OTC: Chiefs To Go Deep In Draft / Sochi Olympics / Possible Royals Slogans

“(The Chiefs) could go wide receiver, they could look for a defensive lineman, they could look for a safety or a tight end. Because of the great depth and talent at receiver and that’s something I think the Chiefs need to add, I think probably the first round would be the chance to do it. You could see six to nine wide receivers go in the first round, but a lot of these kids are underclassmen, so you have to be conservative because they need to test well to be a legitimate first-round pick.”
Mel Kiper, Kansas City Star
GH: Six to nine wide-outs in round one? I guess what Elvis told us years ago remains true – you can’t throw it and catch it.

“As things begin to unfold, you’re going to take the best player available, and that’s the way it should be. That’s the only way you’re going to begin to develop quality depth.”
John Dorsey, Chiefs GM, on his draft philosophy, Kansas City Star
GH: With the 23rd pick the Chiefs Mel Kiper has the Chiefs taking Florida State’s WR Kelvin Benjamin and Todd McShay thinks the Chiefs will go with LSU’s WR Odell Beckham, Jr. I think it is at least safe to say Dorsey will not pick another offensive lineman from the MAC.

“The system is designed to hurt good teams.”
Bill Polian, former Colts executive and current NFL analyst for ESPN, discussing the future cap issues facing Seattle once Russell Wilson becomes a free agent in 2015, 810 AM
GH: The system is also what allowed a floundering Seattle franchise to finally win their first Super Bowl.

“They’re playing with a free mind. Hugs does a great job coaching them.”
Norm Roberts, Kansas assistant coach, on how well West Virginia is playing coming into Allen Fieldhouse on a three-game winning streak, 810 AM
GH: I love this quote from Roberts. Athletes, employees and humans just perform better when they are executing their roles with a “free mind.” We too often allow the clutter to clog our path.

“For K-State’s situation right now, they can’t lose to Texas.”
Todd Leabo, on KSU facing a hot Texas team at Bramlage Saturday, 810 AM

“Kansas State could well become the team we thought they were before they got off to the good start in the league. Now they’re actually playing like they really are.”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: A win over Texas rights K-State’s run at the NCAA tourney just when they desperately need it. A loss just might sink it. Big day for the Cats. I expect The Bram to be jammed.

“The bigger question is if Gregg Marshall doesn’t leave (Wichita State), what does that do to Kansas State basketball? Another big-time program in the state? That can’t be good for the Cats.”
Danny Clinkscale, while discussing if WSU’s success will eventually impact KU’s recruiting, 810 AM
GH: I don’t understand how three successful DI basketball programs in the state of Kansas can do anything but HELP KU, KSU and WSU. Basketball is a lot different than football. Two or three good recruits a year is all a program needs to remain successful. Why not make Kansas the Tobacco Road of the Midwest?

“My guy @BenMcLemore is the 1st jayhawk to compete in the Dunk Contest!! Mark my words, I’ll be the second…”
Evan Manning, @evan_manning5, Danny Manning’s son, Twitter
GH: I don’t know Evan but I like Evan.

“Georgia beats LSU + brings up the same question that’s resonated all year long in the SEC—– who is the league’s 3rd team behind UK + UF?”
Jon Rothstein, ‏@JonRothstein, Twitter
GH: Mizzou still has a chance to fill that third slot – the same one we all kind of had them penciled in for at the start of conference play. Beating Ole Miss though this Saturday is a must.

“When you create a constant atmosphere of ‘us versus them,’ albeit in sports, I’m not sure that is healthy. They deserve a reward for what they do. They should be recognized for how hard they work and what they’re able to attain. But I do have mixed feelings about the way it perhaps fueling some of the problems we have (between countries).”
Danny Clinkscale, 810 AM
GH: Clinkscale made these comments haltingly but he was dead on in my opinion. The overt nationalism that we too often see in the Olympics is not athlete driven. I believe most of these athletes are competing to win more than embarrass some oppressive government. People are good, funny and loving in all corners of the world. Sure, people can also be evil and ignorant. But the good continues to overwhelm the bad on all continents.

“Just let me say a lot (of pressure is on the Russian Olympic team to do well). Especially in hockey. To the Russians, if the hockey team wins, it doesn’t matter what happens with everything else. If it loses, it doesn’t matter what happens with everything else. Hockey is it.”
Vladimir Pozner, Moscow based TV journalist, responding to Bob Costas asking how much pressure the Russian team is under at the Sochi Olympics, NBC
GH: Sounds like how the USA treats our Olympic men’s basketball team.

“Skating is a sport of show-offs.”
Scott Hamilton, NBC
GH: What sport is not?

“Just took lap around Olympic Park. Whatever problems may exist with door knobs and shower curtains, the venues are just spectacular.”
Dan Wolken, @DanWolken, Twitter

“I want to cross the finish line (at the Boston Marathon) having left everything out there.”
Serena Burla, JH 2014 Elite Team, via @jhboston26, Twitter
GH: Having run Boston the last three years, this might be the easiest goal of 2014. The 26.2-mile Boston Marathon course exacts all of what you’ve got and then tears out a couple more chunks just to remember her by.

“Garth Brooks singing ‘Friends in Low Places’ to end Jay Leno’s final show has to be a sign that @Royals baseball is right around the corner!”
Matt Gasper, @MattGasper1241, Twitter
GH: Garth’s seventh-inning song might be the most polarizing issue facing the Royals now that Billy Butler looks to be staying put. For the record, I have no problem with the Royals clinging to this song as their unofficial fan anthem. It fits the crowd at The K perfectly. But I also like Leno.

PI-MLB-Royals-billboard-020414_vadapt_320_medium_66“You and I are in perfect position to take part in one of Kansas City’s most time-honored traditions. Making fun of the Royals’ new slogan. The club is going with ‘Be Royal’ this year, which is sort of … meh … which, actually and sadly, is the whole point. Can we guess the runners-up to

“Be Royal?” And remember, you can’t overpromise.”
“We’re Due.”
“Ned’s Actually Very Funny Away From The Cameras.”
“Kids Under 12 Race Billy Butler For Free.”
“Our Last Playoff Appearance Is Old Enough To Be A Doctor.”
“C’mon, There’s No Good Movies Out.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: Five more that would fit on a billboard;
“Getz? Gone!”
“Rany Even Thinks We Have A Chance!”
“Bitching Is The Currency of Twitter”
“Brett, White, Howser & A Lot of Empty Space”
“No Smoking But You Can Fart Your Ass Off!”
Leave your thoughts for a Royals slogan in the Comments section below.

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14 Responses to OTC: Chiefs To Go Deep In Draft / Sochi Olympics / Possible Royals Slogans

  1. chadhar says:

    The problem with having three big-time Division I basketball teams in the State is that Kansas produces so few Division I basketball players. The KSHSAA limits on the basketball season is so counter-productive to developing kids who can play at the next level. Out of 30 kids on the KU, K-State and Wichita State basketball rosters there are only 10 Kansas natives — and two of them are the sons of Danny Manning and Bill Self.

    Kansas basketball teams are limited to 20 regular season games, two playoff games and three State Tournament games — 25 in all. In comparison, the no. 1 ranked basketball team in the country — California Mater Dei — is currently 24-0 with three more regular season games to go. Kids who play longer seasons get more workouts, more coaching and develop more. It’s the same reason Texas produces a lot of great high school football talent — those two weeks of spring football and mandatory football class as a freshman are huge.

    Roy Williams tried to get KSHSAA to relax their rules when he was at Kansas, and couldn’t get it done. Kansas can recruit from anywhere because it’s Kansas. It’s a little harder to talk an out-of-state kid into spending four years in Wichita or Manhattan.

    Keep up the great work!

    • Biff says:

      The AAU teams have made High school basketball meaningless. The best players can play more games and face better competition in AAU ball. Try going to an AAU tournament here in KC sometime . you see some great players and games.

  2. Smith says:

    Everytime I turn on the tv there’s Gregg Marshall running his mouth banging the no respect drum. “We’ll play anyone, anytime, anywhere.” Really?? Well guess what bud, you MADE your own non-con schedule and whew you really went out on a limb there by scheduling Western Kentucky, North Carolina Central, William & Mary, Tulsa, Tennessee State, Alabama (!), Oral Roberts, BYU and Depaul. I mean wow, the cajones it took to put a non-con schedule like that together. Was Old Dominion unavailable or what? Did Delaware State not return your call?

    • mike t. says:

      @smith, +1

      • nick says:

        I’m hoping Wichita State runs the table and gets a 1 seed. Gonna be hard for Marshall play the “woe is me” card when that happens.

    • Angry Sloth says:

      Are you Nate, Aaron or Jake? Because you sound awfully like the Border Patrol Trifecta. Seriously though, Wichita State is a small school living in the shadow of one of the premier programs in the HISTORY of the game. Why do Kansas fans give a crap about “little brother” trying to get a little attention.

  3. nick says:

    I’m usually all aboard the snark train when it comes to Royal’s slogans, but “Be Royal” is a good one. Simple. It sounds confident. The billboard’s great as well. Overall, encouraging vibes from the Royals.

    If only marketing could make it so that Yost isn’t our manager.

  4. January says:

    Maybe they have to play those schools because KU and the like refuse to play them?

  5. Zed says:

    If WSU keeps Marshal and they keep wining games in the tournament WSU will get respect and good teams will play them. They can be like Gonzaga.

  6. Say What? says:

    Jay Leno is a hack. He stole his best bits from other people and used generic lowest common denominator comedy.

  7. Kerouac says:

    Chiefs success with wide receivers drafted # 1 (or any other the higher rounds, that matter) are nigh on nil, in general…pedestrian careers or worse equivalent football road kill names such as Elmo Wight, Anthony Hancock, Sylvester Morris, Jonathan Baldwin come flooding back.

    For finds every a Chris Burford & Otis Taylor (4th round for the best WR in Chiefs history, latter) Carlos Carson 5th, copious journeyman the likes L. Dawson, Barnett & McCluster. Vanover was legit WR in name only, ditto ‘Human Joystick’ Hall, Lockett, Minnis & Parker affirmation the Chiefs most often found something less than game-changing talent courtesy NFL draft – Penn, Thorpe, Hughes, Lawrence and Webb affirming; Franklin, & Wylie too.

    Pitts and Richardson were complementary receivers who filled those roles well, each having had their moments fleeting fame. Robert West, Stan Rome and Barry Pearson obtained variously too did play here, KC, if not shine.

    Rison, Alexander and Paige were free agents who outshone most of the aforementioned. Of late, Bowe has been the best a sorry lot, a #1 pick the best and only drafted one the roster who merits retention, #82 a latter day Henry Marshall: neither elite, especially the former considering the era played in more games, more passes thrown, watered down parity, rule-changes addled defenses, etc.

    A checkered history indeed has been the drafting of WR’s, Chiefs. A notable exception: Joe Horn blossomed beautifully… alas for the Saints, New Orleans. Flash in the pan, #4 pick Andy Hamilton caught a 47 yard td pass his first ever NFL catch by way David Jaynes 1974… both were virtually history before the ink was dry newspaper accounts.

    So it is with trepidation Chiefs fandom should expect impact drafted WR’s any… and just say no to Benjamin and his ilk, large, oversize WR’s who lumber moreso than light out for deep passes, take the top off a defense.

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