OTC: Chiefs Trade 2015 Home Game For London & The KC Whiners Cry Loudly / Moose MVP Good?

“If you look at the history of this franchise and specifically Lamar [Hunt] and what he did and the way he approached the National Football League and the importance of the greater good, this is another example of this family following that tact and that approach. The international series is a priority for the league. It’s something that more and more teams … are playing. Therefore, more and more teams have to give up home games. We’re not the first team to give up a home game … We think it’s a great opportunity … It puts us on a global stage. Our players, our fans and the whole region should benefit.”
Mark Donovan, on the Chiefs losing a home game in 2015 due to playing the Lions in London, ESPN.com
GH: What is the big deal about the Chiefs giving up as home game to play in London? If I am a Chiefs season ticket holder, I would be far more upset with getting forced to pay for worthless preseason games twice a year.

“It’s bad for the fans. It’s good for the owners.”
Kevin Kietzman, on the Chiefs agreeing to give up a home game to play the Lions in London in 2015, 810 AM
GH: I don’t really see much of a negative for anyone except those business who make money piggy-backing the Chiefs. It is a marketing bonanza for Kansas City and the Chiefs. That far outweighs a few BBQ joints getting stiffed for one Sunday.

“I’m one of the roughly 200 vendors at Arrowhead and it directly affects my family and takes food out of our mouths.”
Caller Don to The Drive, 610 AM
GH: A couple of things for this whiner. If your family is depending on your take home pay from vending at Chiefs game, you might want to spend more time upgrading your lot in life than bitching about it. Second, people who view every happenstance through the narrow slit of how it directly affects them and not their community are some of the worst kind of people. Be a contributor, not simply a taker in life.

“When you think of trades over the last five or ten years in the NFL, you would be hard pressed to find a trade for an established player that’s worked out any better than (Alex) Smith coming to Kansas City. I can’t think of a trade that is any better. I have watched him play in four straight games now and I think he is everything Andy Reid has ever wanted in a quarterback.”
Kevin Harlan, 810 AM

“They are who we thought they were.”
Danan Hughes, when asked about the Chiefs wide receivers who have yet to catch a touchdown pass, 610 AM

“As long as we’ve got Jamaal Charles healthy and Alex Smith making smart decisions it seems to work for us.”
Danan Hughes, on the 5-3 Chiefs not needing scoring from their wide receiver corps, 610 AM
GH: Hughes was not so kind when the subject of Dwayne Bowe was brought up. Read on.

“Dwayne Bowe has been like a lottery winner three times over. He’s been the benefactor of other (Chiefs) draft picks or free-agent pick-ups that really haven’t panned out. So he should be that he’s part of this organization because there’s no way in the world he would have gotten paid as much or maybe even be in the league still if he was on another team.” Danan Hughes, 610 AM
GH: Bowe told a gaggle of media this week that he is relaxed and ready for the touchdowns to start flowing his way “just like in 2010.” Maybe he is the Mike Moustakas of the Chiefs.

“Moose is a winner. He loves to play baseball. You’ve heard me say that many times. We’ve always had complete confidence that he’s a guy who can contribute. With every young player, they’re going to go through ups and downs. But we feel Moose has a chance to potentially win an MVP someday. That’s how we feel about him.”
Dayton Moore, 610 AM
GH: Last season Moore made headlines with his “In a small way, I feel like we’ve won the World Series” comment. Well, it appears Dayton is not one to go quietly into the off-season. Now he is penciling in Moose as a future MVP? Well, I hope his prediction comes as close as his World Series dream.

“Third baseman Mike Moustakas has gone from a first-round draft choice to a potential cornerstone of the Royals franchise to a potential bust who was demoted to the minors a little over five months ago. And now? Moustakas is a postseason hero with a franchise playoff-record five homers and, once again, a potential cornerstone of the Kansas City franchise.”
Jeffrey Flanagan, foxsports.com
GH: Moose is also one of the most popular athletes to ever wear a Royals uniform. How revered would he be if he just hit .260 and 25 bombs each season? Those aren’t MVP numbers but they sure would make the Royals have a legit third sacker.

“He has a tremendous ability to stay focused throughout an entire game and throughout an entire 162-game season because he loves to play the game. He’s just going to keep getting better and better. It would be very, very difficult for us to find a better alternative than Mike Moustakas at third base. Not that we’d be looking for one, but it would be very difficult to find one better than him. He’s our third baseman going forward.”
Dayton Moore, 610 AM
GH: Does that description sound like the Moose we can come to know? I guess the third basemen tree died.

“I don’t really think Nori (Aoki) wants to be back (with the Royals). I think he wants to be back in the National League.”
Josh Vernier, on the free-agent status of the Royals right fielder, 610 AM GH: I will miss the Aoki sideshow if he moves on. He plays the game like he learned it reading Twitter.

“It signals how far these two programs have come and the job Bill Snyder’s been able to do and what Gary Patterson has done at TCU.”
John Denton, radio analyst for TCU football, on K-State and TCU meeting in a match-up of two top-10 ranked college football teams, 810 AM
GH: Those old enough to remember the 1980s should pause to reflect how remarkable it is that this matchup is now between two top-ten programs. But consider also that Oregon, Mississippi State, Baylor, etc. were also CFB bottom feeders not long ago.

“It’s a huge Saturday in college football.”
Blair Kerkhoff, on the number of meaningful games on this Saturday’s schedule, 810 AM
GH: The biggest game for Big 12 fans is Kansas State at TCU on Fox Saturday night. But the nation will be focused on a few other big games as well, including Notre Dame at Arizona State, Ohio State at Michigan, Baylor at Oklahoma, Alabama at LSU and Oregon at Utah.

“The problem (Kansas State) has run into the past couple of weeks is Jake (Waters) got dinged up (against Oklahoma). He took a pretty good shot and his shoulder hasn’t been a hundred percent. They’ve spent the last couple of games protecting him. … They got away with that against Texas and Oklahoma State but that’s really something to watch come Saturday.”
Curtis Kitchen, 610 AM
GH: Kansas State looks like a top-five team to me this season but just as when Collin Klein was the QB, so much of their offense flows through Waters. And Bill Snyder asks his quarterbacks to absorb an enormous amount of physical abuse through their schedule. Klein was able to stay pieced together for his Heisman-worthy season. Will Waters be able to remain standing over this three-game stretch? Kansas State’s playoff hopes depend on it.

“These teams are just complete opposites of one another. TCU wants to speed it up and run this hurry-up offense and Kansas State is the antithesis of that. They want to slow it down and control the ball. TCU likes to create turnovers on defense and Kansas State doesn’t turn it over any at all.”
John Denton, 810 AM

“When Kansas State takes this trifecta – and I say ‘when,’ it’s going to be one of the greatest runs in Kansas State history.”
Caller, on KSU’s upcoming three road games at TCU, at West Virginia and at Baylor, 810 AM
GH: If KSU pulls off this trifecta (and spanks KU as well), they will be deserving of a spot in the four-team playoff. But FSU, Mississippi State, Oregon, Notre Dame and Michigan State could also offer similarly impressive credentials. The problem isn’t what team is better than the other. The problem is that all eight or 12 or 24 teams aren’t in the playoff. A four-team playoff isn’t enough to settle anything. It is just enough to piss everybody off.

“It wouldn’t be a bad idea. It’s never been worse.”
Jack Harry, when asked by Kevin Kietzman if the Kansas football program should just fold, 810 AM

“Apparently, (Kansas) has all the money in the world.”
Jack Harry, considering KU’s search for a new football coach, 810 AM

“June 30th.”
Jack Harry, when asked by Kevin Kietzman what his retirement date at KSHB TV 41 is, 810 AM GH: I wonder if the Kansas fans will miss Mad Jack?

“I never played (golf) with Obama but I would…but no, it’s ok, I’d take him out. He’s a hack. It’d be all day playing with him. … I never said he wasn’t a great politician. I’m just saying he’s a shitty golfer.”
Michael Jordan, discussing Barack Obama’s golf game with Ahmad Rashad, Back9Network

“Mike and I, we know each other but I’ve never played golf with him… He might want to spend more time thinking about the Bobcats or maybe the Hornets. … I love the man though, he brought us a lot of championships. He does like talking trash sometimes even when he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”
Barak Obama, after hearing of Jordan’s comments about his golf game, WJMR
GH: The Golf Channel needs to get these two in a head-to-head match over Thanksgiving weekend and have Charles Barkley on the course with them with a wireless mic.

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77 Responses to OTC: Chiefs Trade 2015 Home Game For London & The KC Whiners Cry Loudly / Moose MVP Good?

  1. Herb says:

    I wouldn’t say Greg is an asshole. He’s a pot stirrer, though. I’ll give him that. Usually the commenters here are split but he’s lost this one almost unanimously. If he wouldn’t have insulted the vendor-guy this would just be about whether or not there is ANY benefit to playing a game in London. But now it’s about human principle. Greg pissed it down his leg badly this time. I wouldn’t expect him to apologize or admit he was wrong, though. Does ANYONE ever do that when hiding behind the internets?

    • Gavin says:

      Yeah, I’d like to see Greg call this guy a whiny “taker” to his face. Greg’s fine with speaking his truth to power (well, to Nick Wright) when he he can punch up, but something tells me that if he were to meet a vendor who bemoaned losing the income from a game as will happen here, he wouldn’t call him names to his face. Oh, sure, he’d disagree pleasantly if he met the guy in person, but no way he’d call him a whiner or a taker without being able to hide behind the Wide, Wide World of Webs.

  2. Kerouac says:

    “When you think of trades over the last five or ten years in the NFL, you would be hard pressed to find a trade for an established player that’s worked out any better than (Alex) Smith coming to Kansas City. I can’t think of a trade that is any better.” ~ Kevin Harlan, 810 AM

    – really? The third best (former) play-by-play man Chiefs history too hard pressed remember Drew Brees?, San Diego to New Orleans eight years ago in 2006? Brees is Unitas to Smith’s Bobby Douglass.

    A couple others also come to mind 2007: Randy Moss to NE – an NFL record 23 td receptions helped NE a perfect regular season and the precipice a perfect 19-0 season Superbowl. Also Wes Welker from MIA to NE… amd sure Kerouac can come up with more if need be.

    So much for Harlan’s vantage point, purview.

    • Ryan says:

      Bree’s was a free agent

      • TiberiusGracchus says:

        Clearly Harlan is a company man, when asked about the London game he didn’t see any negatives with that either. I don’t hate the Smith trade but the bar for QB’s in KC is so low fans think anyone who isn’t terrible is a success. He is middle of the road at best and is not a guy to get you to the Super Bowl unless you have the 85 Bears,00 Ravens or 02 Bucs, defense.
        Greg, I have enjoyed your musings since the mid 90’s, but as the kids say this was a major “fail” of a column. I look forward to seeing you get your groove back. Stay classy.

      • Brummy says:

        Kerouac apparently was “hard pressed” to find one.

  3. Kerouac says:

    A matter of interpretation; ‘trades’ can be described variously, come in different forms. Receiving some form of compensation rather than none loss of an player, an example. SD received the top overall compensatory pick as a result losing Brees, so was not strictly a ‘free’ agent and as such SD got something for losing him.

    The current NFL compensatory draft picks system mirrors MLB’s same, wherein losing an upper echelon player(s) results in compensation. Through the years, have also been cases where pro teams were penalized for tampering with another’s contractually beholding player(s). As a result, sport’s Commissioner’s have given away not only draft picks but players in return to make up for the transgression. Trades too have been scuttled by Commissioner’s NFL/AFL/MLB and though a player or players might eventually end up on another team, they could not be considered to have come gratis, no string$ attached so to speak.

  4. Gavin says:

    As I type t his, the Chiefs are winning by four and and t here’s just over five minutes left in the game. I’m trying to imagine how different this game would be if it were being played in London. You think the Bills wish t hey are playing a neutral? You think the Chiefs wish they WERE?

  5. Hot Carl says:

    Smith is fine but we’ll never win a Super Bowl with the guy. You could put Dez Bryant, DeSean Jackson and Calvin Johnson on the outside and he’d still be the master of the 3 yard pass on 3rd and 12.

    • TiberiusGracchus says:


    • Brummy says:

      MANY less talented QBs have done it.

      • Hot Carl says:

        I don’t know about “many” but the guys you refer to had elite defenses on the other side of the ball. Our defense is really good when Houston and Tamba can get to the QB. Otherwise, we’re average at best. This will be another year where we squeak into the playoffs and get blown out by a legit team.

        I guess I’ve just seen too many years of conservative football and conservative front office moves. Yeah, I’d rather go 10-6 than 6-10 but does it really matter when we NEVER sniff a Super Bowl either way? It’s fun watching this team overachieve right now but I think we all know how it’s going to end.

    • Greatness says:

      According to Greg, Snyder “may be the greatest coach” ever if not “for the next 100 years”. Check the archives. Also see his opinion on Frank Beamer; he’s killing it this year.

  6. randomjoeblow says:

    That’s a Bill Snyder team in a nutshell — good, but not quite good enough. But he’s good in Manhattan, so he’s the greatest coach of all time..

  7. randomjoeblow says:

    Be a contributor, not simply a taker in life.

    Working for someone else and getting paid makes you a *taker*?! I thought the takers were the people supposedly getting shit for free, not someone wanting to work more and being denied the chance. Clark Hunt worked really, really hard to be a contributor, right? Nothing was ever handed to that giver! I mean, his entire life is dedicated to creating “takers”…after being handed everything in his life.

    Please, oh Lord Hall, tell us how you are more of a contributor than the guy that wants to work the normal number of Chiefs games..

  8. John says:

    Hey Greg, aren’t you entirely reliant on the local teams for your own job?

  9. BlackJack says:

    Ummm, no.

    Back to your regularly scheduled programming

  10. BlackJack says:

    Thanks for the advice, Rush

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