OTC: Chiefs Stonewall Seahawks & Take Over AFC West / Is KU’s FB Coaching Search Over? / Kim Anderson’s Honeymoon Cut Short By Roos

“The Broncos lost to St. Louis and the @KCChiefs just beat the Suberbowl Champs. I don’t smoke, but pass me a Camel.”
Chris Stigall, @ChrisStigall, Twitter

“Three or four weeks ago we’re talking about Denver running away with the division and locking up home-field advantage…now all of a sudden Kansas City is in position to win that division.”
Howie Long, studio analyst, Fox

“A lot going on! It is a jammed-packed sports year (in Kansas City). Are the Royals going to dominate it? I don’t know, the way the Chiefs are going – could they actually knock the Royals off as the story of the year?”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: This is how crazy it has become here in Kansas City – better known as the land of professional losers. The Royals come within an Alex Gordon mad-dash to the plate of winning the World Series and now the Chiefs knock off the defending Super Bowl champs to place themselves in a first-place tie in the AFC West with the Broncos. Global Warming might be a myth but it appears Kansas City is on fire!

“We’re watching greatness. We are talking about one of the greatest Kansas City Chiefs of all time. … The other part was the blocking. I thought the whole offensive line was spectacular yesterday.”
Jay Binkley, on Jamaal Charles, 610 AM
GH: Jimmy Johnson reminded the Fox national audience Sunday that Charles is the all-time leading yards-per-carry running back in NFL history – ahead of the legendary Jim Brown. You know what I’m saying?

“The only thing about (Jamaal Charles) is can he stay healthy. He’s not a big strong guy and of course, protecting the ball.”
Jimmy Johnson, on the Chiefs All-Pro running back, Fox
GH: Size is not the best indicator of a running back’s ability to stay healthy. It is one of the most physically demanding occupations in this country and there is just no way to prevent the eventual injuries that are bound to claim Charles or any NFL starting running back – despite their stature. Think about this – Carl Peterson drafted Charles. Yeah, the kid from Texas has been pretty darn sturdy in his seven seasons in the NFL.

“Looks smaller on film than the 6-1, 205 pounds Texas lists him as. … Has struggled at times with fumbles, including a key lost fumble in a 28-21 loss to rival Oklahoma in 2007. … At his best in the open field. … Not a particularly physical back who will run over defenders in the hole. … Willing, but limited pass blocker.”
Draft analysis on Jamaal Charles prior to 2006 NFL draft, NFL.com G
H: I think the draft gurus missed on Charles’ overall ability to play football. He is one of the game’s greatest running backs and also a physical blocker in pass protection. I am not sure there has been a running back who combined running and blocking with equal greatness. The list is likely a short one.

“You know exactly what position (Anthony Sherman aka The Sausage) plays when he walks into the room. I thought he was Jay Glazer when I first met him. He speaks the same way and he looks just like him with a little bit more muscle.”
Daryl Johnston, NFL color analyst for the Seahwaks/Chiefs game Sunday, on the Chiefs fullback, Fox
GH: I think the former Cowboy, Johnston, does a nice job as a TV analyst. He was timely with his comments on Sunday and he added some personality to Kenny Albert’s overly stiff play-by-play.

“Still no rushing touchdowns.”
Tony Siragusa, NFL sideline reporter, on the Chiefs not giving up a rushing touchdown yet this season, Fox
GH: This is an incredible stat by the Chiefs defense. It is now mid-November and the Chiefs’ end zone has yet to be dented by a rushing TD. Marshawn Lynch is called Beastmode for a reason. He is one of the most physical backs to play in the NFL since Earl Campbell’s massive thighs destroyed defenses. On Sunday he did just about everything BUT get into the end zone. The Chiefs defense is more than legit. It took the Seahawks best shots from Lynch and Russell Wilson – and they were both spectacular Sunday – and came away a winner. Wow.

“To be honest, this was a hard-fought game today. The Chiefs played some real good ball, on offense and defense. Sometimes the ball just doesn’t bounce your way.”
Marshawn Lynch, NFL.com
GH: Some consider Lynch a villain but I love this guy’s heart. I thought he was done for the day when he was getting his legs worked on during halftime and the Fox camera showed him grimace in pain. But he never slowed – until the Chiefs forced him to the ground inside the two yard line. Twice.

“They have a defense! They have a really GOOD defense! They still haven’t given up a rushing touchdown all season.”
Michael Strahan, Fox

“We just got to learn how to finish at the end of games. The offense should be able to close these games out. The defense if playing great. We know how to start the game we just need to finish.”
Jamaal Charles, 610 AM

“I think you can take that week-one game (loss to Tennessee) and say that was the reset button for this organization.”
Bob Fescoe, on the Chiefs losing their season opener to the Titans, 610 AM
GH: Maybe the Chiefs loss to the Titans is similar to the Royals getting swept by Boston coming off the All-Star break. Just when we think the season is lost, the heavens open and visions of greatness dance in our heads. Welcome to the new Kansas City.

“My (Twitter) timeline is full of nonsense. I’m not saying Alex Smith is bad. I’m just saying that Alex Smith is not the main reason they are winning. … I can make the argument that Andy Reid makes Alex Smith.”
Jay Binkley, 610 AM
GH: What I like about the 610 crew is that they feel comfortable in publicly digging each other about their opinions. Binkley caught hell from some of this on-air coworkers about his takes on the Chiefs quarterback and he went on his show to defend himself. Does anyone at 810 ever publicly make fun of Kevin Kietzman? Why is that do you think?

“Undeterred by the @OTLonESPN report I’ve had pot roast, bbq chicken, corn, potatoes, and 2 brownies in the Arrowhead press box so far.”
Danny Parkins, @DannyParkins, on his trip to Arrowhead Sunday, Twitter
GH: Just a wild guess but I don’t think the food in Arrowhead’s press box is prepared the same as what the guy in section 341 is buying. Did anybody else see a vendor selling pot roast?

“Kansas University athletic director Sheahon Zenger’s phone rings. He answers it. Consultant Chuck Neinas says, “Sheahon, Chuck,” Let’s make a deal. I’ll donate $25,000 to charity, pocket the other $25,000 to cover taxes, etc., and let’s call the whole thing off. What do you say?” Zenger: “Great. We’ll send an airplane to bring you here for a Monday press conference so that you can bring attention to the charity of your choice.” It seems like the reasonable thing to do on everybody’s part.”
Tom Keegan, columnist, following Kansas gritty 34-30 loss to sixth-ranked TCU, LJworld.com
GH: Zenger hired Chuck Neinas to find him some head football coaching candidates – but it appears the best man for the job already has it. Read on.

“Maybe from the outside there aren’t reasons to be (proud of KU football), and I could understand how people see that. I have always been proud to be a Jayhawk. However, there has been a new sense of pride and enthusiasm about being here. It’s great and it’s refreshing and it’s totally with coach Bowen. … It feels right for everyone involved. It doesn’t take long to be around this place to say, ‘You know what, that works.’ There is something about it. I can’t put my finger on it. It’s not readily apparent to me I guess, but it’s something. It’s there.”
Trent Smiley, KU senior tight end, LJworld.com

“Losing on Saturday might be better for Kansas in the long run. If KU had managed to beat TCU on Saturday, Kansas fans would have been beating down Sheahon Zenger’s door to hire Clint Bowen immediately. … Bowen might be KU’s guy. He might not be. That decision will be easier to make with more data to process and more candidates to talk to after the season. A win on Saturday might have either a) forced Kansas to make a popular decision largely on emotion and a limited sample size or b) forced Kansas to a decision unpopular with fans and players to not remove the interim tag from Bowen’s title.”
David Ubben, columnist, foxsports.com
GH: It mattered little that Kansas did not win against TCU, David. This coaching search is over.

“The university hasn’t always exhibited a great deal of self-esteem in regard to its football program. No louder way of reversing that inferiority complex exists than believing in one of your own, believing your eyes, which are telling you that there is no better fit for the job than the guy who has it, even if your ears don’t want to hear it.”
Tom Keegan, LJworld.com

“Nebraska was 20th in the nation in Rush Defense heading into (Saturday). They’re now 73rd.”
Dave Revsine, @BTNDaveRevsine, after Wisconsin’s Melvin Gordon gashed the Huskers for an NCAA record 408 yards in three quarters, Twitter
GH: Nebraska football has been fooling their incredibly faithful fan base with false hope for more than a decade now. Their failure against ranked teams has nothing to do with what conference they play in because they were equally inept when still a member of the Big 12. It appears Bo Pelini cannot be embarrassed. He excused this latest crushing loss at Wisconsin to “just one game.” It is one game that seems to happen every time NU plays a team ranked in the top 20.

“Somehow, someway, the Missouri Tigers still lead the SEC East Division and with two games remaining (at Tennessee, vs. Arkansas) they still can weave their way back to Atlanta for the 2014 SEC Championship Game. This despite the deplorable efforts versus Georgia and Indiana earlier in the season.”
Christopher Novak, SEC writer, after Mizzou’s 34-27 win at Texas A&M, SBNation.com GH: Mizzou was embarrassed twice this season but both those losses came early. It is now November – when good teams win and pretenders lose. Both Tennessee and Arkansas will be tough tests for the Tigers but Gary Pinkel’s team just might be getting better at the right time of the season.

“Friday night was an embarrassment. I’m not taking anything away from UMKC — they played great — but to lose at home in that first game, I think (it made) our guys somewhat tentative. I think they were nervous. And they played through it by playing good defense.” Kim Anderson, Missouri’s head basketball coach, after his Tigers beat Valpo 56-41 Sunday evening, Kansas City Star
GH: There will be other big wins this season for Anderson’s team but maybe none more important that the win Sunday night over respectable Valpo. Anderson’s Columbia honeymoon didn’t even last one half when UMKC took it to his Tigers from the start Friday night. The Valpo win could not have come at a better time.

“I don’t think we’re going to be real pretty. We might be later on, but right now, we’re not.” Kim Anderson, Kansas City Star
GH: Pretty sells basketball tickets, as does wins. It looks like both will be in short supply at Mizzou Arena this season.

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