, 610 AM
GH: You have to stay for the entire game with these Chiefs. In distance-running terms, they appear to be a team that runs negative splits.

“That is a HUGE story!”
Kevin Burkhardt, who did the play-by-play for the Giants/Chiefs game, after it was reported that the Chiefs’ punter, Dustin Colquitt was being treated on the sideline for an injury, Fox
GH: Unfortunately the Fox crew – with Erin Andrews reporting from the sidelines – never mentioned Colquitt’s injury until after an entire Giants’ offensive series had come and gone.

“We saw this play Friday in practice. The number one option on this play is Dexter McCluster, right there in motion. The Giants do a nice job of covering McCluster and Alex Smith says, ‘Alright, you’re going to cover #22, I’ll throw it to 84.’Great job of reading the coverage by Alex Smith.”
John Lynch, on McGrath’s TD catch from Smith, TV analyst, Fox
GH: Fox did a nice job on the replay showing how Dexter was knocked off his square-in route and then how Smith was able to seamlessly move to finding McGrath in the back of the end zone.

“Eli Manning told us, ‘We like our match-ups outside – particularly with Victor Cruz working against Dunta Robinson, filling in remember for Brandon Flowers. Nothing fancy about that. (Cruz) just flat out runs (by) Dunta Robinson.”
John Lynch, on Cruz’s 69-yard TD reception, Fox
GH: Dunta looked like a Dunce as he flailed away at Cruz as he easily flew by the overmatched Chiefs’ corner. Lynch and Kevin Burkhardt twice mentioned Manning’s eagerness to get the ball to Cruz against Robinson. Steve St. John made an excellent point Monday morning when he reminded listeners on The Border Patrol that both McGrath and Marcus Cooper, who did a nice job at corner when he replaced the stumbling Robinson, were members of the Magnificent Seven free agents that John Dorsey signed after the final cut-down date.

“Philadelphia won’t be charged with a timeout.”
Terry McCaulay, referee
GH: When you spend 14 seasons in one place, it’s bound to happen. No harm no foul, ref.

“I work out at (Arrowhead). I’ve been selling beer out there for about ten years – and I’ve never heard it as loud as it was today. I don’t see the Chiefs losing at home this year.”
Caller to Chiefs’ postgame show, 810 AM
GH: This caller was awarded as the Caller of the Day. The caller who said, “Jack Harry sucks,” did not.

“I tell you…that may have broken the scales today. That Chiefs’ engine is LOUD!”
Sean McGrath, Chiefs tight end, Chiefs Radio Network
GH: Arrowhead was sporting a few empty seats in the suites section but the noise level appears to be back to Marty and King Carl decibels.

“Come on, let’s not get carried away here. The Chiefs are not as good as the Broncos.”
Danny Clinkscale, to a caller who was ready for the Chiefs to own the Broncos, 810 AM
GH: The Broncos made my upset prediction look stupid as the squashed the Eagles 52-20. Peyton Manning appears to be poised to break any and all single-season records that John Elway owns. Denver looks like the class of the NFL – just like they did last year before not winning a playoff game.

“They are not nearly as good right now as they’ll be in November. They’re gonna be even better.”
Tony Dungy, NBC
GH: The Chiefs play in Denver on November 17th and then back at Arrowhead on December 1st. Dungy thinks Manning and his new receiving corps will be even more in sync two months from now – and they should be. But the cold weather has not always been a friend to Peyton. It can be cold in Denver and Kansas City that time of year. Cold would be good for the Chiefs.

“What the fuck are we doing?”
Tom Coughlin, to his special teams coach, after Giants were flagged for loading up one side of their defensive front to block a kick, Fox
GH: THAT would have made a great headline in Monday’s NY Post.

“The players there (in Minnesota), they love (Matt) Cassel. They say his command in the huddle, that’s what a quarterback is supposed to look like.”
Jay Glazer, on Cassel replacing the injured Christian Ponder, Fox
GH: Cassel got the Vikings a 34-27 win over the Steelers in London. I hope he finds a team and a coach there that protects him. He needs a lot of protection. 

“I’m disappointed in (Josh) Freeman myself. They knew what kind of quarterback they had. I think he’s been on a short leash from the very beginning of the season. The very fact that you would be late for meetings and you’re the quarterback – there’s no excuse for that. The very fact that you had missed the team picture? On a Saturday? How in the world does that happen? The very fact that you don’t even put in the time to study and prepare yourself just leads to the fact that they had to sit him down. I’m disappointed in Josh for him wanting out so easily. Have you heard about fighting for your job? Have you heard about going in early? About staying late? You DREAM of this opportunity when you’re a child! And to let it go to the side like this? You ought to be ashamed of yourself. I don’t see anybody in this NFL (picking up Freeman) – because there are too many unanswered questions about Josh Freeman.”
Terry Bradshaw, after the Tampa Bay Bucs replaced Freeman as their starting QB, Fox
GH: Hard to hear this stuff about a kid many of us watched play in high school and college. Sounds like Josh still has some growing up to do.

“He lost his captaincy. That’s by the players themselves.”
Terry Bradshaw, on Freeman, Fox

“The #Royals went 43-27 after the break.”
David Lesky, @DBLesky, Twitter

“I think going into next spring a lot of teams are going to be on notice.”
Greg Holland, Royals Radio
GH: Screw notice. Let’s rock and roll next summer!

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19 Responses to OTC: Chiefs Slice Up Giants “Dexter Style” 31-7 To Go 4-0

  1. Gavin says:

    I’ve always thought that some sort of laser pointing up from the goalposts would be a good idea but what happens if the ball breaks the beam from the laser? Is it good or is it bad? Because a real goalpost could prevent the ball from going through but it could also alter the trajectory of the ball and push it back through to make the kick good. But I agree that they need to try something because there are a lot of very high kicks that make it impossible to tell whether it went through.

    • Kyle says:

      It’s a whole lot easier to see whether a kick is good or not when you are standing below the goalposts. If the ref says it’s no good, it’s pretty much a guarantee that it’s no good.

      • Gavin says:

        Yeah, that makes sense. The ref is directly under the upright so they probably get it right more often than not. It might be kind of gimmicky, but it would be sorta cool for television.

  2. Brett says:

    the offense’s inability to stretch the field is a concern. my hope is that once kelce and fasano are healthy, we’ll see more tight end seam routes that will occupy the safeties and leave the wide receivers with 1-on-1 coverage down the field. until we stretch the field more, defenses are going to continue to stack the box to stop charles, which is what the giants did. if we can develop a deep threat, this could be a very special year.

  3. nick says:

    Danny Clinkscale: ““Come on, let’s not get carried away here. The Chiefs are not as good as the Broncos.”

    Clinkscale’s the Debbie Downer of local media, and that says a lot with all the KC sports hacks who strategically say and write things to ruffle local sports fans’ feathers.

    Manning’s been one-and-done in 2/3 of his 12 playoff appearances. If the Chiefs defense stays healthy all year, I wouldn’t bet a whole lot that the Broncos play longer than KC.

    David Lesky: “The Royals went 43-27 after the break.”

    And the Rays went 55-36 after calling up Wil Myers. Oops. I guess I’M the buzzkill now.

    • Josh says:

      Not to be a contrarian but the Royals went 51-42 after the Rays called up Myers. I understand what you are saying though.

    • Tim says:

      It is surprising that Danny is that much of a downer since he works for that ultimate rah rah guy Dick Hawk.

    • Markus Aurelius says:

      Do the math — The Royals 43-27 (.614 winning %) record after the break is actually a better record statistically than the Ray’s 55-36 (.604 winning %) record after calling up Myers. The Royals record after the Rays call up Myers is an arbitrary and irrelevant reference. If you really want to compare teams — then just look at the entire season of both teams…..and, yes, the Rays had the better record. Had Moustakas not had a horrible season at the plate, had Hosmer had a first half of the season similar to his second half, had they cut Frenchie in Spring Training, we might have been looking at something different. But those things didn’t happen. Let’s hope they do next year.

  4. Ken says:

    the Faiders will take Freeman

    • Barles james says:

      Someone said on talkthe radio freeman never won much in high school. Anyone remember if that’s true? He definitely was up and down in college. Hope he fets his head on right.

  5. JP says:

    First of all, can we all take time out and enjoy this. The Chiefs are 4-0, did anyone see this coming on December 30, 3012 after they got blasted by Denver in Romeo’s last game. The offense will come around, it always takes more time for the players to get acclimated, but Reid is doing what he can to win ballgames.

    As to Clinkscale’s comment, he’s probably the only one in KC disappointed that the Chiefs are 4-0, considering his unabashed hatred of the Chiefs. As for the Broncos, they aren’t going Undefeated, and if Peyton plays this well in under 32 degree weather, I might anoint them, but cold weather is his kryptonite, just watch the season’s change. I think the Chiefs split with the Broncos in the season series.

  6. Say What? says:

    The Broncos offense looks quite a bit better than the Chiefs. They have scored on 52% of their possessions while the Chiefs have scored on 28%. They are almost identical in rushing yards but there is a 500 yard difference in passing, and the Broncos have only run 7 more plays than the Chiefs.

    We can all celebrate the Chiefs start, however if you take off your red sunglasses and look at the bigger picture, the Broncos look like the better team right now.

  7. Dan says:

    I thought the field goal was clearly wide left when I saw it on tv. When they showed the replay it still looked wide left. Not sure what everyone else saw but the last time I checked, the ball has to go between the uprights to be a good kick.

    What a great time to be a football fan in this area. Chiefs are 4-0 and Mizzou is 4-0. I keep waiting for the dream to end and I’ll wake up. This is a million times better than last year, that’s for sure.

  8. Kerouac says:

    “Come on, let’s not get carried away here. The Chiefs are not as good as the Broncos.” – Danny Clinkscale)

    - Clinkscale tells it like it is – he must be a hater. Denver is in a class by itself, but if 2013 somehow has something to do with the year before (or several years before, even)…

    “GH: Denver looks like the class of the NFL – just like they did last year before not winning a playoff game.”

    - Chiefs look like a post season team again too (sort of like 2010 before the illusion was shattered by the Ravens; appears some fans & commentators embrace an inferiority complex when it comes to seeing reality re: Denver on the one and our Chiefs another…and with good reason, my opine.)


    Just not seeing the Chiefs having accomplished much anything at all. This parity-driven, watered down brand modern day NFL football is set up to do exactly what it’s doing: turn last year’s losers into next year’s Cinderellas variously, ad nauseam.

    JACK 0-4… NYG 0-4… PHIL 1-3… DALL 2-2: upon a 3-13 cadaver is built an 4-0 mirage…Denver has played a similar schedule/two of those teams same in addition to beating Oakland & crushing the ‘World Champion’ Baltimore Ravens, latter while KC was playing JACK – sorry, natural mistake – the Jaguars.

    The Broncos beat the Eagles by 32 points or more than 3x as many points as KC did. Too, the Chargers, written off as a team in decline, beat Dallas by 3 scores; so much for KC’s one-point squeaker over same. San Diego also beat PHIL, just as KC did. Neither Denver nor San Diego has yet to play JACK, nor has KC played the Texans who edged SD in Houston. Denver gets to play those rough & tumble Cowboys this coming weekend, while the Chiefs travel to TEN to play an NFL team with an actual pulse, the 3-1 Titans.

    One team is going to be 5-0 next Monday.

    Denver or KC?

    • chuck says:

      I’m afraid Kero is right. I love the Chiefs, but they will be lucky to split with Denver and if they do, they still will travel to Mile High for the play offs at some point, where they will be dismemebered in the Denver Donkey abattoir.

      It is hard to get your arms around how bad the NFC East is. It reminds me of the NFC West 5 or 6 years ago.

      That said, the Chiefs are a high quality NFL team on the rise over the next few years in my opinion.

  9. Mumbai says:

    How come last year’s loser Jaguars aren’t this year’s Cinderellas, variously ad nauseam? Hmmmm? Damn, there goes your parity driven, watered down conspiracy theory.

    Oh well. You’ve still got “9-11 was an inside job.”

    • Kerouac says:

      I’ll type this r e a l l y slow for you (try and keep up): for the same reason those 2012 Superbowl SF 49′s are struggling… ditto their 2012 NFL Championship game opponents the ATL Falcons, free-falling from 13-3 2012 to 1-3 through 4 weeks, 2013.


      No great teams or only one 2013, Denver. And due a dearth of roster depth, even they one injury (Manning) away from becoming mediocre like the rest. Contrast this with the 1969 Chiefs, who lost starting QB/HOF’r Len Dawson, yet prevailed with a journeyman talent Mike Livingston, and won the Championship. Think KC’s a good team 2013? Exit Smith & enter Daniels. Or Bray. Then start to pray.

      Back to parity, as the NFL does it’s best prevent ties (unlike the golden era pro football when ties in fact added to the excitement (a team having to win in regulation so would take more chances within said, rather than to ‘play for a chance overtime’ ($elling more concessions too, for the record). Hence, somebody has to win today, and usually does.

      And what a God-awful mess the NFL standings be: of 32 teams, 22 are either treading water or already gone under below .500 their W/L. 10 more are break even at .500, & while 4 more have managed a win in lieu a loss keep themselves from joining the.500 club, only 6 teams remain undefeated despite only 4 weeks having been played.

      Parity, close as the NFL can finagle it.

      Rare exceptions (like the Broncos) aside 2013, this is the worst collection of mediocrity I remember seeing, and I’ve been following football / sports since the 1950′s. As I said on another blog, things will deteriorate further – the day is coming when each & every team will qualify for post season, every sport: NFL, MLB, NBA, you name it – deference to the almighty buck, keeping fan intere$t throughout the entire season the different cities. The regular season anti-climactic, no team (child) left behind. Everyone can say they are a winner… even the that favor forget since 1970, the Chiefs.

      Can hear them now, the victorious their conquering refrain on that ‘special’ day – ” we are Champions: the best .500 team in the world!”


  10. Ronnie says:

    Are the Royals going to be able to hold onto Holland for next year?

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