OTC: Cold Kentucky Reign Douses KU’s Faint Title Hopes / Bruce Weber Loved By College Coaches

“I think it will be one remembered a long time by the fans and loved forever.”
Matt Tait, LJW writer, when asked how he thought this Kansas team will be thought of in the future, 610 AM
GH: Rarely have I seen a Kansas loss handled so well by Jayhawk fans – and rightly so. Their team achieved far more than was expected, even by Bill Self. What people will remember about this version of Self’s Hawks is how they battled and refused to go quietly –even when things looked bleakest. It is difficult not to like a team that plays as hard to the end as this one.

“It’s very tough to look at these [Kansas] kids and talk about the finality of it.”
Bob Fescoe, on interviewing the Jayhawks in their post-loss locker room, 610 AM
GH: I saw a tweet from Brady McCullough after the game where he said the best thing about not being the Kansas beat writer was that he didn’t have to go around the KU locker room asking Thomas Robinson if he was going pro. Working a post-season losing locker room is no fun. Even the heartless media has a heart at times. 

“I’m coming back. That’s the plan.”
Jeff Withey, when asked by Josh Klingler if he plans to return to KU for his senior season, 610 AM
GH: Withey is expected back which I am sure makes all of @FakeJeffWithey’s fans on Twitter ecstatic.

“They weren’t any more physical than anybody else was with me.”
Thomas Robinson, when asked about the physical play of Kentucky, 810 AM
GH: Robinson was one of my favorite Jayhawks his first two seasons but I grew to find his tough-guy act tiring. Yes, he suffered some tough personal losses while at Kansas but I don’t give him a pass because his mom died. He appears to have issues granting praise to others. If ever there was a time for him to acknowledge his competition, it was
Monday night in New Orleans. TRob was outplayed and outclassed. 

“I thought it was a clean attempt by Elijah Johnson to try and get to the ball.”
Clark Kellogg, on Johnson’s early hard foul on Kidd-Gilchrist that resulted in the 6’8 Wildcat writhing in pain under the basket, CBS
GH: This was KU’s best chance to win. With Kidd-Gilchrist laying on the court, I thought this might be Kansas’ night. But then he got up and quit playing soccer guy.

“Kansas had a lot of really bad possessions because they didn’t reverse the ball. Bill Self will watch this film and he will notice that when they reversed the ball they scored damn near at will.”
Dan Dakich, ESPN analyst out of Indianapolis, 810 AM
GH: It sounds a lot simpler than Dakich made it appear. Kentucky was contesting almost every outside shot – no matter how quickly KU moved the ball. Calipari can coach and his team played defense as well as any team in the tournament. 

“One thing I like about Anthony Davis is he always looks at his coach. Some of these clowns now playing basketball, they’ve got it all figured out. When the coach wants to talk to them they look away.”
Dan Dakich, ESPN analyst out of Indianapolis, 810 AM
GH: Some of these clowns coaching basketball do not deserve to be listened to. We have too many coaches as analysts on television. They protect their own and refuse to say anything negative about each other. Read on for what Dakich thinks of Bruce Weber.

“First of all, I don’t think Johnny Wooden is going to Manhattan, Kansas. I don’t think Krzyzewski going to Manhattan, Kansas. Look, you got a great coach. You didn’t get a good coach, you got a great coach at Kansas State.”
Dan Dakich, when asked about K-State hiring Bruce Weber, 810 AM
GH: Translation: It is never the coach’s fault that they didn’t win. It is more likely the location of the school. 

“I promise you, Kansas State fans are going to be very, very happy that Bruce Weber is their coach. I promise you!”
Dan Dakich, 810 AM
GH: So why was Illinois so unhappy with Weber? Read on. 

“Look, if you get on the wrong side of the media you lost momentum – and Bruce did.”Dan Dakich, when asked what went wrong at Illinois, 810 AM
GH: Again, it is never the millionaire coach’s fault – more likely the jealous bastards in the media making $45K a year.

“Bruce will be brutally honest. If Bruce comes on your show you will be like, ‘Damn! I can’t believe he said that!’ He will flat tell you and it’s great. … He’s brutally honest and I
think he’ll do a great job in my opinion.”
Dan Dakich, who covered Weber in the Missouri Valley and Big 10, 810 AM
GH: Weber was very forthright with Kevin Kietzman on Monday when asked about the chances of Brad Underwood staying on his staff at K-State. Weber simply answered Underwood told him he was probably going to follow Frank Martin to USC. So, at least we’ve got that honesty thing going for us.

Off The Couch 2012 Bracket Challenge Results
GH: Jarric Miller is the winner of our Off The Couch 2012 Bracket Challenge this year. Jarric scored 301 total points to edge Scott Murdock who tallied 294. Both Jarric and Scott had Kentucky winning the title but neither had Kansas as the opponent. Scott did

have Kentucky over Ohio State but that comeback by the Jayhawks Saturday night
ended those hopes. I will be emailing Jarric and Scott to get their mailing addresses to send them whatever the heck I can find as a prize. I had Kentucky wining it and still finished 63rd overall. Solid.

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  1. BlackJack says:

    What I don’t need is some former coach or talking head on the radio trying to sell me and tell me how great of a coach Bruce Webber is, and that his coaching acumen is unfairly portrayed.

    I can look for myself and plainly see that once Bill Self’s players were out of the system, how all of his Illinois’ teams finished with double-digit losses, never higher than 3rd in the Big 10, and did not make the NCAA tourney 3 of the past 4 years. That pretty much speaks for itself.

  2. J says:

    get ready fellow mu fans…the sec is one crazy bunch of nutheads…
    petrino has a motorcycle crash with a 25 year old hottie….wowwwwww.
    gonna be a fun(ny) ride….lots more salacious and fun than that boring
    mundane big 12…

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