OTC: Chiefs Surprise By Taking Auburn’s Dee Ford To Add To Pass Rushing Attack / Reviews Are Mixed

“At the end of the day, we got the guy we really wanted.”
John Dorsey, on the Chiefs selecting Auburn defensive end, Dee Ford, with their first-round pick, 810 AM
GH: Okay, John. Well, we got that seemingly mandatory quote out of the way. Read on.

“I’m very ecstatic right now, definitely honored. I’m so humbled to be a member of the Kansas City Chiefs! My number one goal is to be a sponge and to be a great teammate. I’m not concerned with the hype. I’m concerned with things that I can control, coming into this organization and being a great teammate. That’s my number one goal, be a great teammate and learn.”
Dee Ford, kcchiefs.com
GH: Ford sounds like a guy Kansas City Chiefs’ fans will love to have wearing their colors. But he was at least a surprise pick at 23 to just about everybody.

“There must be some medical issues with Lee or Dennard. Love Ford, though. Had him going to the Chiefs in one of my mock drafts.”
Terez A. Paylor, @TerezPaylor, Twitter
GH: Okay, everybody but one of Paylor’s mock drafts. I did not hear anyone else locally or nationally mention Ford as a possibility for the Chiefs at 23.

“I’m not a big fan of this pick because I thought they had greater needs.”
Craig Brenner, 810 AM
GH: I think this sums up the opinion of most draft observers. The Chiefs have two excellent pass rushers in Tamba Hali and Justin Houston on the roster at least for this season. Ford looks more like insurance for next season and beyond.

“It’s clear this team building for 2015.”
Jay Binkley, @3guysinagarage, Twitter
GH: Someone needs to ask Clark Hunt if we should we wait to buy season tickets in 2015?

“Still in shock I stayed up for three hours to see the Chiefs pick another D-lineman. Maybe he can catch passes too.”
Gabe DeArmond, @GabeDeArmond, Twitter
GH: I heard one NFL draft analyst say today he expects up to eight wide receivers to be drafted today. The Chiefs will need to wait through 55 picks to see who remains on the board.

“There’s a lot to like (about Ford) after you get past the initial shock of the position that they went for.”
Matt Miller, of BleacherReport.com, 810 AM

“Dee Ford is my biggest draft sleeper, a terrific pick for KC, who strengthens a strength.” Skip Bayless, @RealSkipBayless, Twitter
GH: If Skip Bayless likes him… well, Skip has to be right one of these years, right?

“Love the Dee Ford pick for the Chiefs. Should be a terror in the 3-4.”
Louis Riddick, @LRiddickESPN, Twitter

“Dee Ford to Chiefs: Don’t they have Justin Houston and Tamba Hali? They had other needs. Strange pick. GRADE: C-.”
Pete Prisco, @PriscoCBS, Twitter

“Definitely honored. I am so humbled right now to be a Kansas City Chief.”
Dee Ford, the Chiefs’ top draft pick, 810 AM
GH: If Ford plays anywhere near as well as he communicates, the Chiefs just drafted an All Pro.

“He’s a concert pianist along with being a heckuva football player.”
Andy Reid, on Ford, 810 AM

“He’s got the nickname around here as The Renaissance Man. He kind of does everything. He’s a guy you are really going to enjoy up there in Kansas City. I promise you.”
Alex Byington, writer for the Opelika-Auburn News, in an interview with Bob Fescoe, 610 AM

“I think these guys are on the same page. Absolutely.”
Adam Teicher, on the relationship between Andy Reid and Dorsey in the war room, 810 AM GH: Whether you like the pick of Ford or not, it is reassuring to me to see Dorsey and Reid working well together. I listened to Kevin Kietzman and Danny Clinkscale Thursday almost completely disregard Dorsey’s role on deciding what players the Chiefs draft. I think Dorsey is far more powerful within this organization than they assume.

“One reason KC took Auburn DE Dee Ford: Tamba Hali weighed in at 284 pounds last Friday, 20 pounds over his optimal playing weight.”
Adam Schefter, @AdamSchefter, Twitter
GH: Hali can lose 20 pounds over the next three months a lot easier than the Chiefs will be able to absorb the $8-million cap hit to resign him in 2015. Drafting Ford was more about money than tummy.

“Adam Schefter is the company snitch and I can respect that. That’s what he’s chosen to be.”
Nick Lecky, on Schefter being the beneficiary of this kind of leaked info from the Chiefs, 810 AM
GH: Pro sports is not a nice business. Leaking Hali’s weight makes the player look bad and lessens the backlash from the fans when a popular player gets benched or cut. The NFL is far more than all that rah-rah stuff you see in locker room videos.

“Ford added close to 50 pounds during his Auburn career. Reid doesn’t believe he’ll need to bulk up anymore for the NFL.”
Tod Palmer, @todpalmer, Twitter
GH: But will we be able to keep him out of Oklahoma Joe’s? I’m thinking about a half side of ribs and the city’s best fries just typing the two words Oklahoma Joe’s!

“Kansas City Chiefs 23rd pick Dee Ford will make approx $8.1 million on his rookie deal including a $4.2 million signing bonus.”
Jason Belzer, @JasonBelzer, sports attorney, Twitter
GH: That will buy a lot of sheet music.

“Seems a lot of Kansas City already hates the Chiefs’ pick. I give my fine city 30 minutes before Ned Yost is blamed.”
Sam Mellinger, @mellinger, Twitter GH: Word is Yost texted Dorsey during the draft and told them to punt…or was it bunt?

“Dee Ford on Sports Science. Feel better about it KC fans.”
Josh Huff, @The1Huff, Twitter GH: Click on this video and enjoy this pick. Dee Ford is one of us now and we may as well embrace him.

“Out of all the people listening, how many are really excited about the NFL draft? I really don’t know people who are going to watch it for four hours.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: I don’t know anybody who watches all four hours of the NFL draft but I will say I thought it held great drama Thursday night. With Manziel dropping to just one pick away from the Chiefs – and then Cleveland trading up ahead of the Chiefs to grab him – it made for great theater, especially for Chiefs’ fans.

“They need to come out of this draft with two starters.”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: They will need to get them in rounds three through seven. Ford is probably not going to unseat Hali and Houston this season.

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33 Responses to OTC: Chiefs Surprise By Taking Auburn’s Dee Ford To Add To Pass Rushing Attack / Reviews Are Mixed

  1. Kerouac says:

    A C- grade for the Chiefs 2014 draft as it stands, which is no more premature than some of the comments I’ve read Chiefs fandumb such as “ford’s gonna be a HOF’r” and “murray is the next drew brees”; that’s what happens when your team hasn’t been relevant for nigh on 45 years… delusions present.

    #1 Ford comes with more ? than The Riddler, while #3 pick Gaines is a special teamer at best 2014 (like the name though: the last guy named Gaines the Chiefs picked was Spider, a WR, 1978.) The #4 pick thomas is as likely to replicate mccluster including all his limitations as he become a ‘star’, the latter plea according another dreamer. The final two picks were offensive lineman – training camp fodder & nothing more than practice squad residents at best, likely.

    Upshot: too many ‘players’ lost this of-season, not enough ‘players’ added restock the roster equates 7 wins in 2014 the prediction here, few as 4 or as many 8 the over / under.

  2. Herb says:

    2 straight years the Chiefs have drafted to save money/replace current players instead of for need with their #1 pick. This is not a team building to win. It’s a team drafting to sustain. Not a promising sign for the Reid-Dorsey regime.

    • The Word says:

      Agree. Like I stated earlier, is Carl Peterson back??????? Second straight year this regime has drafted to fill the stadium. Not to be a contender.

      Very Peterson like. Disappointing.

    • Juan Pablo says:

      Also agree. This is very disappointing unless we get real lucky with the QB. The Chiefs are just spinning their wheels. stuck in neutral , not really getting better. KC has a decent core of players but they are starting to get old or cost to much to keep. Chiefs have a window of a year or two then we may be rebuilding again. With the tougher schedule this year it may get ugly .

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