OTC: Dayton Moore Whines That Media Isn’t Positive Enough About His 19-19 Royals

“Does anybody want to talk about our bullpen? Anybody want to talk about our starting pitching? Is there anything good about this team?”
Dayton Moore, concluding a discussion with members of the media Tuesday afternoon at The K where he was asked numerous questions about Mike Moustakas’ status with the Royals, 610 AM
GH: This was apparently a rhetorical throw-away question by Moore to the media to let them know he was not happy with the negative line of questioning about his 18-19 Royals. As I listened to Moore’s comments on The Drive, Danny Parkins had to ask his producer to go back and find this comment from Moore because it occurred so late in the presser. It wasn’t until 610’s Josh Klingler and The Star’s Andy McCullough tweeted Moore’s comment that they broadcast it to their audience. Moore obviously has no idea how much of a whiner this question painted him. Read on.

“Are the Royals more sensitive than other front offices?”
Steven St. John, 810 AM
GH: We don’t have daily access (or even part-time access) to how other franchises front offices interact with the media that covers them. Unless you have lived in other major-league sports cities, you can only guess. But my guess is that most GMs in MLB cities where the team hasn’t made the playoffs in 29 years would not be barking back at the media about not receiving enough positive questions about his 18-19 team.

“I don’t understand. What questions do they want you to ask then? That’s part of the deal. I don’t get it. I really don’t. A guy’s hitting a buck fifty this late in the season, there’s got to be questions asked.”
Mike Boddicker, former Royals pitcher, 810 AM

“Stop being satisfied or expecting your fans to be satisfied!”
Danny Parkins, 610 AM
GH: This should be on the next banner that flies over The K.

“A lot of things (Dayton Moore) says publicly, we are finding out he’s full of crap on.”
Jeff Passan, MLB writer for YahooSports.com
GH: This is a bold commentary from a member of the media on the Royals’ GM. Passan must feel pretty secure in his role as a Yahoo Sports columnist to say Moore is full of crap. But this could also be said about most GMs and managers in baseball.

“I think Dayton Moore’s a scrappy guy and his natural reaction when somebody comes after him is to fight back.”
Nate Bukaty, 810 AM
GH: Who really thinks the media were coming after Moore with their line of questioning about Moustakas? The questions were simply the kind of questions any reporter would ask of a GM whose organization had previously publicly floated the idea they might be sending their starting third baseman to the minors to fix his bat. I don’t think Moore came off looking scrappy. I think he came off looking like he did when he said, “In a small way, I feel like we’ve won the World Series.” In others words – he looked dumb.

“I’m pleased where we are at this point in time. Certainly not satisfied.”
Dayton Moore, on the Royals 18-19 record after their 4-3 west-coast road trip, 610 AM GH: Moore would have been better served to leave off the first sentence and just go with stating he’s not satisfied. The Royals had one of MLB’s easiest schedules in April and early May and they have managed to go 0-5 in games against Detroit and place themselves seven games back in the loss column of the Tigers on May 14th. There is nothing to be “pleased” about that.

“Mike Moustakas is a very, very mentally tough baseball player. I don’t think it has anything to do with him being tough mentally as to why he’s struggling. The coaching staff to a man wants him on this baseball team.”
Dayton Moore, in a Tuesday afternoon discussion with the media after the Royals returned from their 4-3 west coast road trip, 610 AM
GH: I found it interesting that Moore addressed Moustakas’ mental toughness a day after George Brett, Moose’s former batting coach said, “When I was there last year and he would not get a hit his first at bat, he was done.” That doesn’t sound like a mental giant to me. It sounds like a guy who needs to visit Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo or at least have a view of it from his hotel room.

“I’d ask you the question, what’s the alternative? You have to have alternatives.”
Dayton Moore, responding to a question from The Kansas City Star’s Andy McCullough about replacing Moustakas, 610 AM
GH: I continue to be stunned that Moore and the Royals believe this is an acceptable excuse to keep Moustakas in the lineup. Let’s even ignore that they traded for Danny Valencia specifically to have an alternative for Moose. How does the mentally-challenged Moose like hearing his organization explain his existence on the roster because there is no alternative?

“The team that wins the World Series this year is going to have holes. They’re going to have players who have down years.”
Dayton Moore, 610 AM
GH: And they almost assuredly will not have Mike Moustakas starting for them at third base.

“I have read other things people have said and Mike Moustakas was projected to be the seven- or eight-hole hitter in this lineup when this season began.”
Dayton Moore, 610 AM
GH: What the heck does Moore think THIS comment defends? We should be more understanding that Moose is hitting .147? This is a player Moore chose with his first-round draft pick who has close to 1,500 at bats in MLB – and he looks worse now than at any time in his dismal big-league career. No one thinks the Royals need an eight-hole hitting third baseman. Even Dan Glass understands how dumb that premise sounds.

“I don’t know much about this third-baseman tree but I’m sure you could pluck one off that can hit .147.”
Carrington Harrison, 610 AM

“It was a pretty special moment. You know, 1,500 strikeouts is a lot of strikeouts. Hopefully, I can get many more.”
James Shields, on tipping his cap to the crowd after they acknowledged his milestone Tuesday night at The K, 810 AM
GH: Shields continues to look like somebody who should be pitching for pennant contender. The Royals have exactly four and a half months to make it happen here in Kansas City.

“I just want my son to be happy. If he’s there and him not playing and not using his athletic ability isn’t making him happy, I’m behind him 100 percent.”
Sherrell Griffin, mother of K-State’s Daniel Sams, on his desire to transfer from Kansas State, GoPowerCat.com
GH: Sam was moved from quarterback to wide receiver this spring and he obviously prefers to play out his college eligibility as a QB.

“If Twitter had enough characters to go on I will do that. I just wanna say I love my team, the fans, and this journey. #emaw”
Daniel Sams, @DS4ms, Twitter
GH: Sams is a great talent and it appears a classy guy as well.

“Kansas State has granted Sams a conditional release to contact any FCS school with the exception of Stephen F. Austin, which will be an opponent for the Wildcats in 2014. The release does not allow Sams to transfer to another FBS school.”
Chip Patterson, writer, CBSsports.com
GH: This release is making some news because K-State continues to deny Leticia Romero, the highly-regarded KSU basketball player, her release after her head coach, Deb Patterson, was fired by Kansas State. There is always more to these issues than the public is aware of but KSU is getting roughed up over this by some big names in the national media. Read on.

“A DISGRACE what Kansas St is doing @LeticiaRomero95 Refuse to release her-coach that recruited her is gone – #SHAMEONKSU
Dick Vitale, Twitter

“Entire former K-State staff now at Northern Colorado. Now, NO EXCUSE for KSU to deny a release to Leticia Romero.”
Jay Bilas, @JayBilas, Twitter

“The best way to describe Deb Patterson her is that she has an extreme personality. That’s the best way to describe her.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: How many head college basketball coaches does KK know who don’t fit that description?

“The only people who would ever say anything about the NBA are talk radio people. … There’s absolutely nothing there with me. People can make something out of (it) when there’s absolutely zero – less than zero – there. I guess you talk radio experts can squeeze in a lot of stuff to talk about in your three-hour window.”
Bill Self, in an interview with Aaron Swarts, responding to rumors he might leave KU of the Oklahoma City NBA job, 810 AM

“I know, idiots!”
Aaron Swarts, responding to Self’s above comment, 810 AM
GH: The only person I heard or read connecting Self with OKC was Kevin Kietzman.

“Hey, he knows all these (decision makers with the Oklahoma City Thunder). That’s all anybody’s said here.”
Kevin Kietzman, responding to Self’s comments about talk radio, 810 AM G
H: I sometimes wonder if Kietzman listens to replays of his show and then wonders who that was hosting it.

“It’s going to be like when I was in little league or playing in the backyard. I’m just going where the ball goes. I really enjoy that.”
Eric Berry, on what his role will be in the Chiefs defensive backfield this season, 810 AM GH: It will be interesting to see how that philosophy works out on Sundays in the NFL.

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