OTC: Chiefs Start 2-0 W/ Win Over Dallas / Alex Smith Looks To Be KC’s Missing QB

“BALL GAME! See ya Dallas! Kansas City gets a gut-check win, 17-16.”
Mitch Holthus, as time expired in the Chiefs’ win over the Cowboys, Chiefs Radio
GH: To say Uncle Mitch was excited would be a vast understatement. The Chiefs start their season 2-0 and get a win over the Dallas Cowboys. Kansas City likes beating Texas no matter what the sport…but when it’s football and the legendary Dallas Cowboys, well, you are allowed to go a little nutso. 

“When it’s time to buckle down, that guy, he’s all in. You should see the look in his eyes when he’s demanding and controlling the offense. Man, I just never had a quarterback like that. He’s just like me.”
Dwayne Bowe, on Alex Smith, KMBC TV 9
GH: Alex Smith is only two games into his Chiefs’ career but he is quickly becoming THE MAN. His poise in the huddle and his willingness to run headlong into traffic has made him a quickly emerging hero. Read on. 

“Alex Smith is a winner. … The big thing is at the end of the ball game you’ve got to have leadership in that huddle. He is the leader of this football team. Now I can say it, but when his teammates say it… When you start believing as a team that you have the capabilities of winning and winning a lot of games, you’re on the right track. Hopefully the Chiefs are on the right track now.”
Len Dawson, KMBC TV 9
GH: Well, you cannot hardly get a better endorsement when it comes to quarterback play in this town than from Lenny the Cool. 

“Wish we had a QB last yr and a better OC cause we could have done some damage cassel sucked.”
Shaun Smith, former Chiefs defensive lineman and ball squeezer, @autumnsjs90
GH: Can we get Shaun Smith to sit in the Chiefs Radio booth with Mitch and Lenny? Maybe they can move the broadcast to satellite and let Shaun just go off, f-bombs and all. 

“I think Andy will do whatever he needs to do to win football games.”
Louis Riddick, who formerly worked in the Eagles organization is currently an ESPN NFL Insider, on the Chiefs asking Alex Smith to run so often, 810 AM
GH: It was exciting watching Smith charge into the Dallas’ secondary on the run to pick up some early first downs but scary as hell. The Chiefs need to get their running game going so that Smith can use the play-action pass to give himself time in the pocket and not running downfield in search of the IR list.  

“I was just trying to hold onto the ball and win the game with my legs. … I thought we were going to throw the ball one time but I just had to suck it up and be a leader for my team.”
Jamaal Charles, on his workmanlike effort in the Chiefs’ final drive to eat clock by running the football, 810 AM
GH: Charles is one of the greatest draft picks in Chiefs’ history. Thanks, King Carl.

“We flamed up! The fans loved it! That’s how we got the party rockin’!”
Kendrick Lewis, Chiefs safety, on the Chiefs wearing all-red uniforms for their Arrowhead opener, 810 AM

“I loved them. I think they’re awesome.”
Aaron Swarts, on the Chiefs’ all-red look, 810 AM

“I didn’t like the way they looked. … They looked like big tomatoes running around out there to me.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM

“The kids loved them. LOVED them!”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: I would love to see the Chiefs insert some alternative uniforms to their staid and storied look – but that is likely not going to happen. Red pants and red jerseys are probably as close as the Chiefs will get to the Oregon Ducks.

“Oh my God! The sea of red was absolutely insane!”
Eric Fisher, the Chiefs number-one draft choice on his first regular-season home game at Arrowhead, 810 AM
GH: Can you imagine what Arrowhead looked and sounded like to a guy from Central Michigan where the stadium seats 30K? Better yet is how the Dallas Cowboys felt drowning in the sea of red. 

“The players feel that. Believe it or not – especially when the ground is shaking. When our fans are going you can feel that field and it just kind of rumbles. It’s crazy but an awesome feeling.”
Andy Reid, on the fan noise at Arrowhead Sunday, NBC

“Hey 101 the Fox, your ambient mic is waaaaaay too loud.”
Merle Tagladucci, @MerleTagladucci, Twitter
GH: Crowd noise has been a problem for years on basketball broadcasts and now too many football broadcasts are attempting to bring the “sounds of the game” into our homes but sacrificing the sound of the broadcasters. Not that that is always a bad thing.  

“Im getting dizzy watching the camera work. #horribleproduction”
Bill Maas, @BillMaas, on the Fox broadcast work for the Cowboys/Chiefs game, Twitter

“I am really excited about this football team. I’m really jacked up about this season. I really am!”
Jack Harry, 810 AM
GH: Jack Harry is legendary for ripping the Chiefs for everything from the price of a beer to the poor treatment he has received in the press box. So why is Mad Jack all jacked about this Chiefs’ team? Jack’s television station won the local broadcasting bid for the Chiefs / Eagles game this Thursday night. The more excited Jack is about promoting his Chiefs excitement, the better the numbers for KSHB’s Thursday night ratings. Would Jack be as vocal about his newfound excitement about the Chiefs if Thursday’s game was on Channel 5? 

“This year I’m all over the Chiefs again. They are my Super Bowl pick. Not to win it, but to get there because of the conference. Look at the makeup of this team – nine Pro-Bowlers from a year ago. To those nine Pro Bowlers they add a coach in Andy Reid and a quarterback in Alex Smith. This looks like a real football team!”
Keyshawn Johnson, ESPN
GH: The Chiefs had only six Pro Bowlers last season but it’s easy to confuse the numbers 6 and 9 – I guess. 

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26 Responses to OTC: Chiefs Start 2-0 W/ Win Over Dallas / Alex Smith Looks To Be KC’s Missing QB

  1. Kyle Rohde says:

    I happened to be driving home from Wichita through the entire Chiefs game, so I listened to the call from Len/Mitch throughout the game. Multiple times during the game, Holthus said what an emotional, special game this was for the Chiefs and the fans, referencing the red pants, I think. I get it – it was different. But to talk like this game was different from any other big home game to me, is ludicrous, especially when you attribute it to red pants.

    An emotional game was the first one after the Belcher tragedy last year. The first game after Lamar Hunt died was one. The first one after 9/11 was one. But wearing red pants for a home opener against the Cowboys doesn’t qualify in the same universe.

    Or am I wrong, Chiefs fans? Were you so inspired by the red pants that you cheered louder and harder than ever before. If that were true, KU should be nat’l champs in football with a new uniform combo EVERY GAME this season.

  2. mike t. says:

    i’m kinda with bukaty. didn’t love the look. i’d stop short of calling them tomatos tho’.

  3. Derek says:

    Kyle, once agin a racist comment from you… Can’t you just keep the Belcher tragedy out of it. If he were white would you have brout it up!

  4. Joe Blow says:

    My wife — a Lions fans — actually noticed the red pants/jersey combo and asked why they were wearing them. They’ve worn that combo pretty recently though, right? I assumed it was an extension of Red Friday, but who knows?

    It reminds me of when Mizzou basketball wore the all-black outfits and got smoked by Arkansas like 15 years ago, and wouldn’t wear them for a long time afterwards.

    • Kyle says:

      No, this was the first time in their history that they have worn red on red. I liked it for 1 game. Going forward the red on white is the best. I love the fact that the Chiefs do not change their uniforms. I know it’s “not what the kids like”, but who cares? They aren’t the one’s spending the majority of the money and buying the season tickets. Eveyone is doing everything they can to throw tradition out the window, so I like the classic look. Seattle is so hard to watch because their uniforms looked like someone took a neon dump all over them. Best uniforms: Chiefs, Cowboys (blue jerseys), Raiders (hate em but the unis are good), Packers, Redskins (maroon on white), Eagles, Bills.

      • Joe Blow says:

        I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the red/red before. Without spending a shitload of time, I don’t know how to prove it, though..

        • Kyle says:

          I’m a uniform geek (if you can’t tell by my post). I guarantee you 100% they have not. Not that I needed the confirmation, but the KC Star said it as well. They wore white on red at home a few times in the early 80′s and white on white in the 2006 home opener under Herm. Those are the only times they have strayed from red on white at home. On the road it’s always been white on white, white on red, or red on white.

  5. MightyMo says:

    The funny thing is that Andy Reid gets great grades across the board, except on offense. How is it that several subpar head coaches and offensive coordinators have not been able to distract Jamaal Charles from reaching historic numbers, but Reid has found a way to make him look like a very average NFL back?

  6. Brett says:

    liked the uni’s.

    keeping my expectations in check. chiefs fans were a dez bryant catch away from singing a different tune today. i hope keyshawn is right, but this is more likely a middle of the pack team- damn fun to watch though.

    • Joe Blow says:

      They were also a Dez Bryant non-catch from having a comfortable lead most of the game..

    • nick says:

      There were multiple times a Chief got grabbed by an ankle to prevent a long play. Chiefs coulda/shoulda had 2 picks. Chiefs shoulda had a punt pinned at the 1 yard line. Bailey is an insane kicker and showed it.

      I thought the Chiefs matched the Cowboys toe for toe and then some. It was a legit win.

  7. nick says:

    All-red unis were AWESOME!

    Chiefs caught Romo on one of his accurate passing days. The Cowboy defense was healthy and playing well. This was a straight-up win by KC. I was pretty impressed.

  8. JP says:

    If the Uni’s made the team popular, how come the Jacksonville Jaguars are so ignored with their half black half gold helmets? I liked the look, but for one game. It did pump up the crowd. You could feel the heat from the flames and it was a different vibe from the previous years.

    Shaun Smith’s tweet is one of the funnier gems you’ve come across. The truth gets out there from time to time. The fact that Len Dawson is praising Alex Smith carries a lot of weight, since he is never shy about criticizing QB’s. A nice gutsy opening win, but time to make it count. BTW, the AFC West went 3-0 against the NFC East, looks like the division is getting some mojo back.

  9. Joe says:

    Not to nitpick, I like what I have seen from the “new” Chiefs…was it just me, or was the clock-management really bad by the Chiefs? Delays of game, timeouts, etc. That has always been a criticism of Andy Reid. Thankfully, the Cowboys’ seemed to be worse.

  10. Uncle Dick says:

    So the Chiefs are black and white and red all over. Belcher started this, he was the first to be all decked out in red. harley says the Chiefs would look good in no pants at all.

  11. Java Man says:

    Chiefs fan for decades. Just the sound of Mitch Holthus voice makes me pull for the other team.

  12. Goose13 says:

    Keep the uniforms (home games) until or if, they loose. Not gonna hurt anything.

  13. Ultimate Dude says:

    Uni’s were good. Chiefs have always had one of the most boring, puke uniforms ever designed. Seattle has the best by far. Jacksonville’s are horrendous, but Seattle’s are da bomb. If a little neon green on the seahawks eye or that small stripe on the shoulder bothers you then you certainly have issues. They’re not too flashy but different enough to stand out in a good way.

    I think this is a 9-7/10-6 team with a first round wild card exit. That’s certainly something to build on with another free agent off-season and draft. The defense will have to keep every team under 20 pts for this team to have a shot in each game. They’re not going to be able to keep up with the high scoring offenses in the league.


  14. Kerouac says:

    Does losing beget winning? Case the Chiefs, it has the former occurring earlier, and the latter outcome following.

    The 1962 Chiefs (Texans) went 2-1 to start on their way to 11-3 and a ‘road’ WIN for the AFL Championship.

    The 1966 Chiefs went 3-0 to start on their way to 11-2-1… and a Superbowl LOSS.

    The 1969 Chiefs went 2-1 to start on their way to 11-3 and 2nd place, a wild card post season berth and 3 straight ‘road’ WINS including the World Championship.

    The 2003 Chiefs went 3-0 (moreso in fact, 9-0) to start on their way to 13-3… and one & done post season LOSS at ‘home’ to the Colts.

    The 2010 Chiefs went 3-0 to start on their way to 10-6… and a one & done post season LOSS at ‘home’ to the Ravens.

    The 2013 club has gone 2-0 to start on their way to?… oblivion historically, unless they start losing Thursday. When the Chiefs have been at their best terms ultimate success, they’ve done so on the road post season after less than perfect starts, crashes & burns @KC in ’97 & ’71 at minimum affirming that, while may be ever so humble, usually is no place like the road terms of success, Chiefly speaking.


    As for Sunday’s game, color Kerouac still less than impressed by KC. Reiterating, while it may look the same in the standings, all wins are not created equal, Chiefs 2-0 wholly suspect based on more than the W/L alone.

    With everything going for them (momentum a game 1 road win, their home opener in front of a large crowd, sporting curious (translation – ‘horrendous’) red on red threads (which probably scared Dallas to death – or gave them side aches), KC managed to not lose by one point, Cowboys self-inflicted wounds and questionable calls a few courtesy the officials the impetus turn agony of defeat into thrill of victory.

    Offense: Alex Smith will not last the season if he keeps imitating Ben Gazzara in ‘Run For Your Life’ behind KC’s offensive (double entendre) line. The Bowe Show is ‘no mo’, appears, and Charles days of 5+ ypc average season & career are now but memory.

    Defense: Woe to he who has to block Poe… he’s hungry & not for BBQ, appears. As for Houston – we have a problem: too much hype, too little action (3 sacks to none; HOF LB Bobby Bell always said he strove for consistency… #50 take heed.) Flowers: third degree burns, copious salve needed for this too ‘overhype’ of renown, KC. As Kerouac said elsewhere, Flowers looked like CB Willie Mitchell trying to cover WR Max McGee in Superbowl 1, and had Bryant not dropped a long (certain) td pass and had an official not taken away another 30 yarder, Flowers might well be on waivers today.

    Special Teams: Colquitt single-handedly kept the Chiefs in the game 1st half with his punts. He won’t ever be as good as former Raider Shane Lechler was but then no one ever has been, likely.

    @PHIL 27 KC 16

    • Lou Brown says:

      The ’71 loss to the Dolphins may have been a “crash and burn” but was epic for a 9 year old attending his first Chiefs game. I’ll never forget it.

  15. KC Mikey V says:

    Now if 6 turns out to be 9, I don’t mind… I DON’T MIND!

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